It’s Coming! A Sneak Peek into Adam & Rita’s Nashville Wedding Photography

We had the awesome privilege of shooting a beautiful wedding this past weekend for Rita & Adam. We can’t wait to show you all of the images from this wedding!  So much culture and tradition involved.  Love it! It is coming soon! Here is a little teaser image to hold you over for now! Enjoy! Something else super fab about this wedding is we got to work with Heather and Eugene the married Nashville wedding videography team who goes by the name 2Duce2!  Want to see their killer video highlight?  Head on over to 2Duce2’s blog to see their sneak peek video reel!!  It’s... Read More

Nashville Photography Workshops – First Class Completed!

What a day, what a day! Yesterday we had the first installment of this Spring’s IN-CAMERA workshops, and even with the little rain we had on and off, it went splendidly :) Brains were filled with information, ate good food, did some awesome shooting, then some great snacks and lastly finished with a killer session on our post processing via Adobe Lightroom. It is super awesome that these workshops are sponsored by Expo Imaging & Westcott Lighting, because that means we have more gear to share as we’re shooting AND FOR EVERY SHOOTING & POST CLASS WE HAVE A GIVEAWAY!!! We are giving away one free Expo Disk (valued at $99) at every Shooting & Post photography workshop! How awesome is that?? Thanks to Nashville Event Lighting for use of their projector and to Southern Events, a great and reputable wedding rental company for the chairs! Yesterday was fantastic and we can’t wait for our next installment of the workshops!! We still have a FEW seats left for Shooting & Post on April 10th. Enjoy the shots from the day! We started off at our house here in Franklin with some teaching time. Then after lunch at Blue Coast Burrito, we headed out into Franklin for some shooting time! We demonstrated how to shoot EVERYTHING in the camera exactly the way you want it from color, to exposure and composition, so that your editing time is next to nothing. Editing time on this image? 3 seconds. Here is one of Jody’s shots of the amazing Jessica!! Another Jody shot! Here is Jody with her group demoing some reflector styles.... Read More

Friday Fun – A Little Special Something for our Nashville Workshop Attendees….

We are super pumped!  This Sunday launches our first photography workshop of Spring 2010 and between the three states we are holding them in we have over 95 seats sold so far!!!  We applaud YOU guys because some of you are traveling pretty far and wide to get here to pump your brains and knowledge up!  We are blown away every time when we see how far away some of you come. Because we think you all are amazing, we have decided that for the Nashville workshops, we are awarding one FREE one hour MENTORING SESSION for the farthest traveler.  We haven’t plotted out the miles yet so we’ll list the locations that are in the running and will announce next week! Florida Oklahoma Ohio Virginia Texas Minnesota Puerto Rico (yes, you read that right…) *Judging will be based on mileage using a mapping program, and the mentoring session will be scheduled to take place when the attendee is in town for their workshop.  If the attendee declines or is unable to schedule in the mentoring session, it will be awarded to the next furthest... Read More

You Want it, You Got It!

So, this weeks blog is going to be you picking the topic on areas that YOU want hear about!! So, tell us what you would like to hear on  and it might just make it into one of our Tuesday Tips & Tricks posts!  Anything from lighting, posing, interaction with clients, business or marketing. We have had soooo many of you comment that you love this blog series that we started, so we really want to give it back and customize it for you. We want to help you guys in any and every way that we can and that is what we love doing more than anything else!! :) So, make sure to leave a comment below on this blog post and we will answer! So, of course, we won’t leave you hanging this week and here is today’s topic!! Camera Height and Its Effect Today’s tips and tricks blog is all about making our clients look the way that we want them to in our images by controlling the perspective on our shots. The height of your camera in relation to your subject can have a HUGE effect on them, how they look and what you draw the focus to.  Camera placement can sometimes make or break an image and make our client love it or hate it. When we talk about this subject at our IN-CAMERA workshops, we always talk about how you can manipulate what the viewer sees in an image by simply adjusting your camera height. Camera height can make someone look normal, taller or shorter and can make parts of the body look... Read More

Headshots for the Amazingly Awesome Jen Johnson

It’s time to share some images of the shoot we did for photographer Jen Johnson! We first met the fab Jen Johnson on Twitter forever ago it seems like.  Then, we actually met her in person when we brought our IN-CAMERA Workshops out to CA.  And yes, she was just as cool in person as she seemed to be on Twitter :)  We love Jen’s upbeat personality and how she seems to go at everything with gusto! Jen asked us to take some headshots of her at WPPI in Las Vegas, so we set it up (we’ll leave out the whole Zach arm dislocating saga) and even with the breezy chill, Jen rocked it out. LOVIN’ her heels and pink camera strap Is this hair piece not the cutest?? Insert wind! Aw yeah… just like a fashion photo shoot… Way to work it, girl :) This shoot would not have been possible without the help of two fab ladies who we met at WPPI and came out and offered their extra hands!  Thanks Lindsi Rian (Crossed Focused Photography) and Jalene (Jalene Dort Photography).  You two are the... Read More

Friday Fun – Inspiring Kids Through Photography

We attended WPPI (a yearly photographer’s trade show and conference) in Las Vegas this past week and it was great and fun, and we met all these people and learned a lot, blah blah blah…. BUT all of that drastically pales to what we did Saturday, March 6th, the day before WPPI initially started, all thanks to Pictage. We were approached a few months back by the coolest people EVER at Pictage (our AMAZING online hosting image gallery, among many other things)wondering if we would be willing to be a part of a charity event with the Boys and Girl’s club of Las Vegas right before WPPI.  Kids?  Photography? Helping other people?  Count us in!!!!!!  We flew out a day early and were really excited but had no idea of what would really unfold. For those of you who aren’t really aware of The Boys and Girls Club and what they do… Their mission is to “...enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.  Club programs and services promote and enhance the development of boys and girls by instilling a sense of competence, usefulness, belonging and influence.” The day was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and seriously, such a blessing.  I think it’s very possible that us photographers got more out of the day than the kids did… It started off with a group of phenomenal Pictage photographers all  gathering together from across the US while the big man (by title, not size), Jim Collins kicked us off and then we headed off to lunch with about 80 kids of the Las... Read More

Meet Our Intern & Follow Her Intern Journey on Twitter!

Well folks, many of you applied for our Spring internship and if we could have taken you all, we would have!  Sadly, we only had room for one person.  After combing over all the applications (42 of them!) and checking out everyone’s FaceBook pages (just kidding, we didn’t really do that), we narrowed down the field and finally selected our intern!!  It’s been 2 weeks already so we thought it was high time that we announced our intern!! It is time to officially introduce you to you…. (drumroll please….) Kate!!! Kate hails all the way from North Carolina for this internship and has already been a HUGE asset to us and our business.  She’s sharp as a tack, great to be around and yes folks, she even helped us move from our apartment to our new home before she even officially started for us.  (We didn’t force her to, we promise!). Take a moment and get to know Kate: Hometown: Oak Ridge, NC babyyyyy! 2 adjectives that describe yourself: Sincere + spontaneous Fascinating fact: I rode racehorses a few summers ago for my summer job at the same place Barbaro (the winner of the Kentucky Derby) was trained! Rawr! Childhood career dream: I wanted/still want to be a school bus driver. I want to make blueberry muffins and pass them out to the bambinas and bambinos on board. Favorite Pasttime: I’ve been riding horses forever and I LOVE the freedom you feel when you’re on the back of a 1,000 lb baby mammal. Strangest food you ever ate: A hamburger grilled in my fireplace. If you were stranded on... Read More

Shooting for the In-Between

As a guy and as a perfectionist, I (Zach) sometimes struggle with photography because I want everything about an image to be perfect in every way from the lighting to the crop and color. Shooting with excellence and giving every shot all that you have is definitely important and getting the lighting, the pose and the “look” just right is great, but it’s not really what matters most from the client’s perspective. Over the past 3 years there’s a constant reminder to myself (thank-you, Jody) that photography is not JUST about me being totally fulfilled as an “artist” with my images (not that I really am an artist compared to some),  but about giving my client something that THEY truly love. Honestly, the average client does not really know the difference between an amazingly good photo and a perfect one, do they (no offense to some of you brides & grooms out there!)? We as photographers spend tons of time learning, perfecting and dissecting images on a weekly or daily basis and we know when the lighting or pose (or whatever) could have been better, but clients do not see that the way we do. The client is looking for something that they can connect with, something emotional or something that is real. Clients definitely know when the shot is fake and posed and has no life in it! So, long ago, I learned that some of the great photographers always shot for the in-between. They were looking for moments that happened between moments. Moments when the client drops their guard and truly become themselves in your image that... Read More

Home, Sweet Home… We are homeowners!

Happy Monday!!! It’s absolutely crazy to think that two weeks ago we signed and closed on our BRAND NEW HOME!!!  Ahhhh!  Where has the time gone?  (Oh, right.  Half of that time we have been at WPPI in Vegas. More to come on that later!). We have been married four and a half years and we have been SAVING and living like no one else for this moment… We are going to share that story later as well :)  We definitely feel blessed and are excited that this has finally come! We had everything unpacked within the first three days (minus decor items) before we headed off to Nevada for WPPI.  It’s been fun figuring out where to put stuff (we actually have OPTIONS on where to put our dishes! Imagine that!) and we have so far been enjoying cleaning…. weird. We woke up the first morning and felt like we were staying at someone else’s place, but NOPE its ours!!  So crazy… We are definitely loving this place and know it was the perfect fit for us.  We knew there was a reason the short sale home wasn’t happening!! Thank-you, Lord! Here are a few pictures!! This shot was when we had just closed and wrote the biggest check ever for the downpayment… crazy! Below are fab friends Kristine Neeley (also suh-weet Nashville family and baby portrait photographer as well as our associate photographer) and the manly Andy Johnson with us helping us move out of our apartment. Below is the fabulous Kate (who we will soon formally be introducing you to her :) carting around our DO... Read More

Calling All Wedding Industry Married Couples!

It’s time again for another Married Vendor Hang Out Night! There comes a time when people need to connect with each other outside of their professions and what they do.  AND it’s super important (and fun) to invest in your relationship with your spouse and with other couples!  Not to ostracize those who aren’t married but there are certain times when ya just need to hang with other married folk and build those relationships. Well it’s time again for the next installment of our Married Wedding Vendor Hang Out Night (we seriously need a name…). Who: For any and ALL married couples who work in the wedding industry.  Yes, you are welcome if just one spouse works in the industry :) Why: How many times do you get together with other people in your profession and all you end up talking about is business (which is cool and fun)  BUT what about getting to know each other outside of business and having some fun hang time with your spouse OUTSIDE of work? Hence, these hang out nights!  This is not only about hanging with people you already know but getting outside your zone and developing NEW friendships! What: Dinner and then games at Dave & Buster’s Where: Dave & Busters, 540 Opry Mills Drive | Nashville, TN 37214 When: Thursday, March 18th, 6:30 pm Rules & Restrictions: NO Business talk allowed. A penalty will be enforced for violators :) Additional Notes: We can all meet up inside the main doors and then get seated. RSVP: Please click on THIS LINK to RSVP! (You’ll have to enter in your Evite... Read More

Friday Fun – A Date Night with a Little Cheese

Zach and I have it built in our budget and placed on our calendar to have a date night every week.  It doesn’t always happen, but we try! We found out early on in our marriage that if you are not intentional about spending time together and connecting, then it will not happen. Our marriage is one of our top priorities over almost everything else, so that is something that we have to fight for if need be and not let other things get in the way of it! So, we were trying to figure out what to do the other night and instead of getting a movie and not talking the whole night, we decided it was time for some awesome Chuck E. cheese! We grabbed every quarter we could find and joined the ranks of all the little people (kids that is) that were swimming in a sea of fun and video games and decided to get our Skee-ball on! (all photo compliments of our little Canon point and shoot) Zach trying to hide behind my mask of…. (this can’t possibly go anywhere good) yeah, next photo please! Me ready to get my game on! Oh yeah! Is that 60,000? What up Jody??!! We’re rich!!!!  We can now get …. a bouncy ball and or tootsie rolls that only cost us $15 bucks and they regularly cost 1 cent! Yay!! We really wanted one of the cool prizes the wall of greatness had to offer… … but had to resort to the prizes a little closer to our ticket budget.. ha ha We ended up getting a... Read More

Speakers Not to Miss at WPPI!

First time at WPPI? Feel a little bit overwhelmed? Not sure what to go to, who to hear speak, what to do? Well,we don’t have all the answers but we definitely know some speakers you do NOT want to miss out on!! Also make sure to stop by the Westcott lighting booth Monday & Tuesday 10:30-11:00am. We will be speaking & demonstrating some lighting! … And if you’re in the loop on ShowItSites speaking events, you just might be seeing us! MONDAY Jared Bauman – Your Business on Auto Pilot for a Six-Figure income, 3:30-5:00pm, Room #306-307 Jasmine Star – Ghetto Fabulous Marketing, 6:30-7:30, Room #319-320 TUESDAY Justin & Mary Marantz – Loyalty Beyond Reason, 3:30-5:30, Room 304-305 Dane Sanders – Anatomy of a Creative, 3:30-5:30, Room 309-310 Andy & Angie Wood – Ten Steps to an Amazing Web Presence, 6:30-8:30, Room 306-307 WEDNESDAY Amber Holritz – Lifestyle Baby Photography, 2:30-4:30, Rm #318 PS sorry there is not tons more info on the classes. We are doing this on our phones! You’ll have to check the schedule! Woo... Read More

Reception Lighting Techniques

Have you ever showed up to a reception and started shooting everything in sight, only to look back later and see that all your images have some seriously orange color in the background? What is the deal with that?? One problem that photographers encounter when shooting indoors is that the color of their flash and the color of the ambient light (tungsten) does not seem to match.  Anytime lights in a room have an orange or amber tint to them, that means that they are tungsten colored. The color is measured in Kelvin degrees (which is what your digital camera understands) and different lighting situations will have different kelvin temperatures (or different white balances) usually ranging between 2200 to 10000 “degrees.” The lower the number (like 2200) the warmer the light is interpreted by your camera, and inversely, the higher the number (like 7500) the cooler the light is. So if you have your camera set to a pre-set (or auto) white balance for say, tungsten (2800 degrees kelvin), then took a photo outside when it was cloudy (7500 degrees kelvin), the color would come out really blue (or cold) since your camera is set to a warm light setting and the outside light is very cool. So, the problem with using any type of flash during a reception is that the color temperature of the flash is normally daylight balanced (around 5500 to 5800 kelvin) which is cooler than those darn tungsten lights in the reception (which are usually around 2800 kelvin or so). So when you turn on your flash and take a shot with that cool... Read More

The Most Exciting Monday EVER!

We have been packing this whole weekend (not straight through… we don’t have THAT much stuff), and it all comes together today.  We close AND move today!!!  Ah!!  Surreal.  So crazy.  Bye, bye apartment. Thanks to our AMAZING movers, All My Sons we are going to make this happen in one day!  These guys rock! PS We won’t have internet for a few days while we are getting everything hooked up, so please be patient with us while we are in this transition.... Read More