Family Photo Fun – Nashville Family Photography

Jody and I donated a shoot to charity recently for the 2009 Bone Bash which raises money for the Nashville chapter of the Arthritist Foundation. A ton of awesome Nashville peeps came out to bid on different items for the charity and the Awesome Chris & Holly Baumgartner won a family session with us! We recently photographed them and their adorable son, Carter and had a blast! We headed to Franklin to shoot it up and had a ball with these guys! Their family is full of life and energy and boy were these guys photogenic! Enjoy some of the images from the shoot!! Are these two not the... Read More

Our Visit to the Pictage Offices!

Since almost the beginning of our business, we have been members of Pictage, the industry leader in online image hosting, printing and sales solutions, and services to professional photographers. Once we got their informational DVD on all the services they offered, we were sold! Pictage has been HUGE in assisting us in our business, and their services for photographers range widely, and without them we would be spending countless hours dealing with print orders and many other things. When we were in CA in December we set some time aside to visit the offices and have lunch with a few of the peeps!  Enjoy the visual journey of our visit, thanks to the iPhone‘s picture taking abilities! First, we were greeted with a custom welcome screen in the main entryway of our images… awwww, special. Then the FABULOUS Scott Miura gave us a tour of the place which started in CEO Jim Collins‘ office… Jim wasn’t there yet so Zach was welcomed to take a moment and see how it felt in Jim’s Seat.  Ohhh… the power… We got to see and meet the people in all the departments and what a system they have set up there!  We stopped by shipping and were told that we had just missed the crazy rush of getting all the thousands of Christmas orders out in time.  Here were some of their regular orders waiting for pickup (this was one bin of like 4 or 5!). And of course, we left our mark on a few whiteboards that just happened to be around… Artwork by Zach Gray… Artwork by moi We headed... Read More

Nashville Wedding Venue Open House Not To Miss!

Nashville brides, are you looking for not only a killer Nashville wedding ceremony/reception venue but GREAT people to work with and orchestrate your wedding?  Look no further!!!  CJ’s off the Square is having an Open House hosted by Williamson County Weddings and Events, and you should come by and check the place out and all the other amazing things they offer! Go ahead and mark your calendars for Saturday, February 27th from 3-6 p.m!!   On display will be WCW&E’s complete 2010 Wedding Invitation Collection available now in their boutique as well as giving clients a sneak peak at the nearly completed event pavilion opening in April at CJ’s Off the Square!! Come and go anytime from 3-6 pm. Complimentary valet parking will be provided and this is a free event, open to the public. If you are planning to come, feel free to RSVP at this link. See you... Read More

You’ve Got (too much) Mail

Have you messaged us on Facebook and gotten no response? ….And then still no response? …Wondering if we’re ignoring you? Never fear! We’re not ignoring you!   =D We do love hearing from you on Facebook, but if there is something time sensitive, please feel free to directly email us at and and you will hear back from us in a much more timely fashion! Anyone know how to send auto responses through Facebook???  Is there an app for it?  ha... Read More

Drew & Whitney – Destination Florida Wedding Photography: Carillon Beach, FL

We had the honor to be a part of the beautiful wedding of Whitney and Drew…  It wasn’t beautiful simply because it was in Florida, or because it was in the FABULOUS destination wedding local Carillon Beach Resort, or because we had a killer sunset on the beach to shoot photos of these guys… It was a beautiful wedding because of the couple. We were drawn to Whitney & Drew’s story… how they both love the Lord… how they wanted to honor God in their relationship, the love and respect they have for each other, how they were so genuinely excited to be committing themselves to each other,  how they actually have two streets back in TX that cross each other bearing their names (if that’s not a sign, what is??) and of course, waaay long before Whitney even met Drew, she knew she wanted us.  We like a bride who knows who she wants :) As mentioned, Whitney and Drew chose a destination wedding in Carillon Beach Resort, which has a designated staff and event space to solely handle Carillon Beach Weddings. Once we arrived there, we knew why they had made the choice.  The resort is beautiful, relaxing, and they have a staff there who is AMAZING (yay Victoria & Avis!)!!!  The wedding was absolutely perfect and the guest list was to match, with only their absolute closest friends and family attending – all who have been a part of their relationship and lives.  We cannot tell you how thrilled we were to be welcomed into this personal, intimate, and meaningful wedding celebration and capture it. The... Read More

Exciting News! There’s no place like home…

Some of you guys have been wondering about some twitter comments we have been posting and it’s time to finally share the latest and exciting news in our lives! It’s been four years since we have been married, and after paying off our debt and then saving, saving, saving, Zach and I will no longer be renters and are buying a home!  Once we officially started the process, it’s moved very fast, but we had been ready and prepared and this has been a long time coming. So to catch you all up a bit, we set up a meeting a few weeks ago with a highly recommended realtor, Melissa Archer, President of Cobalt Premier Properties, looked at a gazillion properties online, and then a few days later looked at our favorites that met all of our qualifications.   One of the places was absolutely perfect so we visited the home like 4 times (and believe it or not, we actually looked at this place about 4 months ago for kicks and had been in love with it ever since!) and then decided to put in an offer!  After meeting with Melissa again and submitting the offer, it was accepted the next morning! We are pumped and thrilled and are now just holding our breath and making sure everything goes smoothly on the seller’s end. We just had the home inspection and closing is set for Feb 5th, barring that all goes well!  There always can be hiccups so keep us in your prayers!! We would show a picture of at least the front of the place but 1) it’s... Read More

Make a Difference – Haiti Relief Effort

Unless you have been living under a rock you have heard about the earthquake in Haiti that has wreaked devastation on the country and people who live here. We spent some time online reading the news, looking at images and watching the stories and began to feel the “important” things of our life beginning to fade.  There is nothing like a good dose of perspective to help you realize how the things that seem so hard and difficult to us, really are not as bad as we think. So, what can we do to help this awful situation?  We can pray and we can also give.  However, we’ve heard that some have been leery of giving due to the corruption in the country.  How will we know the people will actually get it?  How do we know that once the aid has reached the country that it will go to the right people? We were sitting in church yesterday and were told that we (Journey Church in Franklin) actually have a team of people who were already in Haiti before the earthquake came through at a mission’s project called Conduit Mission – a Christian non-profit organization based out of Franklin, TN with the goal of being a “conduit” of God’s power, God’s love, and God’s resources.  The Conduit partners with organizations that are providing basic living needs such as food, clothing, shelter and medical care. What’s even cooler is Conduit Mission has been investing in the Haitian people’s lives and are there to stay, not just to give food/water/clothing in this time of crisis, but they are also invested... Read More

Friday Fun – Our Favorite iPhone Apps

Sooooooo you all know we have iPhones now.  Amazing.  So we thought we would share what Apps we have put on our phones, how they have revolutionized our lives and see what aps you think we might be missing out on!! Our Favorite iPhone Apps – Starbucks finder: Locate the closest Starbucks in your area and even get hours of business, address, phone… any info you want!!  Ummm… AMAZING!! Though the program is pretty cool, it does need to be updated.  When we were in FL it took us to a closed Starbucks.  Boo…. You can also customize your own drink on your iPhone, but we really don’t know the point behind that… maybe soon you’ll be able to “Bump” your phone to their register and your order will automatically go in their system.  Just another form of human interaction eliminated… – Echofon: Our fav Twitter app to use and find out what everyone is up to every second of every day! – FaceBook: Enough said (we could say more, but we just said “enough said.” You know what I mean?) – WordPress: Love it that we can approve and read comments right from our phone! Suh-weet! – Xmas Radio: Who doesn’t love Christmas music any time of the year??? Or should we say 365 days a year! Oh yeah! –  You-Version Bible: Gotta love technology!  To be able to carry 66 books of the Bible all on your little iPhone to read at any time… pretty awesome – Bump: The quickest way to exchange all of your info with a new contact – just a bump!!  Finally got... Read More

Photographers Business Workshop! Save $150 & Start Out Your Business Right with Jason Aten

We are super pumped to be hosting the amazingly talented Jason Aten at our studio  in downtown Nashville for his his Starting Out Right workshop on Monday, January 25th! Jasen is pretty much the bomb when it comes to business and you do NOT want to miss this. We will be there at the workshop all day as well and this will not only be a great time for getting inspired to take your business to the next level, but also to have some great one on one time with us and Jasen as well. REGISTER BY January 15th, and SAVE $150 dollars!! Check it out! As a photographer you can have great images, but if you don’t have great BUSINESS skills or knowledge, it will be hard for your business to take off and be successful.  The cry for more business workshops has been answered by Michigan based photographer and speaker, Jason Aten and his one-day intensive will be taking place right here in Nashville, January 25th at our studio space in downtown Nashville. Jason brings a background in management and marketing from working at as an executive at a Fortune 100 company, and the experience of starting – and building a successful boutique studio based in the midwest. You’ll leave with answers.  You’ll leave with a PLAN.  You’ll leave with the best practices and key strategies to help grow a business built to last. View the Starting Out Right: Business Help for Photographers website for more information! Learn about Goal Setting, Marketing and Branding, the Client Experience, Setting up Systems for Success, and Workflow and Sales. Who should... Read More

Happy Happy Birthday to the Best Wife Ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today, in a warm hospital in cold Michigan in 1983, out popped my little plum drop and the world was forever changed… Awww, so many memories. Today is Jody Gray’s birthday and a day of celebration!! Last night we had a little surprise party for her with some friends at dinner, and today it is “Jody can do whatever she wants” day! She gets to pick the food we eat, the places we go and the people we see!! Jody is an amazing woman and I am soooo blessed that she decided to marry me 4 years ago. My life has been getting better ever since I met her and I love her with all of my little heart. So, tell Jody how much she means to you and fill up that comment box with love for my wifey!! Jody, you are the best and have the happiest birthday... Read More

The Rockin’ Nashville Wedding of Ashley & Jared!!

When we first met with Ashley & Jared, we loved their personalities and how much they valued photography.  We had the awesome privileged of shooting their wedding and had an amazing time with this super fun loving couple! Ashely is the most bubbly bride who did not stop smiling the entire day and Jared is a good ol’ country boy at heart. We love these guys!!!  Their ceremony was at St. Joseph Catholic Church and the wedding reception followed at the Music Valley Event Center in Nashville, TN. Enjoy the wedding photography from the day! To view their images when they become available online sign their guest book here. Ashley and Jared chose to see each other before the ceremony and it was a joy capturing their first look at each other and then we had a blast taking our time shooting them around the church grounds. Ashley wanted to see her dad before the ceremony began … Ashley’s dear grandpa seeing her for the first time… Caprice and her team at Enchanted Florist did a PHENOMENAL job transforming this reception venue. Other Vendors of this wedding day: Cake: Cakes Galore- Terri Foster Catering: St. Charles Catering Live Band: Todd Bolton Nashville Wedding Videography: Turning Point... Read More

A Nashville Business Workshop You Do NOT Want to Miss

Do you and your business need to be inspired?  Want to actually walk away from a workshop with life changing and real information that you can immediately start applying to your business?  Feeling that your business runs you instead of you running your business?  LOOK NO FURTHER! Dynamic duo, Justin (Graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology) & Mary (graduate of Yale Law School) are on a national tour and on Thursday, Jan 14th, they are coming to NASHVILLE!  If you have not yet heard of these guys, you might need to get out from under the rock you are living under :) Justin & Mary Marantz are an East Coast business & marketing genius duo (as well as FAB photogs) and you seriously do not want to miss this opportunity. THIS WORKSHOP IS FOR ANYONE IN A SERVICE BASED INDUSTRY OR WHO WORKS FOR THEMSELVES, NOT just PHOTOGRAPHERS. This is the best investment that you can make for your business and it’s a deal and a half – don’t hesitate!!  Seats are filling up and the workshop is almost here! For more details and to register visit Justin & Mary’s Site. For those who were unable to make PartnerCon, this is your chance to redeem yourselves and get to hear these guys speak and be motivated and encouraged at the same time! Testimonial from Sarah Hodzic: I have to say that seeing Justin and Mary in 2008 was one of the major turning points that year which made me decide to keep my business going. I was at a tough crossroads in my life and business, I was truly... Read More

It’s coming soon!! Hot wedding by your very own Nashville wedding photographers!!

A taste of what is to come from our wedding we shot at Belle Meade this past Saturday! We were shooting in 22 degree weather all day and the ladies were cold, but kept it together for some awesome January images out at the plantation. We had a ton of fun with Marc and Alex and can’t wait to hang with them again soon next time we head out to L.A.!! Cold weather, but some hot love!! Check out the... Read More

Calling All Wedding Industry Married Couples!

Happy New Year!!  What a great year we are leaving behind and we can’t wait to see what is in store for 2010!! Remember our mini-bowling adventures we had the other month with other married wedding photographers and videographers? Well it’s time for another hang out!!  We’re all about marriage, having fun with other people, getting to know other couples, and having fun with your spouse! We had our first wedding photography married couples no business talk hangout in October (whew, we need a name!  Suggestions welcome), but then the response has been so overwhelming we have decided to open it up to any married couple who works in the wedding industry.  Then, we have been so busy with traveling, speaking, vacationing, leading workshops, and visiting family that we haven’t been around to organize another one!  Ah! Well, wonder no more when the next one is!! We have set a date for the next hangout!!  Read the below info and RSVP Who: For any and ALL married couples who work in the wedding industry.  Yes, you are welcome if just one spouse works in the industry :) Why: How many times do you get together with other people in your profession and all you end up talking about is business (which is cool and fun)  BUT what about getting to know each other outside of business and having some fun hang time with your spouse OUTSIDE of work? Hence, these hang out nights!  This is not only about hanging with people you already know but getting outside your zone and developing NEW friendships! What: Laser tag then dinner at... Read More