Friday Fun | Waffle + Caramel = New Addiction

While overseas Zach and I gained a new food addiction…. Introducing the Stroopwafel!! Aw man… you have no idea how good these are. Anouschka and Ray (our workshop hosts) said that every workshop they have attended of photogs in the states they have brought them theses sort of caramel cookies for them and they all have loved them. I (Jody) am not a big cookie fan so I wasn’t too sure if I would like them… but oh, was I wrong!! They are like two cookie wafers with caramel inbetween and they are SO good! Ray kept us stocked during our visit and even sent us off with a package… Needless to say, they were gone before we even made it back to London to catch our flight home. During our last day of workshops in Den Haag, we had an attendee Evert tell us that in a market in Amsterdam they actually make Stroopwafels!!!!!! We were SO excited about this and when we took our bike tour with David he took us to the market! Watch the little video and enjoy our stroopwafel experience…. Ahhhhhhhhh Yay stroopwafel! You guys don’t know what you’re missing. Next time, we’ll try and bring some back to the states with us… if they make it that long without being eaten... Read More

Amsterdam Part II | Our Bike Riding Adventure!!

As promised, we bring you part II on Amsterdam Adventures!!! We had the joy of getting to know fellow workshop attendee, David Currie who for the last 8 years has resided in Amsterdam though originally from Australia. David offered to show us the city and we are SO glad that we agreed!! We had a blast!! David is a great guy as well as talented photographer. We thought it best to show you what we did via video…. ENJOY! For those of you who don’t like to watch videos…. Here are a few stills from during the ride :) Yes, this building is actually leaning…. most of the homes do! David told us it’s so people can pull goods up to the upper levels of their homes without the stuff bashing into the side of the house :) The sunsets are so beautiful on the canals! We stopped in a flower market and of course, had to get a photo taken with the clogs :) After our bike ride we met up with David’s fiance Mariska and we had delicious food and fun conversation! Aw, aren’t they cute? Zach getting all artistic taking a photo of me on our ride back to the hotel (no bikes this time :). Whoever thought an elevator could look so darn cool? :) The view of the city at night from our hotel… bye bye Amsterdam! That wraps up our stay in Amsterdam! Paris is to come next! David, thank-you again SO much for your generosity in showing us the beautiful city of Amsterdam!!! We had a great time, and it was great... Read More

Failure is Up To You

“Your job security relies on one thing, your ability to go out, kill it and drag it home.” – Dave Ramsey “Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up.” – Anonymous The first quote is a powerful statement by an undeniable force in the small business community. Dave Ramsey has inspired millions with his no-nonsense approach to money and is one of our biggest influences when it comes to how we think about our business. This post doesn’t have any flashy pictures or sweet technical photography tricks but will be just as beneficial if you grab your coffee and hunker down for a few minutes and begin to read on :) I (Zach) was reading the USA Today this evening here in London to catch up on some US news, and an article caught my attention which led to a discussion by Jody and I and thus, resulting in this blog post. A topic that comes up often, not only the minds of Americans but the news as well, is those facing hard times due to losing their jobs and being out of work. Even more close to home – we are sure that is also on the minds of many of you photographers out there who are just starting out, and many who have been shooting for years and may be having a tough time paying the bills and wondering if they should change their course. We both want to address that topic in this post and we wanted to share our heart on this with you, and hopefully encourage many of you that you CAN... Read More

Starbucks Trip Adventures | Amsterdam, Part I

We have added another mug to our Starbucks mug collection – Amsterdam! After three days in Den Haag (about 40 minute drive outside of Amsterdam) with workshops and meeting some AMAZING people, we decided to stay another day and see the sights of Amsterdam. We wanted to share with you a bit of our day! After saying goodbye to Anouschka and Ray, we checked into our hotel and headed out for a few hours on our own. The below images that you see are of bikes…. About 2,500 of them to be exact. EVERYONE rides their bike here, and it’s quite amazing actually… compared to those in the United States. It is most definitely a way of life here and even if it’s below 50 degrees (the point that people stop taking their bikes out in the states), and more like 30 degrees – or colder – people are still riding their bikes to get from one place to the next. It’s pretty cool!! Our hotel with the bike “parking garage” in front :) Yes, a woman, her child, and a dog, all on the bike :) We walked the canals… Look at the tiny, cute, car!! And then made our way to the former hiding place of Anne Frank. I (Jody) had been there as a child and remember the bookcase, but very little else. It was moving to go there as an adult and really take everything in. No photography was allowed due to desires to preserve the home from flashes, but we grabbed a couple non-flash images to share the experience with those of you who... Read More

Netherlands Photo Business Workshop Recap & Food and Fun

Our final day in Den Haag (the Hague) with the IN-CAMERA workshops passed very quickly! We had our Business & Marketing workshop, took a break for lunch and then had our one-on-one mentoring sessions. What a day! We always had a plentiful supply of coffee and tea to keep all of our brains going! :) Aw, and the fine group… our dear new friends! We also went out to eat with the IN-CAMERA: Light group while in Den Haag at the below restaurant that claimed to be Greek, but really wasn’t, but the food was really good, nonetheless! Had great conversations with great people… Ah, we miss everyone already! Check this out – seriously, the coolest thing ever – it’s a stick of sorts that lets you squeeze your lemon in your water without getting your fingers messy… coooool… Making faces… Our delicious and awesome looking food! Yes, this was my steak… SO good! Yes, these were my fries that came with the steak… and yes, that is a mayo packet served with them :) We have to have a HUGE shout out to the amazing Anouschka and husband, Ray of Lifestyle Photografie. Without these two, we would not have made it over to the Netherlands, and we owe them a HUGE thanks!!! Thanks to all of you fabulous photographers who came out, and this is not goodbye!!! We will be back and see you again... Read More

IN-CAMERA: Light Recap | The Haag, Netherlands

We just finished up our second day here at our Netherlands workshop in the Haag and this place ROCKS! We had an awesome time shooting in this beautiful city and only wish we could have stayed longer. The people, the culture and the life here is soooo much different and so interesting and we have fallen in love with this place!! We had attendees from Holland (of course), Belgium, Germany, Scotland, and Ireland. So great to meet everyone, and of course, listen to the accents :) :) HUGE thanks goes to Anouschka & Ray of Lifestyle Fotografie for setting this up and making it all happen!! Here are some images of the shoot and we have more to come from our amazing trip through Europe!! Enjoy the shots and leave a comment to the people of The Haag! (Thanks to Natalie from Tigs Creation Photos for the two below behind-the-scenes shots!) And the result! Ah, the beauty of utilizing one high-powered studio strobe :) Awesome red rock star shoes + rockin location and light = suh-weet photo! These two are some new friends and sooo funny! I think we took more photos of them then the models! The city is so beautiful here! Marco working his mojo. Here is the whole crew of the sold-out workshop! Miss you guys... Read More

Pricing From Guest Blogger

Well, Jody and I are sitting in our hotel room in The Haag, Netherlands, writing this post and thinking about all the awesome photographers that we were able to spend the day with shooting around this beautiful, historic city. We are having the most incredible time here and can’t wait to share all the stories and photos from this trip! Speaking of new photographers that we LOVE, just about a year and a half ago we were able to meet some super talented shooters that soon became dear friends, so, today Jody and I want to highlight this AMAZINGLY talented duo whom we LOVE dearly. Jeff and Erin Youngren are photographers from San Diego who we spent some time with a few months back at their lovely home while visiting and touring. These guys are absolutely brilliant at running their business and we thought we would take a Tuesday Tips and Tricks post and share with you some of the other photographers that are making a huge impact on this amazing community.This post of theirs is all about PRICING yourself and how to add value to what you do, and we have to say that Jeff and Erin are right on the money with what they have to say. So, without further ado, click on the post HERE from the Pictage... Read More

Leaving London on our Way to Amsterdam

Wow. It is unbelievable that our time in London (for now!) is over. We had an AMAZING time, meeting some AMAZING people, and being a part of the exciting things that Showit is doing in the UK. We got to tour the city a bit, which was a blast, see Big Ben, Parliament, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, the London Eye, take the tube around and of course, hang out with so many fab peeps! As we type, we are in the London City Airport waiting to catch our flight to Amsterdam for the 2 days of workshops that we will be leading. We are SO exciting to meet all of the fabulous photographers out... Read More

London, We Have Arrived | Be Our Travel Agent!

We have arrived!!! After a short layover in Houston, an 8 hour flight, 1 hour standing in line for customs, then another 40 minutes on the tube, we have arrived at SWPP at Hotel Novotel! The flight was actually pretty grand. On top of our own entertainment that we brought (books on the nook and ipad fun) , we had an endless array of movies, TV shows – past & present (Doogie Houser anyone??) – and of course we tried to sleep to get us on the UK’s timezone. We had three seats to ourselves to stretch out and it was a beautiful thing. Right now it’s 11:00am over here, but 5:00am back at home and we feel pretty good! Here is us having some fun in the airport and on the plane… :) We are looking forward to our time here and London is only the first stop! As you can tell from our travel books, we will be hitting some other awesome places in Europe. If you have any suggestions of cool places to go – especially cool cafes or coffee shops, we’d love to hear them! All travel tips welcome! Be blessed you all, and for those of you from the UK – we look forward to meeting you – and for those back at home, we heart you... Read More

Paul & Erin are Hitched! | Cleveland Ohio Wedding Teaser

This past weekend we flew up to the great state of Ohio to shoot Paul & Erin’s wedding (as well as hold a wedding workshop with five other photographers that shot the day with us!!). The whole weekend went great and we can’t wait to share more about it! Paul & Erin are such an adorable couple and here is a little teaser to hold you over!!! To view their images once they become available online, CLICK HERE to sign their virtual... Read More

Netherland Photography Workshops!

Our IN-CAMERA workshops are going international!!! For those of you new to us and our blog, we are headed to London tomorrow to speak at SWPP, and then are headed to the Netherlands to hold two days of workshops and mentoring sessions!! IN-CAMERA: Light – SOLD OUT IN-CAMERA: Business & Marketing – 5 seats left One-on-One Mentoring Sessions – 2 openings left REGISTER YOUR SEAT FOR THE NETHERLANDS HERE. Can’t wait to see you... Read More

We Are Coming To London! | Secure Your (free) Seat!!

This time next week we will be in London doing some super fabulous things and consider this the official bulletin of all the goodness going on so you can be a part of it!!! We are super honored to be speaking at SWPP (Europe’s biggest photographic convention. Essentially the WPPI Equivalent over in the UK) and that’s not all! We are going to be apart of FOUR amazing opportunities with Showit (yup, the fabulous tool we use for our website) on the tradeshow floor. Seats are limited to 20 people and filling up, so make sure to reserve your seat PRONTO!!! For full descriptions on the below mini-sessions we are doing, visit the Showit SWPP home page. Friday, 14 January 15:00-16:00 (3:00-4:00pm) – Lighting mini-workshop at the Showit Lounge | Only 20 spaces Friday, 14 January 16:00-17:00 (4:00-5:00pm) – Meet up with Zach & Jody at the Showit Lounge | Only 20 spaces ________ Sunday, 16 January 10:00-11:00am – Lighting mini-workshop at the Showit Lounge | Only 20 spaces Sunday, 16 January 11:00-11:45am – Meet up with Zach & Jody at the Showit Lounge | Only 20 spaces ________ Sunday, 16 January 16:00-17:30 (4:00-5:30pm) – Speaking at SWPP Convention about the tools we implemented to grow our business so quickly. Register for the class HERE on the SWPP website. Also speaking at SWPP is business entrepreneur and genius marketing mind, David Jay. His session is on Friday 14 January, 18:00-19:30 (6:00-7:30pm). Do not miss it and make sure to sign up for it HERE on the SWPP website. There are also going to be some other fabulous UK photographers... Read More

Image Contest Winner Announced!!

We had an exclusive photo contest for all past workshop attendees to submit an image using the tools that they learned at our IN-CAMERA workshops and today we announce the winner!!! The winner receives an exclusive discount to the photography workshop cruise (Photog Retreat) happening the end of Feb that we as well as some other amazing speakers will be a part of! The winner of the contest is….. Paul with Paul Francis Photography! All of the submissions we received were really solid but this one stood out and this is why we chose Paul’s image: This image has really strong composition- it is a great use of the rule of thirds with the subjects on the left vertical third and then we love how the landscape also abides by the rule of thirds. We also love the leading lines the scenery creates. And of course, Paul did a great job on lighting his subjects on location with a strobe. Congrats, Paul and thanks to all of you for submitting!! Leave Paul some love below... Read More