The 3 Minute Workout That Had Us Wiped Out!

Zach and I worked out for a total of 3 minutes, and we were sore for the next 4 days… Yes, read it again… You read it right… No joke. :) Are we that wimpy? Are we THAT out of shape? Heck no! We just had a good kick-booty workout. Yes, even in 3 minutes. If you have tried everything to lose weight, or try and stay fit and nothing seems to be working and it’s hard to find that time every day to lose weight, then Burst Training might be for you (actually it’s for everyone, even kids, but this might be even more appealing to you). Burst training is highly effective in burning fat (and keeping it off) and retaining lean muscle. There is the myth out there that in order to have a good, healthy workout you have to be active for a certain period of time (e.g. half hour a day – or whatever). This isn’t necessarily true. What’s important is the quality of the workout – not the quantity. Think of a cross country runners body that you see on the Olympics for example. They tend to be more thin and trim compared to track sprinter’s body (more muscle tone) – the sprinter’s workouts are based on the burst idea – work out for shorter spurts but with great intensity. Under the encouragement from our friends, Nathan & Jenni Oates, Zach and I signed up to take their Burst Training that they lead, here in the Nashville area. You sign up, do sessions with them and then the coolest thing is THEY EQUIP YOU... Read More

Open House THIS Wednesday! Cannery Ballroom

Today we are away speaking at Doing Social Media RIGHT, so we thought we would share with you another event we are a part of this week that you should come out to! The ever-so-cool Cannery Ballroom in good ‘ol Nashville, TN is having an open house THIS Wednesday and YOU are invited!! For more information and to RSVP for this event, Click Here. See you... Read More

Friday Fun – Baseball and Ice Cream Faces…

One of the BEST things we love about our jobs is the couples who we meet and become friends with. Take Chris & Holly for example… we met them over a year ago and waited with Holly as she waited for Chris to come back to the states after serving overseas, were SO excited when he was coming home safe & sound, have immensely enjoyed and participated in Chris’ movie quotes & jokes, and hip-hopped right along with Holly singing “Wild Thing” by Tone Loc (ok, Zach was doing the hip-hopping… Jody, not so much ;). On their wedding day I think we were one of the most thrilled people to be at the wedding and celebrating their marriage! Ah, you two are the best :) Anyway, this rad couple invited us to their rehearsal hang out at the Nashville Sounds’ Stadium. Even though we were invited as friends and not photographers we couldn’t resist bringing one of our cameras and snapping a few pictures :) The trophy husband decked out to the nines! Getting to know some of the bridesmaids! Aw yeah! Zach, blog-stalker-turned-friend, Elaina (he he), new friend Katie & Jody Playin’ some ball… And for the kicker – Making faces in our ice cream and posing with it… scary, we know.. but yet, too funny… we all were laughing so hard! Um, by the way… this last photo is a GREAT example of how NOT to use a 16-35mm… unless you want someone to look like they have a man-jaw, which is exactly what Zach was going for… *sighs* ha... Read More

EXCLUSIVE offer for Social Media Nashville Seminar THIS Monday!

The Doing Social Media RIGHT seminar is being held THIS Monday and 10 more spots have been opened for a discounted rate! So some of you you may be thinking, “I’m familiar with Twitter, Facebook and all those other elements. I don’t need to come.” Believe us – you do! We think that WE are fairly savy, but every time we talk with online guru Christine (point speaker for the event) we realize how much more we have to learn. We challenge you to suck it up and admit you may not know everything there is to know, and come out :o) Email Courtney Hammons @ with the promo code: ZachJodyMedia and she will give you the discounted rate and instructions on registering. For more info on this event you can read our previous blog post! Zach & I will be guest speaking at this event specifically talking about blogging & website marketing and you won’t want to miss it! Christine Boulton from Think Like A Bride, is the featured speaker and we all have a lot to learn from her!Date & Times: Monday, June 29th, 9:00am-5:00pmOrigianl Cost: $55Location: Embassy Suites Nashville Airport (10 Century Blvd, Nashville, TN 37214) Hope to see you all there!We live in such changing times and the success to your business staying alive is the ability to... Read More

Published! Her Nashville!

This month we have the privileged of once again being published in Nashville’s coolest women’s magazine – Her Nashville. The above image is from one of our Nashville weddings and this shot was taken at the Marriott West End, in Nashville, TN. I’m telling you, that magazine is addicting! We love the look of it, the newer slick pages they have, and get this folks – the ads are so non-boring looking that I (Jody) actually look over them instead of avoid them like the plague! They have great articles and writers, and it’s just an enjoyable magazine all around. Now onto the pictures!! Her Nashville featured the wedding of the lovely Lee & Elisabeth Cunningham. Vendors featured in this spread:Flowers by Rhonda with Rhonda Patton Weddings!Photo strip by Photo Booth NashvilleCool backdrop of the first image – Marriott West End Fun fun!... Read More

Sneak Peek – Chris & Holly! A Riverwood Wedding

We wanted to share with you all a sneak peek of a wedding we did in Nashville, TN this past weekend for Chris & Holly. Their wedding was beautiful and went so smoothly (thanks to Kimberly, Joyce, and the rest of the staff at Riverwood Mansion). It was such a great wedding to be a part of. Chris & Holly are such a fun & amazing couple to be around!! Love the cool wedding shoes on the star studded background! Chris is a Navy Helicopter pilot. We loved Holly’s pearl necklace and great wedding dress! Holly had some gorgeous wedding flowers too! Wedding bubbles are the way to go! Ok, that’s it for now! To see a few more images from their wedding you can become our friend on Facebook and peruse through our albums. If you would like to be notified once all of Chris & Holly’s images are available for viewing, click HERE to sign the virtual guest book and you will also receive a gift certificate toward the purchase of images! Below are a few of the amazing vendors who were a part of making this day! Their work and the venue will be showcased more on the full post of Chris & Holly!: – The Enchanted Florist did the flowers for this wedding, and they were stellar as always – Riverwood Mansion is where the ceremony & reception all took place (the women there are amazing!!!) – Videographer – Allen Media Productions (Sarah is so pleasant to be around and work with!) – Cake – French Confections – Caterer – A Catered Affair – Ceremony... Read More

Friday Fun… Mini Bowling!

Welcome to this week’s Friday Fun blog! Wednesday night we hung out with friends/past clients/future clients/artists/business women (yes, they are all of those to us), Alexis & Laura and their significant others! Alexis is married to Abdul (whose wedding we shot this past year!), and Laura is to be wed to Jim later this year!! We decided to have a triple date and head off to the Franklin Family Entertainment Center for Mini Bowling (aka Midget Bowling)!! If you remember, we last posted on this form of bowling late January when we went with friends Amy & Brendon (click HERE for more pics and video of that adventure). This was a whole new adventure and everyone brought out their best at the 10th frame which you will see in the short awesomely professional video below. We opted out of putting background music in, and you will see why. Make sure your volume is up :) Fun times had by all! Maybe we’ll do another competition and the winner(s) will get to go mini-bowling with us and see our MAD SKILLZ in the flesh!!!! Lovin’ your comments! Still have 2 weeks to go for the Starbucks Gift Card... Read More

Post 200 Celebration Give-a-way!!

Wow! This is our 200th blog post! Lots of writing, lots of pictures, lots of visits (just reached 30,000 new hits!), lots of views (almost 50,000 – whew!), lots o’ lovin’ from all of you awesome commenters (though some of you can maybe do better ;o), and it’s been so much fun sharing our lives with you all over the last year! There are so many of you out there who we have met in person who come to our blog and we’re so glad that we’ve been providing a fun and informative place for you to hang out while you are stuck in front of your computers :) It’s been great having the chance to meet some of you self named “blog stalkers” and getting to know some of you a bit! So, in honor of this 200th post, we are doing something really special! We want all of you who have been avid readers, those who come by on occasion, and those who are brand new to our blog to leave us a comment (tell us about yourself and why you keep coming back!) AND sign up for our rockin’ newsletter HERE (which will have insider behind-the-scenes tips & tricks as well as much, much more). If you do both of these things you will be entered into a drawing and we will send the lucky blog reader a $25 gift card to Starbucks (one of our favorite places to go)! Why? Because we just want to give back the love a little bit, but in the most delicious way possible. Yummy!! Seriously, leave a comment because... Read More

A Nashville, TN Wedding – Sneak Peek – Autumn & Jeremy!

(I love this shot Jody took of the wedding invitations!) Two weekends ago we shot the wedding of Autumn & Jeremy at Belle Meade Plantation!! The weather was gorgeous and Autumn was such a relaxed and beautiful bride! Some of the vendors who made this day happen:Beautiful flowers were by Rachel Short DesignsThe DELICIOUS food was catered by Down South DelightsCoordination of planning & decoration was through One Source Weddings Enjoy a few of the images for now!! Autumn had a really cool wedding dress! The guys did not want to wear their tuxedo jackets because of the heat. That is the second boutonniere for Jeremy because he killed the first one! The ladies wore some cool brown bridesmaids dresses. Love this shot of the Father walking the bride down the isle. CONGRATS you two!!!!!!! Hope you have had a blast on your cruise!!!!! Such a fun exit from the wedding at Belle Meade Plantation! If you would like to be notified once Autumn & Jeremy’s images are available for viewing, click HERE to sign the virtual guest book and you will also receive a gift certificate toward the purchase of... Read More

A Social Media Nashville Conference You Won’t Want To Miss!

We are 2 weeks away from the Doing Social Media RIGHT conference brought to you by A Magical Affair! For more info you can read our previous blog post on the event! Zach & I will be guest speaking at this event and you won’t want to miss it! Christine Boulton from Think Like A Bride, is the featured speaker and we all have a lot to learn from her!Admission: $55Location: Embassy Suites Nashville Airport (10 Century Blvd, Nashville, TN 37214) To Register Click Here Hope to see you all there!We live in such changing times and the success to your business staying alive is the ability to... Read More

Photoshop Classes from the Pro! THIS July!

For those of you whose initial reaction after reading the title was, “What a second… I thought the Grays don’t do Photoshop!” you are correct in that thinking! – WE don’t do Photoshop, but we have a fabulous photographer friend who is a Master at Photoshop and she is actually holding workshops to share her tricks of the trade. Mel from The Velvet Trunk is holding sessions this summer to share with other photographers her knowledge of Photoshop. The fact of the matter is ANYONE can do Photoshop tricks to images, but very FEW can do it well. Take advantage of this opportunity to learn from one of the best! For information on classes, dates, rates, early bird specials, and more Before & After pics, visit Mel’s Blog. Below are some Before & After’s that YOU can learn to do! For some images, the changes are minute (eg. pregnant woman) but make differences. Go to Mel’s Blog and hover over the images to see the Before &... Read More

Nashville Engagment Photography Session – Chris & Holly

We first met Chris & Holly over a year ago. They were engaged and planning their wedding for June 2009. The only downside to the bliss they were living in, was Chris was scheduled to be deployed a few short months later :( Fast-forward to present day and Chris is back safe and sound and we can’t WAIT to be a part of their wedding! They have invited us out to their non-rehearsal dinner & celebration at the Nashville Sounds’ Stadium and we’re excited to meet their families, eat food, and of course enjoy the amazing fireworks at the end of the evening!! We did their engagement session just a few short days ago and wanted to share a few of those shots with you in honor of their wedding on Saturday at Riverwood Mansion. We love the local flowers here in Franklin, TN at this time of year! Thank-you Chris for what you do for our country. Looking forward to seeing you guys!!!!!!! Can’t wait for your... Read More

A Whole New Look…

In this blog you will see the unmade face of Jody Gray. Yes, it’s true. Raw & uncut :) A month and a half ago I (Jody) was asked by my super cool and amazing stylist, Korie, to be a hair model for The REAL Unplugged Tour by Aveda coming to Nashville, TN on May 31st. Korie was asked to be one of the four featured local Nashville artists to demonstrate her mad skills on stage to those in attendance and I was glad to accommodate! The process began two days before with the SUH-WEET Korie cutting only a little of my hair, and then color was done by the AMAZING Valerie. Val is an ARTIST when it comes to color and is THE color stylist you have to see if you want amazing color – whether you want to go for the funky look, or natural and stunning.Val also does makeup and here she is the morning of the event working her magic on my face. We waited in the wings as stylist & educator, Tristin Morrison shared with the attendees as well as demonstrated his own skills and techniques (never knew hair cutting was so complex!!). Then it was time for us to go up in front of the crowd of over 400 Aveda hair stylists! Korie working her magic… Getting ready to chop my bangs – gulp! The MC complimenting my “beautiful eyes” and interviewing Korie about the techniques used. The great unveiling! And now some close up photos of the art of Korie & Valerie taken in the lobby! But first, let’s show a Before... Read More

A Nashville Wedding – Simon + Erin – Sneak Peek!

About a month and a half ago we had the privileged of meeting a really wonderful couple. Yes, it seems like all of our couples are wonderful – and they are – but this couple was super exceptional :) Simon & Erin’s love for each other and for the Lord is so evident that one can’t help but be THRILLED in being part of their wedding day. There are a million photos we want to put up right now (ok, actually only 64), but we’re holding back for now :) Enjoy the sneak peek! Love this shot of the mother of the bride to be! We loved how the colors worked so well together and the white roses were suh-weet!Simon’s tuxedo is slammin cool! Love the classic wedding look here! The parents of the bride looking on during the couples first dance… Love this exit with the rice and the massive dip! This wedding was made possible by the planning of Megan Lassiter, owner & founder of Christine Keith Events. Look forward to seeing you guys and hanging out as married couples!! :) If you would like to be notified once Simon & Erin’s images are available for viewing, click HERE to sign the virtual guestbook and to receive a gift certificate toward the purchase of... Read More

True Rockstars – RockBand, Live in the Flesh!

The other night we got to relive Zach’s glory days of when he used to play (guitar) and tour. We hung out with our friends Andy & Karyn and got to brush up on our band skills. We had a very supportive audience as well… Hailey thought we were amazing… Apparently I’m not as great at drumming as I was last time… these guys actually had the kick drum hooked up!! Didn’t even know there was a kick drum to rock band… *sighs*For more of Zach’s mad performing skills & lip syncing abilities, this little video might contain a special something for you… Ah, the little joys in life…... Read More

Featured on With This Ring Blog!

We had the honor of having our latest wedding featured on the With This Ring blog! Darci is the genius behind With This Ring and if you have yet to visit her blog – you must! To see more and read the blog visit With This Ring. If you enjoyed Darci’s With This Ring blog, feel free to check our her other blog which covers topics other than weddings – With This... Read More

Your Are Invited! Guest Speaking at "Doing Social Media RIGHT"

Zach & I are excited to be a part of a great event that we hope will really educate, encourage and enable other vendors to keep their businesses current with the continually changing times. Ever wonder how a certain vendor tends to have a huge following or online presence or everyone seems to know about them, which in turn drives more business to them? What’s the trick? What’s the secret? What are they doing that you are not? Come to Doing Social Media RIGHT, brought to you by A Magical Affair.__________Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Youtube, Linkedin, Plaxo, Blogger, Blogspot, WordPress – all of these are words we are getting use to hearing on a daily basis but do we know how to effectively use them? Join Chrisitne Boulton – Owner and Creator of Think Like a Bride and learn how to take your wedding business to the next level!! Guest Speakers Zach and Jody Gray – The Fabulous Husband and Wife Photography Team of Gray Photography will be speaking on the importance of blogs and what they are all about!!! This fun filled day will consist of other wonderful guest speakers who are making their mark in the wedding world with the use of social networking. Not sure what social networking is or if it is right for you? Join us and see where your computer can take you! Lunch will be provided and laptops are optional! Date: Monday, June 29th, 9:00am-5:00pm (DATE HAS BEEN UPDATED TO JUNE 29th!) Cost: $55.00 To Register or for more info, Click Here __________ We live in such changing times and the success to... Read More