WPPI Zach and Jody Style! | Las Vegas Desert Shoot

We had the awesome privilege of hosting a Master Class at WPPI this year which is a class that 35 photographers pay extra to come to and get a 2 hour classroom time that is specific to a certain area of photography. You don’t really get to go out and shoot much, and with this classes focus being on lighting, we wanted to do something extra special for our crew! So, we decided to hire two models, rent and borrow 6 different cars and head out with as many peeps as wanted to come and set out to the desert at 9am for an impromptu shoot as the sun came up! Whew! It was an amazing time of shooting and we let all the photographers who came out (19 in all) shoot a few set-ups and we rocked them out! We had the coolest location to shoot at which was a dry lake bed in Jean, NV about 35 minutes from downtown Vegas (thanks Chelsea and Jared for your local expertise!). Major props to the photographers who came out – we had a call time of 5:15 AM. Whew! The amazing Heather and Eugene of 2duce2.com came out to do some behind the scenes video and the whole morning was super fun and cool! We were so blessed to be able to connect with our class in a unique way (since we did this shoot the day before our actual Master Class) and we already have some new friends that we will stay in touch with for a long time to come. Check out the shots below!! Unloading the... Read More

Paul & Erin are Hitched! | A Winter Ohio Wedding

We met our groom of the below wedding that you are about to see last year at one of our Michigan IN-CAMERA Workshops! Paul is a photographer himself (Paul Korson Studios), was super cool and come to find out – he was engaged and he and his fiance, Erin, wanted us to shoot their wedding! We finally met Erin months later when we took a road trip to Ohio and met up at Cedar Point (only the best roller coast park EVER) and I (Jody) knew that if this couple like roller coasters as much as I did – they were even way cooler than I thought. :) We had a great time getting to know them both and before we knew it, their winter wedding arrived!!! Paul & Erin’s wedding was special (besides for the obvious reasons :) because we turned their wedding into a photography workshop! We opened their wedding to five other photographers who wanted to come and learn firsthand how we run our weddings. We will blog more on that later, because this post is about PAUL & ERIN’s fab wedding day!!!!! Enjoy the images below, but before you see some of the stills, we have a little something special for Paul & Erin… And here are their images!! To view the full wedding once the images are available online, CLICK HERE to sign their virtual guestbook. It snowed the night before so it was a little chilly to go outside! We made it work right inside the hotel lobby!! Erin & Paul – thank-you again so much for letting us be a part of... Read More

Friday Fun | Making Travel Easier for Photographers

In honor of thousands of us all traveling to Vegas for WPPI, we thought that this Friday’s Fun Blog couldn’t come at better timing! Packing for Vegas can be tricky! From clothes for different climates, a variety of shoes and of course, camera gear, things can get interesting. As people who love our iPhones, iPads, and other electronic gear, it can be a challenge getting through the airport with all of our bags, while being able to text, email and have a 3 way call between friends all at the same time! Fear no more! SkyMall has done it again and come to our rescue with this awesome, and oh-so-cool looking way to get around the airport HANDSFREE! Introducing – The Helpy for only $29.99! Strap on the harness, and turn your old-school “drag your bag with your hands” look, into the newest “now you look like a mule dragging your bag behind you with a creepy looking harness” look! It’s the most hip way to be cool in the airport and all the kids are doing it! Thank-you Skymall for once again, making our lives better, while adding a bit of flair! PS. How much would you have to get paid to use this? We DARE someone to get this bad boy and walk around the MGM dragging their rolling camera bag….. he he... Read More

Kendrick & Rebecca are Hitched!! | Aerial Nashville Wedding Photography

We had the pleasure of shooting the wedding of Kendrick and Rebecca! We had a great time that evening celebrating with the two and their families and friends. Rebecca was a super sweet bride and her girls were a riot!! Luckily the weather wasn’t too cold at all so we got to take the sweet couple outside for some photos before the ceremony! Rebecca and Kendrick got ready at the Hilton hotel downtown Nashville, TN and their ceremony and reception was held at Aerial on Broadway. It was a busy and bustling night on Broadway! Enjoy the images of the day! To view Rebecca and Kendrick’s images once they become available online, CLICK HERE to sign their virtual guestbook. Love, love, LOVE the florals that Bonnie from Belles Fleurs Designs did. They were so beautiful!! Some of the awesome vendors who helped make this awesome day happen! Getting Ready Hotel: Hilton Hotel Makeup: Sherita Leslie Nashville Florist: Belles Fleurs Designs Catering: A Dream Come True Wedding Cakes: Rebecca’s Wedding Cake Design Nashville Ceremony Venue: Aerial Nashville Reception Venue: Aerial Venue Decor and Chandelier: Fabu Event... Read More

Dreaded Tax Time… Who To Turn To?

  It’s that time of year again! Time to get your taxes together to file with the IRS. Woo hoo… exciting times… or not. Do taxes confuse you and you wish you had someone to do your taxes for you but you have no idea who to go to? Are you a small business owner and are not happy with your current tax filing situation? Or maybe need some extra help with running your books? Look no further! A few years ago Zach and I found ourselves in a very interesting situation. We had income coming in from different areas – some W2s, some 1099s, confusing other taxes stuff, and to top it all off we were starting our own business. We had no idea what company we could trust we with our finances so we turned to Dave Ramsey‘s Endorsed Local Provider program. Dave’s ELP program holds companies to a very high standard of excellence, have to earn Dave’s endorsement, and more importantly are constantly being reviewed to keep Dave’s endorsement. Through the ELP program we found Tax Alternatives. We cannot brag enough about the service and help throughout the years that we have received from these guys and they do an amazing job. They have been available to us all year round to answer our questions that may come up, they work with our crazy excel sheets, truly have great customer service, and the cost is reasonable and most definitely worth it! We have been with them ever since we initially walked in the door. Over the years we have referred many friends and fellow business acquaintances... Read More

The Top 10 Reasons Why Showit is the Best thing for Photographers Since Sliced Bread

If you took a moment and looked at all of the tools you use for your business (Pictage, ShootQ, Quickbooks, SmugMug, PhotoJunction, Album Exposure, etc.) and had to pick ONE to get rid of which would you choose? If you had to pick one that you would forever be able to keep, which would it be? For today’s post, we want to share with you one of the biggest tools, if not THE biggest, that we have used and continue to use for our business that we would not be able to do without. If we did not have Showit, we have no idea where our business would be. Seriously. You think we’re exaggerating. We’re not. Showit in a nutshell: A tool made by photographers for photographers to build your own fully customizable website. Your website is your public face. It represents you. As photographers we are unique and creative individuals. Don’t we want that to reflect in our site? Don’t we want the freedom to do whatever to our site that we want instead of being constricted to templates? Top 10 Reasons Why Showit is Amazing (and why we love it) 1. Flash + HTML + HTML5: Even though the site is flash, Showit creates an HTML file for every page so your site is searchable, AND when you publish it, it automatically publishes it in HTML 5 format so it can be viewed on all mobile devices!! 2. SEO that is the bomb: Read more here to see the full awesomeness 3. FULL customization: Away with templates, and enter in Style Groups that you can use as... Read More

Friday Fun | The Finale of Our Christmas Tree Can Beat up Your Christmas Tree

You have seen the giant Christmas tree hunt… You have seen the turmoil of us getting our giant Christmas tree into our home…. You have seen us decorating the tree.… You saw the Christmas tree Big Reveal… and now, my friends… …it is time to share with you the demolishing of our beloved tree… Ok, ok, it IS a month and a half past Christmas, but there is nothing wrong with spreading the Christmas cheer waaaaaaay throughout the new year… and besides, we were traveling, so that put a little delay on clearing our home of Christmas. So, without further ado we share with you the taking down of our ginormous Christmas tree… … (drum roll please) … First we have the before image.. and now the process of the tear down… :( Branches had to be cut to fit this bad boy back out of our home… The aftermath… Ah, we finally have our kitchen nook back!! So the question is asked if we are going to do this again…. The answer at this time is undecided and leaning toward “no” :) It was a blast and fun, but a lot of work and effort as well …. not to mention a door frame or two nicked up. ha ha. The only problem is – once we have kids, they are going to see images of our awesome, ginormous tree and want to do the same thing…. Soooooooooooooo, enjoy this blog post while you can, because it might disappear before it gives our future kids something to desire. Lol! Thanks for following us through Our-Christmas-Tree-Can-Beat-Up-Your-Christmas-Tree... Read More

Hang with us at WPPI!

There are so many of you that we want to connect with and meet at WPPI! We have four opportunities of where you will be able to connect with us/hear us speak outside of our MasterClass. OPPORTUNITY #1-3: We are holding 3 sessions in the Showit Lounge in the Signature Suites, and 2 of them have already sold out, so Showit opened a third to give you guys first dibs! There are only 20 seats so book your (free) seat now! Update: The session is now sold out. No worries, though – if you come and someone doesn’t’ show up then you’re IN!   Showit is bringing in many fab speakers and industry leaders including Jasmine Star, Promise Tangeman, Heather & Eugene of 2Duce2, Stephen Knuth, Jamie Delaine and more! Some of the sessions are sold out already but there are still a few seats to snag! Come on out and hang with all of us! Visit Showit Vegas Website. OPPORTUNITY #4: We will be speaking at the Westcott booth on the tradeshow floor on Tuesday, February 22nd, 1:30-2:00. We will be doing a lighting demonstration and there to answer any questions! We can’t wait to see you all and connect! Whose gonna be... Read More

Starbucks Trip Adventures | Our Paris Adventures! Part II

Day 1 in Paris was hard to top, seeing that the Eiffel Tower is so cool to see, but we did our best :) We hopped on one of the tour buses and visited some of the other main attractions of the city!! We had an amazing time and hope that you enjoy the photos! Now on, to, Paris! We hopped off the bus at the Louvre and it was pretty cool! We “L” is for Louvre… Inside, the museum was HUGE and there was so much to see! Some of the paintings they had were extraordinary… amazing how people can create such beautiful works of art. Here is Venus de Milo from the second century B.C. So crazy! And of course the famous Mona Lisa! It was really cool to see it in person, though it was a bit smaller than we imagined and could only get so close to it. There were ropes protecting the artwork and it was also behind a panel of glass, because people couldn’t obey the signs all over where it says “NO FLASH” so we’re sure that glass somehow protects Ms. Mona from all of the light bursts hitting it day after day. Yes, this is a giant piece of art! We have decided to only put this size of artwork in our home so when clients come over they will no longer be satisfied with a 30×40 but will only want a canvas 15 feet high and 30 feet long…. lol. After grabbing lunch we hopped back on our tour bus to Notre Dame! So cold! :) We didn’t see the... Read More

Setting the Mood with a Video Light

Hello everyone and welcome to today’s blog post! We are beyond excited that you guys come here week in and week out to check out the goodness, and we are super excited to have you here! Today we are going to go over the basics of utilizing a video light in your wedding or portrait work. The video light is an awesome tool that we have been using for a few years, but as many of you may know, it can sometimes be super difficult to use for portraits because the light can either look really awesome, or REALLY bad! Most of the time, we use the video light for things other than just taking portraits, like using it to help us focus on a really dark exit shot, using it as a background light to add some more depth and separation, or using it to light small things like flowers or the cake at the reception. We will get into those uses in another post, but today we wanted to dive right into the most difficult way to use it; as the Main Light source for a portrait shot. Sometimes you are just stuck shooting the bride and groom in the reception, or in a dark room with little available light and you have to get an awesome shot. You don’t want to use a strobe because it is too big, or too much set-up work and you want a constant light source that makes focusing on your subject easier. So today, we are going to share some basic tips for getting your video light portraits to look... Read More

Our Favorite Super Bowl Commericals

Ok peeps. So we aren’t really big football fans, and by that we mean we didn’t even have an idea that the Superbowl was yesterday if it weren’t for our friends Heather & Eugene of 2Duce2 (not only fantastic people but talented videographers as well… if you don’t know then, you need to :) …. ha ha, but anyway, moving along! Putting our football differences aside we made chip dip and a taco bar and settled down for a night of Super Bowl football. Of course, the commercials where the highlight and we wanted to share our two favorite… Favorite #1: Volkswagen Commercial: The Force Favorite #2: Doritos: House Sitting Ah, good times! What was your favorite... Read More

A Nashville Artist Photoshoot | Warren Barfield

Two days after we returned from Europe we had a shoot set up for artist, Warren Barfield. Not only is Warren a very talented musician, but a great business and family man as well. We started the shoot out with a studio set-up, as you can see below, and then we headed outside as the golden hour was approaching to shoot with some natural light, as well as utilize some studio strobes. Thanks to Matt Renaud for his tremendous help on the shoot! Enjoy the shots taken right here in Nashville, TN! For your viewing and listening pleasure, we thought we would share this video with you… Follow Warren Barfield on... Read More

Starbucks Trip Adventures | Our Paris Adventures! Part I

And now it is time to share with you the third leg of our European travels – Paris!! We took the Speed train from Amsterdam… (Zach’s first time on a train… ooh, ahhh…) Aw yeah…. The beautiful country side that whizzed by our window… After arriving in Paris, it took us about 45 minutes, a coffee Barista who barely spoke any English, and a super kind French woman to direct us as to where exactly our hotel was and how best to get there on the subway system…. Dang iPhones not working… *sighs* We finally made it to our hotel and the first thing we did once we checked in our hotel was go see the Eiffel tower!! Our hotel was about a 7 minute walk and it was so cool to turn the corner of a building and all of a sudden the Eiffel tower was BAM, right there!!! As cool as it was to hang outside by the Eiffel Tower it was FREEZING outside and we moved on to a coffee shop to warm ourselves up! That evening we grabbed dinner at this little Italian place and then went back to the hotel and crashed! :) All the travel and excitement was catching up to us so we opted for a good night’s sleep so we could prepare ourselves for our next day in Paris touring the city and seeing the sights!! Stay tuned for Part II of our Paris... Read More

Allison & Mike are Hitched! | A Gray Photography Team Wedding

Jessica Rai shot this fun wedding of Allison & Mike and we are excited to share it with you! Read below below what Jessica had to say on the wedding! It was such a joy to capture & be apart of Allison & Mike’s wedding day at the lovely Loews Vanderbilt Hotel & Cathedral of the Incarnation. When I met with Allison to chat about her wedding day dreams & ideas we immediately clicked & from that moment on I couldn’t wait for January 8th to arrive! Allison & Mike chose to have a private moment and see each other before the wedding, (which was awesome!) and I loved seeing the way they lit up when they finally saw each other! I loved how comfortable they were together & as soon as they saw each other they couldn’t stop smiling. Their entire day was just beautiful & everything went off without a hitch! I’m so thankful that you allowed me to be apart of such an important day in your lives :) I wish the two of you many happy years together & lots of laughs. -Jessica... Read More