A Nashville Wedding Today!

Today we get to shoot the wedding of the below sweet couple Jason St. Peters and Katie White. Their rehearsal dinner last night was absolutely BEAUTIFUL with amazing food, florals, and surprise guest singer/songwriter Kyle Jacobs serenaded them and their guests with his amazing music. Click on THIS LINK to sign up for their online gallery to view their wedding images once they become available! If you missed out on Katie & Jason’s engagement images post – CLICK HERE to view their cuteness :) Stay tuned for images from their... Read More

Friday Fun | The Secret to our Youthful Looks… Sky Mall

The latest Friday Fun series that you will see here and there every few Fridays is inspired by our travels. Every time we get on a flight to go to some beautiful exotic location (like Wisconsin or Indiana) we love to get inspired on our route by picking up the brilliantly designed, and most informative magazine ever created by human hands – Sky Mall. Are you ready to make your life better? If so, then read away! Today we will be featuring an amazing tech gadget that every home should not do without – The Face Trainer by no! no!. If you are in need of a little toning around the chin section, if you have bags under your eyes, if your forehead is a bit wrinkly, then this might just be the new toy you need! Ever wonder how Jody and I keep our youthful, glorious faces so tight and wrinkle free? Wonder no more. You would never know that we both once had skin hanging down from our faces and had to pin up our cheeks with duct tape. No! No! longer! Let us present to you our little secret! Do you want to look as happy as the women in the picture above? Then give it a try! Only $149! What is your favorite gadget from Sky Mall? Let us know about something that changed your life because we all want to share in... Read More

Eliminating the Middle Ground

Today’s blog is about a simple, yet effective way to get a big impact out of your portrait shoots. Every photographer wants to have images where the subject of our shots seems to be larger than life and jump off the page (or in most cases these days with photography, the computer screen :). So today we are talking about “eliminating the middle ground” as my friend Mike Larson dubbed it. What does it mean to “eliminate the middle ground?” It is simply to take your subject, either a person or a detail shot, and place them in an area where there is space between them, the foreground and the background. When we do this, our subject immediately pops out of the image much better because they are the only thing in sharp focus. Example image from our recent engagement shoot with the amazing Sarah & Ryan! Notice how they seem to jump off the screen and have some much dimension, even though the lighting is not very contrasty at all. Now, if you want to ramp up the effect, you can do this by implementing a few other techniques at the same time. If you don’t have your subject near something like a wall that you can use to lead into your shot (which would increase the effect) then you can get low to the ground like in the shot above to bring more of the foreground into the frame. This helps blur everything in the shot except our subject which makes them that much more 3D looking. If you were to shoot from high above, then more... Read More

Miami Beach, Florida | Wedding Sneak Peek

This past Friday we shot a beautiful couple at The Palms Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach, FL. We were super thrilled to be a part of this sweet couple’s day and to capture it for them… Tropical storm Bonnie tried to come out and steal the show, but we prayed her away and they had some amazingly awesome weather for the wedding day! yay!!! Check out a little sneak peak of the... Read More

Destination: Miami Beach

| A Post From the iPhone | We were flown out this morning to Miami Beach, FL for a wedding that we are shooting tomorrow! It’s beautiful and sunny and we can’t wait! (Let’s hope the tropical downpours stay away!). Just thought we’d share a few photos taken on the lovely iPhone (no, not the 4G :) as we were scouting out locations for... Read More
Nashville, TN Family Photography

Rock N’ Roll Family Shoot Zach & Jody Style!

We love it when we get to shoot some cool family shots and do them in the most non-traditional way possible! We had the most awesome time with mother and father Kevin & Candi and their two adorable kids, Gianna and Beau (who are both super rock stars!). We started off the shoot here in Franklin for some cool dressed up shots, then headed closer to downtown Nashville for some more urban style images. The shoot was an absolute blast and we can’t wait to see these guys again soon!! Enjoy the shots!! I hope our kids are this cool one day!! Can’t forget about the family dog! Got to show off the collection! Love the tutu!! I love how these two are still so romantic with each other… Check out the slideshow for even more photo goodness!! You guys are the best and it was a pleasure photographing your awesome family!! You want Zach & Jody to shoot some out of the box family images for your family? Email us at... Read More

What’s in Our Camera Bag, Part II

Welcome to Part II of What’s in Our Camera Bag! Via the goodness of our HD flip video camera we continue on with the contents that we carry in our main camera bag to weddings. If you missed the first half from last week CLICK HERE. Enjoy :) Constant lighting for this video provided by Westcott’s SpiderLite TD5. To find the products mentioned in this video click here! ___________________ On another note… … it’s that time to start talking about workshops again!!!! We are releasing dates & locations soon for our fall IN-CAMERA workshops!! Make sure you are signed up for our photographer Newsletter to have the opportunity to be the first to register for our Nashville classes 24 hours before anyone! … Not close to Tennessee? Well, we have something special coming up just for you peeps!… You might just have a say where we bring our out-of-state workshops to! Stay tuned to our blog for more details :) If you have any questions or comments, we enjoy hearing from... Read More

Want to Watch us Shoot a Wedding? Now is your chance thanks to PhotoVision

Last weekend we had a pretty busy couple of days and it was packed full to say the least. Interviews, filming, a wedding and more interviews, whew! Well now we are prepared to share with you the latest thing we are a part of AND offer you a special promo code, so make sure to read on! We were selected to be a part of PhotoVision‘s instructional DVD collection. As many of you may know, PhotoVision gives photographers an intimate look at industry leading pros’ studios. Subscribers get an inside look into the different studios ranging from how they shoot, edit, market, sales, and PhotoVision even takes you on location with real shoots and even real weddings. PhotoVision offers yearly subscriptions where you get 6 DVDs that include 12 hours featuring 20 different leading photographers. These DVDs are mailed out bi-monthly in 2-hour segments – SO much goodness and we are excited that we now will be a part of. It’s funny because when we first started out we purchased a PhotoVision DVD series and they really helped us become the photographers we are today. It is through those DVDs that we came to know and admire great photographers like Jeffrey & Julia Woods, Parker J. Pfister, & Michele Celentano. It’s funny how things come full circle :) (Don’t forget to read below at the bottom of the post – a special promo code is available for you, our readers!) We had a great time as Ed Piece (the creator of PhotoVision) and his hardworking sidekick Taylor flew in to Nashville to hang with and shoot us last weekend.... Read More

A Belle Meade Plantation Nashville Wedding | Jake & Meredith are Hitched!

You saw the bridal session… …you saw the sneak peek… Now it is time to give you a deeper look into the spring wedding of Jake & Meredith Zeller!!! When we met Jake & Meredith earlier this year we instantly loved them! Jake is a cool guy and owns his own landscaping company, Elements of Eden, and Meredith is a woman of many talents, one being a wedding planner herself! Visit her wedding planning site at Bridal Blueprints. :) Anyway, we LOVE them and not JUST because they invite us over for French Toast before Church…. :) We could not wait for their wedding day to come and were so glad that we were able to be a part of it! Jake & Meredith got hitched at the great Nashville wedding venue, Belle Meade Plantation and they had so many cool details and special elements included in their wedding day. Enjoy the images! To view Jake & Meredith’s fantastically awesome wedding once the images become available online, sign their virtual guest book HERE. The girls and guys both got ready at the oh-so-cool Hutton Hotel downtown Nashville. After Jake & Meredith’s grand exit from Belle Meade, upon their request, we followed them back to the Hutton Hotel to take a few shots of them jumping on the bed! Jake & Meredith hired the team at Full Frame Cinema to do their wedding videography…. and WOW! Their video is awesome! If you haven’t seen it, check it out below! The vendors who were a part of this fab wedding day: Planning & Coordinating – Bridal Blue Prints Hair – Ashlea... Read More
nashville wedding photography

A Belle Meade Plantation Teaser | Mark & Kelsey’s Nashville Wedding

Wow! What a crazy awesome day we shot this past Saturday! We had the absolute JOY to be a part of Mark & Kelsey’s wedding at Belle Meade Plantation with the fab Nashville videography duo – Heather & Eugene from 2Duce2 and what a great day it was – rain and all!! We wanted to whet your taste buds for the goodness to come! To view Mark & Kelsey’s images once they become available online, CLICK HERE to sign their virtual guestbook. Hope you’re having an awesome time on your honeymoon, Mark & Kelsey! You two and your families are amazing and we can’t wait to see you again soon! To view the trailer of this wedding by the amazing 2Duce2 click on the image below or visit their... Read More

What’s in Our Camera Bag, Part I

Welcome to the latest rendition of the blog! This week we bring our tips and tricks via the goodness of our HD flip video camera! We decided to take you guys through our main camera bag that we take with us to weddings! Enjoy :) Constant lighting for this video provided by Westcott’s SpiderLite TD5. To find the products mentioned in this video click here! If you have any questions or comments, leave ’em below! Check back next Tuesday for Part II as we share the rest of what is in our camera... Read More

The Grays are speaking on the 2010 Top Pro Tour by Westcott!

We are super pumped to share with you that the speakers and dates have been released for the Westcott Lighting 2010 Top Pro Tour! We are thrilled that we are a part of this with so many other fantastic industry leaders! A little summary about the event: “The tour will be featuring the “Best-of-the-Best” in the photography industry as well as have a Westcott Representative at each stop to present and answer any technical questions you may have. We also will be teaching everything from Constant Lighting to Green Screen Photography with the addition of providing information on how you can better your business and utilize all this free social media out on the web.“ We are a part of the Nashville stop on September 22nd and can’t wait to share with you our lighting knowledge as well as some other great stuff!! Price & locations will be announced super soon so stay tuned! However in the meantime, join the Facebook Top Pro Tour Fan Page! September 12 – Newark, NJ: Rick Sammon 13 – New York City, NY: Joey Quintero 14 – Portland, OR: Pete Wright 15 – Seattle, WA: Pete Wright 19 – Tampa, FL: Dave Cross 20 – Jacksonville, FL: Rick Ferro 21 – Atlanta, GA: Andrew Korynlak 22 – Nashville, TN: Zach & Jody Gray 26 – Indianapolis, IN: Eric Eggly 27 – Columbus, OH: Eric Eggly 28 – Toronto, Canada: James ‘Jim’ Schmelzer October 5 – Chicago, IL: Bob Davis 6 – St. Louis, MO: Michael Green 7 – Detroit, MI: Terry White 12 – Minneapolis, MN: Rod Evans 18 – San Francisco, CA:... Read More

Friday Fun | The Croonings of a 3-year Old

Don’t you just love things that make you smile? We do too – hence our Friday Fun blog postings! The other night when friend & photographer Ginny Corbett was in town we got on a little You Tube video watching kick and we were introduced to this little fella and so we wanted to share the goodness with all of you… Love the passion…. Love the facial expressions… Love the lack of correct words… It’s simply adorable. Little Awesome Kid covering Jason Maraz’ “I Am... Read More

A Nashville Engagement Session of the Lovely Ryan & Sarah!

We met Ryan & Sarah a few months ago and immediately liked them. They are such a fun and genuine couple and we all knew that we were the perfect fit for each other for their wedding day! Sarah & Ryan are getting married on August 14th and we could not be more excited about it! We headed out last week to shoot their engagement session and had an absolute blast with them. Their fun personalities were so apparent in this shoot, and we I loved watching the two of them together being goofy, having fun and just enjoying each other in such a genuine way. These two are the sweetest couple we have met in a long time and we are super excited to share these images! We hit a few cool locations in Franklin, but wanted the shoot to really reflect their fun personalities, so we kept the rockstar lighting to a minimum and leaned more toward natural, candid shots. Love these guys! You guy ROCK and we can’t wait to hang out with you again super soon!! Enjoy!! Love this little sequence of them in the field… Ryan had Sarah smiling and giggling for the entire shoot! It was so perfect! Talk about CUTE! We love how Ryan & Sarah interact with each other and play around. Ah snap! Are these not the cutest boots ever?! As the sun was finally setting we nailed this shot of the two of them with the beautiful sky! Congrats you two!! You are the best and we cannot wait for your big day to get... Read More

Wrapping Up the SHOWIT Freedom Speaking Tour

We’re back in Nashville and what a fab few last days it has been! On Thursday morning last week, we flew into the Windy City and met up with the SHOWIT team for the Chicago leg! Hanging out that afternoon was great (of course, had to stop at H&M on the way!) and that evening the tour went really well. We met so many of you and boy, Chicago has a great community of photographers out there! Through the night we rode the bus with the SHOWIT team, got officially inducted (ha ha), and woke up in Nashville and did everything again that evening! We are so glad that we were able to be a part of this and thanks to all of you who came out! Unfortunately, we really didn’t take that many pictures but we thought we would share what we have and what we were given from other photogs! Below we have David Jay, who is the creator behind SHOWIT, the platform that thousands use for their websites. DJ has a great heart for equipping others with knowledge & resources so they truly can have a great business but not be bound to it. Freedom is what it’s all about! If you haven’t heard the pipes of Molly Jenson – you need to. This girl provided the tunes for the tour and has a fantastic voice and is a pleasure to listen to (and very entertaining… ha ha). Way to go Nashville, for being her favorite stop! This was our first time meeting Jim Davis Hicks a wedding & philanthropic photographer. He was on the tour... Read More
Nashville, TN Wedding Photography

Nashville Engagement Photography | Katie & Jason are Engaged!

We wanted to highlight an engagement shoot for the super cool Katie & Jason! We had a ton of fun with these two and can’t wait to shoot their wedding this July! We had some fun ideas for this shoot and really wanted it to be all about them and keep things natural and candid. We found this awesome field in Franklin and as the sun was setting, headed out, jumped a fence (don’t tell anyone!) and got out there with the crickets! It was our favorite setup for the day, so we wanted to share some of those images! Congrats you two and we can’t wait for your coming wedding!! On our way out from the field, we just had to stop and shoot by this wall :) See you guys... Read More

Chicago Bound!

This is the first blog post that we have ever done from our iPhone. Exciting times :) As we write this we are in the Nashville airport waiting for our one way flight to the Windy City! We’re excited to be joining up with the Show It freedom tour for the last two legs (Chicago & Nashville) and it’s going to be great! We especially can’t wait to see some of our friends up in the North!! Great times! Enjoy your... Read More