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from the March 2009 category


20,000 Hits and Counting

by Jody on March 22, 2009, posted in Uncategorized

A little over eight months ago we started our blog. The first month we had a whopping 918 unique visits (lol) and this past week we have hit the 20,000 mark with over 32,500 page views. This does not even include all of you who are subscribed via readers or RSS feeds…

Thanks to Google Analytics we see that some of you follow us from around the world! From good ‘ol Canada to Argentina, from Norway to China, from New Zealand to South Africa… Even small (but not insignificant!) places like Portugal, Turkey & even the Philippines to name a few. Wow.

Just a small thank-you to those who follow us along in our photographer adventures and into our personal lives as well. We do this for you! If there’s anything in particular that you love reading about, or have questions about – let us know either by commenting or via email and we will make sure to do more of it and answer your questions!



Speaking, Yale & The Cutest Dog Ever

by Jody on March 20, 2009, posted in Personal Fun,Speaking

We are back home in Nashville and it’s funny to think that we were just in CT yesterday! We had a great visit with friends & fantabulous photographers Justin & Mary (who are some of the most awesome Connecticut wedding photographers you will ever meet!), and of course with their super cute dog Cooper, and also had such a great time at their PUG.

Like we had mentioned, we were scheduled to speak at Justin & Mary’s photographer group they head up and it was really great. We had a blast meeting other photographers and talking & sharing ideas. Their PUG is HUGE and the place was packed out. Head on over to Justin & Mary’s blogsite to read about the evening and to see some pics that were taken.

We stayed late at the PUG talking with everyone and hanging out. Finally, as the crowd diminished, we ordered some Chinese for the last few CT photographers still standing!!

During our visit to Connecticut, we also got to walk around Yale University! Mary graduated from Yale Law and so we got the special tour including peeping into the Harry Potter looking cafeteria… sorry, no pics of that…

Car ride there in their cute Mini-Cooper…

Zach turning the back seat of the car into a photo shoot…

My YUMMY paninni at this cool bookstore/cafe that we ate lunch at…

Yale…. I feel smart just looking at this picture…

This is the secret society building featured in film THE SKULLS. . .. no windows… locks on the doors… SCARY!

This is the main gathering area where graduation is held…

This cracked us up, especially Zach! Now THAT’s a good bike lock!

And of course we have to show Justin & Mary’s super cute and well-trained dog, Cooper. Isn’t he precious??

We had such a great time and can’t wait to visit again… Thanks for reading!!


Went to New Haven, CT & Got Shot!

by Jody on March 18, 2009, posted in Behind the Scenes

Awwwwwww snap! What a day it was today!… well, technically it’s 2:01 AM so what a day yesterday was!

After sleeping in a bit, and then waking up and eating a home-cooked breakfast by our great hosts, and chatting & chilling, we got ready for our photo shoot! After searching the mall for some shoes & a late lunch at Moe’s, the shoot began!

Seeing that we are photographers it’s always interesting for us to get in front of the camera. We had a really fun time and it’s always cool to see the dynamic of other husband/wife photography duos. These guys are a total blast… you should try it sometime with them :)

Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of behind-the-scenes photos because we were being shot… but here are a few!!

To see more images from the shoot and if you still have yet to check out our amazing friends, visit Justin & Mary’s blogsite!

Tomorrow (today :) we will be speaking at their PUG (a photographer’s group)! Looking forward to it :)

As I slowly started waking up this morning, I realized my bed didn’t feel how it normally feels, and wait, my pillow feels different too… “We’re not in Kansas – I mean – Nashville anymore…” That’s right – we’re in Connecticut!

A few months ago Zach and I were invited out to this great state (29th most populated state with 3.4 million residents, thank-you Wikipedia) by some of the coolest cats in the photography world – Justin & Mary Marantz! These guys are great people and have fantastic work and we’re looking forward to the next 2.5 days hanging here with them!

Our time here will consist of chillin’, talking shop, Justin & Mary want to do a photo shoot of us, and on Wednesday we will be speaking at their photography group they lead. We’re excited for this trip and it’s nice to hand out in a new city with some new friends!

As soon as we stepped off the plane we experienced exciting & magical things (see video below) and we know only more exciting things are to come… ha ha ha… Seriously, check out this video… We have never seen anything like it before… or maybe we’ve just been deprived. :)

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