Friday Fun | Our California Adventures

Tuesday evening we just got back from a week of enjoying the west coast!! We hung out with friends in San Diego & Santa Barbara & the LA area, and also shot a beautiful wedding in the mountains of Lake Arrowhead. We took a few pictures from our journeys with our point and shoot as well as iPhones and we wanted to share this little video goodness we made :) Our California Adventures from Zach & Jody Gray on... Read More

A Gray Photography Team Member Wedding by Jessica Rai | The Monteagle Wedding of Bryan & Murray!!!

We are excited to bring you another Gray Photography team wedding, and this one was covered by Jessica Rai! Read her take below on the wedding of Bryan & Murray! Bryan and Murray picked an absolutely beautiful day to get married in the mountains of Monteagle, TN! From the moment I met Murray I knew that their wedding day was going to be amazing – full of color, personal touches, friends, family & most importantly, a whole lot of love! Murray & her bridesmaids were so much fun & even though we had just met I felt like I was with a group of my best friends chatting and laughing throughout the afternoon. Then, it was time to meet Bryan. I have never met a groom so excited to marry his bride! Bryan’s excitement and passion for Murray was beautiful & caused everyone to tear up after the ceremony. One of my favorite moments from their wedding day was as Bryan and Murray were walking back down the isle as man & wife everyone stood up and started singing, “All you need is love” by The Beatles! It was such a neat moment & so personal to their love story :) Once we left the breath-taking bluff where they were married, we headed off to the reception. It was very obvious that this couple had an awesome family who knows how to have fun! I loved how relaxed Bryan & Murray were when they were around each other, even with all the business & excitement at the reception. Whenever they stopped and looked in each others eyes you could... Read More

Book Your Seat! | WPPI 2011 Registration Opens Soon!

Planning on attending WPPI 2011? Want to attend any Master Class? Interesting in attending our Master Class? If so, then make sure to mark your calendars!! Registration for WPPI 2011 opens NEXT Wednesday, November 3rd at 9:00am P.S.T. The Master Classes are limited to 35 seats and they sell out fast! Our class is on Wednesday, Feb 23rd from 3:30-5:30. To view registration dates as well as pricing, visit this link. To view the full listing of Master Class speakers as well as class descriptions, CLICK HERE. Can’t wait to see you all... Read More

Traveling With Gear!

Hey all of you amazing blog followers out there! Today we are taking questions again from the audience! We have received a ton of great emails from some of you photographers and we are going to highlight one for you right here on the bliggity blog! The question today is from Jen in Jacksonville, FL. She writes: “Hi guys- thanks as always for sharing your wealth of knowledge! I do have a question about what you do when you travel. I’ve noticed you’ve been flying a lot lately for weddings and would love to know what you bring with and if you trust the airline with checking all of your equipment. Can you fly with a Vagabond? I just booked my first destination wedding (Boston!! So excited!) and am trying to figure out what I’m going to do. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much! keep on rockin!!” Awesome question! So, you are flying, want to protect your gear, and want to be able to bring everything that you need with you so that you can shoot the way you want to shoot. What do you bring and how do you bring it? So, here is our set up that we have right now here in California. We have our Lowe-Pro rolling bag, our Elinchrom Ranger Quadra light rig (the whole 400 watt second kit weighs in at a mere 9 pounds), a 24×32 inch Westcott softbox, two 42 inch Westcott reflectors and a small Westcott light stand. We carry on everything except the reflectors which we check in our luggage bag (those can’t really break) and... Read More

A California Wedding Photography Teaser | Will & Brandi are Hitched!

We have been in California since Tuesday and the whole reason we are here is because of Will & Brandi!!!!!! We met Brandi last December out here in this sunny state and once she and Will got engaged we were booked for their wedding! Their California wedding was in the mountains at Pine Rose and it was a joy to be a part of. We loved loved loved the style and all the little details put into the day and we cannot wait to share them with you! Until then, enjoy this little teaser :) To view Will & Brandi’s images once they become available online, CLICK HERE to sign their virtual... Read More
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Nashville Lighting Photography Workshop Recap!

We shared with you images from Nashville’s IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post photography workshop class, and now it is high time we shared with you images from the Light class! We are always so awed and blown away by the amazing people who come out to these workshops, and the new friends we make. Thanks to all of you for putting your trust in us and what we are sharing to book flights, hotels, rent cars, and invest in these workshops. Thanks for coming out and can’t wait to see you all again!! A HUGE thanks to Jessica Rai for doing a lot of the behind-the-scenes footwork to make these workshops happen, to Matt Brighton for being our resident Nikon expert as well as leading a shooting group, and to Ginny Corbett for her extra hands and behind-the-scenes help as well! We heart you all! The workshop room is set up and ready to go! We sold out this class with 18 shooters in attendance! Thanks to Jessica Rai and Ginny Corbett for taking some of these behind-the-scenes images! And the teaching begins… At the beginning of the hands-on shooting time, we always start with a demonstration. Thanks to Dury’s, our local camera shop and Nick Coury, we were able to use a brand new on-location lighting rig from Elinchrom. The resulting image with zero photoshop and no skin retouching. Then, we split off into 3 smaller groups so everyone could get their hands on the lighting and do their own set-ups! This is one of our favorite before and afters…. This shot was taken with just natural light. No... Read More

Friday Fun | SkyMall’s Solution To Making Your Business Better

It is time to bring you another rousing round of how Sky Mall can make your business better in honor of our trip to California! Problem: Ever find yourself at the end of a wedding with your feet feeling like they are going to fall off because you have been walking around them ALLLL day?? Solution: Introducing Orbitwheels! (aka The Ankle Breakers) Orbitwheels is a cross between a skateboard and inline skates (but with more freedom and simplicity) and you can zip from one spot to another so fast without even lifting a food to take a step! Let’s raise our standard in the photography industry and really shoot in SPEED and STYLE!! This IS what you need! Strap on a rad looking safety helmet, and simply step into the foot hoops and you’re off able to perform countless tricks and maneuvers impressing not only your bride and groom but all the wedding guests as well! So no more tired feet at a wedding (although the risk of breaking your ankles increases tenfold), get Orbitwheels and change the way you transport around at your shooting events! Pick up a Sky Mall and get yours today! Thank-you Sky Mall for providing great solutions for... Read More
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Nashville Portrait Shoot – US Session with Jeff & Heidi

We just shot the amazingly cool Jeff & Heidi on Friday and had a blast with them! We shot their wedding back in March of 2009 and and we decided to get together to do an US session with them so they could have some more casual shots of these two cuties! We love these guys a ton and are soooo excited for them and their marriage! We shot some images here in Franklin, TN where we live and had an absolute blast. Afterward, we all headed to dinner at P.F. Chang’s, and it was AWESOME! Great to see you guys and enjoy the photos! The grass was super long, but made for a cool place to shoot for some texture and get that feeling of peering in on these two. :) This shot was in the most rugged little spot, but was worth the effort to get it as the sun finally went down. Love it! You guys rock! See you... Read More

The Most Exciting Thing About Traveling to CALIFORNIA!

For those of you who are not in the Twitter world, we are in CA!!!!!!!! We are so pumped to be here to shoot a wedding this weekend (yay Brandi & Will!) and while we are in town we are also visiting friends, but one of the most exciting things is………………. Look at the goodness…. Ahh… the beauty of traveling. What’s your favorite thing to order from In-N-Out Burger? We love the secret... Read More
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Big Light vs Little Light

Today’s photography tips and tricks blog is all about the difference between big, powerful light sources and small, low powered light sources. Many photographers might wonder how (and if) you can use a small light source and still get that painted-on look with light, so we are going to talk about the reality of that, and how to get the look you want, and use the gear that works for you. You can get that painted-on light look by using great, natural light like in the shot above, but today we are going to talk about off-camera light sources and break down the “quality” of their light. All of the principles we will discuss directly relate to natural light as well, so keep that in mind! So, what is the big difference between a large light source (like a big soft box) and a small light source (like a speedlight 580 or SB 800)? The difference in the “quality” of the light source is night and day! And by quality, we mean soft, even light that looks like it was photo-chopped before you actually photo-chopped it. Let’s look at the real difference between large and small light sources. Large light sources: Soft and pretty looking, softer shadows, light that appears to be painted-on, very flattering to any skin type, easier to work with and more room for error Small light sources: Harsh looking light, added contrast, not flattering to skin (especially in-perfect skin), slim margin for error when using it It is very important, I believe, to be able to handle both small and large light sources because you... Read More

Two Weeks and Counting – A Photographer’s retreat You DO NOT want to miss! | Registration Special!

Have you ever seen the snoopy dance? Picture us doing that right now. The For the Love photographer’s workshop and retreat is TWO WEEKS AWAY!!!!!!! Holy Cow!! We are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited. If this is your first time hearing about For The Love, you need to immediately go to the FTL website as well as the blog and read all the goodness on it! But for those who don’t want to click over there, here is a short summary of the For the Love goodness. Four nights & three full days in the mountains of Oregon A time of spiritual refreshing A time of learning and growing your business with intimate and hands-on workshops every day led by the stellar Mike Larson who is a Platform Speaker at WPPI this year & by us, Zach & Jody, as well Life changing times in worship Fellowship with other believers Door prizes thanks to the fabulous sponsors Leaving with a rejuvenated spirit that is ready to rock your business in a way that only God can Does it get any better? We are SOOOOOO pumped and are thrilled to be a part of this. There are a few seats left so there is still room if God is calling you to come!! Check out some of the landscape of where we will be!! A little glimpse into the cabins! *Registration Special* For those of you who may be interested, the cost to attend is $2,100, though if you register by by October 31st you will receive$200 off your registration and if you bring a friend then you will receive an an additional... Read More

Friday Fun | Our Boston, MA Adventures!

One week and a half ago we had the absolute pleasure to travel to Boston to shoot the awesome wedding of Brian & Soo and while we were there, we booked a hotel in the heart of Boston and spent two days visiting the city! We had a really fun time and wanted to share the photos with you all. Thanks for all of your recommendations on what to do and see!! It was so helpful to have wedding guests giving us the low-down on where to go and even Brian & Soo on their HONEYMOON were texting us food suggestions and boy, we had a super fun time… even though it was a bit chilly :) So thanks to the expertise of friend and fellow photog, Kristine Neeley, we did our first PriceLine booking and we got a Four Star hotel for a STEAL! We stayed at the Fairmont Battery Warf and check out our room! This was our view from our window overlooking the harbor! Did we mention that was our yacht we rented for the week? … ha ha…. We wish!! It wasn’t until a boat cruise that we took that we realized our hotel wasn’t resting on solid land!!! ah! We of course took a trolley tour and that was so much fun!!!!… thanks in part to our awesome bus driver! The trolley we were getting ready to go on! Sporting our kick booty Trolley Stickers! The trolley route! The capitol building with hand-hammered gold roof made by none-other than the man himself – Paul Revere! Taking a little stop in Quincy’s Market…. Come on,... Read More

A Chance to Follow Leading Photographers on Their PhotoShoots!

Want us and 8 other photographers to come into your living room and share all of our business and shooting goodness? Don’t forget! Killer deal – with promo code GRAY you only pay $39 for 12 hours of video footage from 9 leading photographers, including us – and this is not just for wedding photographers!! Now is your chance! If you’re not subscribed already to PhotoVision, this is a great chance to get in on the killer deal outlined below and get 6 DVDs a year with hours of great information! For more detailed info, click... Read More
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Nashville Senior Photography Session of the Lovely Lauren!

We had a blast going out and shooting the fun and sweet Lauren!! We have been doing a few senior sessions here and there and having a ton of fun! Do you want us to shoot your senior and give them some images like non other? Contact us at and we can set it up! Now on to the amazingly cool Lauren! Make sure to leave her some love on how fab she looks!! Congratulations, Lauren on becoming a... Read More
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Enhancing Your Images with a Reflector!

There are soooo many awesome techniques out there to enhance your imagery, but today we wanted to talk about a tool that sometimes can get overlooked – The Reflector! Photography IS light, and having a reflector on hand at any type of portrait shoot can truly make or break your images (and not having one when you need it can kill you in post-production trying to fix your shot)! We always carry a few Westcott pop-open reflectors and diffusers with us on any shoot that we do which enable us to control bad light, and enhance good light to make it into great light. Rarely do we come into any lighting situation, especially when doing stylized portraits, and see some truly amazing light, so we are almost always reaching for a tool that can bring our shot to the next level. So, today we are going to show some images that we have taken recently utilizing reflectors (before and after shots) and we are also going to talk about HOW to properly use a reflector to get the best looking shot possible with it. We will also touch on which colors to use and when, because as many of you know, reflectors have up to five different surface color options to use – black, white, silver, gold and silver/gold. Let’s start with the surface colors and what each color is for: White: Used to reflect whatever color light is out there. It does not warm or cool down the color of the natural light. Used best for reflecting direct sunlight. Silver: Used to add a little more light to... Read More

The Nashville War Memorial Wedding of Sarah & Ryan!!!!

We could go on and on about this couple… adorable, fun, beautiful, etc. etc. etc. :) We love Sarah and Ryan and they were a joy to work with, and are even a funner (yes, we said “funner”) hang. Sarah herself has a blog where she has been keeping her readers up on her wedding planning and now how things have been post wedding… check out her blog here! So now it’s time to show you a highlight of Sarah & Ryan’s August wedding! Though it was a bit warm, the day was beautiful and Sarah never looked more stunning. The vendors were all great to work with and the day went off smoothly! Enjoy the images! To be notified once their wedding images become available online, CLICK HERE to sign their virtual guest book. You can’t really tell from the images but it was SWELTERING that day!!… hence, Sarah getting cooled off by the fan! The videographers for this wedding were Jon & Kelsey from Focal Point Cinematic… enjoy the trailer of Sarah & Ryan’s wedding! Vendors who helped make this day awesome for Ryan & Sarah! Event Planner – Kristin with Simply Stunning Events Makeup – Sherita Leslie (Bride, Bridesmaids, Mothers & Flowergirl) Hair – Will at Trim Classic Barber Videographers – Focal Point Cinematic Ceremony – The Cathedral of Incarnation Sarah’s Dress – Mori Lee from The White Room Reception – TPAC’s Auditorium War Memorial Steel Drum Band – Mat Britain DJ – Cosmo Creations Caterer – Down South Delights Rentals – Liberty Party Rental Florist – Brocade Design Arts Limo – Niles Limo Shuttle –... Read More

This Made Our Day | A Little Thanks Goes a Long Way

In the digital age of emails and text messages, there is nothing like a good old hand-written note, and even cooler – a package! Last week, right after our photography workshops, and right before we zipped out of town, we got the coolest package in the mail from one of our workshop attendees – Kirsten Reed… Kirsten knew the direct way to our hearts to thank us – Starbucks, fun accessories (yes, she made the watch!), and Skittles! … you can see there aren’t too much skittles left from the ginormous bag she sent us. Can you tell which colors are our favorites? ha ha. Anyway, getting little notes like this warms our hearts and we just want to take a moment here and thank Kirsten as well as all of the others who have sent emails, text messages, notes, and even phone calls to thank us and bless us back. It’s people like you who keep us going and doing what we are doing! If you haven’t thanked anyone lately – take a moment and do that today. You can make someone’s... Read More

Ten Minute Photo Shoots

Today’s blog is about something that we get asked about pretty often. Here is our question from Walter in New Jersey: Hi Zach & Jody, My wife and I have been following you two for a while. I was glad when you started with PhotoVision. I love “being” with a photographer on wedding day. Which leads me to my question, how do you convince a bride that if she wants all of the pictures on her list, she needs to leave us some time to get them? Example, last week we shot a wedding of a great couple. Good looking, naturals in front of the camera, great venue, great place across the street for portraits (but unfortunately) we had less then 10 minutes with the couple. For some reason we keep booking these couples that jamb the time line so tight we have less than 30 minutes to get everything done (bride & groom, family, and bridal party). I watched your segment on PhotoVision and everyone seems relaxed and moving at a normal pace. I’d appreciate any advice you can give! This is a GREAT question and a problem that many wedding photographers run into. As wedding photographers who have done this a few times, we know the time needed to get all the images that we love to shoot during the portrait session of the wedding day. The problem is, for most brides, this is the first time they are getting married and they have no idea what to expect and plan for. As modern photographers who not only shoot with a photojournalistic flair, we, here at Gray... Read More

Boston Wedding Sneak Peak – Brian & Soo are hitched!

We are hanging in the great city of Boston right now posting this blog from our favorite local coffee shop, Starbucks! :) We had the most amazing time with Brian & Soo shooting the awesome morning wedding and wanted to give you all a little sneak peak of what is to come! These two were the best and their families and friends were soooo fun and nice too! Enjoy and congrats to the bride and groom!! We love you guys!! To view images from this wedding once they are available online, click HERE to sign their virtual guest... Read More

Friday Fun | MA Bound!

This morning we woke up way earlier than I would ever wish to wake up (4:20am) to catch a 7:00am flight bound for Massachusetts! We are shooting a wedding for a sweet couple tomorrow and we can’t wait to get there. Currently we are sitting in the Chicago airport waiting for our next flight as we try and decide which killer Sky Mall find we are going to feature on our blog for this trip. Oh, so many options. To keep the hype and anticipation up, we though we would share the cover of the latest issue of Sky Mall… Go Santa! We are staying two extra days to sightsee and spend some time together in Boston, so if you have any suggestions of what to see or do we’ll take... Read More