Yay Panama City!

Zach and I rented a scooter and scooted around for 4 hours yesterday! We ate lunch at Five Guys Did some shopping, and got some cold dots at Dippin’ Dots! It was a fun afternoon! It’s so crazy to think that our time here is almost over… We are excited because after we get back we have the wedding of Jeremy and Ashley on Saturday, a week from... Read More

On Location: Day After Session, Destin, FL

A few days ago we got special access to shoot a post wedding session on the grounds and private beach on the all-inclusive Henderson Park Inn Bed & Breakfast in Destin, Florida. This place is amazing and so beautiful, and we definitely recommend it as a great, private, get-a-way spot. InStyle Weddings will be shooting at this location very soon. And here are some of the shots! We love shooting brides and grooms on the beach! We really love Warren’s khaki suit – it’s perfect for a beach... Read More

New Professions…

So as much as fulfillment that Zach I get out of being Nashville-based wedding photographers, we think we are going to have to change our professions to Professional Beach Bums. Seriously, this vacation is wonderful and just the thing we need. We’ve been here in Destin, Florida since Monday and our days have been filled with chillin’ on the beach, playing in the waves, and eating great food! The condo where we are staying at is pretty awesome! It has two bedrooms, two full baths and has bunkbeds in another area if you happen to bring kids or something. The best part is we are staying right on the stinkin’ beach. As I type, the sand is spread out in front of me with the ocean roaring right past it. This is the view from our balcony… ahh… Today our plans consist of renting a scooter (something that Zach has had his little heart set on for the last month) and hitting some stores and going out to lunch together somewhere cool. We’ll probably head out back to the beach early evening and then who knows where we will eat! While we are down here we are doing a Day After Lifestyle Portrait Session with a couple (yes, we are KIND-OF working on vacation…) right on the beach here in Destin, FL, but we are totally excited about it and can’t wait to see how they turn out. It’s going to be... Read More

Just Married: Britt + Allison 4-ever

Congrats to Britt & Allison! They are officially married and are off to the Dominican Republic for their honeymoon! Their wedding was beautiful and we had a really great time. Here are a couple photos to hold you over until we get a chance to post more. Their summer wedding took place at Carnton Plantation in Franklin, TN. We want to end this post with a note saying we are off to the great state of Florida for a week to enjoy a long, overdue vacation (we haven’t had one since we have been married)!! We leave tomorrow morning with some friends of ours and are really excited! Stay tuned – we might post some photos of us enjoying the sandy beaches and everything else that Panama City has to offer…. :... Read More

Chairs are Heavy!

So Zach and I are SUPER excited for tomorrow! Why, you may ask? Because Britt & Allison are getting married!!! We showed a few of their engagement photos at the beginning of this blog (remember water fountain photos?). Tonight we had the rehearsal, and then we were invited to the rehearsal dinner as guests at Britt’s parent’s house. It was lovely and we cannot wait for tomorrow!! We love these guys…Enjoy a quick few shots from this evening’s wedding rehearsal at Carnton Plantation in Franklin, Tennessee… Zach has taken over the blog now to add his witty comments… Sometimes, in the glamorous world of Rock and Roll wedding photography, you can’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and help out a little at a rehearsal. We can’t always sit around eating only the red M&M’s in the green room, you know? After this little workout, the groom and I did some push-ups and then drove our big trucks home… That’s all for... Read More

Day After Sessions | What a great idea!

An interesting challenge we often face is couples not wanting to see each other before the ceremony. We accommodate to whatever our bride and grooms want to do (when we got married – we didn’t want to see each other beforehand either…), however it never fails that they always end up feeling a bit rushed to get to the reception and therefore tend to cut short the time that is left to get the romantic and fun photos of them together – which are the most important! We recently had the privilege of shooting a beautiful rooftop wedding downtown Nashville, Tennessee for a really great couple named Casey and Carmen. As you can see, their ceremony took place after sunset and they wanted to immediately go into their reception after a few quick photos together and family shots. Due to the lack of available light and time, it was decided (before the wedding day) to have a Day After (or “Post”) Session two weeks later. The Day After lifestyle portrait session took place in the morning around the area where they live in downtown Nashville at the capitol plaza. Everyone was relaxed, and we all had a blast taking our time and getting the shots that Casey and Carmen were really wanting of them two together. Here are some of the really cool shots we were able to get! and one you might recognize… Please notice the killer polka-dot Valentino shoes and how well they compliments her wedding dress! So Post Sessions are a great alternative for those weddings where a lot of time is not being scheduled in... Read More

Bat Weekend Concludes

So we saw the 7:30 Batman showing on Friday! I’m embarrassed to admit that we were 2nd in line. I kept telling Zach it was a bit silly to get in line an HOUR early to get good seats, but when we arrived at the movie theater I ate my words… This was the line for the 7:00 showing… I have never seen a line this long in a theater before! Good thing I happened to have our dinky camera on us to capture the insanity!! Here are our professional reviews as self-deemed critics :) The Dark KnightPG-13, 2 hr. 32 min. ZACH’s Take5 out of 5 Stars Batman… Who is he really? Has he brought good, or more death, destruction and evil to this Gotham City? The Joker…. Is he truly a madman who cares only to bring death and chaos to everyone around him so that he can face the reality that is his life? Is he truly evil? Rachel (Batman’s love who he will only have when the city of Gotham no longer needs him)… Can she escape the clutches of the Joker and his evil henchmen? Can the Bat save her from a terrible doom? The answers to all of these questions can be found in the latest addition to the series of Bat movies entitled, Batman – The Dark Knight. This film will keep you on the edge of your seat throughout its entire 2 ½ hours. The film is very dark from the opening credits to the suspenseful ending and I found myself clenching my seat through the whole ride (or was that... Read More

The Bat Weekend Begins…

Before I type any further I need to make a very important clarification. Regarding the bowling blog below that Zach posted – it’s lies!!! All lies!!! I did NOT get lots of gutter balls and he did not get lots of strikes!! Ok, well, maybe he did get a lot of strikes (go babe!), but I was not Gutter Queen, and I think it’s important to tell the truth that he was the first to bowl a gutter ball. As a matter of fact – the first frame we bowled, I got a spare, and he guttered – not one ball but both! … And then he preceeded to kick my rear and win that round and the following, but still… Ok, just had to get that off my chest… he he he ;) Way to beat me with grace, babe!And now we head into the weekend with anticipation – not because of a wedding this time, but because of…. We are going to see the new Batman with some friends of ours we have made recently – Dustin & Lindsey – and we are excited and can’t wait!! The best part about going to the movies is extra buttery popcorn and cherry SLUSHIES!! Woo hoo!!Hope you all have a fantastic... Read More

Tall Boys

So while my wife spent the week in Japan I decided that I did not want to be bored all week (and be alone here in Nashville :( ), so I booked a flight and went to see my Dad and little brothers in Lake Geneva, WI! I love visiting because I do not get to see that side of family as often as I would like and I really love spending time with my brothers. We had plenty of time getting to know the X-Box and all the cool games that I never get to play where you shoot a lot of people and win wars (women do not understand this part of manhood), and we also got to spend plenty of time outside the house doing things like going to the Milwaukee Brewers baseball game, swimming at the neighbors pool, and having a big party in the huge backyard at my Dad’s house! It was super fun! Below are some shots of the pool – some of my stepsisters’ kids and brothers. Frolicking in the water… Noah looking like his cool self… Sam looking like a stud… As you can probably tell from the above photos, I brought a lot of our camera gear with me. I had really been wanting to get some photos of my little brothers before they are all out of the house and gone. Their ages are 14, 15 and 17 and the oldest one is turning 18 this fall and is planning on moving out of the house. So this was really important for me to capture some images of them... Read More

Congrats to Brandon & Carey!!!

Life is starting to return back to normal :) I (Jody) arrived safely home from Japan (pics to come) and Zach has come home from visiting family in Wisconsin. Surprisingly I had better Internet access in Japan than he did in WI! :) I hit the ground running when I arrived home on Friday and we shot a great summer wedding on Saturday (for those concerned, I felt AMAZING and was not feeling the jet lag at all until time to go to bed :) in Franklin, TN. The wedding was beautiful and we are so excited that Brandon and Carey are officially married!!! A few photos we have pulled so far from the day… Notice her beautiful bouquet with white and pink roses Got to have the cool guy photos. No nerdy photos here :) These are some of our favorite to shoot, and the guys always have a great time taking theses photos. Carey and her dad with Brandon in the background… We love bubble exit shots. Notice the bridesmaids bouquet on the right with the pink calla lillies. Calla Lillies are my favorite! A lovely shot of Zach’s back… but you can kind of see the set-up we used. Our awesome assistant on the left is David. …and then a natural photo taken by yours truly… Carey and Brandon had their summer reception at the Embassy Suites in Franklin, TN Taking advantage of the light from the camera man! :) I had no idea Zach was taking a picture of me. Really, I promise I was not smiling for Zach! The speech was making me laugh…... Read More

How we did it!!

So in this particular blog, and in some to come here and there, we will give you the inside scoop on how we did certain shots including all the different elements of what went into getting the shot, like; what type of camera was used, what type of lighting, what settings and so on. So here we go! We love to share, learn and teach any chance that we get, so this particular blog is all about that! We know that when we first started out shooting weddings we were so hungry to learn anything that we could from anyone that would teach us. So, we want to dedicate this blog to those that are interested in learning some of the cool photography tricks that help make these photos look the way they do. You can’t manufacture a great moment between a bride and groom, but if you are there with the right tools at the right time, then you can make a great moment between two people look really awesome! Here are some lighting behind-the-scenes photography tips. The photo we are going to use today is a very Rock-Star-esc shot that we set up to capture the cool factor of this groom and his groomsmen taken in Nashville, TN. Take a look. Here is the shot: This image was taken on June 28th in Nashville the day of Amie and Andrew’s wedding. When you first look at this shot it almost looks like it is not real at all and is instead shot in some fancy studio and the background put in with Photoshop. It also looks like... Read More

Night at the Bowl-A-Rama

Jody and I had a date night recently (as we do every week) and after two and a half years of marriage it is becoming ever difficult to come up with new ways to romance the pants (no pud intended) off of each-other. So, for this date, we decided to get a little crazy and bike a mile and a half over to the the Franklin bowling alley and see who had the skills and talent to knock those little pins down where they belong! There was plenty of: Mostly by Jody :) And plenty of: Mainly by me. He, he, he!! We also pigged out on some really awesome bowling alley food, kicked our feet up, relaxed and had some fun! We ate pizza, chips and cheese and washed it all down with these huge Slurpees! We also both had really fun stomach aches afterward! It was awesome! Here are some other highlight shots from our evening! Jody gets really excited while bowling! The heavy ball is Jody’s. Aren’t we sooo cute! Their are two things about being photographers 1) we can’t help but experiment with our cameras often… and 2) We do not trust anyone else to take pictures of us, so we end up having to shoot photos of us individually :( Even though photos together are way more romantic on a date night, when we biked by this area with some cool looking sky we just couldn’t help but take a few shots. So we took a few quick photos of ourselves for everyone to see! ;) Well! I think that about says it all!... Read More

Greetings from Japan!

So I (Jody) have internet access! I wasn’t sure how great the connection would be and if I would have time to blog, but here I am!We flew in yesterday (Sunday) around 2pm (midnight Eastern time on Saturday) and then had time to freshen up before we went out for dinner, at yes, an Italian restaurant. A few quick highlights: Please keep in mind the source – these are from our point-and-shoot camera…. not our nicer ones, hence the lack of quality :) whew! The view from our hotel room at night! Krystal and I figuring out our bathroom… Yes folks, there is a phone in the bathroom… Well, that’ll keep you held over for now :) Off to enjoy our first full day... Read More

I’m Leaving On A Jet Plane…

Starting tomorrow (Saturday) Zach and I will be apart for 6 days :( I will be traveling halfway around the world to the amazing country of Japan, and my studly husband will be flying to Wisconsin to visit family and spend time with his parents and younger brothers. So enough about Zach – one problem that presented itself in my overseas travels is that my maiden name is still on my passport!! I had to get my passport renewed and of course, whatever photo is taken I’m stuck with for the next 10 years, so I ventured out to good ‘ol Walgreen’s putting my hopes and fears in them that they would be able to produce me with a photo I would be proud of for the next 10 years… WRONG! Unfortunately, when you go to the local drugstore you end up a getting generic passport photo by ghetto point-and-shoot Walgreen’s cheap-o camera. See below for point and case: Comments: The color is OBVIOUSLY off and look like I have some skin disease that turns my skin yellow, and the lighting is horrible, and I’m not even in focus! (No joke! They really expected me to send this off to the passport agency so that when I travel from country to country and get my identity checked, they would clearly be able to see what I look like and make sure I’m not some impostor wanting to go crazy and knock over the Starbucks kiosk until I get my half-caff mocha!) Now being photographers, there is NO way I can be tagged with an image like that for the... Read More

Introducing To You….

Thanks everyone for stopping by and leaving comments/sending emails! A little information about us and how we do our photography is we are all about getting to know the people we work with! It’s no fun when you have a photographer that you met nine months ago show up at your wedding to shoot the most special and intimate day of your life AND you barely recognize/remember them! We loooooove hanging out and getting to know our couples – that has to be one of the best perks about our job. We want to introduce to you one of our couples! Meet Britt & Allison: (this is the shot for the parents :) Lately we have been getting the itch to do a night time shoot here in Nashville, and because we like these guys so much, and they were up for anything, we took them out for a shoot they weren’t expecting… he he he… First, we started with some shots before evening came… These two below shots are a great example of how Zach and I shoot. The first one Zach took with our lights, and the 2nd shot I took with just natural lighting at the exact same location. (Doesn’t Britt look like Dennis Quaid?) Behind the scenes shot of that location… And then as it became darker… Yes, they actually got IN the fountain!! We definitely did not plan the shoot for them to get them in the water, but see what happens when you get fun, and crazy people all together? We had a blast and they were troopers!!! Ah, what fun! Looking forward... Read More