Friday Fun… Mini Bowling!

Welcome to this week’s Friday Fun blog! Wednesday night we hung out with friends/past clients/future clients/artists/business women (yes, they are all of those to us), Alexis & Laura and their significant others! Alexis is married to Abdul (whose wedding we... Read More

Post 200 Celebration Give-a-way!!

Wow! This is our 200th blog post! Lots of writing, lots of pictures, lots of visits (just reached 30,000 new hits!), lots of views (almost 50,000 – whew!), lots o’ lovin’ from all of you awesome commenters (though some of you can maybe do better ;o), and... Read More

A Whole New Look…

In this blog you will see the unmade face of Jody Gray. Yes, it’s true. Raw & uncut :) A month and a half ago I (Jody) was asked by my super cool and amazing stylist, Korie, to be a hair model for The REAL Unplugged Tour by Aveda coming to Nashville, TN on... Read More

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