Lighting Workshop This Weekend!

(**Note** If you found this post from a browser search, feel free to visit the photographer’s area on our website to view the most current information on our Nashville photography and lighting workshops). Photographers – Just a reminder that this coming... Read More

Wine and Weddings

We had the privilege of shooting a really cool wedding out in KY at the Talon Winery the week before last for Amando and Laura! They are the sweetest couple you will ever meet and even though we had 30 to 40 mph winds the whole day, they still pulled off a great... Read More

Date Night!

Besides photography, something else Zach and I are really passionate about is marriage! We realize that nothing else can be more important than the relationship you have with your spouse. Not a job, career, hobbies, sports or EVEN kids or a ministry! Your partner is... Read More

Interns: Decided!

So the applications have flowed in for our internship (which we think we will technically call “apprenticeship”), and we have made our final choices! We have decided on two great people and will introduce them in a further blog. There were some great... Read More

New Slidehow Teaser!!

Since we will be shooting all weekend we thought we would give you avid blog readers something to look at while we are working our tiny booties off. A little something special for Britt and Allison who got married at Carnton Plantation in Franklin, TN. We love you... Read More

T.G.I.F. – The Fun Weekend Begins!

Wow. This is weird. It’s Friday night and we have no where to be. We are Nashville wedding photographers with no wedding to shoot, no rehearsal to go to, no client friends to hang out with, no coordinator to chat with… what to do? HANG OUT WITH JUST EACH OTHER!!! Zach... Read More

Thoughts of Compassion

When we originally began this blog, we wrote that it would look into who we are not just as photographers, but as people! So below I want to introduce you to a little special person we have known for the past few years, and a story that touched me as I (Jody) was... Read More

Big Day Tomorrow

Meet Jamie & Loiusa-Tomorrow is the big day for this awesome couple who we have had the privilege of getting to know over the past 9 months. These two are super fun and a blast to be around and really love each other a ton! Their excitement is infectious. Here are... Read More