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from the March 2011 category

The Sacramento IN-CAMERA workshops are officially completed and it’s time we share some Sacramento goodness with you all! We have been in Sacramento for a week now and we’re sad to leave this morning. We have met so many great people here!

Here is a recap of the first workshop day – IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post. This workshop focuses on getting killer images, in-camera and without needing to lean on PhotoShop. This class focuses on controlling your camera as well as working with natural light. Seeing that photography IS light, we talk about where to find it, how to control it and make it work for you and have your images look awesome!
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One week ago, we were in the Hartford, CT airport and came across this interesting sight:

Below is Dunkin’ Donuts with everyone and their mom in line…

About 10 paces down on the other side was this coffee shop…

Why is it that everyone was in line for Dunkin’ Donuts coffee where, let’s be honest, their coffee really isn’t that good (actually, we would rather go without coffee than drink DD’s coffee… sorry North-easterners ;), but no one was in line for Cafe Lavazza – Italy’s FAVORITE coffee?
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We have been traveling a lot over here and you know what that means – more Starbucks mugs that we have added to our collection! … not to mention it’s good closure for us! lol.

And now we present to you the final recap of our time in Las Vegas!
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The news you have all been waiting for!!! Registration for the early Spring 2011 IN-CAMERA workshops is open!!

As you all know, our newsletter subscribers got first dibs on the workshops and seats have sold like crazy! Nashville is almost sold out completely, so get what’s left while you can!
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Friday Fun | The funniest “We Are Pregnant” Video

by Zach on March 18, 2011, posted in Uncategorized

Earlier this week we came across this video on facebook of expecting mother, Melissa, telling husband, Gary that (after a long journey) she is finally pregnant. Oh my gosh, this made us both laugh and yes, maybe tear up too. Love it!

Happy Friday!

To read the full blog post of the story behind her telling him, you can visit their family blog HERE. Congrats, you two!