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“This is the best investment I could have made in my business. I’m so thrilled I did it early on in my business.”

“Loved it, Love it, Loved it!  Learned so much it blows my mind!”

“This is the most beneficial class to learn how to improve my photography.  It was broken down in a way we could easily understand and apply it.”

“This is truly one of the best workshops I have ever attended!”

“This workshop is going to change the way I shoot receptions”

“This weekend started with me knowing absolutely nothing, now I’m honestly full equipped to rock it!”

“Great learning experience.  What I learned will save me a lot of time”

“I learned here more than anywhere else”

On a scale of 1-5, How would you rate this experience overall: “26,432.84 Think that says it all.”

“Excellent, excellent, excellent!!! This will give me so much more time with my husband and kids.  Thank-you!!!”

“The information and hands-on shooting was amazing!”

“I learned exactly what I came here for.”

“I’d do it all over again.”

“All I can say is thank-you.  You guys are awesome.”

“This class was amazing!”

“Great, personal instruction!”

“Thank you again for the awesome learning opportunity and experience!!”

“Not only did I walk away with invaluable information from you two, but I also gained some wonderful friendships”

Nashville, TN Photography Workshops

Whew!  What a weekend!!!  All four of our Nashville, TN IN-CAMERA Photography Workshops are complete and what a joy they were for us to hold.  Above are just a few of the many comments we received on our Exit Surveys and can we say that we just love doing what we do.   We have been busy like crazy entertaining the 70 seats that photographers filled at our place for two weekends! We had an amazing time and made some new friends, hung out with old friends, and had an all-around AMAZING time with everyone who came out. :) We had shooters from all over the country and it was cool to go around the room and listen to accents ranging from Texan to MinnesOtan, all the way to Puerto Rican.  Lol, good times!

This spring we did our Shooting & Post and Light workshops, but then added another workshop that was built around more advanced off-camera lighting and lighting for receptions (Light II).  This workshop could not have happened without all of our Nashville event specialists who came out and gave of their time to make this work.  We were able to get a big enough space and have it lit like a reception from the amazing crew over at Nashville Event Lighting, we had two cakes that we were able to shoot from the awesome folks at The Bake Shoppe, we had table settings put up by Music City Tents and Event and a beautiful centerpiece designed just for us and brought in by The Enchanted Florist.  Tons of set up, tons of planning and lots of shooters came out and we all had an absolute blast!  A thanks also goes to Southern Events who provided us with all the seating for our home studio!

Below are some behind the scenes images from the workshops (thanks to our amazing intern KATE the AWESOME!!!  aka Kawesome) and some demo shots that Jody and I took for the students during the first set ups from the different days of workshops. Enjoy and if you attended one of the workshops, leave us some love and let people know about your experience from the day!

Day One:

On Saturday, we started off with our IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post photography workshop that is all about natural lighting and how to enhance it with some cool tools. This workshop also covers color, composition, exposure, posing and a host of other goodies!  We opened this class after our Shooting & Post workshop from the previous weekend sold out in its first week.  Glad we were able to have you all come out!  Here is the class!

Nashville, TN Photography Workshops

We started out talking through all the techniques we use, then headed out to demo how to get great looking shots in any lighting condition. This shot was taken while the sun was hammering down on us, but we showed everyone how we could control that nasty light and make it look beautiful!  Notice the awesome light in Jessica’s eyes.

After the shoot we headed back to go over our post-production workflow and thanks to Expo Imaging we have been able to do an awesome giveaway of a free Expo Disk (valued at $99.95!)! Chase, who came down from Oklahoma, was the big winner that night and he was super stoked!!

Nashville, TN Photography Workshops

Day Two!

We held our IN-CAMERA: Light photography workshop on Sunday to a sold out class of 16 students which was the biggest class of this type we have ever done. We brought in another awesome shooter, David Molnar,  to help run some of the shooting time so that we could devote plenty of one-on-one attention to the shooters that were there. David and his wife Tammy are incredible photographers here in town and are also really good friends of ours!

We started the day with some class time and then lunch, then headed out to start shooting! We went out during the worst time of the day to shoot and demonstrated how bringing the light with you can make up for lack of good natural light.

Nashville, TN Photography Workshops

You can see how harsh and contrasty the natural light was hitting me in the head! Yuck!

Resulting image: (Editing time 8 seconds with zero skin retouching).

Nashville, TN Photography Workshops

Jody headed out with a team to shoot some images behind a big hill and demo some cool flare shots.

Nashville, TN Photography Workshops

Nashville, TN Photography Workshops

Resulting Image taken by Jody with fab model, Elly:

We then headed off to show all three teams how to do a cool back-lit shot and got some killer images! Look at all those perty Westcott Soft Boxes! Me heart you!

Nashville, TN Photography Workshops

Nashville, TN Photography Workshops

Here is the shot that I got from the set (with lovely model, Lindsey)! Set up time for this shot was about 30 seconds. Editing time was even less. :)

Nashville, TN Photography Workshops

After this set up we headed over to catch the last of the sunlight and do some shots that were a bit different.  Gotta love models and machinery!

Nashville, TN Photography Workshops

Nashville, TN Photography Workshops

Nashville, TN Photography Workshops

Nashville, TN Photography Workshops

Here is the “crew”!!

Nashville, TN Photography Workshops

Day Three:

On Monday, we hosted our brand new IN-CAMERA: Light 2 photography workshop! This workshop was geared toward advanced off-camera lighting and shooting receptions and low light imagery. We had a blast with this packed house of 16 shooters and everything went off without a hitch. We were blessed to have the help of all those mentioned in the beginning of this post and could not have made it happen otherwise.

We had an entire reception style set-up with cakes to shoot, centerpieces, up-lighting and a bride and groom! It was really cool to finally be able to demo this side of our shooting and show others exactly how we do it!

Nashville, TN Photography Workshops

Nashville, TN Photography Workshops

Nashville, TN Photography Workshops

We also demonstrated how to shoot killer portraits indoors with or without flash photography.  This shot was taken with Westcott’s SpiderLite constant light with model Jason.  Love it!

Nashville, TN Photography Workshops

Nashville, TN Photography Workshops

Then we headed outside to get crunk! It was time for some multiple strobe technique and some serious lighting control to create show-stopping images right in the camera.

Nashville, TN Photography Workshops

Below is Kate the Awesome (our fab intern!) giving us an extra hand.  Thanks to Evin Photography for the below shot :)

Our awesome dude model Jason worked it out like no one’s business!

Resulting Image: Zero dodging, zero burning, no PhotoShop and about 4 seconds of editing time in Adobe Lightroom 2 to turn the image back into a JPG for print.

Nashville, TN Photography Workshops

Nashville, TN Photography Workshops

Nashville, TN Photography Workshops

Nashville, TN Photography Workshops

We had SUCH a great time with all of you who came out and cannot wait to see all of your images!  Feel free to leave your workshop feedback below and share your links when you blog about the workshops so others can see!

Jody and I are headed off to Connecticut for another round of workshops this weekend (and Michigan workshops two weekends after)! Our Light class is sold out and there are a few seats hanging in there for Shooting and Post this Sunday, so if you are thinking of coming out, then click HERE to sign up!! See you guys in CT soon!!

Jody and I had the amazingly cool privilege of being the Friday featured artist on Tonhya Kae’s blog today!

Tonhya is a super cool chick and a really awesome shooter and hails from the great north west. She does a really cool feature every Friday that highlights different photographers and she contacted us a while back to do a small interview and show some of our images.

Check it out at her blog and leave her some love! Also, you can check out her site here if you want to see her work first hand!

As mentioned last week, for our Nashville workshops we are giving away one one-hour mentoring session to the photographer who travels the furthest and that winner is…

(drum roll please)

Diana Rivera Santos!!

Diana is traveling this weekend all the way from Puerto Rico to be with us this weekend for our workshops.  We wanted to do a little blog highlighting her, so enjoy reading about her below!

Hometown: Guaynabo, Puerto Rico ;-D … 15 minutes from the beach! (yeah had to plug that in. Shame on me, I know!)

Favorite kind of photography: Photojournalism & Portraits… wedding photojournalism is beautiful and when done right, there’s SO much heart in it – I’m really looking forward to it. But I also love documentary style… going to photograph Africa and also the tribes of Thailand is a HUGE dream of mine.

What are you the most excited about for the IN-CAMERA workshops? Learning how to work with lighting from the experts ^-^!! Really excited to get hands on training and not just training by sitting in a classroom all day looking at slideshows :-S

Interesting fact about you: Let’s see…about me… I’m an ever-smiling, energetic human being that is driven to help others in any way I can by the Grace that God has given to me… also… a true adrenaline junkie! o_0  =D  I also love BBQ and bungee jumping! lol

We wanted to show you a bit of Diana’s photography, and even though her computer had a meltdown, she still managed to have a few to send over!

This is the eye of her father. It is one of the last photographs she took of him.

Looking forward to meeting you, Diana!!  Feel free to welcome Diana back to the mainland!  :)

I must tell you that I cannot think of any other [business] workshop or seminar I have ever attended on wedding photography that comes close to being as useful and inspiring as yours was yesterday in Portland, Maine.” – Russell Carron Photography

Want to be blown away when it comes to business and dramatically advance your business?  Well my friends, Jared Bauman’s “Prevail in Business” workshop is the workshop for you!

We met Jared last November when he spoke at Partner Con and as soon as he began to talk about business we knew this guy was sharp and knew what was going on.  We love his business mind and were pumped to hear that he was speaking AGAIN at WPPI 2010 this March, not even once but twice!  His room was so packed the first time they asked him to hold a second session.  Didn’t make it to PartnerCon or WPPI?  Well, worry no more – Jared has decided to bring his business photography workshop to Nashville THIS MONTH!

Come one, Come All!  Clear your calendars for Tuesday, April 27th, 8:30am-4:30pm!

What it is:
Are you a photographer who’s stuck not making money?  No, I’m not talking about “getting by”, I’m talking about making real money.  The kind you can buy a house with, the kind you can put your kids through college on, the kind that you can retire on ….

Are you buried in the war zone of work, and not able to get out from under it?  In other words, maybe you have a few more cups of coffee each week than you would prefer?  Or its the late nights that you’re really starting to notice …..

This is for you


The “Prevail in Business” Workshop is designed to revolutionize your photography business. This one-day workshop is packed with information specifically tailored to simplifying your business process and educating the photographer on how to have a successful business, covering:

- step-by-step look at your business workflow, from A-Z
- advice on  what to cut out, what to keep but streamline, and what you probably should outsource

Thinking like an Owner:
- healthy examination of how to treat your business like you are the owner, freeing your time to grow and sustain it
- tools to keep you mentally focused on being the owner you NEED to be

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media:
- easy to understand descriptions of important SEO ideas
- simple implementation of high-impact SEO techniques
- explanation of social media and its relevancy to the photo industry

- a barrage of marketing tips designed to be easily implemented THAT NIGHT
- long term marketing success …. the kind of marketing no one teaches you

- branding essentials for creating a monetary company brand
- branding tools and exercises that will have you leave with everything you need to FIX your brand

Packages and Pricing:
- a hyper-critical and full-fledged examination of both the Packaging pricing model and the A La Carte pricing model
- detailed descriptions of why to use Packages, and why to use A La Carte
- strategies for appropriate pricing at each and every level Associates
- the “how-to’s” that make associates a successful branch of your business
- simple implementation of high-impact SEO techniques
- the structure behind Bauman Photographers unique and very successful Associate Program

Six Figure Drill:
- simplified and generalized description of essential business terms
- Six Figure Worksheet, designed by Jared, that will provide easy forecasting for your business
- Jared will walk you through you worksheet, showing you what it takes to hit your financial goals THIS YEAR


Cost: $300
Discounts: PUG discount of $100 (total comes to $200, use code “PUG”)
DWF member discount of $100 (total comes to $200, use code “DWF”)
Date: Tuesday, April 27

Sign up by going to Jared’s Business Workshop Webpage

Who is Jared?

Jared Bauman has been speaking on business, specific to the photography industry, for multiple years.  He has given one of the highest rated WPPI presentations on business, and speaks around the country on how to advance your business.  Jared is known for his highly applicable presentations that leave the attendee with pages of notes, and tons of practical and applicable content.

Jared owns and operates one of the most successful studios in San Diego, California.  He also co-founded ShootDotEdit, the premiere outsourcing solution for photographers’ post production. He has been in business for over 9 years.

What are people saying?

Russ of Russell Caron Photography:
As a full time wedding photographer trying to ensure I stay on the cutting edge of both my photography and the business side of my studio, I attend many seminars; local, regional, and national.  I must tell you that I cannot think of any other workshop or seminar I have ever attended on wedding photography that comes close to being as useful and inspiring as yours was yesterday in Portland, Maine.  As mentally exhausted as I was from all the mind-stimulating ideas and information you so willingly shared, I still  had a very hard time going to sleep that night, my mind was so buzzing with fresh new ideas.  You and your workshop represent a very refreshing approach to inspiration, and we as attendees can feel that you are doing this with genuine interest and with a real willingness to share what your business and photography backgrounds have taught you.  A sincere thank you!  It was the best investment in my own time and for my business I could have made.  I will recommend you to many, as many recommended you to me.

Jen of
Jen Dean Photography:
Great. Powerful. Extremely relevant. Spot on. That’s just the start….Jared’s openness and candor is refreshing and useful. I have taken other business workshops, but they can’t even compare. The nuts and bolts,the nitty-gritty, and the numbers were all there. I left knowing exactly what I want to change to make my business work better. He covered all the things that we as photographers have to know to run a business well, in one thorough package. I just wish i had known all this a few years ago.

Kellie of KCB Photography:
Thank you for sharing you time and knowledge the last two days.  I am really looking forward to implementing some knew ideas one step at a time.  We’ll have to keep you updated on the transformation to streamlined and business savvy. It was a pleasure to meet you and I look forward to next we cross paths.

Patricia of PT Photography:
I just wanted to let you know how much I really enjoyed your workshop. This past week I went to a workshop and although it was great it didn’t even hold a candle to how helpful and inspiring your Prevail in Business workshop was. Truly you are eloquent and helped me feel cutting edge. Thank you so much for sharing your business sense with me, it was well worth every penny!

Do not miss out!!!  Hope to see you there!

We had the most amazingly fun wedding with our awesome bride, Sara Jo!  First it was her hilarious and fun bridal session which she ROCKED out, high winds and all (…and all we will say on this is Zach + camouflage = hilarious…. just wait!), and then this past weekend it was her and Ben’s wedding.  It was a FABULOUS day and we cannot WAIT to share more images from the wedding….  until then, we give you a little sneak peak!!!

To be notified once Ben & Sara Jo’s wedding images are online and available for viewing, click HERE to sign the virtual guest book!

Nashville, TN wedding photographer's

Nashville, TN wedding photographer's