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from the October 2010 category

We have been in California since Tuesday and the whole reason we are here is because of Will & Brandi!!!!!! We met Brandi last December out here in this sunny state and once she and Will got engaged we were booked for their wedding!

Their California wedding was in the mountains at Pine Rose and it was a joy to be a part of. We loved loved loved the style and all the little details put into the day and we cannot wait to share them with you! Until then, enjoy this little teaser :)
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Nashville Lighting Photography Workshop Recap!

by Jody on October 23, 2010, posted in Photography Workshops

We shared with you images from Nashville’s IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post photography workshop class, and now it is high time we shared with you images from the Light class!

We are always so awed and blown away by the amazing people who come out to these workshops, and the new friends we make. Thanks to all of you for putting your trust in us and what we are sharing to book flights, hotels, rent cars, and invest in these workshops. Thanks for coming out and can’t wait to see you all again!!
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It is time to bring you another rousing round of how Sky Mall can make your business better in honor of our trip to California!

Ever find yourself at the end of a wedding with your feet feeling like they are going to fall off because you have been walking around them ALLLL day??
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We just shot the amazingly cool Jeff & Heidi on Friday and had a blast with them! We shot their wedding back in March of 2009 and and we decided to get together to do an US session with them so they could have some more casual shots of these two cuties!
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For those of you who are not in the Twitter world, we are in CA!!!!!!!! We are so pumped to be here to shoot a wedding this weekend (yay Brandi & Will!) and while we are in town we are also visiting friends, but one of the most exciting things is……………….
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