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Published! Southern Weddings Magazine Blog

by Jody on April 20, 2009, posted in Personal Fun

We had the awesome privileged of being published in Southern Weddings Magazine Blog, and not just one post but two!

They featured Meagan & Jerry Grosvenor’s Nashville wedding and did a great job displaying all the images and sharing about the wedding and fantastic group of vendors who came together and pulled this event off.

They really showcased some of the awesome wedding details from this wedding!

To read both posts visit these two links:
Part I & Part II.

For those who may be wondering about our amazing wedding we had this weekend with Rich & Amy – stay tuned for a sneak peek coming super soon!!!


A Nashville Family Session & Healthy Living!

by Jody on April 17, 2009, posted in Behind the Scenes

Awhile ago we did a little peek into a family shoot and we thought we would share a little bit more photos as well as about the Family. Meet Nathan & Jenni Oates & their adorable children.

We have known these guys for almost 2 years now and they have been such a blessing and encouragement to Zach and I. Nathan & Jenni have an amazing story of devastation & hope that involves the loss of their 3rd child, Hosea, their first son. Their honesty, faith and story of healing is a testimony and a real encouragement.

Not only are they an encouragement in an emotional and spiritual sense, but they also are a very health & green conscious family which inspires us to take better care of our own bodies as well.

Nathan & Jenni work with Shaklee which is the leading natural nutrition company in the United States. (To the left: Shaklee on Oprah).

Jenni struggled with anorexia in high school rendering her body unable to fully re-coup even after years of eating correctly again. Shaklee changed that for her. Nathan’s brother had inoperable cancer in his eyes with the only option to find the best nutritional company and pray that it worked. One and a half years later his cancer is fully gone and no trace of it has come back in the last 10 years.

Nathan & Jenni told us, “Once your life has been changed by something, you want other people to know about it. So that’s what we do… we take great products and then share them with other people in hopes that their lives will be changed too.” To read more of their personal story visit their blog.

The body is a powerful tool and sometimes just lacks the right oomph that it needs :)

I (Jody) grew up with my mom very into taking natural supplements and she always swore by Shaklee. She would tell me that tests were done with Shaklee stacked against other supposedly nutritious other supplements and vitamins and Shaklee tested the highest for the vitamins actually going in and STAYING in your system instead of just going out the other end if you know what I mean :)

Not only does Shaklee do vitamin stuff (like my professional lingo?) but they also do health weight management, healthy beauty products, and healthy home products including pure air and water systems.

There is such a huge movement to GO GREEN and be healthy, and Shaklee makes that easily possible for the average person.

To find out more about Shaklee, visit the site, and if you’re looking for great, constant info on healthy living, check out Nathan & Jenni’s Creating Healthier Lives blog. If you read back far enough you might even see our lovely mugs :)

This evening and Friday the 24th, Nathan & Jenni are hosting A Healthy Home Makeover with food & snacks and great info about life & health. If you’re interested in attending, contact them via their contact page on their site and you’ll be in for a treat!

Hope you all have an amazing weekend! We are shooting Rich & Amy’s wedding this weekend in Belle Meade with one of the
coolest coordinators in Nashville & we are PUMPED! Can’t wait, Amy & Rich!!!!!!

This is Amy at her Birthday party a few months ago :)


This past Sunday we did a Lifestyle Session for one of the kindest families. You may remember Mel who we did a promo shoot of a little bit ago who is also a photographer (The Velvet Trunk). Well, her parents and twin sister (I’ve always wanted a twin!) came in town from Texas, and we shot at ‘em with our Canons. :)

We hit a few different spots around downtown Franklin and had such a nice time. Her sister is so sweet and kind just like Mel, and her parents are really wonderful. They have been married 40 years and they are so in love!

Check out some of the shots we captured…

A little behind-the-scenes shot I took while Zach was shooting with the strobe…

Don’t they look so happy together? :) What a great example for those of us who are practically just starting our marriages….

No behind-the-scenes shot on this one, but this was taken by me when I was shooting the sisters. I was shooting with just the natural surrounding light and we wanted to make sure their eyes looked nice and bright (got to love a good catch light) so Zach grabbed the reflector and “popped” some light on them. Yay teamwork!

Next we had a wardrobe change and headed to downtown Franklin and then off to Carnton Plantation to make use of their field! :)

Group Photo!

Thank-you guys for making the shoot so enjoyable for us. Hope you had a safe flight back and next time we’ll fly out to you guys!

Our IN-CAMERA: Beginners workshop was this past Saturday and it went AWESOME! For those who are our Facebook Friends, you can already see two of the images taken that day, but no worries we will blog very shortly on it!

A few days ago we did some headshots for model Lindsey Kirkendall. She’s always so easy to shoot and we had lots ‘o fun. :)

Windy hair patrol! :)

Something we really enjoy is finding the “beauty in the ugly” and by ugly, we do not mean Lindsey :) Beauty can be found almost anywhere, especially if one is able to control his/her camera and gear in the way he/she wants to.

The shots you see above taken at a nice stone wall like the one below…

… were taken at a wall in an apartment complex!

The great thing about this spot is to the left was a white wall which reflected the setting sunlight. The light that hit Lindsey was soft, PERFECT light to have filling the shadows of the face. Awesome spot to shoot in!

The shots you see taken by the orangish cool background like this shot..

… wer taken by a big ‘ol nasty storage unit.

Beauty in the ugly, my friends!

Thanks for reading! Hope you all had a great Easter!

Tomorrow begins our first run of our IN-CAMERA workshop series, beginning with IN-CAMERA: Basics! We are excited and are looking forward to seeing those of you who are coming!

Update to share: Due to demand, we have added an additional IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post class.

Date: Monday, May 18th
Approx Time: 9am – 5pm
Cost: $199

We have only 5 spots left, so if you are interested, please contact us via phone (815-670-6384) or email –

IN-CAMERA: Lighting update – 2 spots remaining.