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A Nashville Photo Shoot of US!

by Jody on December 17, 2008, posted in Uncategorized

So we are working on some new stuff and in preparation for whats to come we had our dear friend who we admire and respect do a photo shoot of us! To see a sneak peek, head on over to Keoni’s blog!


The Ending to A Birthday Weekend

by Jody on December 15, 2008, posted in Personal Fun

The polls have officially closed! Thanks to all who voted!

Zach turned (drum roll please)……

Thanks to those who made Zach feel great and said you thought he was turning under 30, and no thanks to those who made him cry by saying you thought he was turning 32. Shame! ;o) Doesn’t he look great for 30??

Some gifts from friends Jeff & Ashley who know that Zach loves cold cappuccinos with whip cream and cinnamon!

A hilarious card from our dear friends and newlyweds Lee & Elisabeth Cunningham!! Thanks you two – Zach LOVED the Starbucks! :)

Thanks to those who came out and made Zach’s birthday even more special.

Enjoy your week and don’t forget the reason why we celebrate CHRISTmas!


Stay Tuned at Noon Today

by Jody on December 15, 2008, posted in Uncategorized

Once polling closes at noon (Central) today, Zach age will be revealed!

It is Zach’s birthday today!!!!!!!!

My studly husband is another year old and another year wiser. (I know, isn’t he so cute??).

So something I (Jody) was about to explode with is Zach’s mom and I conspired together almost 8 months ago to have all of Zach’s 5 siblings, an aunt, AND his dad and his wife fly in to surprise Zach on his birthday!! They all flew in together from 4 different states (California, Wisconsin, North Dakota and Minnesota) and the plan worked beautifully!! Zach thought only his mom was coming in so when we brought her back to our place from the airport this morning Zach was giving her the tour and the rest of the fam was waiting to surprise him!! It was SO funny! He kind of stood there for a moment stunned processing that the people he was seeing were his family and they were actually standing in our home. Ha ha!!! I took a lovely little video of it… he he he…

Yay family and yay surprises!

A few more photos of the studly Zach… he he he

What I love About My Husband:

His humor
His talent
His cool hair = :o)

His compassion

His drive to be better man, husband & photographer
His heart to help others be better

Happy Birthday, Pook! I’m so proud of who you are and who you have become. I’m so glad I’m blessed to be your wife and get to grow old with you! I love you :)

(us at our 1 year dating anniversary)

If you have not noticed, we have a poll going of how old/young you think Zach is. Voting ends Monday when Zach’s age will be revealed :o)


Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!!!

by Jody on December 12, 2008, posted in Personal Fun,Videos

Well, friends, today was a great day – A Franklin shoot, something that begins with “s” and a special weekend ahead!!

A Franklin Shoot: We had a shoot today done of US by the great Keoni K! It was raining most of the day, but we grinned and stuck it out and still managed to look cool… hopefully – ha! Our makeup was done by the amazing Amy Lynn Larwig who just returned back to Nashville from furthering her makeup studies (I know there is a more professional word for it than that…) in Vancouver! Stay tuned for some photos that we will post once we receive some of the final images!

Something that begins with “S”: The other big and exciting thing that happened today was that it SNOWED!!!!!!! Yes!! Right here in Franklin, TN!! Good thing we were able to capture it!!!

A Special Weekend: And the final thing to announce iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis – My awesome husband’s birthday is this Saturday!!! I’m not going to spill how old he will be turning… For those who are reading this off a feed, I have placed a poll at the top of our blog and you now can vote on his age. Another cool thing about this weekend is Zach’s mom is coming to visit and celebrate with us! She is flying all the way in from North Dakota (and we blame her for the snow… last time it snowed like this in Nashville she was with us!!).

Enjoy the snow while we have it, folks!