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from the November 2010 category

Photographers – when was the last time that you were in front of the camera? No, not for a quick snapshot with Grandma by the Christmas tree, but an actual photoshoot. Doing photoshoots is like 2nd nature to us because we do them all the time, but we often forget what it’s like actually being in front of the camera.
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Registration is open for the IN-CAMERA San Francisco Workshops coming December! For more information CLICK HERE to visit our workshop website.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Registration is now Live!
IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post (Sun, Dec 5th)
IN-CAMERA: Light 1 (Mon, Dec 6th)
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Celebrating Our Five Year Anniversary!

by Jody on November 26, 2010, posted in Personal Fun

The big 0-5. It is really hard to believe that five years ago we were getting married. My, how time flies.

Year 1 - We finally got married! We moved into our first home together – our one bedroom, 800 sq foot apartment in Franklin. Waking up together was a blast and the excitement of brushing our teeth together every night before we went to bed was too much to contain ;) Being married and living together wasn’t too much of an adjustment… probably because of the pre-marital planning we did together. We had decided to get our financial act together and continued to pay off our debts.
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Exciting things have been happening over here and the latest goodness to share is………. (drum-roll please)…. We are speaking on a cruise and you are invited!! AAAAAnd TODAY if you register you can save $400 thanks to sponsor Thirst Relief!

WHAT: A SEVEN day cruise of the Mexican Riveria on the Norwegian Cruise line departing from Los Angeles with fellow photographers and industry leaders including Mike Larson, Jeff & Erin Youngren, Shawn Austin and Kevin Swan, The Bui Brothers, and Lydia Shannon and Stephen Knuth.
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We love it when we get to travel and meet couples outside of the Nashville area. Take Brian & his lovely bride, Soo. Brian enjoys photography and knew us simply from our blog. When he and Soo got engaged they reached out to us and we were all pumped that we were free for their wedding! Once we flew into Massachusetts we were able to get together with them the night before their big day. It’s one thing to talk over the phone with your couples but it’s even cooler actually getting to meet! As soon as we met these two, we liked them instantly. They both are so sweet and really fun and of course, Brian loves photography so can it get any better than that? :)
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