Yay Panama City!

Zach and I rented a scooter and scooted around for 4 hours yesterday! We ate lunch at Five Guys Did some shopping, and got some cold dots at Dippin’ Dots! It was a fun afternoon! It’s so crazy to think that our time here is almost over… We are... Read More

New Professions…

So as much as fulfillment that Zach I get out of being Nashville-based wedding photographers, we think we are going to have to change our professions to Professional Beach Bums. Seriously, this vacation is wonderful and just the thing we need. We’ve been here in... Read More

Chairs are Heavy!

So Zach and I are SUPER excited for tomorrow! Why, you may ask? Because Britt & Allison are getting married!!! We showed a few of their engagement photos at the beginning of this blog (remember water fountain photos?). Tonight we had the rehearsal, and then we... Read More

Bat Weekend Concludes

So we saw the 7:30 Batman showing on Friday! I’m embarrassed to admit that we were 2nd in line. I kept telling Zach it was a bit silly to get in line an HOUR early to get good seats, but when we arrived at the movie theater I ate my words… This was the line for the... Read More

The Bat Weekend Begins…

Before I type any further I need to make a very important clarification. Regarding the bowling blog below that Zach posted – it’s lies!!! All lies!!! I did NOT get lots of gutter balls and he did not get lots of strikes!! Ok, well, maybe he did get a lot... Read More

Tall Boys

So while my wife spent the week in Japan I decided that I did not want to be bored all week (and be alone here in Nashville :( ), so I booked a flight and went to see my Dad and little brothers in Lake Geneva, WI! I love visiting because I do not get to see that side... Read More

How we did it!!

So in this particular blog, and in some to come here and there, we will give you the inside scoop on how we did certain shots including all the different elements of what went into getting the shot, like; what type of camera was used, what type of lighting, what... Read More

Night at the Bowl-A-Rama

Jody and I had a date night recently (as we do every week) and after two and a half years of marriage it is becoming ever difficult to come up with new ways to romance the pants (no pud intended) off of each-other. So, for this date, we decided to get a little crazy... Read More

Greetings from Japan!

So I (Jody) have internet access! I wasn’t sure how great the connection would be and if I would have time to blog, but here I am!We flew in yesterday (Sunday) around 2pm (midnight Eastern time on Saturday) and then had time to freshen up before we went out for... Read More

I’m Leaving On A Jet Plane…

Starting tomorrow (Saturday) Zach and I will be apart for 6 days :( I will be traveling halfway around the world to the amazing country of Japan, and my studly husband will be flying to Wisconsin to visit family and spend time with his parents and younger brothers. So... Read More