Nashville IN-CAMERA Photography Workshops – A Shooting & Post Recap!

What a fun last two days this has been! We are on our final day of Nashville IN-CAMERA photography workshops (with just the business and marketing class to go) and we want to take a Time Out from our Tuesday Tips & Tricks to share with you some images from Sunday’s class – IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post. This class is all about shooting the images correctly in the camera so you don’t have to spend hours and hours of time in post trying to make them look good. This class starts off with 3 hours of class time, and then after lunch, we head off for 3 hours of shooting, putting into habit the principles and techniques we covered in the morning. All of the images you see were shot like that IN-CAMERA. No PhotoShop!! You should have seen the images the attendees were coming away with! It’s SO awesome!! Work it, Zach, work it… Not sure what I’m doing here but Autumn looks cute!! And the class!! A huge thanks goes to photographers and friends, Matt Britton, Ginny Corbett and Jessica Rai for helping out and shooting some of the behind-the-scenes photos. Thanks to all who came out. You guys were an absolute joy to have and we had a blast!!! For more information on our workshops, visit out workshop website. If you are wanting to be a part of our next round of workshops, you can come out in December to San Francisco or sign up for our newsletter to be the first to hear about where we are taking our workshops next! Also a big thanks... Read More

Friday Fun Blog!

Oh my gosh! We saw this floating around on a few sites and just HAD to post it here! Wedding photographers, prepare to learn from the best! Oh, and this is sooo what I want to be when I grow... Read More

The Tennessee Wedding of Aaron & Mallory! Nashville, TN Wedding Photography

You have seen their engagement session… You have seen Mallory’s bridal session… And now it’s time to share with you the fab wedding of this oh-so-awesome couple!!! Aaron & Mallory’s summer wedding took place at The Mill at Lebanon and planner Misty Saunders of Plan It Nashville worked her magic to make this wedding come together beautifully!! It was a HOT day to say the least, and we had a little rain, so with all of that you get AWESOME heat and humidity, but everyone kept their cool and rocked the day out!! The reception was especially awesome because Mallory (and most of her bridesmaids) are dancers and they pulled out the choreography from the dance number at the end of Slumdog Millionaire and rocked that, and ALSO, Mallory and her dad worked on a secret dance number for their father/daughter dance. It was so funny and awesome to watch. No one knew about it, so it was a total surprise to all of the family and guests at the wedding. Love it! Enjoy the images! Below you have Misty keeping Mallory cool. Now THAT is a helpful planner :) Aaron & Mallory chose to see each other before the wedding, and it was such a sweet moment with Aaron seeing Mallory for the first time. Aaron & Mallory – it was great to see you and your family again last night and once again, we are so glad that we were able to be a part of your day :) The Vendors Who Made this Day Happen: Wedding planner: Misty Saunders of Plan It Nashville Venue: The Mill... Read More

Westcott Top Pro Tour Recap! | The Nashville Leg

Yesterday evening was the Nashville Westcott Top Pro Tour stop and we had such a great time! It was held at Dury’s Downtown Pro Shop here in Nashville, and the turnout was great. If you ever need anything photography, Dury’s has it, and the man you need to talk to when you hit them up is Nick Coury. Nick is passionate about photography and photographers and is a great new addition to the team at Dury’s. So without further ado, here is a little recap of the event! The room set up and ready to go just before the attendees came in… We talked through some of our lighting techniques, and then did some Online Media marketing as part of our workshop (image courtesy of our awesome model and friend, Elly)! We then headed outside to do a live demo and show everyone how we shoot on-location lighting images. (First two below images courtesy of Ron Rice). We took a before shot here in the parking lot behind Dury’s to show what the existing light looked like. Then, we set up the strobe, took another shot and this is what we came up with. Amber from Westcott was on-location with us shooting video of the entire event! This is the woman behind the Top Pro Tour and she has been amazing!!!! They shot video of every stop on the tour and you can purchase all 30 hours plus of every speaker from 26 cities on the Westcott site! Pretty cool! David Piazza was also on-location and taught lighting and technique to the crowd. The below shot is of him... Read More

Westcott Top Pro Tour This Wednesday!

Hey all! We are going to be at Dury’s Downtown Pro Shop this Wednesday the 22nd from 5 to 7pm on the Westcott Top Pro Tour stop! We are going to be doing a 2 hour blitz of lighting and marketing tools with a live demo during the workshop! Seats are only $89 and you can save $20 by using the promo code TPT9191 when you sign up! The event address is: 701 Ewing Avenue Nashville, TN 37203 This is one stop on a nation-wide tour and we are super stoked to be a part of it! If you were unable to be a part of our workshops this coming weekend, then this might be just for you and for a price you can’t say no to! See you... Read More

Your Questions Answered!

Welcome to Tuesday! These blogs are some of our absolute favorite blogs to do! We both love sharing and putting info out there that we have learned from someone, and hopefully it will help you as much as it has helped us. Today’s blog is just that, but with a twist! Today we are answering YOUR questions that YOU wanted us to answer! Those of you that know us, we personally know that we are an open book, so we really encourage you to email us and ask us questions that you want the answer to, and we will do our absolute best to give you the most up-to-date info right from our personal experiences. As much as this blog is about us and our business (and the bride and grooms that we have the pleasure to work with) and our day-to-day lives, it is just as much a blog that is for you, the photographer. We LOVE photographers and have devoted a lot of our time and energy to friendships with so many of you guys. We want this blog to impact and inspire you, and many times that sort of content comes directly from you. We would love to hear more of your success stories, more of your heart-aches, have more of your questions answered and make this blog even more of what YOU want it to be. So chime in, get into the community and feel free to use this as a place that you can connect and be heard. We are soooo blessed to be able to do this and so honored every time we... Read More

A Nashville Wedding | Jason & Katie are Hitched!

We are so excited to share this wedding with you!! We met with Katie and Jason what seemed like forever ago, and it was crazy to think their wedding was finally here!! The night before their wedding was their rehearsal and rehearsal dinner at Belle Meade Plantation and it was an event in itself! The rehearsal dinner took place at Belle Meade Plantation, and thanks to the planning of Peggy St. Peters and Mary Natalie with Weddings by Mary Natalie it was a fantastic evening. The highlight of the evening for all the family and friends who came into town was the special performance by singer/songwriter Kyle Jacobs. You may have heard his work “More Than a Memory” sung by Garth Brookes, or Tim McGraw’s current single, “Still.” His songs have been recorded by numerous artists and you’ll just have to check out his MySpace for more information. It was a joy to hear him play and of course, he couldn’t stop talking about his lovely fiancé and sharing sweet stories about them together. So cute :) The following day was Katie & Jason’s wedding, and the night before it had rained so it was definitely a hot and muggy one. The boys still rocked it out in their layers of clothing and the girls were absolutely stunning. Props to Katie and the bridesmaids – all but one had JUST taken the bar!!! Can you imaging planning a wedding while studying for the bar? No thanks! Katie just got a killer job working for a firm in Manhattan, so good luck to her as she heads out for her... Read More

Making File Sharing EASY!

We are all about sharing products and tools that work well for us and that we love!!! Here is our latest Tuesday Tips & Tricks that has made some areas in our business much more easier and efficient! One of the most biggest complaints we hear from vendors is that they never get images from photographers. As photographers it does take a little more effort and time to do this, but it is SO WORTH IT. After you have gone through all of the work to pull out the images for the vendors, the next biggest hurdle is to actually get the files to the vendor easily so they can use them on their blog or website. You can send them in the mail but then you have to burn a disc, get a nice case, package it nicely, put the address on and then finally make a trip to the post office. OR the other option is to email the images, but then not only do the files clog up your email but also their inbox as well. What a pain! You can use FTP programs or have them download them from your site, but sometimes that can be a little cumbersome. There IS a another option… We have a great, FREE solution we would like to share with you that we have been using for the last six months to send images to vendors, brides, companies, family, and even to each other. Friend and fellow photog Kristine Neeley introduced it to us and it has been awesome! Introducing…. Dropbox! Dropbox is a single, secure place on your... Read More

Friday Fun | Reason 2 Why Sky Mall Made my Business Better!

In honor of our latest travels to Sandusky, OH we thought that we would bring to you another incredible find from the world of limitless possibilities. Sky Mall! Have you ever been shooting a wedding, bar or bat mitzvah, portrait session or fill-in-the-blank, and the heat of the day was just too much to bear? Would it not be absolutely amazing if there was some sort of solution for all of your cooling needs? Well, if you know that 50% percent of your body’s cooling power is in the head, then why not drench it with water?! Introducing the personal “hair” conditioner. Not only will you have that really great “wet dog” look when you take this baby off, but this stylish hat can bring you some much needed relief while on the go! Now, if they could just make a matching pair of underwear, we would be in heaven! :) Leave us a message and tell us about the HOTTEST shoot you have ever been on! ….We once shot a wedding where it was sooo hot, that the wedding planner brought out rolls of paper towel to dry everyone’s bodies off! True... Read More

A Personal Post | I’m An Aunt! Some Baby Lovin’ Goodness

I, Jody, have two sisters – one who is younger than me, and another who is older by a year and a half. My older sister Jacq and her husband had their first kid a few months ago (ok, over 6 months ago) and let me tell you – this was a big deal. First grandkid… first great-grandkid, and of course, this officially makes me an aunt!!!! SUH-SWEET! So five months ago I caught a flight to Minnesota to visit my sister, hubby, and cute little niece Lila Jae for a few days. (Yes, I know, I am a TOTAL slacker on not posting this sooner… boo on me!). It was super fun and I think I’ve gotten attached to that little booger :) I brought one of our cameras with us and took (A LOT) of shots while I was visiting with them… like 700… I cannot imagine what it’s going to be like when we have our own kids!!! Enjoy a few of the pics! Isn’t she adorable?? Yup, this was a gift from me! She was too small to fit into it at the time… maybe she can now! …and we were so busy with Lila we forgot to take a photo of us together until the very end! Thank God for our point-and-shoot! I thought I would take a few pictures from my sister’s personal blog and show an update on how big she is getting! This is Jacq with Lila…. Isn’t she cute?? This is my sister’s hubby, Nathan with Lila… Fun times! Thanks for reading and letting me indulge! :) Side note –... Read More

Luminance = Lovely!

Today’s blog is about getting your client’s skin looking vibrant and having it pop, without having to do much in the way of post production. When I (Zach) first started out, a friend of mine named Evan Baines from showed me this awesome editing technique that really helped make our brides and groom’s look their best. So, what is the great trick to getting that life breathed into the skin tones? It’s called Luminance! We use the luminance adjustment in Adobe Lightroom 3 anytime that there is a person in the shot. The luminance sliders are located in the HSL/Color/B & W section on the right hand panel of the Develop module in Lightroom. You have to first select “HSL” then you can click on the Luminance section just below that as highlighted in the image shown here. The skin tones that effect most people are the Red, Orange and Yellow tones with most of the skin tones located on the Orange slider. Now, if you were to just pull up the saturation of those colors, then you would have an image that looks like a Disney Channel cartoon. Not cool. You NEVER want to pull up the saturation of an image with a person in it (or any other image IMHO) because then the shot starts to look very unnatural. The really cool thing about the Luminance sliders, is that they only effect the Brightness of those colors, but do not alter the colors themselves. So, if you slide up the orange channel, then your clients skin will get brighter. Cool! The trick here is to keep... Read More

We’re Coming to Your Living Room for $39

For those of you who may have missed it, we are now officially a part of PhotoVision and the first issue that we are featured in comes out THIS month! A few years back we couldn’t have imagined that one day we would be a part of the DVDs that we were watching. Crazy. Want us and 8 other photographers to come into your living room and share all of our business and shooting goodness? (And that’s just for THIS month!). Now is your chance! If you’re not subscribed already to PhotoVision, this is a great chance to get in on the killer deal outlined below and get 6 DVDs a year with hours of great information! Join us this month as PhotoVision begins the journey of following us at a wedding. Listen to what we’re thinking – the whats, wheres, whys, and hows :) And also in this issue you will get a look into how we utilize social media for our business! Check out a teaser to see what you will be getting in the next issue of PhotoVision and what you have been missing out on- Below are the other photographers featured in this next issue with 9 educational segments! Subscribe HERE with Promo Code GRAY to save $110!. And that’s only in one issue – PhotoVision brings you 6 issues a year! We have a set of these videos that we hav A SPECIAL PROMO CODE DISCOUNT: As a featured speaker, we have a promo code, GRAY, to share. This code for our fab blog readers will allow you to get PhotoVision 2010 for... Read More

Friday Fun | We Survived Cedar Point!!!

Aw snap! Guess where we were this week!! We went to Cedar Point – the most awesomest amusement park EVER! We just got back into town last night and can’t wait to go through our photos and video and share the awesome time we had with friends Heather & Eugene, Justin & Mary, and Paul & Erin. :) Stay tuned!!!!! Hope you all have a FAB Friday and a fantastic weekend!! Can anyone guess what ride we had our faces blown off on and went on not once, but TWICE? :) :)... Read More

A Miami Beach Wedding | Craig & Nicholle are Hitched!

You saw the sneak peek and now it’s time to show you the full wedding of Craig & Nicholle! This really sweet Colorado couple had a destination wedding at The Palms Hotel & Spa in Miami Beach, FL and what a great day it turned out to be! We flew in the day of the rehearsal and the weather was beautiful and warm, but the forecast wasn’t looking too good for the next day. We woke up to gray skies. rain, and lots of wind on the wedding day and were a bit worried that the beach wedding Craig and Nicholle were wanting wasn’t going to happen. Through the course of the preparations, the gray skies cleared away and the sun began to shine! The beach front was still a bit windy so the wedding ceremony moved to the pavilion of the hotel, and it was perfect. :) Craig and Nicholle are really amazing and we were so glad that we were able to be a part of this day for them. To view their images once they become available online, sign their virtual guestbook HERE. Enjoy the images!! While Nicholle was getting ready she had an audience of a few cute kids, including the below adorable munchkin! Craig and Nicholle wanted to see each other before before the ceremony, so we had their first look on the back terrace of the hotel which was really beautiful. The cutest kids EVER!! :) Love this shot of new friend and photographer Lydia Shannon! It was great to finally meet you and your hubby in person, Lydia! Nicholle & Craig –... Read More