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Behind the Scenes Secrets! – From Zach

by Jody on January 30, 2009, posted in Behind the Scenes

Today we are going to show you guys how we do what we do and give you a little insight into a particular shot from a wedding this past season. Whenever we are shooting a couple – whether it is totally candid or a shot that we have set up and orchestrated – we are always looking at how we can take it from the best angle and shoot it in the most flattering way possible for that client.

We shot a wedding in Columbia, SC this past September 4th, with Paul & Laura Morris who are amazing and moved all the way to Nashville just to be friends with us (actually, for a job, but we like to say it was for us:)! After the wedding ceremony we were out taking some photos of them and when we were just about done, I noticed this little nook under a walkway and down through some big ol’ bushes. I saw the shot in my head and knew how cool it would be, but to look at that little area, one might have thought Jody and I were nuts to take some wedding photos there. The bride and groom went along with it (what troopers they were) and we did a quick set up and took a handful of shots just before the reception began.

Here was the set up.

As you can see, it looks more like we should be taking shots of the handyman from the church there, and not a cute bride and groom! While it is very important to know what lens you need to use, what setting to put your camera on and how much of that big flash power we need to use, it is also equally important to know what to include in an image, and what not to include. Looking at the set up shot, you can clearly see a whole bunch of things that are not that pretty and would be distracting if they were in the final image. So when I framed the shot in the camera, I really wanted to emphasize the couple lost in this vine foresty place of bliss! So this is how I shot it.

The reason this shot works is because:

1. The light we put on them makes the couple the brightest part of the photo so you naturally look to them.
2. They are not directly in the middle of the frame, but off to the side, and the vines on the left “lead” your eye into the shot and make it more interesting.
3. There is nothing competing in the shot; meaning that the only truly interesting element is the bride and groom. There is nothing else distracting in the shot like those giant air conditioners, or the big railing just above them that you saw in the first shot.

All of those elements combined make for a powerful portrait of two really great people!

For those super tech nerds (like me) who want to know the hard info on the gear and settings used, here you go!

Camera – Canon 5D
Camera settings – f/5, ISO 100, 73mm
Lens – 70-200L 2.8 IS
Flash – Photogenic Powerlight 500 watts, 32 inch Westcot softbox, Triggered by Pocket Wizards
Color corrected on location with Expo Disc

Adjusted luminace of skin tones in Lightroom.

Shooting this way is how one can avoid spending tons of hours in Photoshop trying to make the image look like you want it! 5 seconds of post time and you’re done!

Feel free to leave comments on the shot and any questions are welcome!!


AH! Bloggers are coming at us from every angle!

by Jody on January 29, 2009, posted in GP on other Blogs

We often have others blog about us like Williamson County Weddings and Events, Cakes By Shara, Rhonda Patton Weddings, A Delightful Day Wedding Planning, and others, plus good friends like
Jeff and Ashley, and Cliff & Kristine. We love it when we know you have blogged about us so we can share the posts with our own blog readers!

Today we have the privileged of being blogged about by Darci on her With This Ring blog . Check out the first post that she has done on us and stay tuned for another blog with additional images from that wedding.

If you ever blog on us – let us know and we’d love to share it with everyone! We love spreading the blog love :)


Where to Find Midget Bowling

by Jody on January 27, 2009, posted in Personal Fun

Ok, ok so many have you have asked where to find this mini-bowling and I will tell you, ONLY if you do not hog up the lanes when we want to go and bowl :) Besides, Amy and I are practicing to beat the guys for the next time!! Oops, did I forget to mention the guys won last time?

This great bowling adventure can be found at the Franklin Family Entertainment Center.


Mini Bowling Adventures

by Jody on January 26, 2009, posted in Personal Fun

The other night Zach and I ventured out to the bowling alley with two other friends of ours to play some MIDGET BOWLING!! Yes, you read correctly – Midget Bowling. Ok, it’s not really called that. I think the official name is Min-bowling, but nevertheless, everything is smaller and the little bowling balls are so much more manageable. It’s kind of comparable to Canadian Bowling if anyone has ever done that in Canada!

You may recognize this lovely damsel with me – it’s the great Amy Parman from CJ’s Off the Square and Williamson County Weddings and Events!

And this handsome fella’ with Zach is The Great Brendon Shirley! (just had to give him a cool title/association so he wouldn’t feel left out :)

My husband’s a goof! That’s what I love about him! Enjoy a little video of Zach tearing it up!

As you can see from this following video featuring Brendon, mini bowling can be quite challenging!

Of course, have to show my mad mini-bowling skillz.. ha.

Amy blowing it outta the park!

Ok, and I had to post this one… We think the guys broke that lane… What NOT to do while mini bowling.

If you made it through all of these videos – we commend you. At least they weren’t long and boring! Just trying to entertain that’s all… :)


Vote for Your Fav Photogs!

by Jody on January 23, 2009, posted in Uncategorized

The deadline is drawing near
for Ashley’s Bride Guide Best of 2008 Awards! Don’t forget to vote for your favorite vendors including your favorite photographers, best blog, & best all around vendors! Bride & Groom and Parents can vote!

By voting you could win a $100 Visa Gift Card. Oooh ahhhh… :)

For more details and to vote, visit the blog she has set up for this!

Enjoy your weekend, folks and get excited for Monday’s post! Two clues – Midgets & Bowling Pins..