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Ok, so we keep on getting more shooters from New Orleans sending us shots from the workshop that we were the subjects for in New Orleans at PartnerCon, so we thought we would share!  Not to mention we love bragging on other photographers that are great at what they do.

You may be saying to yourself, “You’re photographers.  Why are having images of yourselves such a big deal? You should be able to take pictures of yourselves all the time.”

Weeeeeell, yes we are photographers, but no, it’s extremely hard to take self portraits!  We did it once and it took forever and the outcome… um, wasn’t very good to say the least.

So over the past little bit we have had some friends take images of us like the amazingly talented Evan Baines

Nashville, TN Wedding Photography

Nashville, TN Wedding Photography

And then the awesome Keoni K took the below images of us that are a part of our branding

Nashville, TN Wedding Photography

And the totally amazingly talented Justin & Mary Marantz.

Nashville, TN Wedding Photography

Nashville, TN Wedding Photography

But the biggest reason why we are so stoked about the New Orleans photos is not only because we had extremely talented photographers shooting us but because they were the wedding photos we wish we knew were out there when we got married!

We cannot stress enough how important it is to make the right decision for your wedding photography.  You truly get what you pay for and that’s what happened to us when we got married four years ago.  We did get some cool shots, but had no idea what was really out there if we would have properly budgeted for it.

So when Jeff & Erin Youngren, (fab photographers from San Diego) asked us to model for their workshop at PartnerCon in wedding attire we were pumped and so excited that we would get a few nice shots, and holy cow we have been BLOWN away.




So we just wanted to take another moment and thank the Youngren’s and all the other awesome photographers for shooting us and providing us with the wedding images we always wanted.

Here are some kick booty images that just came up on Jeff & Betsey’s blog (another suh weet photo duo from California), and we LOVE these guys!!! Not only do they shoot killer images but they are SUCH a fun couple and we heart them much!!!





Seriously, thank-you guys for everything.  For more images of us, befriend us on our Facebook and you can see all the additional photos from lots of other stellar photographers!!  We have been blown away and are sooooooooooo excited!!

Have YOU thanked your photographer lately? :)

Alright all you Mac fan boys out there… you can rejoice, we bought our first big Mac product (we don’t think iPods TOTALLY count and it is funny that we said Big Mac).  We broke down and bought iPhones!

Yes, it’s true.  We have been with Sprint for almost 9 years and had a killer phone bill payment plan! Unfortunately,  Sprint was just lacking with their coverage (well, AT&T isn’t much better…), customer service (big time!), and the phones they offered.  One of our bigger conversion factors was trying to get more connected and interactive with different social media outlets like Twitter and FaceBook which can be a huge part of growing one’s business (and has been for us), but have been a bit limited while out of the office and out of town with our interaction that we have been able to have due to our sucky phones.

So right before we headed to PartnerCon we switched over and have been digging it so far!  (Yes, Heather & Eugene, you were right…).

We’re actually tweeting more often, responding to direct messages (woo hoo) and tweeting back to peeps.  Amazing.  We know.

People say this may be the beginning of our (94.5 percent of the market share) PC to (6.5 percent of the market share) Mac conversion but we don’t think so.  Sorry to disappoint.

And here they are!


Ahh… and we have matching cases in “his” black and “her” blue. Is that not cute or what?


What do you love about your iPhone?  For those of you in business, what about the iPhone has made your business better? I personally love the fact that my text messages are all saved together by person in a conversation so I can remeber what I said to who!


Still Got that Lovin’ Feelin’…

by Zach on November 26, 2009, posted in Uncategorized

It was 4 years ago this day that Zach and I stood with each other in front of 130 guests and committed to stick with each other ’till death do us part.


It’s unbelievable that we have been married four years.  Where does the time go??  We are celebrating our anniversary on the Caribbean seas and are pumped to finally go somewhere outside of TN to celebrate our anniversary.  Woo hoo!

Marriage most definitely is not easy and people were right when they told us “marriage takes a lot of continual work.”  Things definitely aren’t roses all the time, and we still don’t have everything perfect (yet… ;o), but we love each other and are committed to each other no matter what.  It’s hard at times, and easy at others… We’re so thankful that we have each other and we often like to joke that we are the other’s only friend because we spend SO much time together.  ha ha.

A few books that have been a huge blessing to our marriage… (click on the image for more info on the book).




Everyman's Battle

We love talking with other couples and hearing their wisdom and advice when it comes to being married.  For those of you out there, what advice can you give us and others?  Bring it on!


IN-CAMERA FL and CA Photography Workshops Super Soon!

by Jody on November 23, 2009, posted in Uncategorized

IN-CAMERA Workshops Header

It’s crazy that the workshops we are holding in Jacksonville Beach, FL are less than 2 weeks away and then the next week is Orange County, CA!  We are soooooooo excited to meet all of you and can’t wait!!!

All the seats are almost gone, so if you’re on the fence, make a decision soon!  Come, listen, learn, and DO!

Florida Photography Workshops:
IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post – (Sunday, Dec 6th) 2 seats left
IN-CAMERA: Light – (Monday, Dec 7th) 1 seat left

Orange County Photography Workshops:
IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post – (Sunday, Dec 13th) 1 seat left
IN-CAMERA: Light – (Monday, Dec 14th)  Sold Out
IN-CAMERA: Light – (Monday, Dec 15th) 3 seats left

Video by 2Duce2 Videography

Click here for a description on what our workshop classes teach and offer.

Click here to register.


Photo Restoration – The Perfect Christmas Gift Idea

by Zach on November 21, 2009, posted in Vendor Spotlights

Old and damaged Photo + My Sister = awesomeness

I have to say that my sister is a super talented gal.  All of us girls (I have an older and a younger sister) are creative in our own ways thanks to both of my parents.  I want to take a moment and brag on my older sister, as well as maybe give you some ideas for Christmas shopping!

Introducing my sister Jacq (also know as Jacqueline or Jackie as I called her growing up):


Not only is my sister super organized, and loves photography (must be in the genes, check out this shot my mom took of her when we were little…aw so cute!)…


…but my sister blows me away with her talent at the computer.  Jacq for the past couple of years has worked with a company doing photo restoration and has branched out on her own.  Her work blows me away!!  She can take a water damaged photo, a faded photo, a torn photo – you name it and bring the image back to it’s original state.  It has been crazy seeing the hundreds and hundreds of projects that she has worked on and what she has done.

With a baby on the way (the first grandchild of both sides of our family!  Woo hoo) my sister has moved into freelance and fired up her own business.  So exciting!

For those of you wondering out there what meaningful Christmas gift you can give your parents, grandparents, siblings, or special someone, think about having an image restored & retouched. With technology these days and a skilled person utilizing these tools correctly, it’s amazing what memories can be pulled back and make such a meaningful gift.

Check out a small sample of her work:




Amazing, eh?  Talk about a meaningful Christmas gift for a family member or loved one.

If you’re interested in having any images restored, contact Jacq at  Mention you found her on our blog and receive a free quote.  Contact her by December 5th and receive 15% off!