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from the February 2011 category

If you took a moment and looked at all of the tools you use for your business (Pictage, ShootQ, Quickbooks, SmugMug, PhotoJunction, Album Exposure, etc.) and had to pick ONE to get rid of which would you choose? If you had to pick one that you would forever be able to keep, which would it be?
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Jessica Rai, one of our team photographers, headed out and shot the coolest engagement session of soon to wed couple, Taryn & Cory!

The weather was awesome, the couple, even awesomer (is that even a word?) and we are loving this shoot!

Here is a sneak peek image to hold you over until we reveal more!
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You have seen the giant Christmas tree hunt

You have seen the turmoil of us getting our giant Christmas tree into our home….

You have seen us decorating the tree.

You saw the Christmas tree Big Reveal…

and now, my friends…

…it is time to share with you the demolishing of our beloved tree… Ok, ok, it IS a month and a half past Christmas, but there is nothing wrong with spreading the Christmas cheer waaaaaaay throughout the new year… and besides, we were traveling, so that put a little delay on clearing our home of Christmas. So, without further ado we share with you the taking down of our ginormous Christmas tree…
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Hang with us at WPPI!

by Jody on February 10, 2011, posted in Speaking

There are so many of you that we want to connect with and meet at WPPI! We have four opportunities of where you will be able to connect with us/hear us speak outside of our MasterClass.


We are holding 3 sessions in the Showit Lounge in the Signature Suites, and 2 of them have already sold out, so Showit opened a third to give you guys first dibs! There are only 20 seats so book your (free) seat now!
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Day 1 in Paris was hard to top, seeing that the Eiffel Tower is so cool to see, but we did our best :)

We hopped on one of the tour buses and visited some of the other main attractions of the city!!

We had an amazing time and hope that you enjoy the photos!
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