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from the May 2009 category

(**Note** If you found this post from a browser search, feel free to visit the photographer’s area on our website to view the most current information on our Nashville photography and lighting workshops).

This post is scheduled to go up Monday morning, and depending on when you’re reading this (on Monday) we are either 1) hosting the 2nd IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post Workshop, or 2) if it’s in the evening, we are with the sold-out IN-CAMERA: Light workshop attendees for Part II of their two-day spanning workshop.

It has been a blast holding these workshops here in our home-town of Nashville,. TN and we are looking forward to moving on with planning the out of state & country workshops that we have been contacted about!

If you have yet to reach out to us about bringing our workshops to your area, please email us at We travel worldwide and would really love to bring one to Hawaii! Hint, hint! ; )

Below are some topics we share/teach on and can lead a workshop covering a few different combined items:

  1. Website Marketing: Are images really enough? – Standing out amid the rest by branding yourself on your site
  2. The Most Valuable Advertising – Utilizing Clients & Vendors to be your biggest advertisers
  3. Creating Balance – Having your business work for you and not you for your business
  4. Pricing – What to charge and how to charge it
  5. Client Meetings – How to utilize your client meetings to your advantage and book a higher percentage
  6. Advanced off camera lighting including multiple strobes
  7. Lighting ratios – Controlling different light sources to give your images the look you want
  8. Advanced composition & Leading Lines – Giving your images more visual power
  9. Exposure – How to properly use the histogram, LCD, the in-camera meter as well as a hand-held meter
  10. Accurate Color – In-camera custom white balancing techniques
  11. Post Production Workflow – How to edit 1,200 images in 2.5 hours

Have a great start to your week and stay tuned for a full workshop blog post as well as some weddings, and a special announcement :)


Friday Fun – A Squirrelly Post…

by Jody on May 15, 2009, posted in Featured Weddings

Holy cow – it’s Friday! Where in the world has this week gone? Unbelievable!

In honor of Friday, I (Jody) thought I would share something that’s a little different than usual. I take full responsibility of this post, but it cracked me up so hard I just have to share it. There are so many other things we have to post on, but this most definitely deserves a Friday Shoutout.

I, Jody, went to Berea College in KY, which my younger sister is now attending and getting ready to graduate from! Berea is known for it’s over population of squirrels and I was shopping around for a gift for my sister when Zach & I walked into Pangea (one of the coolest knick-knack stores in Nashville), and low-and-behold, my eyes landed on this:

Oh, yes, what you’re seeing is real… and yes, I bought it for her :)

And for those who can’t make out what the writing says on the back… here is a closer view for some extra laughs…

And yes, folks, the website on the back does exist – Small Animal

And to get a little more specific, you can watch a Squirrel underpants promo video and read testimonials here

1. I want to know who came up with this idea….

2. Who actually buys it??? (Um, besides me :)

Am I just weird or does it make anyone else laugh as well?

Happy Friday!!! :)

Brace yourselves – this is a big blog! :)

What do you get when you combine an artist with a med student? A beautiful couple and a beautiful wedding!

We had the honor or shooting Clover & Emerson’s wedding this weekend and it was fantastic! The rain held off and everyone and everything went so smoothly :) What a great group of people and a wonderful celebration!

Enjoy the images!

The beautiful wedding flowers you will see throughout this whole blog were done by Bonnie of Belles Fleurs Custom Floral Designs. Gorgeous! The bride also had a slammin cool wedding dress!

All hair and make up was done by Harlow Salon of Nashville, TN.

Have to let some of the fun faces come out every now and then! :)

In the cool church in the background is West End United Methodist Church of Nashville, TN.

Love the short stylish bridesmaids dresses!

Great bridesmaids shoes too (photo by Jody the hottie)!

Love the lily boutonnieres!

We shot some of the groomsmen shots right across the street on Vanderbilt because most of them attended the college.

The groom and groomsmen all went to Vanderbilt together and wanted to shoot there.

Elaine, the super wonderful wedding planner with Clover right before the ceremony begins (more on Elaine below!)

For those photo geeks out there, this image was taken at 6400 ISO and looks AMAZING! Canon 5D mark 2, you are my hero.

Love the walk down the isle! So classy!

Bride and groom portraits are our favorite!

The reception was held at the elegant & beautiful Hermitage Hotel. Joann & her staff did an amazing job and the place looked great!

This shot was in the main Lobby of the Hermitage Hotel in Nashville, TN and has the most elegant ceiling you have ever seen!

This gorgeous wedding cake was made by Dulce Desserts!

Ahhh… the bride and grooms first dance…

Of course, these guys hired the best band in town – Blue Tone Music

Fun time with the wedding rings!

If you would like to be notified once Clover & Emerson’s images are available for viewing, click HERE to sign the virtual guestbook and to receive a gift certificate toward the purchase of images.

Time to share a bit on Elaine!

Elaine Roberts of Events By Elaine played a great part in this wedding. For Clover & Emerson, her role was helping Clover find some of her vendors, and then do rehearsal & day of wedding coordination. As much as Elaine tried to avoid being in the shots we took – we nabbed a few of her!

ALL BRIDES LISTEN TO US CAREFULLY- as much as you may like to plan everything all on your own and think you don’t need a coordinator – YOU DO! No bride who we have ever worked with has EVER regretted the investment of a coordinator. They are lifesavers! If you don’t want to do the full-blown option of having a coordinator through the whole planning process, there are coordinators like Elaine, who offer week-of or day-of coordination. Better to have your planner managing all of the little things that come up the week and day of than your mom or other family who is supposed to be enjoying the day!

Getting off the soap box now.. :)

Clover & Emerson – you two are wonderful and we can’t wait until we see you again!!!!!!

Enjoy your honeymoon!!!!!!!

We know some of you are anxiously awaiting a post so we thought we would give you a little something to hold you over until later this afternoon!

Here is a quick glance into the wedding of Clover & Emerson! More images later this afternoon!

(**Note** If you found this post from a browser search, feel free to visit the photographer’s area on our website to view the most current information on our Nashville photography and lighting workshops).

“Great day! Super informative!”

“AMAZING class!”

“I seriously learned more here than anywhere!”

“It was amazing at how well the photos turned out, and I didn’t have to do any editing to them!”

“Thank you for helping me conquer manual mode!”

“Loved it!”

“Great experience”


“The class was amazing”

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!”

The above are just a few comments that we have received since the IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post workshop on Sunday! We had an amazing time this past Sunday afternoon, despite the rainy weather! We had 13 students for this sold out workshop and we all had a blast shooting together and talking shop ALL day. :)

It was great to meet so many different photographers from different places and to see everyone get so excited to get such great images right in the camera (which is what these workshops are all about!). We had students from Nashville and the surrounding areas, and students who came all the way from Kentucky, Alabama, and Arkansas. The award for longest distance traveled goes to Melissa with an 8 hour drive! :)

The day began with some class time at our studio in good ‘ol downtown Nashville, TN(photos complements of Kristine Neeley)

Next, we headed off for lunch and then the hands-on shooting & learning time began! We started off as a whole group doing some stuff with ‘el natural light and then split into two groups so people could get lots of time shooting with flash as well as natural light at the same time. Oooh ahhh!

Here are some behind the scenes shots of the hands on class time, some of the set-ups, and then some images from Jody and I and from the students that we took of our awesome models Lindsey and Dustin. Enjoy!!

Here we are talking through the basic flash set up that we used for some of the shots

I love this image! Everyone looks so intent on nailing the perfect shot!

As you can see, it was pretty rainy!

Here is Jody at another setup talking through the dynamics of available light and using it to one’s advantage with an amazing thing called a reflector!

Shooting away!

Here are two that I (Zach) took while demonstrating how to shoot the first flash set up.

And one with just the reflector used for adding light

Here is one that Jody took while demonstrating how to capture a correct exposure and white balance.

This shot belongs to the awesome MD Laidlaw

Here is one from the amazing Kristine Neeley

This one is from the super cool Da Norm

Here is a really cool one from Abiola

Here is a great shot from Wes Brown Wes Brown

After the shooting time, we all headed back to the studio for some snacks and then got into the post-production side. We went through our entire workflow and showed students the whole process from importing and organization, to editing and preparing the image for the final print.

It was an awesome day and we have received tons of amazing responses from all of our attending students (the workshop received 5 out of 5 on the exit surveys!) saying that the class was extremely helpful in giving them the tools to shoot photos the way they want in the camera without having to spend tons of time in Photoshop making them look they way they want. Mission accomplished.

You guys are all the best and we look forward to the next two workshops that are coming up the weekend of the 17th! There are a few spots left for this same class that we are hosting on Monday the 18th, so check out our website to sign up!

And lastly, here is the whole crew taken by one of our awesome assistants Cliff Neeley!!

Everyone who attended, feel free to leave us some comments and let us & others know about your experience!