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It has finally come full circle, around the lid…

by Jody on November 20, 2009, posted in Friday Fun

Watch and be amazed.

What else is there to say except thank-you to Citi Kitty!! We love you more than litter itself! :) And thanks to our cat, Star, for letting us into your private world (and then exploiting you for some laughs).


Time for Cruisin! – Suggestions? Ideas?

by Zach on November 17, 2009, posted in Personal Fun,Traveling

For those of you not following us on out Twitter or FaceBook, you might have missed out on the news that we are going on a CRUISE!!!


This year has been super busy and we have been working hard and saving hard and are in need of a long break away from phones, email, internet and work  :)  A time to get away, refresh and revive is exactly what we need, and it doesn’t hurt that the cruise happens to fall over our anniversary!  :)

It all started about two weeks ago when great friends and photographers, David & Tammy Molnar said they were looking into last minute cruises and wondering if we would want to join.  We jumped at the opportunity and booked it that day!

Short of Zach, none of us have ever been on a cruise and are not fully sure what to expect, pack, think about, etc.  My sister and her husband went on a cruise a bit ago and we have some family members who have been as well telling us some things to avoid, things to bring, things to keep in mind, and their help has been invaluable!

For those of you cruisers, we would definitely appreciate some insight if you have it!

A little bit of info about our trip if that will help you with your ideas & suggestions:

Royal Caribbean is the cruise line and we leave from Puerto Rico. Suh weet!

The islands we will be stopping at are:

- Bridgetown, Barbados
- Castries, St. Lucia
- St. John’s, Antigua
- Philipsburg, St. Maarten
- St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands



Tips and advice are mucho welcome (we obviously don’t speak much Spanish!)! We are so pumped and excited to go!  Yay vacation!


It’s Coming…

by Zach & Jody on November 16, 2009, posted in Uncategorized

Your dynamic duo Nashville wedding photographers Zach and Jody Gray had the privilege of shooting the super hot Landon & Laila this past weekend! Here are just a few to hold you over until the big reveal and full blog write up on these two hotties!

Nashville, TN Wedding Photography

Nashville, TN Wedding Photography

Can you guess who took what shot? Or did one of us take them both? You may never know…. :)

Partner Con 2009 was amazing and there were so many different components that came together to make it a rockin’ weekend!

Something great about PartnerCon is that there are not only speaking sessions but there are actually workshops!  They filled up so fast this year that they added even MORE workshops and our friends Jeff & Erin Youngren from San Diego, CA stepped up and met the need.  Their workshop filled up in like 30 seconds and a little bit later we got an email from them asking if we would um, be their subjects – wedding attire and all!!!!!  We agreed and were even more pumped about it because we don’t have that many modern shots of us in wedding gear!  So we were excited about getting some nice shots of us as bride and groom… four years later…

Here are a few that have surfaced so far!


04Image by Jeff & Erin Youngren, workshop leaders. (Ok so after we created this post tons more images popped up, and as I, Jody, type I’m in MN sitting at a dial up computer – who would of thought people still have dial up? – and we have some more KICK BOOTY images to show, but alas, the connection is taking forever for us to put more up… To see more images that the workshop leaders themselves took you’ll have to mosey on over to their Blog!!!)



Jeff trying to get in on the action!


Some of the 25 people who were shooting us!

15Tonhya Kae

IMG_3410Erin O’Neil



Studio Blue



dress shots

The above images were taken by Amy Lashelle who not only was one of the photographers in the workshop but it is her wedding dress that I am wearing!  Thank-you Amy for letting me wear your dress and not minding the NOLA that came with it when I gave it back to you!

Ah, so fun!  Thanks to all who shot us at the Youngren’s workshop,

We also were asked last minute by the talented Mike Larson to be his subjects for a workshop he was holding.  It was funny because while we were shooting a lady ask Zach if he was David Cook from American Idol!  Lol. When more images surface from this shoot we’ll make sure to share :)


We have to admit, it was a little weird at first to be on the other side of the camera!  However it was perfect because Mike & the Youngren’s workshops were all about how to put your client at ease as you shoot them (with your camera) and we learned a lot just by watching and listening and being on the other side of the camera!!

Thanks Mike and Jeff & Erin for taking time out and sharing your knowledge with others!

Alright folks!  The time has come to announce the winner for the big giveaway we spoke of at Partner Con 2009!

For those of you who were not there, Jody and I did a give-away for one lucky shooter who attended our talk at Partner Con and we are announcing the winner today!!  We are one of Westcott’s Top Endorsed Pros and Westcott is all about educating and helping photographers and that is why we love them!   For our talk Wescott generously donated a $1,000 Strobelight Plus 2-Lite Softbox Lighting Kit!

The winner was randomly selected among all entries who followed the specific given tweeting guidelines!  (Are you following @WestcottCo on Twitter)?

Below is Stephen Knuth getting his tweet on!

Nashville wedding photographers

We had tons of you enter but sadly, only one can win. :)  So, without any further ado, the winner of the Westcott Strobe-lite lighting kit goes to……. @chelsea_nicole_!!  Wish Chelsea congratulations!

Make sure to claim your prize (email us with your mailing info at within the next 48 hours or the prize will go to the second name drawn!

Nashville wedding photographers

Westcott is one of the most innovative lighting companies out there and have been in business for 83 years! We have been using their lighting gear for a few years now and that is how we achieve the stylized look of some of our images. They have an amazing staff and some awesome tools, so you need to check them out and their products on their website at F.J.!

Congrats to the winner and thanks to all who came out to our talk!