Friday Fun! A house warming burger?

We love the west coast. We love the ocean, the palm trees the excitement of all the cool and different cities that are out there, but most of all, we LOVE IN-N-OUT Burger! For some really lame-o reason they are no In-N-Out burgers anywhere near Nashville, so every time we are out on the west coast the first and last thing we always do is hit up the best burger joint known to man. Some of our friends out there, namely Jeff & Betsy McCue of La Vida Creations, happen to know how much we love it and miss it, so they sent us the best house warming gift that anyone could ever send! Paraphernalia from IN-N-OUT! They sent us a hat, pencils, and even a guide to eating IN-N-OUT! It was soooo awesome! Now if they could just get a burger sent by UPS, that would be something! :) I wonder how we can incorporate this into the design of our new place? Hmmm… Maybe lick-able burger-flavored wall paper? Thanks guys! You the best! So, what is your absolutely favorite burger place of all time? Let us know and we might have to just check it out and see if it can hold a candle to IN-N-OUT!... Read More
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Coming Soon! Emily & Jeremy

Jody and I shot an amazingly cool wedding in the mountains of North Carolina this past Saturday and it was a blast. Despite all the rain we had an amazing time and the bride and groom were just awesome! We can’t wait to share more images with you later but here is a teaser just for now. To sign up for Emily & Jeremy’s gallery to see all their images once they are available online, click HERE and sign the virtual guest... Read More

Business by the Book

This Tuesday tips and tricks blog is all about what we love the most… business! As much as I (Zach) love shooting cool images and working with our couple’s on the wedding day, those that know me will tell you that when we get on the topic of business, I get really excited! Jody and I both came from having absolutely nothing handed to us, to building a business that does what we want it to and blesses us each and every day. So, today’s tip is going to be on the topic of where you want to be in five years and how to get there. The year we got into photography we also became huge fans of a great financial adviser who hails from Nashville (and also happens to be a multi-millionaire)  named Dave Ramsey. One thing that I heard Dave quote all the time, and which is the basis of this post, is that “where you will be in five years is dependent on two things, the people you meet and the books you read.” That quote has stuck with me over the years and is one of the major factors in the success of our business. The average millionaire reads one business book a month, and I want to think like they do, so Jody and I have become huge readers (which is something I have to force myself to do) of great business books. Every time I pick up a new business book and start reading, my mind starts racing with new ideas and different and better ways to run our business. We get... Read More

Love + Baseball + A Nighttime Shoot = Mallory & Aaron Awesomeness

We met Mallory & Aaron what seemed like forever ago and it was finally time for us and them to get their engagement shoot on!  We had a really, really fun time just hanging out and shooting and capturing the cuteness and fun of these two. To view the images once they become available online, CLICK HERE to sign Aaron & Mallory’s virtual guest book. Aaron has a HUGE love of baseball so we thought we would incorporate that theme into the first part of their engagement shoot. Then we headed off to some cool grassiness right behind our home as the golden hour hit… ahhhh love it.  These guys are so cute!!! Our last stop for the shoot was downtown Franklin, TN, rockin’ it out with some 580s and Westcott‘s new constant lighting – the SpiderLite. Aaron & Mallory – You two rocked it and we had a blast!  Can’t wait for your wedding... Read More
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Nashville, TN Bridal Shoot with Sara Jo!

Jody and I shot an amazing wedding last weekend and are now finally able to show images from the bridal shoot that we did for Sara Jo! This girl pretty much rocks in every way and Jody and I had an amazing time getting to know Sara Jo and her new hubby Ben over the last few. Sara Jo is a sweet country girl and we wanted her bridal shoot to reflect that side of her personality. So we headed out to the amazingly cool Tap Root Farm in Franklin and got our country on! We drove four wheel drive vehicles, listened to some country music and saw tons of cows! It was awesome! We had a beautiful day to shoot the photos and went all out for this shoot which you will see in some of the behind the scenes images. Enjoy the shots and leave some love!! We started out shooting some big open wide shots at the farm to really capture Sara’s bubbly personality! When you are on the farm, you have to include the tractor tires! Here is the crew (image taken by our awesome intern Kate!) 4-wheel driving to the next location! Sara was almost attacked by these mad cows, but luckily we shooed them off with our big cameras! :) Then it was time for me (Zach) to get down and dirty for these next shots! Apparently I looked like a complete dork in my hip-waiters and everyone started laughing at me. :( Once I gave them Blue Steel, a quiet hush came over the on-lookers. Then they laughed louder. While I was... Read More
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Nashville, TN IN-CAMERA Photography Workshops completed!

“This is the best investment I could have made in my business. I’m so thrilled I did it early on in my business.” “Loved it, Love it, Loved it!  Learned so much it blows my mind!” “This is the most beneficial class to learn how to improve my photography.  It was broken down in a way we could easily understand and apply it.” “This is truly one of the best workshops I have ever attended!” “This workshop is going to change the way I shoot receptions” “This weekend started with me knowing absolutely nothing, now I’m honestly full equipped to rock it!” “Great learning experience.  What I learned will save me a lot of time” “I learned here more than anywhere else” On a scale of 1-5, How would you rate this experience overall: “26,432.84 Think that says it all.” “Excellent, excellent, excellent!!! This will give me so much more time with my husband and kids.  Thank-you!!!” “The information and hands-on shooting was amazing!” “I learned exactly what I came here for.” “I’d do it all over again.” “All I can say is thank-you.  You guys are awesome.” “This class was amazing!” “Great, personal instruction!” “Thank you again for the awesome learning opportunity and experience!!”   “Not only did I walk away with invaluable information from you two, but I also gained some wonderful friendships” Whew!  What a weekend!!!  All four of our Nashville, TN IN-CAMERA Photography Workshops are complete and what a joy they were for us to hold.  Above are just a few of the many comments we received on our Exit Surveys and can we say... Read More

Featured Artist Friday with Tonhya Kae!

Jody and I had the amazingly cool privilege of being the Friday featured artist on Tonhya Kae’s blog today! Tonhya is a super cool chick and a really awesome shooter and hails from the great north west. She does a really cool feature every Friday that highlights different photographers and she contacted us a while back to do a small interview and show some of our images. Check it out at her blog and leave her some love! Also, you can check out her site here if you want to see her work first... Read More

Friday Fun – The Mentoring Session Winner – Puerto Rico baby!!!!

As mentioned last week, for our Nashville workshops we are giving away one one-hour mentoring session to the photographer who travels the furthest and that winner is… (drum roll please) Diana Rivera Santos!! Diana is traveling this weekend all the way from Puerto Rico to be with us this weekend for our workshops.  We wanted to do a little blog highlighting her, so enjoy reading about her below! Hometown: Guaynabo, Puerto Rico ;-D … 15 minutes from the beach! (yeah had to plug that in. Shame on me, I know!) Favorite kind of photography: Photojournalism & Portraits… wedding photojournalism is beautiful and when done right, there’s SO much heart in it – I’m really looking forward to it. But I also love documentary style… going to photograph Africa and also the tribes of Thailand is a HUGE dream of mine. What are you the most excited about for the IN-CAMERA workshops? Learning how to work with lighting from the experts ^-^!! Really excited to get hands on training and not just training by sitting in a classroom all day looking at slideshows :-S Interesting fact about you: Let’s see…about me… I’m an ever-smiling, energetic human being that is driven to help others in any way I can by the Grace that God has given to me… also… a true adrenaline junkie! o_0  =D  I also love BBQ and bungee jumping! lol We wanted to show you a bit of Diana’s photography, and even though her computer had a meltdown, she still managed to have a few to send over! This is the eye of her father. It is one of the... Read More

Nashville Business Workshop by Jared Bauman!!!

“I must tell you that I cannot think of any other [business] workshop or seminar I have ever attended on wedding photography that comes close to being as useful and inspiring as yours was yesterday in Portland, Maine.” – Russell Carron Photography Want to be blown away when it comes to business and dramatically advance your business?  Well my friends, Jared Bauman’s “Prevail in Business” workshop is the workshop for you! We met Jared last November when he spoke at Partner Con and as soon as he began to talk about business we knew this guy was sharp and knew what was going on.  We love his business mind and were pumped to hear that he was speaking AGAIN at WPPI 2010 this March, not even once but twice!  His room was so packed the first time they asked him to hold a second session.  Didn’t make it to PartnerCon or WPPI?  Well, worry no more – Jared has decided to bring his business photography workshop to Nashville THIS MONTH! Come one, Come All!  Clear your calendars for Tuesday, April 27th, 8:30am-4:30pm! What it is: Are you a photographer who’s stuck not making money?  No, I’m not talking about “getting by”, I’m talking about making real money.  The kind you can buy a house with, the kind you can put your kids through college on, the kind that you can retire on …. Are you buried in the war zone of work, and not able to get out from under it?  In other words, maybe you have a few more cups of coffee each week than you would prefer?... Read More
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A Sneak Peek into the Dyersburg, TN wedding of Ben & Sara Jo

We had the most amazingly fun wedding with our awesome bride, Sara Jo!  First it was her hilarious and fun bridal session which she ROCKED out, high winds and all (…and all we will say on this is Zach + camouflage = hilarious…. just wait!), and then this past weekend it was her and Ben’s wedding.  It was a FABULOUS day and we cannot WAIT to share more images from the wedding….  until then, we give you a little sneak peak!!! To be notified once Ben & Sara Jo’s wedding images are online and available for viewing, click HERE to sign the virtual guest... Read More

Camera Neck Strap vs. the Hand Strap

There are certain accessories that we use that make our jobs a lot easier and this post highlights one of those pieces! Ever find yourself on a shoot and for convenience you have your camera strapped around your neck?  The problem we run into is sometimes when we turn the camera the strap falls in the way and it becomes just plain annoying.  It’s long, can get in the way, and not to mention the strain it can cause your neck after hanging there all day. Enter the solution – the Canon Hand Strap! People see these hand straps on our camera and we often get asked what they are and if we like them.  Well, wonder no further. The hand strap helps control and support the camera and you can even use it if you have a battery grip on your camera…. and yes, we love ’em!  The hand grips are adjustable too and you can fit them to whatever size your hand needs :)  My hands are a bit smaller than Zach’s so I keep mine not as taut so my fingers can still reach the buttons on top of the camera when changing around my settings.  The hand strap doesn’t get in the way of your shooting and if you want to set your camera down it’s as easy as slipping your hand out.  It’s also nice as well because it is well padded and doesn’t irritate your hand as you’re shooting through out the day. You can find and buy these hand grips online at Adorama and Nikon also has a hand strap that you... Read More