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from the November 2008 category


A Slight Change of Plans…

by Jody on November 30, 2008, posted in Personal Fun

Don’t you love it when things don’t go as planned?

The plan was to be celebrating our anniversary right now in Nashville. Seeing some local sights, going out to eat, staying at the Opryland Hotel… But alas, 1.5 hours into our drive home our car began overheating (which is what it was supposed to be fixed already) and we barely made it to a car place that was actually open before steam began billowing out of our hood as the heat needle (or whatever it’s called) was quickly approaching the orange “H.” Thanks to my amazing aunt and uncle, we have been rescued and are once again at their house. We are waiting for a full report, which we should get at any hour now… from there we will decide on what to do! *sighs*

Can’t complain too much though! We are safe, have a warm bed to stay in, home cooked breakfast by the great Uncle Rich, and are going to a hockey game tonight! It’s great that we run our own hours and don’t work for an employer so there’s not too much stress about being back 8 am Monday morning. Life happens – just have to make the best of it!

When life gives you lemons…


On the Road Again… Back to Nashville

by Jody on November 29, 2008, posted in Uncategorized

Jenae gets a prize for being the ONLY one to share what she is thankful for (aw, thanks!)… Shame on the rest of you ;o)

Zach and I head home tomorrow. We actually had to drop our car off at the shop while in North Carolina (which is where Zach’s thankfulness for mechanics came in) so we are praying our car is ready to go so we can make it back to Nashville with no further problems. Crazy American made cars… ;o)

We have enjoyed our time with family and we will post pictures very soon, but for now, we must get to bed for our drive home and then soon it will be our Special Anniversary Weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A Day of Thanks…

by Jody on November 27, 2008, posted in Personal Fun

Alright peeps! It’s Thanksgiving – a day to take a moment and reflect on what we are thankful for (hence the name).

Zach is thankful for:
…Blow up Mattresses
…Car Mechanics
…My hot wife!

Jody is thankful for:
…Air mattresses
…Thanksgiving Day Parades on TV!
…a great job that she loves and is passionate about

…an amazing business partner and best friend (that would be Zach for those who were wondering)

What are you thankful for? Yes you – the one reading this! :)


Our Anniversary!… with Family :)

by Jody on November 26, 2008, posted in Personal Fun

Thanks for everyone’s anniversary congratulation comments! It’s always fun reading the notes that you all post.

We got a few cards today from our family today.. :) The above card is from my (Jody’s) Grandparents. The inside reads “You two make a pretty good team!” and they wrote “but we already know that.” How appropriate for us… I feel so blessed to be with such a great guy who compliments me so well…

Today is not only our anniversary, but it’s my Aunt Jody’s birthday! Yes, her name is Jody as well. I was named after her! :) After dinner we all sung “Happy Birthday” to Aunt Jody and then “Happy Anniversary” to us… who knew there was an anniversary song that went to the tune of Happy Birthday!

We are having a nice time here in North Carolina. All of my mom’s side of the family (minus 2 cousins and one uncle) has gathered for the holidays and it’s great to be around family. As the years go by we all keep spreading out more over the US so it’s nice to see everyone!

My cousin Sydney loves horses and today we took a couple shots as she exercised a horse she rides almost daily. I grew up loving horses, taking lessons, mucking out stalls for the fun of it (I know, I’m crazy) so it was fun to be around it all again. *sighs*

Enjoy your turkey day everyone!!!


The Best Husband in the Whole World!

by Jody on November 25, 2008, posted in Personal Fun

Fall always means 3 things to us…

Colorful leaves


Our Anniversary!

Three years ago Zach and I got married Thanksgiving weekend and it seemed like a great idea at the time, BUT we always end up spending our anniversary with family! Lol. We love our families… it’s just not necessarily the most romantic thing to do on your anniversary :)

Today we head out to spend Thanksgiving with family, and tomorrow we will be celebrating our 3 year anniversary… with Family. No worries – once we get back Zach and I have designated 2 days of celebration time just the two of us!

All that to say, Zach got up this morning for his weekly Tuesday AM men’s devotional and he came home with these for me as an early Happy Anniversary!

The yellow stands for friendship and then the tips turn into red for love creating the vibrant colors or red, orange and yellow!

My favorite roses and chocolates! Aw, what a guy…