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WPPI Business Mentoring Sessions!

by Jody on February 25, 2010, posted in Speaking

The end of February is quickly coming and March will soon be here.  You know what that means – WPPI!!!!!!!!!   Yes, we will be going, and cannot wait to see some of you again and meet the rest of you for the first time!  Ya gotta love big photographer conventions with thousands of other photogs!
On our blog next week will be events & speakers that you do NOT want to miss out on including a few appearances and lighting demonstrations that we will be a part of!  Make sure to stop on by.
Exciting WPPI News

We have been asked by tons of photographers to host some sort of workshop while we are at WPPI.  We love doing big group events, but at the same time there is nothing more beneficial than one-on-one time with others.  That being said, we have decided to offer an exclusive amount of one-on-one hour and a half mentoring sessions while we are at WPPI!  We are opening three sessions for the first three photographers to sign up!

These mentoring sessions will be a unique opportunity for you to have us all to yourself  for one and a half hours and talk about anything from marketing and branding, to social networking and pricing, to anything else you want to know about. Do you want to make a six figure income shooting weddings? Do you want to work with clients who LOVE what you do and make you excited about going to work? Do you want to have a business that you run, instead of having a business that runs you?  Do you feel like you’re in a rut and need some motivation?  If so, then this is exactly what you might need!! This will sell out super fast, so be ready!

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Then here is what you need to do!

1. Tomorrow  (Friday the 26th) at noon (Central time), as soon as registration is open, we will send out a tweet (make sure you are following us on Twitter) with the link to register and pay on PayPal.
2. Be one of the first 3 people to sign up to insure a seat.
3. We will contact you and set up a time during WPPI for us to take you out for coffee and you can pick our brains on anything regarding business. We can also take a hard look at your business from the our perspective and give you feedback if that is something you desire.

*(Note: We can talk about photography and technique at these mentoring sessions, but it will be limited and there will be no hands-on shooting of any type done at these mentoring sessions.  It’s hard to demonstrate and talk about lighting inside a coffee shop with no gear on hand… we can maybe try though! ;)

Set your calendars for tomorrow at noon! We can’t wait to meet you all and hang in Vegas!!


House Update!

by Jody on February 25, 2010, posted in Personal Fun

A lot of you guys have been praying for us for our house and tweeting & emailing your support for us, so we thought that we would give an official update of everything that has transpired in the last week!

Good News: As tweeted last week, we finally heard back from the seller’s bank the end of last week and we got verbal approval of the offer that we had put on the killer townhome we wanted to buy!

Bad News: The seller decided he didn’t want to go through with it once he learned that he was going to have to pay taxes on the difference.  *Sighs*

We decided we were done with the hassle of trying to make it work and wait for his realtor to try and convince the seller otherwise..

Good News: In the meantime an opportunity opened up to buy one of the townhomes just a block down that the builder has been trying to sell for the last two years.  We have decided to move on it and purchase that one!   It’s more than perfect (same floor plan & size though), we now won’t have to do any work on the home, and it’s brand new.  No stink from other people living in it :)  Funny thing is, we have had our eyes on this place for over 5 months now, and we are finally getting it.  We are set to close AND to move out Monday! Yay!  We are excited, and everything is good to go on Monday, we are just holding our breaths until it all actually comes to fruition.

Now we are in”go” mode and feel like we’re juggling a gazillion things at once right now, but we are sooooooooooo excited!

Now that we are moving into a brand new home (yay!) there are things that need to be bought, say blinds for all the windows!  So we have been making trips to Home Depot & Lowe’s checking out everything…. Last night we were at Lowe’s and couldn’t help but stop and take a photo with a shower design that we REALLY loved….  ;o)

Thanks you guys!!!  Stay tuned for the grand tour!!  To stay updated as we close, move in and all the other good stuff, be sure to follow us on Twitter!


Squint Recording Artists, Joel & Luke Photo Shoot

by Zach & Jody on February 22, 2010, posted in Artist Shoots

Last Tuesday we had our Tuesday Tips & Tricks blog from our recent shoot of Squint recording artists, Joel & Luke and today we are posting some images from the rest of the shoot!

We had an awesome time working with these guys and not only did we get some cool images, we had a fun time hanging out with good friends. We have known these guys for a few years now and this is the second shoot that we have done for them. You can see images from their first shoot we did for this dynamic duo here.

This shoot was set up by the label to be an update to their already cool image. These shots will be used for new promo material while they work on their new record. You can check out Joel and Luke’s music by going to their web page!

Enjoy the shots!


Friday Fun – Battle of the Sexes

by Zach on February 19, 2010, posted in Friday Fun

Zach I enjoy getting together with other couples and having some tasty dinner, hanging out and playing games… though it CAN get a bit competitive at times when I feel the need to beat Zach every now and then and keep him humble! :)

One evening we went over to Paul & Laura‘s house, a former Bride & Groom of ours, for a delicious dinner and a round of the awesomely fun game, Cranium WOW.  We had a great time, though I honestly can’t remember who won… probably the girls :)

At certain points in the game, there is what’s called a Club Cranium, where both teams compete at the same time (in this case it was drawing).  You have one person from each team sketching for the other player on their team trying to get them to guess what it is that they are drawing.  The only catch is the one who is drawing is doing so WITH THEIR EYES CLOSED.

So get your game player big boy pants on and play along!! Here we go with a Club Cranium Senso-Sketch!!

Hint: Character

Drawing by the boys team: By the amazingly and artistically talented Zach “Flat Brush” Gray!

Drawing by the girls team: By Laura “Colour Shaper” Morris!

Obviously the girls won this one since Zach’s drawing looked like a vomiting mountain roach (I love you babe! :).  So, lets see who can guess the right answer!! What is it??

Jody and I are super pumped to be coming to none other than Lansing, Michigan in May for our next installment of the IN-CAMERA Photography Workshops!! Jody will be hitting her old stomping grounds as she grew up in Redford which is just outside of Detroit. Woo hoo!!

We are really excited and cant wait to see family and friends and meet new photographers!!

To see the class schedules and specific dates, visit the IN-CAMERA Photography Workshop Website.

We will be hosting three workshops at Jason Aten’s studio including IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post, IN-CAMERA: Light and introducing for the first time IN-CAMERA: Business!

This new business workshop titled “Executing the Dream” is a bonus add-on for Michigan attendees only and is going to show you how we went from shooting our first wedding in June of 2007 for $500, to making a six figure income just one year later. We are going to take you through our entire business model that has allowed us to run the business that we want instead of having a business that runs us.

Topics covered will be: Marketing, Branding, Standing Out, Pricing Yourself to Succeed, Investing in your Clients and Vendors to Work for You, Creating Balance, Dreaming Big Dreams and Executing Goals. This workshop is 3 hours in length and is priced so that you can attend the shooting workshops you want, and get the business workshop you need. Only $99!

These workshops will sell out fast so if you know you want to come, don’t wait as we will not be able to add on any dates like we have done for our Nashville workshops. Seating is very limited!

See you in Michigan!!