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from the September 2010 category

Welcome to Tuesday! These tips and tricks blogs are some of our absolute favorite blogs to do! We both love sharing and putting info out there that we have learned from someone, and hopefully it will help you as much as it has helped us. Today’s blog is just that, but with a twist! Today we are answering YOUR questions that YOU wanted us to answer!
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A Wedding Teaser | Ben & Cheyanne are Hitched!

by Jody on September 20, 2010, posted in Sneak Peeks

This past weekend Ben & Cheyanne got married at the beautiful Cheekwood Botanical Gardens!!!

Enjoy the sneak peek and stay tuned for more to come!!

To view Ben & Cheyanne’s images when they are available online, CLICK HERE to sign up for their online gallery!


A Nashville Wedding | Jason & Katie are Hitched!

by Jody on September 16, 2010, posted in Featured Weddings

We are so excited to share this wedding with you!!

We met with Katie and Jason what seemed like forever ago, and it was crazy to think their wedding was finally here!!

The night before their wedding was their rehearsal and rehearsal dinner at Belle Meade Plantation and it was an event in itself! The rehearsal dinner took place at Belle Meade Plantation, and thanks to the planning of Peggy St. Peters and Mary Natalie with Weddings by Mary Natalie it was a fantastic evening.
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We are all about sharing products and tools that work well for us and that we love!!! Here is our latest Tuesday Tips & Tricks that has made some areas in our business much more easier and efficient!

One of the most biggest complaints we hear from vendors is that they never get images from photographers. As photographers it does take a little more effort and time to do this, but it is SO WORTH IT. After you have gone through all of the work to pull out the images for the vendors, the next biggest hurdle is to actually get the files to the vendor easily so they can use them on their blog or website. You can send them in the mail but then you have to burn a disc, get a nice case, package it nicely, put the address on and then finally make a trip to the post office. OR the other option is to email the images, but then not only do the files clog up your email but also their inbox as well. What a pain! You can use FTP programs or have them download them from your site, but sometimes that can be a little cumbersome. There IS a another option…
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Friday Fun | Reason 2 Why Sky Mall Made my Business Better!

by Jody on September 10, 2010, posted in Friday Fun

In honor of our latest travels to Sandusky, OH we thought that we would bring to you another incredible find from the world of limitless possibilities. Sky Mall!

Have you ever been shooting a wedding, bar or bat mitzvah, portrait session or fill-in-the-blank, and the heat of the day was just too much to bear? Would it not be absolutely amazing if there was some sort of solution for all of your cooling needs? Well, if you know that 50% percent of your body’s cooling power is in the head, then why not drench it with water?!
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