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A Memorial to My Hero, My Grandfather

My grandfather on my father’s side, was Thomas Gray. He was an orphan and ran away from his foster home at age 15 and joined the US Calvary. On June 6th 1944 he stormed the beach-head of Normandy. Although I barely knew him as he died in 1991, his sacrifice... Read More
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Friday Fun – Motorcycle Madness!

My wonderful mother, Eileen, just came to town to visit the Jodster and I for a few days last Monday! Mothers are awesome because not only do they give you life (you would not exist without them), but they are your mom for your whole life. They help you financially... Read More
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IN-CAMERA Workshops Update

We are wrapping up our last day of workshops today in MI with our business intensive! We hosted our IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post and Light workshops over the last two days and had a blast! We met tons of new photographers, made some great new friends, and saw tons... Read More