Happy Halloween!!

Zach and I have been running around like crazy this week with client meetings, a meeting with an awesome coordinator who we cannot WAIT to work with and brag about, AND we also have been enjoying this cooler weather (a bit TOO cool for my taste right now…). We... Read More

Williamson County Weddings and Events

So for those who are looking for a great wedding resource, Williamson County Weddings and Events is a great place to go! CJ and Amy Parmen (both from CJ’s Off the Square ) are suuuper great business minded ladies and run the show! We wanted to give a quick shout out... Read More

Tall & Creepy Skeleton Guy

Yesterday we went to the Get Motivated seminar. Some of the speakers were really great, and others were highly disappointing like Mr. Get Rich Quick if you buy my $4,200 software. *sighs* We were able to attend with friends Daniel & Jaclyn (who we blogged earlier... Read More

‘Tis the Season!

Ah, fall… what a great season… True, it’s the busiest time of the year for us, but we love it just the same. This weekend was a rare treat for us – we had it off (the calm before 4 weddings in a row) and we enjoyed it to its fullest! On... Read More

A Duck?

For those canvas ordering photographers out there you know what getting this little guy means… More canvases! We got in our latest canvas order to adorn our studio walls. Info coming really soon on our studio warming party! Stay tuned! Yesterday we had a Bridal... Read More

A New Calling

Not that we were looking for one, but Zach and I have found a new calling…. ROCK BAND it is, my friends! After hanging out with another couple this evening, David and Tammy Molnar, we decided to make a quick trip to good ‘ol Walmart for some office things... Read More

We’re Back…

We are back!! Had a great time in AL and can’t wait to share some of the photos with you all! We are actually relocating our work space tomorrow and moving lots of things, so bear with us as we get re-organized and re-connect our internet and all that other... Read More

Off to Alabama!

Today we are off to Alabama to shoot the wedding of Daniel & Brigette this weekend! This couple is interestingly connected to us, or at least to me (Jody). The groom is the cousin of my bestest childhood friend in the world, Ashleigh Hancock! Another fun and... Read More


And here we have some more photos for our avid blog followers from our Lifestyle Engagement session with Eli and Ashley Carol! This great couple gets hitched April 25th of next year and it seems forever away but before we know it, their wedding will be upon us! This... Read More


Bal·ance - /ˈbæləns/ Pronunciation Key – Show Spelled Pronunciation[bal-uhns] – noun, verb, -anced, -anc·ing. I love Dictionary.com. What a beautiful thing it is. I went to it this morning in search of the definition of “balance” and these by... Read More

Hello South Carolina!

Yesterday we flew out of Nashville to go to Columbia South Carolina for Laura and Paul’s wedding! These weren’t the largest planes in the world so we had to gate check our camera bags which always makes us nervous. We watched the guys unloading the plane... Read More

Our New Studio!

So officially as of Monday October 8th we, Zach and Jody Gray of Gray Photography, are proud leasers of a new studio! Maybe we’ll affectionately call the place Studio Gray :) We have been busy this week transporting our photography stuff to this location and we... Read More

Ben & Amy!

This past weekend we had the honor of shooting Ben & Amy’s wedding. Talk about a great couple! Amy especially amazed me – she was so calm and caring about everyone but herself :) The ceremony was great, and thanks to the amazing planning of Helen... Read More