A Day of Rest

After wonderful friends visiting us in town this weekend, a rockin’ photoshoot on Saturday and our IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post workshop yesterday, we are spent and taking the day off. Have you taken a real break... Read More

Friday Fun – We Heart Our Clients

What’s the best part of your job?  The best part of ours is the new friends that we make as our paths cross with some pretty amazing couples.  We got a thank-you in the mail the other day from one of our suh-weet and cool couples – Amy & Rich – and just wanted to brag on the rad card they put together with one of the images taken from their wedding :) Below is something we have recently started and call our “Board of Love”… actually, we just made that up… we don’t have an official name, but this is where we put all of our thank-you cards and notes from clients friends & vendors. It’s our happy wall!  See your card on there? Everyone should have a happy wall. ... Read More

Podcast on The Camera Dojo!

To download the Podcast now, click HERE and then scroll down and click the “download” link that is right next to the iTunes button (and below the video of the dude holding the camera)! Camera Dojo…. Sound familiar? If not, and you’re a photographer – you are missing out! We have the honor of being featured on Kerry’s CameraDojo podcast this week!  We give a little glimpse into what we will be speaking about at PartnerCon 2009, and will hopefully whet your appetite to hear the full shpeal and join in dialogue and Q&A’s with us in New Orleans! A brief synopsis on CameraDojo: Orange County photographer Kerry Garrison (http://kerrygarrison.com) is the creator of CameraDojo, and his heart is essentially equipping other photographers and sharing information whether through tutorials, product reviews, articles, and CameraDojo even has a forum for photographers to share/discuss a variety of topics on photography and gear.  Last year in May, the weekly CameraDojo podcast was birthed which is now one of the top photography podcasts in iTunes (holla!) and Kerry has featured well-known photographers such as Mike Larson,  Scarlett Lillian, Candice Cunningham, Gene Higa (named one of the top 10 photographers in the world), celebrity photographer Robert Evans, as well as Dane Sanders (Author of FastTrack Photographer), Tom Hogarty (Lightroom Product Manager), and many others who you will just have to check out for yourself on CameraDojo’s podcast lineup. To listen to the podcast and to subscribe, visit CameraDojo.com and leave a comment for Kerry while you’re... Read More

A Nashville, TN Family Portrait Session

We had the privilege of shooting an amazing session for the Boonstra family this past Saturday and had an absolute blast! When we shoot sessions like this we really like to get to know the family (Sandy, husband Jerry and their two amazing kids Luke and Jackson) as best we can so that we can be sure to incorporate their personalities into the shoot. So to do that, we went and spent some time with the Boonstras a few days prior to the shoot just getting to know them a bit. We found out that their oldest son, Jackson, loves to play soccer (and is super good at it!) and has been playing since he was 3. The youngest son, Luke (aka Rock Star) also plays soccer, but loves to play the guitar as well. So we  really incorporated those things that they all love into the shoot and came away with some great images of the whole family! First up is Luke. We decided to shoot some edgy photos of him with his suh-weet Gretsch electric guitar! This is a cool detail shot of Luke holding his dad’s 60’s Gibson acoustic.What a sweet guitar! I am so jealous!! We can’t forget to include Boo the dog! This is me showing Luke some of the shots that we were taking. It is always good to let them know that the pics are not lame-o (as most kids his age would assume:))! Here is Jackson in action! Too bad these guys aren’t seniors.  These could be their senior portraits! Next up is Jerry the dad. His dedication to his boys... Read More

Come One, Come All – Speaking at Pictage’s Photography Conference 2009!

We got some exciting news the other day and have been anxious to share it with you guys! Every year Pictage (the professional online gallery we use) has a conference calling all photographers (called Partner Con) and this year we have been selected to host one of the sessions in the Photographer’s Lounge!  We are pumped and honored that they have asked us to be a part of Partner Con this year held at none other than Aster Crowne Plaza in New Orleans!!  For more information on the Photographer’s Lounge, follow this link. We will be taking Q and A’s in the Lounge about our topic which called  “Executing the Dream”.  For more info on our topic, you can visit the Pictage link above, click on the “Photographers Lounge” and then scroll down till you see our bio!  The funny thing is, out of 6 photographers selected for the lounge – 3 of the photographers chosen were all from Nashville!  Just goes to show the talent we have here.  Phil from Phindy Studios and Peter & Whitney from Dove Wedding Photography will also be taking part in the Photographer’s Lounge. A “Holla” goes out to our friends Justin & Mary who have been selected as one of the speakers!  You do NOT want to miss them – they will motivate the pants off you!  To read their story check out this amazing blog post of theirs. Seriously folks, this is a Photographer’s conference that you will not want to miss!  Whether you are a photographer who uses Pictage or not, YOU are invited to come to Partner Con!  What... Read More

Nashville Artist Photography – Emily Riesen

One of the great things about being in Nashville is we often have the opportunity to shoot artists – which we absolutely love doing! Jody and I had the privilege of working with an incredibly cool country artist this past weekend by the name of Emily Riesen. We shot all of her new promo and had an absolute blast working with her! She is very sweet and gracious and was fun shoot.  Emily is an artist here in Nashville (endorsed by Baden Guitars), and actually goes to the same church as us and works with the youth kids (so cool!). We scouted an awesome location near our place that won’t be there for too much longer, so it was great to be able to shoot in a unique location that no one else can replicate. Check out the images from the day – and if you’re wondering why her makeup looks so amazing – it’s because of the superb Amy Lynn Larwig who is our #1 go-to gal for great makeup for any occasion- artist shoots, weddings, whatever you may need :) Here is a behind-the-scenes shot on this first set-up with our amazing assistant Walt helping to diffuse some of the light hitting Emily!! Here the behind the scenes set up on the two shots you just saw above … a multiple lighting shot. This is the last set-up we did just as the sun was setting. These shots turned out awesome and were just the look that Emily was really wanting for her shoot. Thanks a ton Emily for letting us be a part of this shoot!... Read More

Nashville, TN Photography Workshops with Zach and Jody!

(**Note** If you found this post from a browser search, feel free to visit the our IN-CAMERA Workshop Website to view the most current information on our photography lighting workshops). It’s photography workshop season!  To get an awesome glimpse into our IN-CAMERA photography workshops take a look at this spot done by the great 2Duce2 wedding videography team, Eugene & Heather. Our Spring workshops were a smash with over 40 registrants traveling to TN from a span of 4 different states  (see highlight video at the end of this post!), and we keep receiving emails from so many of you asking when the next series of workshops will be.  We have a huge passion for sharing and teaching and these workshops are some of the funnest times for us so with no further ado, we present our second installment of our IN-CAMERA workshops. Overview of the Gray Photography IN-CAMERA Workshop Series – Want to learn how we are able to achieve the look of all our images without the aid of PhotoShop? – Want to learn how we are able to edit an entire wedding in 2.5 hour solely using Lightroom? – Want to learn how we are able to create and control light and get phenomenal images in any lighting situation and then apply that knowledge to your own style? Our IN-CAMERA series of workshops actually show you how to shoot images that amaze right in the camera. These workshops are held at our studio located in downtown Nashville and feature class time, hands-on shooting with professional models, post-production and/or image critiques and much more. These workshops are... Read More

Friday Fun – Tunes We Dig

As many of you may know but some of you may not, I (Zach) used to be a full time musician for a number of years. I played guitar and wrote music with an amazingly cool artist named Sarah Kelly and music is my first and true passion. So when Jody and I visited my family a few weeks back in WI we got to hang with my cool brother in-law Jon (who is also a super talented musician) and we were introduced for the first time to Seabird. Jon put the record on and from the moment I heard these guys, Jody and I were hooked line and sinker. I usually have to listen to a new artists record a few times through to really start to appreciate (or not appreciate) their sound, art and songwriting. But Seabird and I hit it off from the first spin and I have been listening to them non-stop ever since! The record is very good from front to back, has catchy hooks, is very well written, has meaningful lyrics and is sonically sound. The band is really good, especially the lead singer Aaron Morgan with his unique vocal sound and piano skills. This record has definitely challenged me with its content and has been a great influence on me thus far. Check out their video here on YouTube (embedding was disabled for this video – AWESOME) and let us know what you think! Below we have a video for your enjoyment which is where the “Fun” part of our “Friday Fun” blog REALLY clicks in.  This is the same song by... Read More

Friday Fun – Something New in our Lives…

Happy Friday everyone!!!  Soooooooo guess what? We have a new studio!!  We loved the old one, but honestly it was just a bit small, especially for when we hold our IN-CAMERA photography workshops.  No worries – we are still in the heart of Nashville right on Broadway in the same building, same floor – just down the hall!! Old Studio (photo taken during our Spring IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post workshop): New studio before we worked our magic: After removing shelves, SCRUBBING the floor, some paint love, and curtains! The finished product! Anyone up for movie/game night at the studio?  Aw... Read More

A Happenin’ Hot Wedding! – Congrats to Jen & TJ!

Wedding vendors here in Nashville like to stick together and support each other, and this past weekend was a great example of that!  On Saturday, the lovely Jen from Reveal Event Style got married and her wedding was a collaborative effort of some really fantastic vendors here in the Nashville area (and yes, who all made the 3 hour drive to good ‘ol Dyersburg, TN and were up there for at least 2 days preparing!).  I, Jody, was fortunate enough to make it up there and be an additional eye capturing moments of the day. Before we show some images, the vendors deserve a HUGE shout-out for all of their hard and sweaty work (94 degrees on Saturday! Whew!). A Village of Flowers – their decor pieces and flowers were absolutely beautiful and were the perfect touch for the ceremony and reception – Yay Melissa, Lauren & Dora! Blue Nova Designs – Link & Maria, and even their little munchkin Lendon, were able to make it out with their wedding decor of piping and drapery adding elegance to the church & reception. McNeal Video – These Nashville wedding videographers are a photographer (and bride’s) dream to work with. Lynette and her team (comprising of her sister and neice) are professional and also have the needed gear and skill to capture the events of your wedding day.  And they are nice :) (always a good vendor quality to have). And thanks to FABU Event Decor, as well as Premiere! And of course a shoutout to Amanda for orchestrating everything! For the camera people who are reading this :) – all... Read More

Photographer Mentoring Sessions

For those of you who are signed up for our newsletter or have looked at the Photographer’s Area of our website, the below might be familiar to you! We receive emails quite often from photographers wanting to pick our brains about photography, business, marketing, and many other topics. We cannot stress enough how much we love doing this!  Sometimes, we get more excited seeing others succeed than we do actually shooting…  crazy, we know!  We love sharing what we have learned at any chance we get, but have found that it demands more of our time than we have at the expense of other things. Well, we have created a solution to the problem!! We have set aside certain blocks of time in our calendar each month and are letting people sign up for what we are calling Mentoring Sessions. It’s on a first-come, first-serve basis and this way it will allow us to still share and give of our time and what we have learned, but not at the expense of everything else. For more information or to sign up, you can check the Photographer’s Area on our website or click at the top right here on our blog where it says “Photographers.”  Also, feel free to contact us via email. This now leads us to introducing a special someone to you all! Meet Feuza (prounounced Fyou-zuh) Reis – Feuza hails all the way from New Jersey and was in town for the fantastic Sarah Barlow 10-day girls only internship when she looked us up and we pow-wowed at one of our favorite places – yup, you guessed... Read More

Friday Fun – A Gathering of the Nashville Area’s Photography Talent!

One of the best things about being in Nashville is what’s called the Nashville PUG!  PUG stands for Pictage User Group and Pictage is the company we use for all of our online hosting, ordering, and print fulfillment (it’s one of the largest professional digital labs in the country).  Talk about letting us focus on our clients and business instead of wasting our time with orders! Anyway, Pictage has these groups all over the United States (PUGs) that meet monthly and are open to photographers of all kinds.  The coolest thing is you don’t have to be a Pictage member to come! Many of the great photographers in this area are a part of the Nashville PUG and it is a great resource for local photographers to learn from other photographers, have the opportunity to listen to awesome speakers who come through, and it’s a great place for community. It was over a year ago that we had the great Justin & Mary Marantz come in which we formed a friendship with and went off and spoke at their ginormous (120+ member!) PUG earlier this year (read about it here) and they even did a kick-booty photo shoot of us! Other speakers we have had come through have been Joe Buissink, Mike & Anna Costa, Mike Larson, we drove to the Chattanooga PUG to hear Dennis Reggie speak, and we also have local studio spotlights where local photogs get a chance to share about their studio. We all always go out to eat after PUG and it’s a great time to get together and hang and get to know... Read More

Nashville, TN Artist shoot – Singer, Angie Carr

As many of you know, I Zach, really enjoy artist shoots.  We recently had the privileged of photographing Angie Carr for her new promo and press kit. Angie is a classical singer whose voice has been heard locally as a soloist with the Nashville Symphony Orchestra, and has traveled as far as Japan (of course have to mention she was a top 15 finalist for the Smithsonian’s “O Say Can You Sing?” National Anthem Contest).  Not only does she have a great voice but Angie is super cool and laid back and was really fun to work with! Angie wanted some classy shots inside a church and then some with a more urban feel, so we headed out to downtown Nashville to our studio to prep for hair and make up (by the Amazing Amy Lynn) and then headed out from there!  The first set up was in a cool church across the street from the studio on the main strip off Broadway. Angie wanted stain glass so we went for something that was classy, but definitely non-traditional. Then we went across the street again for a quick grab shot of this really cool building! Here is a behind the scenes shot of this set up with me, the make up artist Amy to the far right, and our awesome assistant Alice Lee holding the light. My incredibly hot wife is taking the picture and watching so that no cars run me over!! Then we got a few city looking images while we were in the neighborhood. We then headed to Bi-Centennial park for some earthy looking images and... Read More

A closer look into Nashville’s IN-CAMERA Photography Workshops!

(**Note** If you found this post from a browser search, feel free to visit the our IN-CAMERA Workshop Website to view the most current information on our photography lighting workshops). Aw snap!  Our workshops have been open not even a week and they are filling up!!  We got back into town Saturday and registrations were waiting for us! For those who may still be on the fence and not sure if you should come or not, take a moment and check out this highlight video of our Spring Workshops that took place a few short months ago. We can’t wait to see you all... Read More