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from the December 2010 category

It’s Tuesday today which means it’s Tuesday Tips & Tricks! Our tip today is make sure that you are spending time with your family :) So get off the computer and spent time with your loved ones and enjoy this Christmas week!

So we can’t leave you this Tuesday with no images….
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Wedding Experience Workshop

by Jody on December 20, 2010, posted in Photography Workshops


Classroom Session + Wedding - SOLD OUT

Registration is officially opened and it is first come, first serve basis.

For more details and information on this workshop and to register, visit the The Wedding Experience portion of our workshop website.

The Wedding Experience Summary:

In this two-day wedding workshop, called The Wedding Experience, attending photographers will gain insight into our approach to the client experience that we give our couples. This ranges from the first contact we have with potential brides, to the client meeting, through booking the couple and maintaining the relationship up until the wedding and even after. We will also cover the logistics of the wedding from scheduling, to marketing yourself at the actual event in a way brides LOVE, the sales sessions that we hold after the wedding, and so much more! AND THEN, after all of that goodness, we invite five photographersu to come and photograph a real wedding the entire day right along side of us. Watch how we shoot, interact with our couple, and handle the day from start to finish.
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Welcome to our week of Christmas goodness, DAY 1!

On Friday you saw us picking our GINORMOUS Christmas tree… (if you missed it, watch it here! or scroll down to Friday’s post).. and today you shall see how we got the thing in our house…

Enjoy.. :)

Thanks to Eugene & Heather for their muscles, blood, sweat & tears in getting this bad boy up… :) he he he…
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Have you ever stared into the eyes of a Christmas tree and been afraid? Has a tree ever given you goose bumps because its overwhelming size made you feel so inferior you thought you could not go on living? Has a tree ever been so big that it blocked out the sun and made you feel that your life was just a never ending void of darkness, a bottomless pit of despair? Well, ladies and gentlemen of the blog universe, our Christmas tree has done none of those things, but it sure is big! As many Americans know Christmas has nothing to do with good will towards men, giving, or any of that Jesus stuff, but has EVERYTHING to do with who has the biggest and baddest of things, and we here at the Gray residence decided to not only “keep up with the Jones’” as they say, but to utterly BLOW, THEM, AWAY!!!!!! Let us introduce you to Rockefeller Center’s biggest nightmare: The Beast!
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Starbucks Trip Adventures | San Francisco

by Jody on December 16, 2010, posted in Starbucks Trip Adventures

We just got back from our latest trip and have been able to add another Starbucks city mug to our collection!

For those of you who may be newer to our blog, we have begun to collect the city/state specific Starbucks mugs for each place that we go to, as a conversational piece in our home and just something fun to remember where our travels have taken us!
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