A Nashville Wedding – Heidi + Jeff = Happy!

Jeff and Heidi tied the knot this past Saturday and it was a gorgeous wedding right here in Franklin! Jeff and Heidi have become dear friends of ours over these past months and it was a real blessing for us to see them commit themselves to each other during the wedding ceremony. It was a very emotional wedding filled with prayers, tears, laughter and lots of joy! It was really wonderful and we are so glad that we were able to be a part of their big day and would not have traded it for anything. Jody and I have shot quite a few weddings where rain has been in the forecast, and we always seem to perfectly avoid the torrential downpours. It has never rained during important picture taking times at any wedding we have ever done – it’s pretty crazy. However, this past weekend we were pretty nervous because the forecast was suppose to be rain, rain, and more rain! Well, we spent a lot of time praying (and so did the bride and groom) and we had the most perfect weather right where we were having the wedding. We didn’t find out until the next day when talking with friends that people in the surrounding area (only 6 miles away) had hail storms and even tornado warnings! It was soooo awesome!! Onto the photos and there are plenty of them!! Love the back of the wedding dress! Heidi was such a gorgeous bride! A little behind-the-scenes of Jody getting the awesome shot below! She is such a rock star wedding photographer! We battled some winds that... Read More

Nashville Photography Workshop Update!

(**Note** If you found this post from a browser search, feel free to visit the photographer’s area on our website to view the most current information on our Nashville photography and lighting workshops). Happy Monday! We hope your week is off to a great start so far! Our workshops have been open for registration for only just about 2 weeks and the classes have been filling up! For those who want to come and have yet to sign up, the early bird offer expires in two days (April 1st), so register now now to receive the great rate! For our out-of-state readers, we are currently talking with HI, CA, OH, NY, MI, MN & CT in bringing the workshops out there. If you are reading this from any of those states and are interested in participating in the workshop, let us know! If you aren’t from any of those states and are interested in bringing any of our IN-CAMERA workshops to your own state (or a custom-tailored workshop), contact us us at... Read More

Joel & Luke Artist Shoot

For those of you who follow us on Twitter, you know that we did a sweet shoot of the rock-star Artists Joel & Luke recently and it was awesome! Joel and Luke will be doing an online launch in the next week with a free download of one of their songs from their new EP and we are going to do a more extensive blog when that hits with some other cool treats, but until then, here are a few teaser... Read More

Saturday Facelifts!

We always get a little flak here and there from others who have been pulled in to the slick marketing of Mac computers and feel that it is the only way to go… for those of you who don’t know, we are PC users (yup, read that again). However, we were at Best Buy the other day and we finally used a Mac for something! It had us pulled in for at least a good 20 minutes. We have realized what the pull is for Mac users!!! Check out our short, very entertaining video (well, we think it is).. ha ha.. (it gets really good 18 seconds in… voices and everything!) Ahh… good... Read More

Would you like some Relish with your Invitations?

This post has been too long in coming! It is finally time to share with our blog readers the suh-weet ladies of RELISH!! (L to R – Stephanie, Leann, Rebecca) Once again, Zach and I would like to take you back to our days of wedding planning. We like to think we’re a cool, vibe-a licious couple, and we wanted invitations to reflect that! Well no can do. We had the hardest time finding invitations that were cool and reflected us. Sooooooo we resorted to making our own invitations. I do say so myself that they turned out pretty well, but it took a lot of time and who has tons of time when you’re planning you’re wedding?? Well, never fear – there are new ways now to do your invitations!!!!! At least a month or so ago we visited the offices of the Relish Gals! We hung out with Stephanie & Rebecca (founders), met Leann Cooper (Chairwoman), Dustin (production manager) and just had a grand ‘ol time :) These ladies are setting the trend with invitations, and on their site you can create your very own custom invitations, and the best part – you don’t have to assemble them!!!!! The staff at Relish does all the work! They do invitations of all kinds – not just wedding invites! The options are endless. Make sure to check out their blog as well as website! To see their video interview with Ashley from Ashley’s Bride Guide click here. Wedding invitation making with Relish is truly an experience! Now here is us with the ladies... Read More

20,000 Hits and Counting

A little over eight months ago we started our blog. The first month we had a whopping 918 unique visits (lol) and this past week we have hit the 20,000 mark with over 32,500 page views. This does not even include all of you who are subscribed via readers or RSS feeds… Thanks to Google Analytics we see that some of you follow us from around the world! From good ‘ol Canada to Argentina, from Norway to China, from New Zealand to South Africa… Even small (but not insignificant!) places like Portugal, Turkey & even the Philippines to name a few. Wow. Just a small thank-you to those who follow us along in our photographer adventures and into our personal lives as well. We do this for you! If there’s anything in particular that you love reading about, or have questions about – let us know either by commenting or via email and we will make sure to do more of it and answer your questions!... Read More

Speaking, Yale & The Cutest Dog Ever

We are back home in Nashville and it’s funny to think that we were just in CT yesterday! We had a great visit with friends & fantabulous photographers Justin & Mary (who are some of the most awesome Connecticut wedding photographers you will ever meet!), and of course with their super cute dog Cooper, and also had such a great time at their PUG. Like we had mentioned, we were scheduled to speak at Justin & Mary’s photographer group they head up and it was really great. We had a blast meeting other photographers and talking & sharing ideas. Their PUG is HUGE and the place was packed out. Head on over to Justin & Mary’s blogsite to read about the evening and to see some pics that were taken. We stayed late at the PUG talking with everyone and hanging out. Finally, as the crowd diminished, we ordered some Chinese for the last few CT photographers still standing!! During our visit to Connecticut, we also got to walk around Yale University! Mary graduated from Yale Law and so we got the special tour including peeping into the Harry Potter looking cafeteria… sorry, no pics of that… Car ride there in their cute Mini-Cooper… Zach turning the back seat of the car into a photo shoot… My YUMMY paninni at this cool bookstore/cafe that we ate lunch at… Yale…. I feel smart just looking at this picture… This is the secret society building featured in film THE SKULLS. . .. no windows… locks on the doors… SCARY! This is the main gathering area where graduation is held… This cracked... Read More

Went to New Haven, CT & Got Shot!

Awwwwwww snap! What a day it was today!… well, technically it’s 2:01 AM so what a day yesterday was! After sleeping in a bit, and then waking up and eating a home-cooked breakfast by our great hosts, and chatting & chilling, we got ready for our photo shoot! After searching the mall for some shoes & a late lunch at Moe’s, the shoot began! Seeing that we are photographers it’s always interesting for us to get in front of the camera. We had a really fun time and it’s always cool to see the dynamic of other husband/wife photography duos. These guys are a total blast… you should try it sometime with them :) Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of behind-the-scenes photos because we were being shot… but here are a few!! To see more images from the shoot and if you still have yet to check out our amazing friends, visit Justin & Mary’s blogsite! Tomorrow (today :) we will be speaking at their PUG (a photographer’s group)! Looking forward to it... Read More

We Have Arrived! Speaking & a Photoshoot in Conneticut!

As I slowly started waking up this morning, I realized my bed didn’t feel how it normally feels, and wait, my pillow feels different too… “We’re not in Kansas – I mean – Nashville anymore…” That’s right – we’re in Connecticut! A few months ago Zach and I were invited out to this great state (29th most populated state with 3.4 million residents, thank-you Wikipedia) by some of the coolest cats in the photography world – Justin & Mary Marantz! These guys are great people and have fantastic work and we’re looking forward to the next 2.5 days hanging here with them! Our time here will consist of chillin’, talking shop, Justin & Mary want to do a photo shoot of us, and on Wednesday we will be speaking at their photography group they lead. We’re excited for this trip and it’s nice to hand out in a new city with some new friends! As soon as we stepped off the plane we experienced exciting & magical things (see video below) and we know only more exciting things are to come… ha ha ha… Seriously, check out this video… We have never seen anything like it before… or maybe we’ve just been deprived.... Read More

Gray Photography Nashville Photography Workshops Open For Early Bird Registration!

(**Note** If you found this post from a browser search, feel free to visit the photographer’s area on our website to view the most current information on our Nashville photography and lighting workshops). We have already received registrations via snail mail for our I N – C A M E R A Workshops and now online registration is officially open! Fore more detailed info on the classes as well as Early Bird Specials, read our Workshop Blog below. To register please visit Gray Photography and go to our Photography Workshop web page! This is going to be an awesome time of learning, sharing, getting to know each other and your peers and having a blast at the same time! Class sizes are limited for quality learning so make sure to register before they fill up! Reminder if you want to bring any of these classes to your area, please contact us! INCAMERA@grayphotograph.com. PS – By the way, in reference to our previous blog, thanks to those who said that I (Jody) don’t look like a boy... Read More

A Nashville Family Visit

Thanks for all the congratulations that you all have been sending to us via email & FaceBook for our awards :) You guys are the best :) For those of you who follow us on Twitter you know that we had a shoot yesterday of Luke and Joel! These guys are really amazing and we got some sweet shots so far. The last place we shot at was a helicopter landing pad at Vanderbilt and it was pretty sweet. Can’t wait to share pics! In the meantime check out some of their music and also video on their MySpace. Now onto photos! This week my (Jody) dad was in town. It was a quick visit but nice all the same! After hanging out and eating breakfast at Merridee’s and beating my dad and Zach in a rousing game of Blokus, we headed off to our downtown Nashville studio, then off to enjoy the beautiful weather at Centennial Park. For those who have yet to visit Nashville (highly recommend it and look us up when you do come by!), you have to visit Centennial Park. The cool thing about it is it has a full replica of The Parthenon! Now, if you bring your camera you will quickly find that you are not the only one snapping shots. At any given day you will see plenty of point-and-shoots as well as “real” cameras and of course you will spot about 219 engagement sessions or wedding shoots happening as well. Ok, maybe exaggerating about the 219… but it is definitely one of THE places everyone and their mom seems to shoot... Read More

GrayPhotography Wins Best in Nashville Wedding Photographers, Wedding Blog & Vendor Who Wows!

There’s so much to share about we don’t know where to begin :) The response from our workshops has been amazing, and things are still set up for online registration to begin on Monday! We have the first part of an artist shoot happening tomorrow of Aussies Luke & Joel of which we will blog about in due time. In the meantime we are also preparing for a trip we are taking next week to freezing CT! We are visiting amazing photographer friends Justin & Mary Marantz and will be speaking at their PUG, which we are pumped about! But today, we will want to honor all of our Brides, Grooms, and Parents for voting and for Ashley’s hard work in seeking out the best wedding vendors in Nashville. Ashley’s Bride Guide is a local wedding resource for Brides who are are looking to plan their Nashville wedding. Ashley conducted a survey & search of all past brides in the last year to find the top wedding vendors and to create her A-List Best of Nashville Weddings. We were honored to be named one of the top three in the below categories. Best Nashville Wedding BlogsVendors Who WowBest Photography Thanks for all of you for voting!!! We really strive to offer an amazing and different product, great service and to have your wedding be one of the best days ever! To see others honored on the A-list click... Read More

IN-CAMERA Nashville Photography Workshops – Nashville & In Your City!

(**Note** If you found this post from a browser search, feel free to visit the photographer’s area on our website to view the most current information on our Nashville photography and lighting workshops). Introducing our IN-CAMERA Workshop Series! For a taste of the last workshop which we did in association with Evan Baines Photography, check this video out! Do you want to turn this: Into this? Or take this: And make it look like this? Do want to turn this: Into this? IN-CAMERA Workshops are photography workshops which are designed to inspire photographers at all levels and help them gain a better understanding of every aspect of photography from beginner techniques all the way down to advanced lighting and business strategy. These workshops will cover many topics including: – Shooting perfect exposures, color and compositions right inside the camera – How to manipulate light to get the shot that you want every time – Interacting with your subject – Consistent shooting for fast work flow – Finding natural light and using it to your advantage – How to take your photography business to the next level through marketing and branding in a competitive market There will be workshops geared for exactly what you need and all you have to do is choose the one(s) that are right for you. These workshops will be hosted by us (Zach and Jody Gray) at our studio in downtown Nashville. We will shoot on location with models in and around the city and show how we do what we do, day in and day out! These workshops will be fun, informative and intimate... Read More

Family Visiting in Nashville, Tennessee!

Jody’s dad arrived in town late last night and today we have decided to take him to some great, local eateries and of course, bring him by our studio on good ‘ol Broadway. This is a whirlwind trip and he will be gone this evening to head back to Michigan, but nevertheless, we are enjoying his company! We will be posting information this week on our coming workshops so stay... Read More

Tennessee Titan Reynaldo Hill and his Lovely Bride Janina

We have been anxiously waiting to share more images from this great couple’s wedding! Reynaldo & Janina have been such a treat to work with and their wedding was absolutely beautiful as you can see! Enjoy the slideshow from their wedding and make sure to check below for a list of all the vendors who were pulled together by Courtney of A Magical Affair to make this grand affair happen! Their final wedding images are up and available to view! Friends and family- if you have trouble getting to their online gallery contact us and we will assist you! (Click the link below to see the slideshow in a new window!) Reynaldo Janina Slidehow Click here! ‘Naldo & Janina – we hope your honeymoon was fantastic and we look forward to seeing you guys again soon! Awesome Vendors Who Made this Happen: The bride & groom photos that you see were taken at the hot Las Vegas style nightclub – F– USE when we were granted private access. This wedding was coordinated by Courtney Hammons and her team from A Magical Affair and was held at Opryland Hotel. All of the paper that you see (invitations, menus, programs, seating cards, etc) was custom created by the great Donette & Steve with Designs In Paper. The cool Jen with Reveal Event Style was a huge part in planning the stunning decor. Flowers were provided by A Village of Flowers. Linens provided by Liz of Connie Duglin Linen. The other team involved in the decor and who also did all the lighting is one of the coolest and kindest couples in... Read More

Marriage is No Walk in the Park…

From a Child’s perspective… The Great Debate: Is It Better to Be Single or Married? “You should ask the people who read Cosmopolitan”-Kirsten, ten years old “It’s better for girls to be single but not for boys. Boys need somebody to clean up after them”-Anita, nine years old “It gives me a headache to think about that stuff. I’m just a kid. I don’t need that kind of trouble.”-Will, seven years old **Warning! Deep thoughts ahead!! If you want a happy, photo filled blog, just skip the below! :) ** Let’s face it – Marriage is hard. Whoever it was that said marriage is a walk in the park was definitely drinking the Kool-aid ;) Sure, marriage has its perks but it’s a ton of work as well. I (Jody) love it when Zach uses this analogy – Marriage is like two jagged edged rocks put in a bag and shaken up. It hurts a bit (sometimes a lot) but when the shaking up is done, out comes two smooth rocks. Marriage will always have it’s challenges and obstacles, but it’s to make us become better people – people of character. (Blah! ;o) I have recently stumbled upon this blog for women, and one of the contributing writers wrote this on her personal blog the other day,“There is a war on families and marriages these days. We need to be intentional about spending time together, loving one another, and making memories.” This is so true. If marriage was easy all the time everyone would be together! How many marriages have you seen fail? How many of your personal friends... Read More

A Kicking Live Band Shoot!

We had mentioned on our twitter a few weeks back that we were shooting a charity event (follow us on twitter – GrayPhotography!) and we wanted to share some of the photos with you! To be a little more clear, we weren’t shooting the event per-say but the suh-weet band playing at the event. Introducing The Nashville Blue Tones! These guys have been wanting to update some of their images and we were more than happy to oblige! The Nashville Blue Tones is a fantastic group of keyboard, bass, guitar, drums, male & female vocalists, tenor sax, trombone, and trumpet and can add more horns and vocalists for any specific event, budget, venue, and entertainment needs. These guys & gals put on a great show and we have seen them in action at weddings we have shot as well. David Nuding is the music director and owner of the group and of Blue Tone Music USA, and is a great guy to work with (he is seen below on the drums). We can’t say enough about these guys!!! Enjoy the rest of the pics :) Thought it might be good to mention that this particular event had a Moulin Rouge theme for the first set these guys played (hence the attire) . SIDE UPDATES:– Thanks to those who leave their comments – we love reading them!– We are still accepting applications for associate photographers – read down our blog for more info– Vote for Tenth Avenue North for New Artist of the Year! Go to Dove Awards Votingor by texting the # 72648 and sending: ‘Dove Avenue’ (u can... Read More