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from the December 2010 category

Hey everybody! We hope that you all enjoyed your Christmas holiday and had a joy celebrating the real reason for the season :)

For today’s Tuesday Photography Tips & Tricks, we are super stoked today to be talking about a topic that sooo many of you have been asking about ever since we shared how we light and shoot details for receptions (Part 1, and Part 2). Today we will share with you how we shoot people images at the reception!
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All We Want for Christmas Is…

by Jody on December 25, 2010, posted in Personal Fun

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!!!! This is DAY 5 of our Christmas week of blog posts…. the final day of Christmas blog posting goodness!

We hope you are enjoying the Christmas holiday and are spending it with loved ones…. and not reading our blog ;o) Lol. However, for those who are stopping by on this day where we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior, we thought we would leave you with a little photo…
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Part IV | The Big Reveal!

by Jody on December 24, 2010, posted in Personal Fun

Welcome to DAY 4 of our Christmas week of blog posts!

Now it is time to officially reveal to you our Beast of a Christmas Tree!!

At the farm.. (thanks to Christmas Tree Adventures for the image!)

In the homestead…

Being decorated!


All lit up! :)

For our housewarming we had people bring a Christmas ornament to add to our tree… We got some really funny ones, personal ones, and ginormous ones.
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Decorating Our New Home for Our 1st Christmas

by Jody on December 23, 2010, posted in Personal Fun

Welcome to DAY 3 of our Christmas week of blog posts!

This Christmas is special for us, because it’s the first time we are celebrating Christmas in our new home! Now that we have FINALLY had our Housewarming, we will share pictures soon, but this blog post is to show a bit of the decorating that we did for Christmas!!
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Today we bring you part III in our Christmas posts … decorating our beast of a tree!! Welcome to DAY 2!!

We picked the perfect day to decorate! …

Snow falling outside…

Eggnog coffee brewing…

Fireplace roaring (as much as a gas fireplace can roar)…

Christmas tunes playing…

Does it get any better?

10 week old Beans had never experienced Christmas tree lights before…
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