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from the May 2009 category


Our Latest Baby… A New Camera

by Jody on May 29, 2009, posted in Uncategorized

Sorry, we are not pregnant but we did get something that’s about the same cost as having a baby! Welcome home our 5D Mark II! Ok, so we have had this for about a month but we’ve had so much other stuff going on to blog about that it’s better late than never!

It’s like Christmas in the spring…

So, why a new camera and what can it do? Pretty much everything except make us breakfast, that’s what!

This camera is pretty awesome and shoots really hi ISO images (geek talk for the camera’s sensitivity to light) all the way up to 25,000, it automatically cleans dust off of the images by using ultra sonic vibrations, it takes 1080p high definition video and it produces ultra smooth 14bit depth images at a whopping 21.1 megapixel size. The camera also has many other cool new features that the old cameras do not have and all for a relatively low price in comparison to other cameras on the market. But what it really does well is this:

Welcome home baby…

Last Tuesday we had the honor of being one of the selected photographers to cover an amazing event at The Red House.

If you have yet to mosey on over to The Red House located in downtown Franklin, you must visit! The Red House is an AMAZING & hip event space and Laura Hill, the owner has done a fantastic job renovating & decorating the home.

This event featured some of the best vendors in Nashville & we were glad we were able to be a part of it and capture it all!

The Vendors:

Thanks also goes out to Faccio Bridal for providing the wedding gown, and a special thanks to the beautiful bride-to-be Chelsea for modeling!

Images for your enjoyment:

The is such a great spot for an outdoor or indoor wedding and reception!

This is the Red Room as you can see! The bride looked super cool in this wedding dress by Faccio Bridal.

Great wedding flowers by Jimm Wright.

It is possible to have a ceremony on the front lawn of The Red House! Full picture view coming

Some awesome wedding cakes by Maples Cakes!

Whew! That’s a lot of photos! Sorry, it was hard to narrow them down and these aren’t even all of them! :)

Next time you have an event that you are looking for a venue to hold it at – think of The Red House.


A Motherly Visit – Dave Ramsey Headquarters

by Jody on May 25, 2009, posted in Personal Fun

Happy Memorial Day!!

This weekend Zach & I were blessed with the presence of my mom coming into town :) She flew in Thursday and leaves this morning. Yesterday (Sunday) we drove to Berea, KY for my little sister’s college graduation! What a whirlwind these last few days have been and super fun.

Here are a few photos from the first portion of mom’s visit!

In line at the DELICIOUS and famous Pancake Pantry

The food is so yummy I STILL have a thumbs up in this photo (doesn’t my mom look great?)

One of the highlights of her visit was taking her to Financial Peace Plaza, the headquarters of Dave Ramseys radio station, as well as businesses. We had our wonderful friend, Cliff, give us the in-depth special tour.

In the newly renovated lobby…

Free goodies for the 80+ visitors who come in every day…

Check out the menu a bit closer…

Mom with her Debt Snowball Cupcake!

Some super cool stickers in the gift shop…

Peeping into the studio window where Dave broadcasts his radio show live every weekday from 1-4pm & records his FOX business show segment every morning.

Unfortunately, Dave was out of town for the Memorial Day weekend, but there’s always next time!

Creative plaques/artwork/whatever choice words you would like to use for people who are no longer living life bound to credit cards. There are some creative people out there!

Dave’s company has been awarded Nashville Business Journal‘s Best Places to Work for the last 3 years. Dave takes amazing care of his employees, and if we weren’t doing photography, we’d want to work for Dave. Dave is the real thing and a great person on & off the air.

We wrapped our trip up with a pic in front of the sign & of the building so my mom can make all of her other Dave Ramsey friends envious :)

Dave’s principles of living financially responsible has revolutionized the way that Zach & I live and has changed our lives for forever. We took Financial Peace University when we first got married and we will never live the same again.

If you have never heard of Dave or your money seems to never work for you, we challenge you to read The Total Money Makeover (currently having a $10 sale on all Books, CDs and DVDs on the site!) and visit Dave’s homepage for more information and some really cool financial tools as well.

Hope you have a FANTASTIC week, and if you ever want to hear more how our lives have been revolutionized by living fiscally responsibly, we’d love to sit down & share more over coffee!


Our Idea of Heaven… Music We Love

by Jody on May 22, 2009, posted in Personal Fun

We have sooooooo many people asking about & complimenting us on the music we have on our website, especially the first song, so we thought we would share with the masses!

Leigh Nash is the singer of the first song you hear – “My Idea of Heaven” from the album Blue on Blue.

Watch the music video below. Favorite part – the old couple near the end!

Leigh was the lead singer of the former band Sixpence None The Richer who had the hit song “Kiss Me” a few years ago. Blue on Blue is Leigh’s solo album.

So what’s your idea of heaven? :)


Published Twice: Her Nashville!

by Jody on May 20, 2009, posted in Published/Accolades

This month we have the privileged of being published in Nashville’s coolest women’s magazine, not once, but twice!

If you have yet to pick up a Her Nashville, you totally should! It’s a great read, with good articles that are fun and entertaining.

The magazine features the weddings of Jeff & Heidi

and Sabrina & Patrick!

And the issue…

Congrats you guys! :)