Laila & Landon – Nashville Wedding Photography

We had the awesome privileged of shooting Laila & Landon’s wedding recently here in the great city of Nashville and we had a blast hanging out with these two!  The ladies got ready at Union Station, the wedding was at the Nashville Bahai Center and the reception was at the Macke’s in Green Hills. We headed over to Marathon Village to shoot some cool portraits of the bride and groom and the small wedding party (one on each side which was awesome!) which is a fun place to shoot some very non-traditional images of these two. Laila is like this 40’s glamour star that has an incredibly unique look and the two of them are perfect together! Check out some of the images from the day below! Laila looks timeless in these shots that Jody grabbed as the ladies were getting ready. The groom sent this awesome gift over to the bride as she was getting ready! A brand new Nikon DSLR camera! Our kind of couple ;o) How cool is that? Also getting ready at the hotel was Laila’s sister, Lindsey (aka wedding coordinator of all details!) with her husband and their two daughters (the flower girls) and they were so precious!  What a beautiful family. We then headed off to shoot the bride and groom at Marathon Village! Love this shot of Laila! She looks A-Mazing!! These awesome deserts to the left are mini-cakes that were all custom made by Julia’s Home-Style Bakery and were dee-lish!! Yeah, so that is the family all getting up and rocking the weddings face off! They were amazing!! The band that... Read More

Our Christmas Recap! Santa vs. Jesus

Fall is my favorite season, but Christmas is my favorite time of the year!  I love the crisp air, the Christmas lights, the quiet, blanket of snow that covers everything (ok, well in the North the snow exists), the Christmas tunes that some stations start playing at Thanksgiving (woo hoo!) and there’s nothing like sitting on the couch bundled up in a blanket with no lights on except the twinkling lights of the Christmas tree lights, and no sound but the burning wood in the fireplace cracking and Christmas tunes playing from our iPod… ahhh…  Oh, not to mention it’s a time where we celebrate the One who came and gave us life in the first place!  :) So sad that Christmas is over.  After our crazy months of traveling Zach and I were looking forward to finally being back home, doing some work, and then RELAXING together in TN, just the two of us!  We had a great Christmas just hanging out together and we are enjoying the time we have set aside to relax and chill before we shoot our first wedding of the year this Saturday.  Yay!! In honor of Christmas day being over and everyone going through detox of all the hype, shopping, and presents, which can leave us feeling empty inside, I thought I would post this little diddy that I received from my sister’s mother-in-law, Linda! Jesus is Better than Santa Santa lives at the North Pole. JESUS is everywhere. Santa rides in a sleigh JESUS rides on the wind and walks on the water. Santa comes but once a year JESUS is... Read More

Josh & Jenny – A Nashville Engagment Session!

We recently spent the  afternoon with the amazingly cool Josh VanValkenburg & Jenny Gill out at Jenny’s family farm in Franklin shooting their engagement images.  Jenny and Josh are a great couple, and even though it was a bit chilly that day day, you could hardly tell with these two!   They were troopers and rocked it out with many laughs and great moments!  We are really looking forward to shooting their wedding out at Jenny’s family home in Belle Meade this May and already feel like we have known these guys for much longer then just a month!  PS – Gentlemen, for those of you struggling with ideas on how to pop the question… Josh is the man to go to!  He has set the bar HIGH for all of his fellow man friends … :) Check out some of our favorites from the shoot below! Love the next two shots of these guys… Josh bringing the heat! Love this candid moment of the two of them twirling around. Ahh….. These guys have such a natural presence in front of the camera it is almost too easy! :) Hottie!! We grabbed a few shots in one of the old cabins on their property. Jenny and Josh have spent some time out here and this place means a lot to them. You guys are awesome and we can’t wait to hang againg soon!! Movie night is calling our names! :) To sign Josh & Jenny’s virtual guestbook and view all the images once available online, click... Read More

Merry Christmas from the Gray’s!!

Here is a little Christmas message to all of our blog readers! From us, to you! Happy Holidays!!!!!!!!! **Scroll below for latest post** To view the message from Jody, click on the image below! To view the message from Zach, click on the image below! Now get off the blog and go spend time with your... Read More

Our Big Announcement!!!

We have alluded to it. We have hinted at it. Shoot, it’s even been on our site for awhile.  But now it is time to come out with guns blazing and officially announce the latest development of our business that has been in the works for the last year – our associate photographers! We have been so blessed since we started our wedding photography business to have worked with so many amazing clients.  As our business has continued to grow we have found that more and more we have been turning down clients – not because we aren’t a great fit for them, but because we are already booked. As much as we would like to clone ourselves so we can give every deserving couple the high quality wedding photographer they deserve, we can’t.  Boo… :) Sooooooooooooooooo we now have the solution with our Associate Photographers! We’ve worked extensively over the last year to develop our associate program to give as many people possible that Gray Photography experience AND quality that so many couples out there are looking for.  We searched long and hard and each Associate is selected based on not only their unique style, skills, and personality, but other numerous and important qualities as well.  Then, each associate is trained to shoot at the caliber that couples have not only come to expect but love from Gray Photography. We are super pumped about our two chosen associates, Kristine and Jessica Rai, and want to FINALLY take a moment and officially introduce them to you all!!!!!!!!! MEET KRISTINE – We met Kristine almost three years ago when she... Read More

Published in PPA Magazine!

Ah, and now it’s time to brag on my husband!!!!!!!!! PPA Magazine (Professional Photographers of America) holds a cover image contest for one of its issues every year.  A few months ago we were contacted by them saying that an image Zach submitted of his made it to the top 100…which was really exciting because there were more than 4,600 entries entered of photographers vying for a spot in the magazine spread. Then we found out more recently Zach made it to the top 15 and was going to be published amongst the winners!!  We were (and are) pretty pumped and if you look through the November issue you’ll see his image among the other finalists and winner (who is also from Nashville!)! Here is the magazine cover shot (by Mama Shan of Nashville, TN!). Here is Zach’s image from the magazine spread (sorry for the low res!). And here is the shot that Zach took way back in early 2008 of the amazingly awesome Casey and Carmen! Way to go babe!! Enjoy the goodness! (Thanks to those who offered to send your copy of the magazine to us!  We appreciate... Read More

Mission Completely Accomplished: Light Workshops Day 2 & 3

We really love the lighting photography workshops that we are able to do and get so excited to share what we have learned with other shooters! The great thing about the lighting workshops is we keep the classes super small to maximize the learning time. When we launched the first class in the OC it filled up so fast we decided to open an additional class, hence our third day of IN-CAMERA photography workshops in Laguna Beach! Our heart behind our workshops is that we really want you (our attendees!) to walk away with the tools to do the same thing yourself, not just get a couple of cool shots. So we really take the day slow and let each photographer set up the light rig themselves, meter the lights and compose their shot. That way, they will be able to walk away and re-create their own version of some awesome off-camera lighting. Both days started off great and we had a fun time talking through some of the techniques that we use in order to quickly and efficiently set up our lighting shots. Thanks to Chris Robertson for shooting these shots with our camera! Then, after lunch we headed out to set up our first few shots!! All of the following images have no Photoshop enhancements and are pretty much straight out of the camera with some very minor adjustments done in Adobe Lightroom that took about two second to do. Our model Jesiree workin it! Here is a little behind the scenes shot of our next set up using our Westcott lighting rig. And the resulting image.... Read More

Mission Accomplished: Orange County Photography Workshops Day 1

This week we have been in the great state of California conducting our IN-CAMERA photography workshops and we have been having a blast!!  We are meeting so many great photographers and pumping out a lot of golden nuggets of information. A HUGE thanks goes out to the amazing and fabulous Mapuana who was our point person on the ground and made it happen for us to come to California! A second thank-you goes to David of Tosti Studios who let us takeover his studio for 3 days.  His studio is at a killer spot, right on the North Coast Highway facing the beautiful Laguna Beach and was perfect for the teaching portions of our workshops!! Here is a little visual highlight of our sold out Shooting & Post class (limited to 20 students)… winner of the farthest traveler goes to Josh who flew in all the way from Ohio! In this shot you can really see how many photographers were there shooting. It was sooo fun!! And of course we ended the shoot taking some silhouette shots as the sun began to set! Here we are with David Tosti posing it up! And the very last part of the workshop is taking class attendants through our post production process, and showing shortcuts and tricks on how we are able to post an entire wedding of approx 1200 images in approx 2.5 hours. The Shooting & Post group! Fun, fun time. Great weather. Great beach. Great models. Great photogs. LOVE... Read More

Happy Birthday to my Studly Hubby, Zach!!

It was many moons ago on this day that my studly husband was born!!!!! Who knew at that time the little squawking squirt would become a fabulous man, husband, talented photographer, speaker, musician, great friend to many… and I could go on and on and on… Thank-you for being you and making my life better! Happy Birthday Baby!!!! Leave Zach a little love on his birthday!!  Why are you glad he was... Read More

Friday Fun – A Video of Paradise From Our Cruise…

We hit the ground running ever since we got back from vacation, hence the delay in posting any pictures from our cruise! Sooooooooo, to hold you all over we thought that in honor of all the cold weather the US has been getting (darn global warming) we would post this short video taken on the island of St. Lucia…. Ahhh….. warmth, beach, and... Read More

Florida Photography Lighting Workshop Completed!

We have completed the last photography workshop here in Jacksonville Beach, Florida and we had a FABulous time.  We have met some great people and have been blessed to share TONS of valuable info equipping these photographers to take their photography to a whole new level!  You should see some of the shots these awesome photographers are getting!!!  Make sure you follow us on Twitter as we retweet blog posts that other photographers are putting up from the workshops! We limit our Lighting photography class size to help maximize the hands on learning time with the strobes.  We first begin with Zach demonstrating our thought process and how we light a scene. Then the result: Next, we split the class up into two groups and we each take a group guiding each student one by one in setting up and lighting their own set up as the others listen and learn as we go.  This is my (Jody) group on the beach under the pier with awesome model Lauren.  It was a bit chilly but we got some killer shots!! Shot below taken by Julie Cate Photography! Take a look at the second shot below taken by Dana Goodson photography.  Same spot, same scene but notice how different of a look one can get just by adjusting the power output on the light and changing some camera settings! Meanwhile, Zach shot this below shot with his group a few yards down the beach.  Model Autumn rocking in! Love, love, LOVE this shot taken by Jen Hopkins in our setup amid some reeds and cacti that attacked us!! (Check out... Read More

Florida Workshops in Progress!! The Shooting & Post Group!

When we booked our Florida workshops we were thinking, “Sweet!  It’s December!  We’ll be soaking in the rays while everyone is cold back home in TN”…. Well, here we are in the middle of our Florida Photography workshops and yes, everyone is cold back home (some of our friends even got a bit of snow) but we are cold too :(  Though it wasn’t snowing here, it definitely was a bit chilly today as we were out shooting!!!  Booo…. But we won’t complain :)   We are having a great time getting to know the photographers here (from FL, obviously, North Carolina and even Minnesota!). A huge shout out goes to Dana Goodson of Dana Goodson photography for being point person here in Jax Beach, and to Gary of Naturally Photography for letting us use his studio space! You guys are the best!! Below is a little highlight from yesterday’s IN-CAMERA: Shooting and Post class. Now time to put the knowledge into practice!…. on a very cold and WINDY beach! Lauren our model rocking it! Trying not to shiver! And the group! Today we have our photography lighting workshops and we can’t wait! Hopefully it will be a little warmer and less... Read More

Friday Fun – What Makes Us Us!

Anyone else out there a Starbucks fanatic?  It’s so sad actually.  Their coffee isn’t even that good but they offer such a great experience that we find ourselves there often (hmmm… I think we as photographers can learn from that!). We found ourselves spending a lot of time at Starbucks (aka FiveBucks), so after doing some math we got the genius idea to get our own coffee pot.  What a concept. Low and behold, we present to you – Mr. Coffee! We heart Mr. Coffee and Mr. Coffee is now a part of our morning routine… Wake up… grind the beans… brew some coffee… Zach’s Ideal Cup ‘o Coffee Name: “Bitter Bangerang” – Warm up half-and-half in micro – Add brewed coffee to creamer – Add a touch of sugar -Top with loads of whip creme and Cinnamon Result:  Bitter enough so Jody won’t drink it Jody’s Ideal Cup ‘o Coffee Name:  “I’ll Have Some Coffee with my Creamer Please” – Pour in half and half until coffee is almost white – Add vanilla creamer to flavor – Add 2 little scoops of sugar Result: Vanilla flavored with a light coffee taste, slightly sweet Note our cool coffee mugs we bought in NYC.  Holla Now we feel like we are becoming officially old and like those crazy insane people who “need their coffee in the morning”…sighs… is that so bad?  Any other coffee lovers out... Read More

Ronald McDonald House Elephant Cake Shoot

“Many families travel far from home to get treatment for their seriously ill or injured children. The treatment may last a day, a month, or even longer. It’s a long time to be away from home, or to divide a family. Ronald McDonald Houses around the world offer families a way to stay together, in proximity to the treatment hospital, and be comfortable and cared for during their stay.” – Ronald McDonald Website Jody and I were asked to shoot a special cake recently that was donated to the Ronald McDonald House in Nashville by the amazing Amy Richardson from The Bake Shoppe! The cake was for the kids for their Halloween party and it was a big hit! The cake was inspired by a cool gift card that the girls at the Bake Shop had seen and decided they could do a cake to match. It looked amazing and we came down and took some shots of the cake and the kids and staff and had a ton of fun!! Check out the cake shots below!! Here is the card that inspired the cake! If you want more info on the Ronald McDonald House charity and what they do, visit their website ... Read More