Destination Wedding Photography – Atlanta, GA Amanda & John Married!

We often get asked if we travel and our answer is always a huge resounding YES!  We are destination wedding photographers, whether the destination be a vineyard in GA (like the wedding below!) or Bora Bora.  So yes.  We travel. We just got back Sunday night from an amazing wedding at the Montaluce Winery in Dahlonega (for those wondering, it’s pronounced duh-lon-eh-guh), GA which is just north of Atlanta. The wedding was planned by the AMAZINGLY cool Amy Osaba who also did the floral design as well (props to her awesome assistant Brittany too!) and the staff at the winery was top class.  Other vendors included:  On-site Hair & Makeup – Karma Salon, Wedding & Grooms cakes – Lulu’s Bakery, Gelato that was brought in for the wedding guests – Dreamy Gelato, Videographer – Creative Video Moments, Bridesmaid Dresses – Bella Bridesmaid, Bride’s Dress – Bride Beautiful, Groom/Groomsmen Tuxedos – A Formal Affair, Limo Service – Atlantic Limo. As Jody and I were following the GPS out to the vineyard we were in some interesting Georgia back country and kept hearing the theme song from Deliverance playing through our heads. Then, out of nowhere, we turned into the Montaluce Winery, headed down the hill into what can only be described as a little Tuscan village! There were these beautiful villa-style homes, rolling hills and winding roads that were like heaven on earth. As you head back toward the vineyard itself, you see this gorgeous hill-top restaurant that is three stories tall. They make their own wine in these huge steel fermenting vats in the basement and have a world-class... Read More

Calling All Local Nashville Photographers! – Zach & Jody are speaking at PUG this Thursday!

We are speaking at PUG  this Thursday!  PUG stands for Pictage User Groups – which is the local Nashville photographer gathering, for those of you who may not know. Last month’s PUG  was awesome with speakers Seal & Mel of McLellan Style.  If we had the photos we would post them, but we haven’t gotten them yet.  Sorry, we know a post is always better with images! …And to answer the first question we always get – yes, you can come to PUG even if you are not a Pictage member !  We always get emails and calls asking about the kinds of marketing we do and how we do it, so if you are one of those people, be there and you’ll hear it all.  Well, you’ll hear most of it…  You can only share so much in an hour and a half :o) A little bit of more info: Date: Thursday, October 1st, 2009 Time: 6:30pm Address: St. Bernard Building / The Village Chapel 2021 21st Ave. South, Suite C100 Nashville, TN  37212 (The building is back off from the street with a ginormous front yard.  The Army Surplus store is right on the corner so if you see that, you are close!  Look for Pictage signs on the St. Bernard building to find the group!) Local Agenda: Guest speakers Zach & Jody Gray – Marketing to the Modern Day Client. How to best utilize the free marketing tools available to photographers. Find your full potential to promote your business – from blogging to marketing on the actual wedding day. See you there! (If you have trouble... Read More

Photography Workshops in Nashville, TN Completed!

Our IN-CAMERA: Light workshop is complete and we had an amazing time! The workshop was sold out and everyone came into the day ready to learn and shoot until we all dropped! It was such a fun time and we got to know some really awesome new friends and hang out with old friends that we have known for a long time. :) The workshop was held at our studio in downtown Nashville where we did some class instruction time, and then we headed out around the city to shoot! All the students got some incredible photos (some of which are posted at the bottom) and we were so proud of everyone!! Check out the images below! Here we are in the studio talking about different lighting styles! Then we headed out to set up our Westcott lighting gear and do a demonstration live with our models Lyndsey and Elli. Here I am shooting the first set-up! And the resulting image with ZERO photoshop! We had two groups of five and Jody took her group over and set up this lighting set up and had the students shooting on it. One of our resulting images! This was the last set up of the day. We finally got some blue sky and the students wanted to shoot some images with it! Here are some shots from a few of our students. It is amazing that they were able to take shots this good within one day of learning these techniques! Every student got to do their own set up and meter the lights and compose some shots, so it is... Read More

IN-CAMERA photography workshops are coming to Jacksonville Beach, Florida!!

Ready. Set. GO! It’s official!   We will be hosting back to back workshops in the lovely Jacksonville Beach, Florida on December 6th and 7th!  This is going to be a fun-in-the-sun Florida style workshop with us and we are definitely hitting the beach for some rock star sunset shots!!   A special thanks goes to Dana Goodson of Dana Goodson Photography for being our point person in Florida, and a shout out goes to Gary Denman of Naturally Photography for allowing us to use his studio space for the teaching portions (located seconds from the beach!). Sign up now for this workshop by clicking HERE! Check out our IN-CAMERA promo video! We will be doing our IN-CAMERA shooting & Post workshop on the 6th and our Light workshop on the 7th. Overview of the Gray Photography IN-CAMERA Workshop Series – Want to learn how we are able to achieve the look of all our images without the aid of PhotoShop? – Want to learn how we are able to edit an entire wedding in 2.5 hour solely using Lightroom? – Want to learn how we are able to create and control light and get phenomenal images in any lighting situation and then apply that knowledge to your own style? Our IN-CAMERA series of workshops actually show you how to shoot images that amaze right in the camera. This series of workshops will be held in Jacksonville Beach, Florida and feature class time, hands-on shooting with professional models, post-production and/or image critiques and much more. These workshops are fun, informative, and a great time to hang out with and meet... Read More

Destination Wedding Photography – Birmingham, AL

This last weekend we traveled out to Jasper, AL (in the Birmingham, AL vicinity) and shot the fall wedding of Haley & Michael Graydon at Huckleberry Farms!  The wedding turned out to be absolutely perfect, but let me tell you… everyone was a bit worried at first… For those of you located in this southern region you know that we have all been hit with a lot of unusual rainfall lately.  Michael and Haley planned to have their ceremony outside and then proceed to the barn for their reception. The only problem – it had been raining non-stop ALL week and the weather for Saturday had thunderstorms in the forecast.  Everyone was hoping and praying for it to stop and as we woke up Saturday morning we peeked out of our hotel window to be dismayed with dark gray clouds and rain pouring down. We quickly turned on the weather channel to see if it was supposed to clear up at all later in the day, but no luck. Loaded up with our gear and umbrellas we headed out to the farm to see how we could make do with the rain.  Soon the girls stared arriving and we all set out to the owner’s house for the girls to get ready… Haley got in her dress, we headed upstairs to begin her photos… stepped out the door… and low and behold – the rain had stopped!  We kid you not. The rain stopped as Hailey dressed and held off until the wedding was completely over!  We were all completely blown away and so awed once again how God... Read More

Westcott and SanDisk Visit Our Studio!

As you may know, we are endorsed by one of the top lighting companies, Westcott, and this last Thursday we had the opportunity to meet John Williams the Southeastern United States rep for Westcott at our studio.  Along with him came Peter Liebmann the National Strategic Account Manager for SanDisk (FYI SanDisk is the only company we use for our compact flash cards).  We had a nice time chatting with John & Peter,  and Peter even snapped a picture of us with John with his iPhone. Can you believe we had no cameras with us?  iPhone to the rescue! Thanks John & Peter for taking time to get together with us! Speaking of Westcott, the site for their Top Endorsed Pros is up!  Again, we are thrilled to be a part of this and to be recognized with so many other great photographers.  To view our page and to check out some amazing work from the other guys visit this link or click on the image below. If you are coming to our blog for the first time in hopes to see images of Haley & Michael’s wedding this past weekend, stay tuned, but for now here is a little sneak... Read More

Inspiration, Photography and Growing up in Northern Minnesota

This is a post that is about paying homage to those that have given us inspiration, the pursuit of who we are as artists in the wedding photography world and a personal journey of what art and creativity means to someone who grew up in a world who had none of the above. First, let me tell you a bit about my (Zach’s) life and how I became a photographer. I grew up in a small town… Really small town… 180 miles north of the Twin Cities… Keewatin, MN… Average income – $31,000 Average home cost – $55,1000 Population 1,164… (since I left, 1,163) I spent 22 years of my life in Keewatin where there were no stoplights, just a gas station, 6 bars and a liquor store. The only reason those towns on the Iron Range (as it is called) even exist is because in the early 20th century and still today, the earth there has been mined for its rich content of iron. There is no real economy in that area except the mines, so if you are not lucky enough to work in one, you are destined for a great career in either a hard manual labor job, or working at the local McDonald’s. I wish it were an exaggeration to say that it was the most depressing place to grow up on the face of the earth, but it really is true that there seems to be no hope, no escape and no real life there at all. The only two things that I loved growing up was my church that I spent 3 to... Read More

Are you Connected?

For those of you who follow us here (yay!) there are other places to be involved in our lives as well!  See the below and become our friends if you already aren’t.  Introduce yourself to us on Facebook and we will follow you on Twitter right back! Facebook Fan Page – Click on image below or HERE to become a fan! el Personal Facebook – Click image below or HERE to become a fan! la Twitter – Click image below or HERE to follow us on... Read More

Dan + Amy = Photo Awesomeness!

We had the privilege of shooting some images of  Dan for his album cover last week, and while we were on the shoot we went ahead and took some images of the him and his wife Amy too! We had a fun time with them in town and got to play and write some music, drink lots of coffee, make dinner together and just have an all around great time with them! These two are soooo cute together and we just love hanging out with them! Check out the shots! You guys are awesome and we miss... Read More

The Baddest Video Ever! Recap of Nashville, TN Photography IN-CAMERA Workshops

We just wrapped up our 3rd IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post Production workshop for the year and it was a huge success! We had 13 photographers for the sold out workshop who came out and we had everyone from seasoned veterans to those that were just starting their photography businesses… And… We are soooooooooooooo excited to share our new promo video with you!  Just picture us hopping up and down with all-teeth grins and you’ll get an idea of how excited we are about this. The amazing, superbly fantastic Nashville Wedding Videography duo, Eugene & Heather of 2Duce2 came out to our Shooting & Post workshop this past Sunday to shoot some b-roll footage. This will be the new promo spot for future Shooting & Post workshops AND will be the intro to….. dun, dun, dun… Our Instructional DVD that is in production!  Exciting times. We get contacted often by photographers around the country that keep asking us if we can bring our workshops to them. We have been asked to come out to LA, Hawaii and PA to name a few. So we are in the works to do some of those locations, but thought, “Hey, why not make a DVD so that anyone who wants to learn to shoot IN-CAMERA can do it no matter where they live!” We are going to be making our workshops available on DVD and the plan is to have our Shooting & Post workshop available by Spring. We will not be excepting pre-orders until pre-production is finished, so wait for the next announcement before emailing us about it. :) Here is the... Read More

Artist Shoot with Dan Cogan – Nashville, TN

Last weekend had some amazing friends come into town from Kansas City, MO to do an artist shoot with us (and of course hang out, eat out, and watch movies for a few days!). Dan and Amy Cogan are an amazing couple who we love dearly and Dan is a singer/songwriter that I (Zach) have worked with in the past on the Rebuild My Heart album that we did a few years back. Dan has a new worship record coming out and he needed images for promo as well as CD packaging, hence the artist session! Check out the shoot! Visit Dan on his MySpace, become his friend on Facebook, and check out his blog! Thanks so much Dan (and Amy) for letting us shoot your record cover! We can’t wait to see you again and want you to move here really bad!! We will also be showing off some images that we took of Dan and his lovely wife in a later post so stay tuned!! PS.  Happy Labor... Read More

Friday Fun – A Tattoo?

If we’re being honest, here, I have to preface this blog and tell you that I seriously considered if I should post this or not.  Would people think different of me?  Would they not respect me or something weird? But then I thought that was silly.  This is me. So, here it is, for the world to see and know – I got a tattoo! Now if you knew me at age 10 I would have told you that tattoos are nasty, and nose rings grossed me out.  Funny how things change over time, eh? I have actually been wanting a tattoo for over a year now.  After approval from the hubby (see official approval below) which took 6 months with the help of friends like Amy Parman & Jenni Oates (holla!), and then with friends Dan & Amy coming this past weekend with Dan’s appointment to get a tattoo by none other than Tim at Lone Wolf, I knew this was my moment as well. Was I nervous… Um, I don’t think so. Did it hurt… yeah, a little… I mean, really.  What do you expect? Will at Lone Wolf Body Art (Voted #1 Best Tattoo Shop of 2008), did my tatoo and he was great.  He had the tunes kicking and was really kind.  Most definitely recommend them. Here is Dan, being all brave getting his tattoo as well! The wifey looking on! Sadly, we did not get a picture of it before they bandaged it up, but if you become friends with him on Facebook you can see it! Now you’re probably wondering – “So, what... Read More

Nashville Wedding Videography Duo – Eugene & Heather from 2Duce2

Last week we had the awesome honor to shoot (with our cameras) Eugene & Heather from 2Duce2 Wedding Videography.  Heather & Eugene were wanting to update the images of themselves for their site and for some other things, so who else to call then us? : )  We absolutely love these guys and they are a fun and truly sincere couple (not to mention they always tend to boost up our self-esteem with their continuing compliments).  If you have yet to meet this dynamic duo or have yet to check out their website and/or blog – then you must! Enjoy some of the images of this downtown Nashville shoot! You guys are the stinkin’ best!!!!!!!  You totally rocked... Read More

Calling All Photographers! – PUG this Thursday!

Don’t forget that PUG (Pictage User Groups) is this week, with speakers Sean & Melanie McLellan.  Next month we will be speaking at PUG so make sure to mark your calendars for that as well (Oct 1st)! Date: Thursday, September 3, 2009 Time: 6:30pm Address: St. Bernard Building / The Village Chapel 2021 21st Ave. South, Suite C100 Nashville, TN  37212 Local Agenda: Guest speakers Sean & Melanie McLellan of McLellan Style Shooting with Purpose, Shooting with Style: Pushing the envelope and delivering amazing results, no matter what! The location is awful, the light is bad, the wedding party runs late, things come up, and the couple doesn’t give you enough time after the ceremony.  How many times have these things happened on any given wedding day?  Sean and Mel McLellan have experienced any and all of the above on multiple occasions and they’ve developed a shooting style that has proven successful in beating all odds!  They’ll share examples of amazing images captured in the most unlikely conditions, show you how they are able to capture a wide variety of imagery in a short period of time, and even cover a bit of their post-processing methods.  Join us for what will surely be a PUG meeting you won’t want to miss! See you there! (If you have trouble finding the place, please don’t hesitate to call us:... Read More

Endorsement! (Plus A Perk for Workshop Attendees!)

We have been waiting to announce this and have decided it’s high time to share the good news! We have been selected as one of Westcott’s Top Endorsed Pros!  In other words, Westcott has decided to recognize us as one of the leading photographers and we now are officially endorsed by them! (We’ll let you know once their Endorsed Pro site goes live). For those who may not be entirely familiar with Westcott…. – “Westcott is a world leader in professional photography and video lighting equipment. Since Westcott entered the photography market over 83 years ago, Westcott has been a major innovator in devising professional light control products. With over 600 items for professional and beginning photographers as well as the scrapbooking and film/video markets, we have continued a long-standing commitment to product innovation.” We are super thrilled and honored to be a Top Endorsed Pro with many other great photographers such as Jeffrey & Julie Woods, Parker J Pfister, Ed Pierce, Scott Kelby, to name a few!  A big thanks goes out to Westcott and we are excited to partner with you guys! “So?” you may be asking, “That’s great and all, but does this mean anything for me?”  Well, my friends – as a matter of fact it does!  For everyone signed up to our workshops, we will be giving you a special discount code where you can receive $500 off the Strobelight PLUS Two Light Kit.  This product retails for $959.50 – this is a GREAT deal!  Talking about getting an additional value by attending one of our IN-CAMERA workshops!  Kelly, the VP of Westcott has... Read More