All We Want for Christmas Is…

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!! This is DAY 5 of our Christmas week of blog posts…. the final day of Christmas blog posting goodness! We hope you are enjoying the Christmas holiday and are spending it with loved ones…. and not reading our blog ;o) Lol.... Read More

Part IV | The Big Reveal!

Welcome to DAY 4 of our Christmas week of blog posts! Now it is time to officially reveal to you our Beast of a Christmas Tree!! At the farm.. (thanks to Christmas Tree Adventures for the image!) In the homestead… Being decorated! aww… All lit up! :) For... Read More

Wedding Experience Workshop

REGISTRATION IS OPEN! Classroom Session + Wedding - SOLD OUT BOOK YOUR SEAT NOW Registration is officially opened and it is first come, first serve basis. For more details and information on this workshop and to register, visit the The Wedding Experience portion of... Read More
Nashville, TN Wedding Photogragphy

Photoshoot DOs and DON’Ts

Photographers – when was the last time that you were in front of the camera? No, not for a quick snapshot with Grandma by the Christmas tree, but an actual photoshoot. Doing photoshoots is like 2nd nature to us because we do them all the time, but we often forget what... Read More