The Million Dollar Dance

If there was an award for best marketing idea, that took a little bit of computer skills (ok, probably a lot), and a simple idea but yet brought in millions of $$, Office Max in partner with Jib Jab takes the cake. We saw the below video of us and were suckered in to paying the $4.99 to get this video. It’s only because we wanted to share it with you! So to preface, you may think that the below couple – Lee & Elisabeth look all cool and nice and sweet, but in reality, they are up to crazy schemes and secretly have the best dance moves out there and have taught us some tricks as well… This is a little something they made and sent on over to us… Hope that brought some laughs…!! HAPPY NEW... Read More

Congrats to the Newlyweds! Yay Daniel & Jaclyn!

Daniel & Jaclyn’s wedding was beautiful & amazing! Their wedding officially closes out our 2009! What a great year with so many fantastic weddings and great couples. Now we shall brag on this newly married couple and their wedding! The coordinator for this great event was none other than Tonya McNutt owner of Treasured Weddings by Tonya. She did a fantastic job with the aid of her assistant Melissa and everything was gorgeous. Enjoy the photos and slideshow! If you’re wondering who some of the other wedding vendors are who Tonya pulled together to make this amazing event happen – make sure to check them out at the end of this blog. Press play and then feel free to look at the images below as you wait for the slideshow to load! (once the slideshow initially loads, playbacks will be quicker!) – Church – Parish Presbyterian – Makeup done by the sweet Sherita Leslie in Nashville. – Flowers by Debbie Sumner with Creations By Debbie. (She and her husband work together!) – Transportation by Reggie Slaughter with At Your Service.– Upbeat, charismatic, live music provided by Charmed Life Music. Renee Lopez (founder) & Rodney brought down the house with their vocals! – The oh so perfect and beautiful Bride and Groom wedding cake was done by the amazing Jay at Maples Cakes in Nashville. – The Jamison reception hall which we have never seen look so beautiful was at The Factory. The hall looked amazing because of these vendors:– Absolutely beautiful Linens provided by Julie Murphy– Elegant Draping & Lighting – Don Sumner (the other half of Creations By... Read More

A Franklin, TN Wedding Tomorrow!

Some of you may remember this handsome couple… Daniel & Jaclyn are getting hitched tomorrow and we are sooooooooo pumped!! It’s been long in coming and we are thrilled the day is finally here!Stay tuned for photos from their big day! We’ve heard the plans and details of what has gone into this day and it’s going to be pretty great….! Until then, enjoy a little photo review… Can’t... Read More

A Nashville Wedding – Meagan & Jerry

A few weeks ago we showed a sneak peek of Meagan & Jerry’s wedding and we have decided it’s more than time to show a bit more photos of their day!! This wedding was beautiful and was coordinated by Mary Alice and her team at A Delightful Day. Lighting props go out to Blake and his crew with Nashville Event Lighting (this guy can make any room look amazing!). The custom cake was designed and made by Maples Cakes in Nashville.The beautiful flowers were done by Melissa Broadwell at Vintage Florals. Amazing makeup provided by the talented Angelisa Farmer the slideshow! (Note: Slideshow will take a few moments to fully load and then will play)Zach and I are taking the next two days off (ha ha let’s see how long we can stay away from our email!) so have a very, merry... Read More

Photo Shoot of Some Yummy Nashville Cakes!

We had the pleasure this week of taking some time out and shooting some awesome and delicious looking cakes by one of the best wedding cake makers in Nashville – Shara Lunn. For those addicted blog readers, Shara is the one who made our cute cupcakes for our studio warming party! And here are some of her cakes… Shown are only 2 cakes – just wait until you see the others!!! They are so cool and you’ll have to wait to see them until the great revealing at the Nashville Bridal Show on January 3rd! Not only is Shara really creative and strives for excellence in what she does, but she is a sweet and caring person as well. Take a moment and check out her other designs at Too bad you can’t taste them through the... Read More

The Ending to A Birthday Weekend

The polls have officially closed! Thanks to all who voted! Zach turned (drum roll please)…… Thanks to those who made Zach feel great and said you thought he was turning under 30, and no thanks to those who made him cry by saying you thought he was turning 32. Shame! ;o) Doesn’t he look great for 30?? Some gifts from friends Jeff & Ashley who know that Zach loves cold cappuccinos with whip cream and cinnamon! A hilarious card from our dear friends and newlyweds Lee & Elisabeth Cunningham!! Thanks you two – Zach LOVED the Starbucks! :) Thanks to those who came out and made Zach’s birthday even more special. Enjoy your week and don’t forget the reason why we celebrate... Read More

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!!!!!! A Big Birthday Surprise for my Sweetie!

It is Zach’s birthday today!!!!!!!! My studly husband is another year old and another year wiser. (I know, isn’t he so cute??). So something I (Jody) was about to explode with is Zach’s mom and I conspired together almost 8 months ago to have all of Zach’s 5 siblings, an aunt, AND his dad and his wife fly in to surprise Zach on his birthday!! They all flew in together from 4 different states (California, Wisconsin, North Dakota and Minnesota) and the plan worked beautifully!! Zach thought only his mom was coming in so when we brought her back to our place from the airport this morning Zach was giving her the tour and the rest of the fam was waiting to surprise him!! It was SO funny! He kind of stood there for a moment stunned processing that the people he was seeing were his family and they were actually standing in our home. Ha ha!!! I took a lovely little video of it… he he he… Yay family and yay surprises! A few more photos of the studly Zach… he he he What I love About My Husband: His humorHis talentHis cool hair = :o) His compassion His drive to be better man, husband & photographerHis heart to help others be better Happy Birthday, Pook! I’m so proud of who you are and who you have become. I’m so glad I’m blessed to be your wife and get to grow old with you! I love you :) (us at our 1 year dating anniversary) If you have not noticed, we have a poll going of how old/young... Read More

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!!!

Well, friends, today was a great day – A Franklin shoot, something that begins with “s” and a special weekend ahead!! A Franklin Shoot: We had a shoot today done of US by the great Keoni K! It was raining most of the day, but we grinned and stuck it out and still managed to look cool… hopefully – ha! Our makeup was done by the amazing Amy Lynn Larwig who just returned back to Nashville from furthering her makeup studies (I know there is a more professional word for it than that…) in Vancouver! Stay tuned for some photos that we will post once we receive some of the final images! Something that begins with “S”: The other big and exciting thing that happened today was that it SNOWED!!!!!!! Yes!! Right here in Franklin, TN!! Good thing we were able to capture it!!! A Special Weekend: And the final thing to announce iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis – My awesome husband’s birthday is this Saturday!!! I’m not going to spill how old he will be turning… For those who are reading this off a feed, I have placed a poll at the top of our blog and you now can vote on his age. Another cool thing about this weekend is Zach’s mom is coming to visit and celebrate with us! She is flying all the way in from North Dakota (and we blame her for the snow… last time it snowed like this in Nashville she was with us!!). Enjoy the snow while we have it,... Read More

An Addition to our Southern Christmas Tree Blog!

We forgot to mention – while you are in the Christmas spirit reading our tree adventures blog below, we thought we would take a moment and share an interesting fact about our friends Mike & Kelly (who appeared in our blog below) as well as suggest a great Christmas present for your family & friends (ah, yeah!). Mike is in the signed band Tenth Avenue North, and their album “Over and Underneath” is amazing. If you’re a radio listener you have more than likely heard their songs – both singles released to radio have hit #1 on the AC radio charts!! If you’re wondering what to buy your friends for Christmas – this is the gift! It’ll touch their lives. To watch their music video and see Mike NOT acting like a hillbilly see below… :o) Check out their album... Read More

Oh Southern Christmas Tree, Oh Southern Christmas Tree…

Yesterday we made the hike all the way to Shelbyville and got us a Christmas tree!!! We cut it down ourselves and everything!! We went with some friends of ours – Mike & Kelly (who are sharing their first Christmas together as newlyweds…. aww) and Kelly’s brother and our friend Chris (by the way, he’s a rockin’ hair stylist so if you need a great haircut we have the man to send you to!). Look at Zach being manly and cutting our little, cute tree! Success! Kelly & Mike with their first tree! Chris and his…. unique tree… Zach doing his Christmas tree dance (look! A photo with both of us in it! Mike D was the man behind our camera on this one…) Chris striking up a conversation with the creepy elf… Taking the trees home… We actually have some live footage of this experience to share with you. You get to hear my awesome laughter and everything… This is the first time we’re uploading videos – enjoy! Ah… hope you all enjoy your own Christmas tree experiences this... Read More

Home Again in Nashville and a North Carolina Shoot!

Great news! Zach and I are finally back in Nashville!! Who knew when we left last week for Thanksgiving that we would be coming home 9 days later instead of 4! Yes it was a slight inconvenience, but we cannot complain! We had such a relaxing and fun time! My aunt and uncle were so great to us and went out of their way to make sure we were comfortable, had great food, drinks we like, and even rearranged their work schedules to let us have a car for a day, and not to mention Uncle Rich driving 2 times to pick us up and then drop us off 1.5 hours away from their house. They were so wonderful and if they lived closer I think we’d be over there every week :) Thank-you Aunt Julie and Uncle Rich! We went by the shop to pick up our car yesterday… the great mechanic James replaced our water pump, head gasket and thermostat, and our car doesn’t overheat anymore! Woo hoo! This is the outside of Jame’s garage taken with the ‘ol point and shoot (Zach wanted me to direct you guys to check out the “sweet” slogan on his business card below!). This is our busted water pump. See the fin that I am holding on the pump? Yeah, there are supposed to be like 7 more of those helping the water cool the engine… So between sleeping in, eating great food, watching TLC, and playing Wii, we actually did some work! We did a Lifestyle Session with the Fischbeins – neighbors of my aunt and uncle. They were... Read More

10,000 Stalkers of these Nashville Wedding Photographers!

Well you blog readers have done it! In the last 5 months of our blog, the number of visits have reached 10,000 with over 15,000 page views! Thanks for tagging along with the interesting and sometimes crazy lives of these Nashville Wedding Photographers (yes, that would be us)! We know you all come by and read, but not so many of you comment… so if you feel so inclined, introduce yourself and tell us what you like reading about and we’ll make sure to write more of what you blog readers are interested in! Speak up we love hearing from you! :) Thanks... Read More

The Brouillet Ladies!

For those of you who don’t know, my (Jody’s) maiden name is Brouillet. Pronounced just like the desert – Brew-lay. For the first time since Zach and I have been married all the Brouillet gals were finally together at the same time! Of course Zach and I were supposedly on vacation relaxing from work but we couldn’t resist pulling out the cameras and taking a few shots! I think eventually we started getting on Zach nerves because we all were being so picky with what photos we liked and didn’t…. ha ha…. that’s girls for you! This is my younger sister Kelly (22). Gentlemen she is single… Come to us first if you are interested in pursuing. If you are somewhat of a creep – don’t even think about it. Here is all of us!Mom, Jacq (27 and married, sorry fellas…), Jody, Kelly Why am I the only one in this photo who looks goofy? It was great to be with my sisters all together again and with our mom! Awww…. good times… Yay Family... Read More

Cousins, Cousins Everywhere!

Monday was really great! We got up in the morning, got dressed, and then Jody’s Aunt Julie gave us her car so we could get out and about! We headed over to Bear Rock Cafe to get some stuff taken care of and enjoyed some great soup and sandwiches. A few days back, while Jody’s aunt and uncle were occupied, we took a few photos of the girls as a gift for their hospitality and wanted to share them! This is 15 year old Lauren. This is 13 year old Sydney (named after the Aussie capitol where Julie & Rich used to live). and the two of them together! Stay tuned for more sweet shots from our holiday... Read More

Don’t Forget to Vote! Best of Nashville Weddings 2008!

Ok past Brides and Grooms! Do you think that for your wedding you were working with some of Nashville’s best wedding vendors? If so Ashley’s Bride Guide is giving you the opportunity to say so and nominate your vendors! If you are a bride/groom or even a parent of a bride and groom, you can vote and have the chance to win a $100 Visa Gift card in the process!! Just follow this link and take the simple survey to nominate the best vendors in Nashville and let other brides know about Vendors who rocked your socks off. There are a variety of categories to vote in from Most Outstanding Wedding Vendors to Best Nashville Wedding Blog, to Best of the Best Nashville Wedding Vendors! Take a moment and vote, but only if you truly had Outstanding... Read More

Car Update… Moving to North Carolina!

Thanks to all who have commented and are praying! :) So we aren’t moving to NC, but it looks like we’ll be sitting tight here until at least Wednesday. Heard back from the mechanic and fixing the car will take until about then. No worries, we have some work we brought with us and we might take a day or so and just celebrate our anniversary here! My (Jody) aunt and uncle and two cousins have been really wonderful opening their home to us (after already having 17 guests for the holiday) and tonight we all went to cheer on NC’s hockey team, the Hurricanes! We had a really nice time! Enjoy a few photos from our little point and shoot and from Aunt Julie & Uncle Rich’s camera! Zach, Jody, and cousins Lauren & Sydney Zach can’t resist getting some food! Zach, Jody, Uncle Rich, Sydney, and Aunt Julie We have some other fun shots to post from the beginning of this trip so stay... Read More

A Slight Change of Plans…

Don’t you love it when things don’t go as planned?The plan was to be celebrating our anniversary right now in Nashville. Seeing some local sights, going out to eat, staying at the Opryland Hotel… But alas, 1.5 hours into our drive home our car began overheating (which is what it was supposed to be fixed already) and we barely made it to a car place that was actually open before steam began billowing out of our hood as the heat needle (or whatever it’s called) was quickly approaching the orange “H.” Thanks to my amazing aunt and uncle, we have been rescued and are once again at their house. We are waiting for a full report, which we should get at any hour now… from there we will decide on what to do! *sighs* Can’t complain too much though! We are safe, have a warm bed to stay in, home cooked breakfast by the great Uncle Rich, and are going to a hockey game tonight! It’s great that we run our own hours and don’t work for an employer so there’s not too much stress about being back 8 am Monday morning. Life happens – just have to make the best of it! When life gives you... Read More

On the Road Again… Back to Nashville

Jenae gets a prize for being the ONLY one to share what she is thankful for (aw, thanks!)… Shame on the rest of you ;o) Zach and I head home tomorrow. We actually had to drop our car off at the shop while in North Carolina (which is where Zach’s thankfulness for mechanics came in) so we are praying our car is ready to go so we can make it back to Nashville with no further problems. Crazy American made cars… ;o) We have enjoyed our time with family and we will post pictures very soon, but for now, we must get to bed for our drive home and then soon it will be our Special Anniversary... Read More

A Day of Thanks…

Alright peeps! It’s Thanksgiving – a day to take a moment and reflect on what we are thankful for (hence the name). Zach is thankful for: …Blow up Mattresses…Car Mechanics…My hot wife! Jody is thankful for:…Air mattresses…Thanksgiving Day Parades on TV!…a great job that she loves and is passionate about…an amazing business partner and best friend (that would be Zach for those who were wondering) What are you thankful for? Yes you – the one reading this!... Read More

Our Anniversary!… with Family :)

Thanks for everyone’s anniversary congratulation comments! It’s always fun reading the notes that you all post. We got a few cards today from our family today.. :) The above card is from my (Jody’s) Grandparents. The inside reads “You two make a pretty good team!” and they wrote “but we already know that.” How appropriate for us… I feel so blessed to be with such a great guy who compliments me so well… Today is not only our anniversary, but it’s my Aunt Jody’s birthday! Yes, her name is Jody as well. I was named after her! :) After dinner we all sung “Happy Birthday” to Aunt Jody and then “Happy Anniversary” to us… who knew there was an anniversary song that went to the tune of Happy Birthday! We are having a nice time here in North Carolina. All of my mom’s side of the family (minus 2 cousins and one uncle) has gathered for the holidays and it’s great to be around family. As the years go by we all keep spreading out more over the US so it’s nice to see everyone! My cousin Sydney loves horses and today we took a couple shots as she exercised a horse she rides almost daily. I grew up loving horses, taking lessons, mucking out stalls for the fun of it (I know, I’m crazy) so it was fun to be around it all again. *sighs* Enjoy your turkey day... Read More

The Best Husband in the Whole World!

Fall always means 3 things to us… Colorful leaves Thanksgiving Our Anniversary! Three years ago Zach and I got married Thanksgiving weekend and it seemed like a great idea at the time, BUT we always end up spending our anniversary with family! Lol. We love our families… it’s just not necessarily the most romantic thing to do on your anniversary :) Today we head out to spend Thanksgiving with family, and tomorrow we will be celebrating our 3 year anniversary… with Family. No worries – once we get back Zach and I have designated 2 days of celebration time just the two of us! All that to say, Zach got up this morning for his weekly Tuesday AM men’s devotional and he came home with these for me as an early Happy Anniversary! The yellow stands for friendship and then the tips turn into red for love creating the vibrant colors or red, orange and yellow! My favorite roses and chocolates! Aw, what a... Read More

A Sneak Peek of Ashley & Trevor’s Nashville Wedding!

We were hoping for Saturday’s wedding that our bride Ashley would bring some of the California sunshine with her, but instead we got some nice and chilly Irish weather! The day was still beautiful with the remains of the fall season still lingering, and we now have another couple who have joined the Married Couples Club. :) Congratulations!Enjoy a few quick shots that we pulled out! All the groomsmen rockin it! Scarritt Bennett in downtown Nashville, TN makes for some awesome photo... Read More