WPPI Business Mentoring Sessions!

The end of February is quickly coming and March will soon be here.  You know what that means – WPPI!!!!!!!!!   Yes, we will be going, and cannot wait to see some of you again and meet the rest of you for the first time!  Ya gotta love big photographer conventions with... Read More
Zach Shower

House Update!

A lot of you guys have been praying for us for our house and tweeting & emailing your support for us, so we thought that we would give an official update of everything that has transpired in the last week! Good News: As tweeted last week, we finally heard back... Read More

Friday Fun – Battle of the Sexes

Zach I enjoy getting together with other couples and having some tasty dinner, hanging out and playing games… though it CAN get a bit competitive at times when I feel the need to beat Zach every now and then and keep him humble! :) One evening we went over to... Read More

We Would Love Your Vote!

We were so honored to find out yesterday by someone tweeting that out of over 200 entries, we made the top 25 for Show It‘s Best of 2009 Photographer of the Year!  We are honored and super thrilled!  There are so many great photographers in the running not only... Read More

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