Holding Out on You!

This weekend we shot an amazing wedding but due to the nature of who we shot, we are limited at this time to the images we can show as well as names while we wait for certain press to hit – so stay tuned and enjoy the below... Read More

Associate Photographers – Update!

Since posting our blog for Associate Photographers, we have received over 35 responses so far. Thanks to those who have submitted their portfolio! Starting this evening we will be sending out emails to those who we feel so far would be a good fit for us and where we... Read More

Best Blog Ever?!?

Only 4 days to vote! We may not have the best blog EVER, but with over 16,000 visits (and over 25,000 page views) from not only people across the US but from other continents as well – all in the 7 months we have had our blog going – that’s got to... Read More

GrayPhotography is Guest Blogging :)

If you are a wedding vendor or bride to be – Christine Boulton‘s Think Like A Bride is a cool resource for marketing, getting in the minds of brides, and many other things that you will just have to visit her site to see for yourself. Christine also... Read More

The Fitfty is Nifty!

OK, for those who just like to look at photos, scroll down and read the text just above the first shot! But for those who may want to learn some really cool photography jargon and be cool like me (Zach) then read away! We promise that it is not super-geeky even though... Read More