A Slight Change of Plans…

Don’t you love it when things don’t go as planned?The plan was to be celebrating our anniversary right now in Nashville. Seeing some local sights, going out to eat, staying at the Opryland Hotel… But alas, 1.5 hours into our drive home our car began... Read More

A Day of Thanks…

Alright peeps! It’s Thanksgiving – a day to take a moment and reflect on what we are thankful for (hence the name). Zach is thankful for: …Blow up Mattresses…Car Mechanics…My hot wife! Jody is thankful for:…Air... Read More

Our Anniversary!… with Family :)

Thanks for everyone’s anniversary congratulation comments! It’s always fun reading the notes that you all post. We got a few cards today from our family today.. :) The above card is from my (Jody’s) Grandparents. The inside reads “You two make... Read More

The Best Husband in the Whole World!

Fall always means 3 things to us… Colorful leaves Thanksgiving Our Anniversary! Three years ago Zach and I got married Thanksgiving weekend and it seemed like a great idea at the time, BUT we always end up spending our anniversary with family! Lol. We love our... Read More

It Runs in the Family…

Ok, bloggers… We were kind… We were generous… We shared what a great “blessing” it was to have Jody’s sister Kelly and her friend stay with us… BUT as Jody was looking around on Facebook, this is what we came across on... Read More

A Jam-Packed Weekend!

We are soooooooooooooooo excited! Yes, yes, our studio warming party is on Sunday (see earlier blog for more details), but the studio party is not what we are referring to here! Remember this couple who we blogged on a few months ago?? Well these guys are getting... Read More

A Break!

So last night Zach and I were feeling a bit overworked and that we desperately needed an afternoon off. We agreed that we would finish one wedding in the AM and then head out of the house to hang and relax! That, my friends is exactly what we did! We headed to... Read More

Hitched! Meagan & Jerry

Meagan and Jerry have tied the knot, and what a great wedding with so many personalized details! Meagan looked absolutely beautiful in her wedding dress and all went smooth with Mary Alice of A Delightful Day and her amazing team coordinating! Will post more later!... Read More

Two Days in the Lighting World of Zach!

Some of you may wonder what we do day in and day out. First, every day is always different. Secondly, in good time, we will share one of our days with you…. BUT until then, here is what we have been up to these past 2 days. As you blog stalkers ;o) should know,... Read More