Behind the Scenes Secrets! – From Zach

Today we are going to show you guys how we do what we do and give you a little insight into a particular shot from a wedding this past season. Whenever we are shooting a couple – whether it is totally candid or a shot that we have set up and orchestrated – we are always looking at how we can take it from the best angle and shoot it in the most flattering way possible for that client. We shot a wedding in Columbia, SC this past September 4th, with Paul & Laura Morris who are amazing and moved all the way to Nashville just to be friends with us (actually, for a job, but we like to say it was for us:)! After the wedding ceremony we were out taking some photos of them and when we were just about done, I noticed this little nook under a walkway and down through some big ol’ bushes. I saw the shot in my head and knew how cool it would be, but to look at that little area, one might have thought Jody and I were nuts to take some wedding photos there. The bride and groom went along with it (what troopers they were) and we did a quick set up and took a handful of shots just before the reception began. Here was the set up. As you can see, it looks more like we should be taking shots of the handyman from the church there, and not a cute bride and groom! While it is very important to know what lens you need to use,... Read More

AH! Bloggers are coming at us from every angle!

We often have others blog about us like Williamson County Weddings and Events, Cakes By Shara, Rhonda Patton Weddings, A Delightful Day Wedding Planning, and others, plus good friends like Jeff and Ashley, and Cliff & Kristine. We love it when we know you have blogged about us so we can share the posts with our own blog readers!Today we have the privileged of being blogged about by Darci on her With This Ring blog . Check out the first post that she has done on us and stay tuned for another blog with additional images from that wedding. If you ever blog on us – let us know and we’d love to share it with everyone! We love spreading the blog love... Read More

Where to Find Midget Bowling

Ok, ok so many have you have asked where to find this mini-bowling and I will tell you, ONLY if you do not hog up the lanes when we want to go and bowl :) Besides, Amy and I are practicing to beat the guys for the next time!! Oops, did I forget to mention the guys won last time? This great bowling adventure can be found at the Franklin Family Entertainment... Read More

Mini Bowling Adventures

The other night Zach and I ventured out to the bowling alley with two other friends of ours to play some MIDGET BOWLING!! Yes, you read correctly – Midget Bowling. Ok, it’s not really called that. I think the official name is Min-bowling, but nevertheless, everything is smaller and the little bowling balls are so much more manageable. It’s kind of comparable to Canadian Bowling if anyone has ever done that in Canada! You may recognize this lovely damsel with me – it’s the great Amy Parman from CJ’s Off the Square and Williamson County Weddings and Events! And this handsome fella’ with Zach is The Great Brendon Shirley! (just had to give him a cool title/association so he wouldn’t feel left out :) My husband’s a goof! That’s what I love about him! Enjoy a little video of Zach tearing it up! As you can see from this following video featuring Brendon, mini bowling can be quite challenging! Of course, have to show my mad mini-bowling skillz.. ha. Amy blowing it outta the park!Ok, and I had to post this one… We think the guys broke that lane… What NOT to do while mini bowling. If you made it through all of these videos – we commend you. At least they weren’t long and boring! Just trying to entertain that’s all…... Read More

Vote for Your Fav Photogs!

The deadline is drawing near for Ashley’s Bride Guide Best of 2008 Awards! Don’t forget to vote for your favorite vendors including your favorite photographers, best blog, & best all around vendors! Bride & Groom and Parents can vote! By voting you could win a $100 Visa Gift Card. Oooh ahhhh… :) For more details and to vote, visit the blog she has set up for this! Enjoy your weekend, folks and get excited for Monday’s post! Two clues – Midgets & Bowling... Read More

Published: Enchanted Brides Magazine!

We had the privileged of having some of our images showcased in the Winter/Spring Issue of Enchanted Brides Magazine for Middle Tennessee! If you have yet to read their magazine or visit their site, you most definitely need to check them out! Tyler & Sarah Enstice Wedding (upper right image) Coordinator: Gail Vandygriff Lighting: Nashville Event Lighting Florist: Branching Out Event and Florist Venue: Loews Vanderbilt Meagan & Jerry Grosvernor’s Wedding (upper right image) Coordinator: A Delightful Day Event Planning Venue: Cheekwood Lighting: Nashville Event Lighting Design: Sweet Life DesignsRentals: Music City Tents & EventsFlowers: Vintage Florals One of our images was also featured in an advertisement by our friends at Ambrose House! Our pic is the one of Joel & Michelle smooching away! The people who run the Ambrose House are a great group of people who have renovated this 1890 venue in East Nashville, which is able to accommodate and group size up to 60 (seated) to 85 (standing) guests. This venue is available for corporate events, training seminars, weddings and receptions, as well as diners and social gatherings. Anyway, just wanted to... Read More

Rent Your Wedding Cake?

Happy Tuesday! Hope you all enjoyed your day off yesterday in honor of the great Martin Luther King, Jr and all he did for our country and the equality of people. Today we want to share with you some more yummy looking cakes that we shot a little bit before Christmas! For those of you who attended the bridal show on Jan 3rd in Nashville, you might have seen these cakes unveiled in the flesh at Shara’s booth (Cakes By Shara). It’s amazing how much cakes have evolved over the last few years. When we got married all we really saw were boring old cakes one after the other. We ended up having our cake dipped in chocolate and decorated with bright colored roses (see non-pro photo below) because we didn’t want any white, boring looking cakes. These days the options seem to be endless on what you can do! The cake wasn’t made yet when we did our shoot with Shara, but at the show, she had a groom’s cake of a Wii gaming system! We’ll start with my (Jody’s) favorite :) This cake below is referred to by Shara and her daughter as “The Happy Cake.” So appropriate we think! Or you can go for a little more upscale look. We have quite a few phenomenal cake makers here in Nashville. TN brides are lucky! For those who are looking to save $$ on their cake and maybe spend more on other areas of their wedding, Shara has created a rent-a-cake! To read more, visit her site, click on “About Cakes By Shara” and then... Read More

Some Website Love

Thanks for all of your comments and continuing comments that we have received on our new website!! We put a lot of work into it and it’s great to hear positive feedback! We just got word last night, that our site, built through ShowIt Sites made the top 20 of all the sites built with ShowIt Sites and now has been entered into a contest for the public to vote on the top 5 best sites out of those picked. If you are a member of David Jay‘s Open Source Photo photographer’s forum then you can vote ! Below are a few comments we have received on our site from friends, vendors, and fellow respected photographers: IF I COULD REALLY YELL THIS OUTLOUD I REALLY WOULD! HOLY FREAKIN CRAP YALL!!!!!! THIS IS TOTALLY AWESOME! WAAAAAY BETTER THAN ANYTHING I HAVE SEEN IN A VERY LONG TIME. I’M SO GLAD TO HAVE MET AND WORKED WITH YOU! We look forward to working with you many more times in the future. Thank you so much for all of your support and I hope you have an AMAZING 2009! Keep up the great work. I’m a big fan!!!! -Jay with Maples Wedding Cakes, One of the top cake makers in Nashville who we have worked with Shut up…we freakin love it!!! Great job guys!! – 2Duce2 – Some cool videographers we know! I LOVE IT! Intro video – awesome transition videos – awesome Pics – awesome bio section – awesome! – David Jay – One of the top 15 wedding photographers in the world (named by wedding photojournalist Association) the brains behind... Read More

A Birthday with a Giant Green Gorilla!

Zach and I had a nice time with our little anniversary celebration get-a-way! It was nice not to think about work (well, we tried as hard as we could), and to not worry about our email or anything. We closed our celebration out by attending the birthday party of one of our soon-to-be brides! Yes, her birthday was last night, but today is her real birthday!!!!! Happy birthday Amy!!!!! You may be wondering why she is snuggling so close to a giant, green gorilla… Well, readers, it was the combined effort of all her friends who enabled her to get this new and furry buddy at Dave & Busters! It was partially in part to this crazy & addictive game… which really it’s not even a game, but with Eric’s mad skillz, and some help from a few others, quite a few tickets were contributed to Amy’s Green Gorilla Fund (he was over 6,000 tickets.. can’t remember exactly how much :). The cutest part of the evening was Amy had quite a few extra tickets and offered some to a little kid who had like 5 tickets. He later came up to her and gave her a hug thanking her for what she did. Awwww… it was so cute! Of course, I had to get my photo taken next to it. …and then Jeff, desperately wanted to be friends with him as well… Amy, we hope to see Gorilla at the wedding in April… :) HAPPY... Read More

Practical Off-Camera Lighting at Weddings

  This shot is very different than what you see with most modern wedding photography and we are going to talk about why. Now the pose and composition are obviously not something new, but the lighting and depth of the shot are and that is why it is not something you see a lot of at weddings. Lit shots like this one usually are not done because they take too long to set up, require lots of powerful lights which are heavy, and can be too in-your-face for some clients. So how do you solve all of those problems at a wedding so that you can get this kind of a shot that is really different and really cool? First, we will talk about how we captured the shot, then we will talk about how we made it practical at the wedding. The first thing you notice with a shot like this (and what many shooters ask us a lot) is that the background must be “photoshopped” in and how did you do it? The answer is honestly, I have no idea how to do something like that in Photoshop and it is all real and all done in the camera. Promise!  There is no retouching done on this shot either with the clients skin, no dodging and burning in Lightroom or Photoshop, and no color enhancements of any type. How we did it: Light – The lighting rig is a 500 watt mono light with a 24×32 inch Westcott soft box. Many shooters will use small light sources like 580 ex speedlights and so on, which are awesome,... Read More

Anniversary Celebration Time!!

So yes, November 26th WAS our 3 year anniversary mark, but for our avid blog followers, our plans got a bit postponed, and then with the holidays coming, we were unable to celebrate….. until now!! We are taking the next two days and are having a little get-a-way. Here’s to three years of marriage! Look at us on our wedding day back in ’05… awww… A few pics from honeymooning in the Dominican Republic! Boy does time fly! Hope you all are enjoying your... Read More

A Nashville Wedding Slideshow – Lee & Elisabeth

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and kind comments! You guys are the best and helped to make my birthday even more special :) We gave a sneak peek of Lee & Elisabeth’s wedding photos awhile ago and thought we would share with you an overall glimpse into their day! Enjoy the slideshow! (Please wait for it to load, and once it loads additional playbacks will be faster) You will see one of the flower girls in there… her name was Ashlyn and she was dancing up a storm at the reception. She was so adorable and was definitely in the limelight that evening :) So cute! A few more images for your viewing pleasure… Lee & Elisabeth’s wedding photos will be available for viewing any day now for friends and family. To sign into their gallery and to preregister for when the photos hit, visit Our Website, click on “Clients” in the bottom right hand corner on the home page, find their names and click, then follow the instructions! A few vendor Shout Outs: The flowers & reception decor were done by Rhonda with Rhonda Patton Weddings!The awesome cake was done by Signature Cakes by... Read More

The End Is Near!

JODY IS NOW TWENTY SIX YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jody is my little sweet darling pookie pants and I love her soooooooooo much! So, with that said, show some love and leave a comment for Jody on her big day! Tell her how awesome she is and if she has had any impact on your life, tell her about it! Love you babe and happy birthday!... Read More

Oh my word…

We have been introduced to a new planner, Angela with Southern Event Planners, and we found ourselves on her blog and came across this CRAZY, horrible, but funny and still mortifying video that we saw there. We just had to share it as well! Jody’s Reaction: “Oh, my gosh!” Zach’s Reaction: “That’s amazing!” Men!... Read More

Big News! Our Baby Has Arrived!!!!!!

No, we are not pregnant – we have a new site!!! After lots of brainstorming sessions, designing, picking and choosing, filming (yes, filming!) rearranging, sweat, blood, tears (ok, maybe not tears.. or blood.. or even sweat for that matter…), and helpful insight from some of you, we have a new site!!! We are really pumped about it and are thrilled that you can now enjoy it! Click here! The one and only Nashville Wedding Photography Duo ;) A Couple Shout Outs: Our dear friend Keoni who did a photoshoot of us for this site!Amy Lynn Larwig – the awesome chick who we just mentioned in our previous blog (she did our makeup for the shoot) Tell us about your experience with our new site and your quote (and web/blog link) just might make our next blog! Ooh la... Read More

The Crazy Side of Us…

Sorry, not ready to announce/unveil what we have for you (super soon!) BUT we do have a great pic to show you!! Yesterday was the Premier Bride Nashville Convention Bridal Show and Zach and I went to say hi to our photographer friends as well as vendors who were apart of the show. We also brought along our friend Amy Lynn and stayed there for 4 hours!! We met Amy Lynn a few years ago when we were doing a shoot for a modeling/talent agency and the makeup artist we had lined up NEVER showed! By chance, our assistant knew someone who did makeup professionally, we called her on the spot and she came right out and did an AWESOME job! That was how we came to know the amazing Amy Lynn. Since then, Amy Lynn has been our #1 makeup artist to go for brides, artist shoots, bridesmaids, mother of the brides, and even did our makeup for the shoot we had of us recently (that’s kind of a clue for the surprise we have to reveal!…it’s a part of it, at least…). She left us for about 6 months to study airbrush makeup (so important with the work she does with films and such with everything going high-def and all). Check out her site – she’s got some great stuff as well as quite a few photos of the stuff she has done for us. She’s professional, friendly and we love her!! (oh, and she shows up!… and ON TIME). That’s all for now!... Read More

New Beginnings for a New Year

Happy New Year! Crazy to think that it is 2009 already… unbelievable! With the new year comes new things, and we have a big something that we are just about ready to reveal and share with you all! Hmmmm….. what could it be??… Thanks to everyone for following us this past year! Many blessings on you... Read More