A Memorial to My Hero, My Grandfather

My grandfather on my father’s side, was Thomas Gray. He was an orphan and ran away from his foster home at age 15 and joined the US Calvary. On June 6th 1944 he stormed the beach-head of Normandy. Although I barely knew him as he died in 1991, his sacrifice helped free Europe from the evil of the Nazi’s and helped to stop one of the most horrific wars in history.  His skill in battle also allowed him to survive some of the bloodiest battles in the war. Thank you Grandpa Thomas for your sacrifice for me and for this... Read More

The Nashville Wedding of NY Couple Adam & Rita!!

As we often tell people, yes, we shoot weddings all over the United States/Universe (waiting for our first wedding on the moon… ;o), but this one couple had a destination wedding right here in the great state of Tennessee! We shot the beautiful wedding of New York couple, Adam & Rita here in Nashville and what a wedding it was! Adam and Rita planned their wedding from New York (she even got her dress at Kleinfeld‘ s Say Yes To the Dress on TLC!).  The day was filled with culture and meaning and we had a joy shooting it!!! To view Adam & Rita’s images once they are available online, CLICK HERE to sign their online gallery. Enjoy the wedding images from the day! Adam and Rita wanted to see each other beforehand and get their photos taken at Centennial Park so we set this up at the Parthenon! Before the traditional “white wedding dress” Western ceremony, Rita and Adam took part in a private Muslim ceremony called the Nikah. And then it was time for the Western ceremony! And a few more pictures right outside of the Loew’s Vanderbilt hotel. Congratulations you guys!!!!! Hope you had an amazing time relaxing in Africa!!!!!!! :) If you missed the video of their wedding, done by Nashville Wedding Videographers 2Duce2, then watch it here! Other Vendors: Nashville Wedding Reception Venue: Loew’s Vanderbilt Hair Artist: Mary Malone Wedding Makeup Artist: Angelisa Farmer with Artistry Spa Salon Lighting: Techworks Linens: BBJ Linens Drapery: Events Plus Florals: A Village of Flowers Cake: Dulce... Read More

Friday Fun – Date Night at the Carnival!!!!!!!!

Zach and I have been married four and a half years and we still have date nights.  These are really important to us because it is so so SO easy to allow ourselves to get swept away into the busyness of life (especially with owning our own business).  There’s nothing better than making the effort to get out and do something different and have intentional fun with each other! About a mile away from where we now live a carnival came into town, so we decided to go there the other night with our trusty ‘ol point and shoot camera (who wants to lug around one of our big ones?). First, we were hungry so we paid $6 for an “Italian sausage” (so they said) but it tasted more like an Italian guy’s foot… we think it had been sitting there for awhile… it wasn’t that great :0/ Then, because it had been YEARS since I had had one, I thought I most definitely needed a CANDY APPLE!! It was DEE-lish and got all stuck in my teeth and everything :)  I ate that bad boy up like Christmas dinner! And of course, what’s going to a carnival and watching all the crazy people on the rides (yes, watching… not participating :) without a little popcorn goodness? Watching everyone on the crazy carnival rides got us talking about making a trip to Cedar Point some time…. Oh my gosh, that would be SO fun! Cedar Point is “The Roller Coaster Capital Of the World”  in Sandusky, Ohio and my family went there every summer growing up.  Now THAT place... Read More

A Spring Wedding in the Mountains of North Carolina!

We often get asked if we travel for weddings, and you bet we do! The other weekend we trekked out to the mountains of North Carolina to a quaint and picturesque town by the name of Cashiers.  Our wonderful couple, Jeremy & Emily had their wedding at the High Hampton Inn & Country Club and it was a BEAUTIFUL location.  The mountains, the scenery – we couldn’t wait to begin the photos.  Sadly, about 5 minutes after we started Jeremy’s photos, the rain came down and did not let up the whole day.  No worries – we came prepared and made the best of the available light and used some of our own lighting!  The day turned out fantastic and Emily & Jeremy were happily wed and married by the end of the day.  Yay!! To sign up for Emily & Jeremy’s gallery to see all their images once they are available online, click HERE and sign the virtual guest book! Enjoy the images! Love this … Congratulations you two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  You deserve the best... Read More

Our Favorite Lenses Part 2! 100mm Macro

Last week we talked about Zach’s favorite lens and why he loves using it. Today, its my turn!! I love using longer lenses and sneaking into moments from a distance so that our brides do not even know I am there. One of my favorite lens is the Canon 100mm Macro 2.8. I like to shoot in really tight. One of the coolest things about this lens is that you can do that easily while still maintaining a nice distance from your subject. A lot of wedding photographer’s go-to lens for makeup shots is maybe the 50mm 1.4 or even better, the 50mm 1.2. The cool thing about the 50mm 1.2 is one can shoot at a really low aperture where everything but what you’re focusing on becomes really soft, but there’s two problems with that – 1) you have to get right up in the bride’s business to get that close up shot, and 2) you have to be at least 1.5 ft away to focus. So it’s hard to get that tight shot because the lens can’t focus that close. Boo. What I love about the 100mm Macro is that if I want, I could get in as close as 5.5 inches away from our bride… not like I would want a shot of literally just her eyeball, but you get the idea :) This lens is also GREAT for ring shots. Because it’s a Macro lens and it can focus as close to 5.5 inches away from any subject, you can literally fill the frame with a ring if you want and get in REALLY close!... Read More

Nashville, TN Wedding Photography – Bridal Shoot Awesomeness!

The worst thing about shooting bridal sessions is that you cannot share the images until AFTER the wedding!  We have been absolutely dying to share this FANTASTIC bridal portrait session of our now wed bride, Meredith Zeller (formerly known as Meredith Weiss :).  With Meredith’s experience in modeling and pageants, and with her killer hair and makeup thanks to (Ashlea Hunter & Andrew Pentacost) , she knocked this shoot out of the park!  There were so many amazing shots that it was a real challenge to narrow it down to a few to give you a highlight of the shoot! To view Jake & Meredith’s fantastically awesome wedding one the images become available online, sign their virtual guest book HERE. Way to go, Meredith!  You make our job too easy :)  So glad we were a part of your story and we look forward to putting up some images of your amazing wedding day!  Congrats to you and... Read More

The Dyersburg, TN Wedding of Sara Jo & Ben!

You had your sneak peek and now it’s time for a closer look into the Tennessee spring wedding of Sara Jo Mason and Ben Ferguson! Ben & Sara Jo got married in Dyersburg, TN and what a fun wedding it was.  Great weather, great people, great family, fab couple – you couldn’t ask for more! Enjoy the glimpse into their wedding day! To view their wedding images as soon as they become available online CLICK HERE to sign their virtual guest book. Ben & Sara Jo chose to see each other before hand which allowed us lots of time for pictures of them two, something that was really important to them. For those of you who know Sara Jo it’s hard for her to achieve a serious look like the one below :) Congratulations you two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are so happy for you both and can’t wait to see you guys... Read More

Friday Fun – Motorcycle Madness!

My wonderful mother, Eileen, just came to town to visit the Jodster and I for a few days last Monday! Mothers are awesome because not only do they give you life (you would not exist without them), but they are your mom for your whole life. They help you financially when you need it (even if you are twenty one years old :), they take care of you when you are sick, they teach you awesome things like how to walk, talk and be an all-around cool person, and they do all of this while sometimes working two jobs. That is my mom! She is pretty amazing and I was sooooo excited to have her here this week!! My mom is also really cool because we like some of the same things. We both have a love for music, we are both people people, and we both love and ride motorcycles! Many of you may not know this, but I have been riding motorcycles since I was about 13 years old and have owned a few bikes in my day. Unfortunately, I sold my street bike about 5 years ago right before Jody and I got married. I did not sell it because I needed to grow up and get married, mind you, but rather because it was a 1980 Honda CB750 custom, and while that sounds really cool and retro, the bike’s days were numbered and she pretty much just fell apart on me. I got tired of working on her and gave up and sold her. Ahhh…. I miss that bike and have not really rode since.... Read More

Our Favorite Lenses! 16-35mm

Using the right lens for the right job is critical in not only getting the shot you want or need, but evoking a certain type of feeling when you do. There are many things to consider when it comes to purchasing and using certain lenses, and some of the things to look for in a lens when buying are how it affects the look of your shot, how fast and easily it focuses (without good focus you won’t get the shot), how clear is the image you produce with it and how does it represent the color of the image. Today, I want to talk about one of my favorite lenses and why and how we use it! Let me introduce you to the Canon 16-35mm L 2.8 Oooh! Ahhhh!! This lens is great for the photographer who wants to get everything in the shot from a close distance and create high drama. This lens really distorts reality by stretching everything on the sides and drawing it into the frame. I love it! Check out some example images from a wedding we did last fall to see what this baby can do! In using this lens, composition becomes all the more important because you really can see EVERYTHING in the shot.  What you put in the frame becomes vital and can either add to the shot or actually distract the viewer’s attention from the main subject.  You also want to make sure you avoid putting anything you DON’T want warped near the outer edges.  For example, take this shot I took of Jody awhile back: This shot is not... Read More

Christian Photographers – Buckle Up Your Seatbelts!

It all started with an email… …and then it was a chance encounter (ha ha, chance?…yeah right) a little over six months ago in New York when we ran into Ginny Corbett amid thousands of other photographers there… …and thus the seed was planted. Do you ever feel overwhelmed? Do you feel like you just need to get away to be refreshed and revived?  Well, the time has come! How does getting away in the mountains of Oregon sound?  How about gathering not with just other believers but believers who are photographers who all know and understand where you are coming from?  How about not only getting spiritually refreshed, but having your love for photography and your business reignited once again? God laid this vision on Ginny Corbett’s heart, and now it’s time for the 2nd round of the For the Love! Not only will there be amazing times of worship but we, as well as fellow believer, photographer, and speaker, Mike Larson will be leading shooting and business workshops throughout the course of the five days. Do not miss this amazing opportunity the first week of November.  Registration opens June 1st, and buckle your seat belts – it’s going to be an amazing ride!! For more information, visit For the Love... Read More

Rhett & Nicole Sneak Peek!

Yesterday we shot Rhett & Nicole’s wedding, and without further ado, we wanted to leave you all with a sneak peek!  Even with the rain forecast, the weather turned out AWESOME and we had a really great time at this special couple’s wedding. We just HAD to add in this image taken of Nicole on her way down the stairs by me (Jody) to start her bridal photos.  This image was not posed, and believe it or not, was taken just as she came walking down!  Gotta love me some good window light! Nicole rocked it that day and looked absolutely beautiful! To view Rhett & Nicole’s images once they are available online, click here to sign their virtual guest... Read More

Downtown Nashville Engagement Shoot with Nicole & Rhett!

Before the flood waters hit Nashville, we took one of our soon-to-wed couples downtown Nashville for their engagement shoot! Nicole and Rhett knocked it outta the park and we love how they worked it – especially Nicole :)  Their wedding is this coming weekend and we can’t wait!!!!! Nicole and Rhett got engaged at Germantown, so we of course had to shoot there! We can’t wait for your wedding THIS weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... Read More

IN-CAMERA: Photography Workshops Spring 2010 Complete!

WOW! We had another awesome turn out for our Michigan photography workshops and had an absolute blast! We had shooters from all over MI and some who came from as far out as Texas for this run! We hosted our IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post photography workshop on Sunday, our IN-CAMERA: Light photography workshop on Monday, and our IN-CAMERA: Business workshop on Tuesday. We had the workshops at Jason Aten’s studio in Grand Ledge. Jason was an awesome host and even made us a few of his tasty coffees! Yum! Also, thanks to Kevin & Heather Autry of Life Moments Photography for doing a lot of the ground work and making these workshops in MI happen! We also had the awesome Heather & Eugine Brown from 2Duce2 come out and do some filming at the Shooting & Post workshop! Below are some images from the different workshops with behind the scenes shots as well. Check it out! First up we did some demo shots to show just how easy it is to get killer shots right in the camera. We had a really heavy overcast day so most of the light was flat and boring.  This set up we showed everyone how to amp it up and do some glamor style lighting with a simple reflector. Next up we wanted to demo how to take a nicely lit shot even when you don’t have a reflector and it is overcast. Overcast days are cool because all the light is even, but the problem is that all the light is coming straight down onto the top of your head which gives... Read More

Nashville, Michigan, & Connecticut Photography Workshops Completed!

CLICK HERE to visit our workshop website for more information on our IN-CAMERA workshops. If you are interested in bringing us to your state, email us at INCAMERA@grayphotograph.com. Be the first to know when we launch the next series of workshops by signing up for our Photographer Newsletter. SPRING 2010 NASHVILLE – IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post (March 28th) – SOLD OUT IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post (April 10th) Class added! IN-CAMERA: Light 1 (April 11th) –SOLD OUT IN-CAMERA: Light II (April 12th) SOLD OUT CONNECTICUT – IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post (April 18th) IN-CAMERA: Light 1 (April 19th) SOLD OUT MICHIGAN – IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post (May 2nd) IN-CAMERA: Light 1 (May 3rd) BUSINESS & MARKETING: Executing the Dream (Tuesday, May 4th) Video by the fab... Read More

IN-CAMERA Workshops Update

We are wrapping up our last day of workshops today in MI with our business intensive! We hosted our IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post and Light workshops over the last two days and had a blast! We met tons of new photographers, made some great new friends, and saw tons of old ones. :) We will do a full post on the workshops once we get back to Nashville but wanted to leave you with an image of what we have been doing here. Many people have been asking us if our home was safe from the recent flooding in Nashville, and we are happy to say that we have had no water damage. Many people in Nashville were not so lucky and lost homes, belongings and even their lives. Please be in prayer for those in Nashville that have lost everything they own. If you have any stories of your own from the flooding and want to share, let us know what happened and how you are... Read More