A Slight Change of Plans…

Don’t you love it when things don’t go as planned?The plan was to be celebrating our anniversary right now in Nashville. Seeing some local sights, going out to eat, staying at the Opryland Hotel… But alas, 1.5 hours into our drive home our car began overheating (which is what it was supposed to be fixed already) and we barely made it to a car place that was actually open before steam began billowing out of our hood as the heat needle (or whatever it’s called) was quickly approaching the orange “H.” Thanks to my amazing aunt and uncle, we have been rescued and are once again at their house. We are waiting for a full report, which we should get at any hour now… from there we will decide on what to do! *sighs* Can’t complain too much though! We are safe, have a warm bed to stay in, home cooked breakfast by the great Uncle Rich, and are going to a hockey game tonight! It’s great that we run our own hours and don’t work for an employer so there’s not too much stress about being back 8 am Monday morning. Life happens – just have to make the best of it! When life gives you... Read More

On the Road Again… Back to Nashville

Jenae gets a prize for being the ONLY one to share what she is thankful for (aw, thanks!)… Shame on the rest of you ;o) Zach and I head home tomorrow. We actually had to drop our car off at the shop while in North Carolina (which is where Zach’s thankfulness for mechanics came in) so we are praying our car is ready to go so we can make it back to Nashville with no further problems. Crazy American made cars… ;o) We have enjoyed our time with family and we will post pictures very soon, but for now, we must get to bed for our drive home and then soon it will be our Special Anniversary... Read More

A Day of Thanks…

Alright peeps! It’s Thanksgiving – a day to take a moment and reflect on what we are thankful for (hence the name). Zach is thankful for: …Blow up Mattresses…Car Mechanics…My hot wife! Jody is thankful for:…Air mattresses…Thanksgiving Day Parades on TV!…a great job that she loves and is passionate about…an amazing business partner and best friend (that would be Zach for those who were wondering) What are you thankful for? Yes you – the one reading this!... Read More

Our Anniversary!… with Family :)

Thanks for everyone’s anniversary congratulation comments! It’s always fun reading the notes that you all post. We got a few cards today from our family today.. :) The above card is from my (Jody’s) Grandparents. The inside reads “You two make a pretty good team!” and they wrote “but we already know that.” How appropriate for us… I feel so blessed to be with such a great guy who compliments me so well… Today is not only our anniversary, but it’s my Aunt Jody’s birthday! Yes, her name is Jody as well. I was named after her! :) After dinner we all sung “Happy Birthday” to Aunt Jody and then “Happy Anniversary” to us… who knew there was an anniversary song that went to the tune of Happy Birthday! We are having a nice time here in North Carolina. All of my mom’s side of the family (minus 2 cousins and one uncle) has gathered for the holidays and it’s great to be around family. As the years go by we all keep spreading out more over the US so it’s nice to see everyone! My cousin Sydney loves horses and today we took a couple shots as she exercised a horse she rides almost daily. I grew up loving horses, taking lessons, mucking out stalls for the fun of it (I know, I’m crazy) so it was fun to be around it all again. *sighs* Enjoy your turkey day... Read More

The Best Husband in the Whole World!

Fall always means 3 things to us… Colorful leaves Thanksgiving Our Anniversary! Three years ago Zach and I got married Thanksgiving weekend and it seemed like a great idea at the time, BUT we always end up spending our anniversary with family! Lol. We love our families… it’s just not necessarily the most romantic thing to do on your anniversary :) Today we head out to spend Thanksgiving with family, and tomorrow we will be celebrating our 3 year anniversary… with Family. No worries – once we get back Zach and I have designated 2 days of celebration time just the two of us! All that to say, Zach got up this morning for his weekly Tuesday AM men’s devotional and he came home with these for me as an early Happy Anniversary! The yellow stands for friendship and then the tips turn into red for love creating the vibrant colors or red, orange and yellow! My favorite roses and chocolates! Aw, what a... Read More

A Sneak Peek of Ashley & Trevor’s Nashville Wedding!

We were hoping for Saturday’s wedding that our bride Ashley would bring some of the California sunshine with her, but instead we got some nice and chilly Irish weather! The day was still beautiful with the remains of the fall season still lingering, and we now have another couple who have joined the Married Couples Club. :) Congratulations!Enjoy a few quick shots that we pulled out! All the groomsmen rockin it! Scarritt Bennett in downtown Nashville, TN makes for some awesome photo... Read More

Mud + Stuck Jeep + Two Manly Men = Unstuck Vehicle!

We have this couple friend we were hanging out with the other night at Starbucks and the guy just happened to mention that he was out riding his jeep and got it stuck in a rut on some trails they were on. The rut was so deep that the mud came all the way up underneath the jeep burying the axle and no truck company in the Nashville area would come and tow him out! Zach, being the clean freak that he is, offered to get down and dirty and help dig it out in the morning… No more truck.. After a wash in the lake… *sighs* This weekend we are shooting the wedding of Ashley & Trevor! Ashley hails from California and Trevor is from Ireland! The rehearsal will be our first time meeting Trevor and we are excited!... Read More

Congrats Lee & Elisabeth!!!!!!!!!!!

We feel like we say this about all the couples we work with, but Lee & Elisabeth are truly an amazing and kind couple!! Their families were great to be around as well and we are soooooooo pumped that we were able to get to know them and be there for their wedding! On Monday on their way to Barbados for their honeymoon we received this text from them, “Once again, u guys are phenomenal!!! Thanks for Everything. Love Lee & Elisabeth.” These guys planned so much for their wedding and we are so excited that they are relaxing and enjoying the beach and all else that Barbados has to offer. You guys are the best!! Can’t wait to see you when you get back!! A few vendor Shout Outs: The flowers & reception decor were done by Rhonda with Rhonda Patton Weddings!The awesome cake was done by Signature Cakes by... Read More

It Runs in the Family…

Ok, bloggers… We were kind… We were generous… We shared what a great “blessing” it was to have Jody’s sister Kelly and her friend stay with us… BUT as Jody was looking around on Facebook, this is what we came across on Kelly’s page!!!! For those who are a bit unsure what you are looking at… this Is Jess & Kell in OUR living room, standing on our NICE couches, PICKING our noses on the EXPENSIVE canvas we have hanging on our wall! Shame… Ok, it actually had us both laughing pretty hard… Now I know where Jody definitely gets her craziness from… it runs in the family… (Speaking of FaceBook – for those of you who have it and aren’t friends already, find us (well, Jody) under ‘Jody Brouillet... Read More

Mission Accomplished: Studio Warming Party

What a great, busy weekend! So busy that after posting this blog we are taking the day off because we need some non-work time of hanging out! :) Saturday we had the wedding of Lee & Elisabeth (photos coming!), and yesterday we had our studio warming party!! The 4 hour event started at 2 and it was great to see so many of you! Enjoy a couple photos… we also meant to take a photo of the front of the studio outside, but alas, you will have to do without! As mentioned we had cute little cupcakes from Cakes By Shara! Also look at these cute napkins provided by the awesome ladies at Williamson County Weddings and Events! Aren’t they fun? I want to frame one or something but Zach won’t let me ;o) And a thanks to the sweet Katie Brooks, one of our former brides, who came and brought additional food for us that she made!! Thanks to all of you who came out – such a variety of people! Good friends, past brides, new brides, blog stalkers, people from when I (Jody) used to have a “real” job ;o), friends from 94 FM The Fish when I interned there 4 or so years ago, awesome wedding coordinators, other wedding vendors, and of course fellow photographer friends. For those who were unable to make it – we missed you! A special thanks to my sister who was also in town with a friend – both desperately needing a break from college. Thanks for the coffee runs you girls made and all the help! It was nice having... Read More

A Jam-Packed Weekend!

We are soooooooooooooooo excited! Yes, yes, our studio warming party is on Sunday (see earlier blog for more details), but the studio party is not what we are referring to here! Remember this couple who we blogged on a few months ago?? Well these guys are getting married tomorrow!! !! !! Lee & Elisabeth are such a kind and fantastic, thoughtful couple and we are really, really looking forward to their wedding! They have been working so hard to make this day great and we cannot wait to document their day and tell their story!! Ahhhhhh! You guys are truly the best and we appreciate you!!! PS. Oh, and we can’t forget to mention that my (Jody) little sister is coming into town this weekend as well! Woo hoo! For those coming Sunday you might just get to meet her…... Read More

A Break!

So last night Zach and I were feeling a bit overworked and that we desperately needed an afternoon off. We agreed that we would finish one wedding in the AM and then head out of the house to hang and relax! That, my friends is exactly what we did! We headed to downtown Franklin and grabbed a bite to eat at Puckett’s! We had never eaten there so we thought it was high time we try it out! They had a little festive display right outside… we couldn’t resist! After that, we pulled over on the side of the road and goofed off a bit more with the camera when we saw this yard with all these fallen leaves and colored trees! .. I love fall! Then we proceeded to the movies to see …which was pretty funny. Now that crazy song is in my head if you can even call it that… I LIKE TO MOVE IT, MOVE... Read More

Published – Nashville Lifestyles Magazine

We have been waiting and waiting for the layout files from the editor so we could show you the real deal, but enough is enough! We have taken our own photos (hey, we are photographers after all) and we are posting away before we get any older! ;o) Last month one of our photos was published in Nashville Lifestyles magazine in its main feature (25 Most Beautiful People) introduced by the one and only Jewel. A few months back we shot Casey & Carmen’s wedding, and Carmen Primrose was deemed one of the 25 most beautiful people this October with our photo featured in the article (p. 80)! She shares the spotlight with singer/songwriters, actors, a Tennessee Titan, a TV host, and the list goes on. Congrats Carmen! For those who follow our posts closely you might recognize those great... Read More

Hitched! Meagan & Jerry

Meagan and Jerry have tied the knot, and what a great wedding with so many personalized details! Meagan looked absolutely beautiful in her wedding dress and all went smooth with Mary Alice of A Delightful Day and her amazing team coordinating! Will post more later! Enjoy just a few for now! We wanted to post this photo especially for Jerry who spent a lot of time on these…(light provided by the amazing Nashville Event Lighting!) Meagan & Jerry – have a blast in St.... Read More

Wedding Bells for Jerry & Meagan!

We have the honor of shooting Jerry & Meagan’s wedding today!!!! This has been long in coming and we feel like we have been there for most of the ride! We did their engagement Lifestyle Session quite a few months ago… And then had the honor to do Meagan’s Bridal session – (photos which we have been dying to post!!!!!). Enjoy a few of them!!! Meagan works at the capitol so we definitely wanted to grab some shots with pieces of the old capital building in the background on the grounds of Cheekwood… Our absolute favorite shot! Doesn’t she look... Read More

Two Days in the Lighting World of Zach!

Some of you may wonder what we do day in and day out. First, every day is always different. Secondly, in good time, we will share one of our days with you…. BUT until then, here is what we have been up to these past 2 days. As you blog stalkers ;o) should know, Zach is a lighting guru. Light can make or break a photo and with Zach’s mad skilz and knowledge, we MAKE great photos right in camera :) Anyway, yesterday and today, and continuing into next week (with a slight pause for a wedding we have this weekend!) Zach is working with an amazing photographer friend of ours (check our her stuff! The Velvet Trunk) setting the lighting for a product shoot for F.M. Allen. Stay tuned to their site to see their full online launch! They have some really interesting stuff that they have available to consumers. I (Jody) get to stay home, sleep in, eat bonbons and watch soap operas. Just kidding! I have been holding down the fort and continuing on with all the stuff we have to do here! Woo hoo! Unfortunately, that’s nothing too exciting to share in pictures, so I will share a couple images to give you an idea of what Zach is up to! This evening we will head out to the rehearsal for Jerry & Meagan because they get married tomorrow!!!!!!!! Woooo... Read More

A Magical Vineyard… well, not really :)

Every month Zach and I attend a networking event that Courtney Hammons (of A Magical Affair) puts together for wedding vendors. This last time we went to Arrington Vineyards right in Arrington, TN (south of Nashville, between Franklin & Murfreesboro). Talk about a great location for a private party or even a rehearsal dinner! It was beautiful, despite the cold! Here is the group that came out that day! By the way, Arrington normally does NOT have scull goblets and heads nailed against boards as you will see on the fireplace… it was in honor of Halloween and their Hallowine event they were having that weekend... Read More

A Sneak Peek! – Abdul & Alexis

We know some of you are anxiously waiting for some photos that we shot this past weekend from Alexis and Abdul’s wedding so here are just a few photos from this great couple’s day (at CJ’s Off the Square ) to hold you over until we do a big post on them :) PS. Abdul & Alexis met in Japan, hence the kimonos (that Alexis’ mom made!) and some other details of their wedding that you will see... Read More

It’s Official!! Studio Warming Party!

A date has been set…. Canvases are hung… Flatscreen is ready… Cupcakes have been decided… Songs for the playlist are being chosen… Invitations have been sent out… It’s a Studio Warming Party!!!!! It’s official – our Studio Warming Party is taking place Sunday November 16th, 2008! Time: 2-6pm Where: 808 Broadway, Nashville (On the corner of 8th & Broadway downtown Nashville. Look for the big red doors and go to the 2nd floor!) Who: Wedding Vendors, Brides & Grooms, Friends – come one, come all! What Exactly: This is a time to stop in and check out our new meeting space, say hello, catch up, grab a little goody provided by Cakes By Shara and be off on your merry way! If you would like to come and somehow did not get a Facebook or Evite invitation – feel free to shoot us an email and let us know you will be gracing us with your presence!! See you... Read More

Family Lifestyle Session Teaser

Ah, what a great weekend! The first shoot of the weekend was a family Lifestyle Session with Hadiel & Brandon and their adorable and energetic son, Eli :) Check out some teaser photos of the day… If you are interested in having your own Lifestyle Session with us – contact us via our website for more information! It’s not too late to have photos taken in time for the holidays!On Saturday we were a part of Alexis & Abdul’s wedding at CJ’s off the Square and we cannot wait to post some photos of that and brag some more on the ladies who run CJ’s! Keep your eyes peeled for those in the next few days!! Hope you all had a fantastic... Read More