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from the April 2011 category


Friday Fun | Our Latest Addiction Revealed

by Jody on April 22, 2011, posted in Friday Fun,Uncategorized

A few weeks ago we got introduced to this quick photo sharing app called Instagram and we love it!!

What is Instagram?
Instagram is a fast and fun way to (quickly) share your life with friends through images!

Why Instagram is cool:
#1. It’s free
#2. It lets you take iPhone photos and make them look awesome at the touch of the screen with all their cool filters (or you can shoot them in-camera! :)
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We had an amazing time at our lighting workshop even though we literally had a tornado touch down about 5 minutes drive from where we were! It was a crazy fun day watching the rain move horizontally and cool because we were forced to shoot in the worst conditions, and still got amazing shots!
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Sneak Peek!! | Stephen & Scarlett Are Married!

by Jody on April 17, 2011, posted in Sneak Peeks

Aw snap! We just got back into town from the fab wedding of Stephen Knuth & Scarlett Lillian and we are PUMPED to show you this little sneak peek into their wedding!

We have SO much to write about their beautiful day (it was amazing!) and cannot WAIT to share it with you all! In the meantime, to hold you over, we have a little, tiny, sneak peek to share with you!
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(We had a workshop attendee bring this video to our attention! Aw yeah!)

Ever wondered what is inside the secret factory at Apple? Us too. We thought maybe there was just a brilliant marketing machine selling its slick packaged products to the mindless masses (people just like us who own 4 Apple products to date), but there is soooo much more to be discovered! Won’t you join us as we take a glimpse into where no man has gone before? We think you will.
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Nashville, TN IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post Re-Cap!

by Jody on April 13, 2011, posted in Uncategorized

What an awesome time we had with the crew of 20 photographers that came out to the workshops this past Sunday! We had shooters from all over and had a really great time getting to meet so many new faces! We absolutely love that we get to do this and have loved every minute hanging with our new friends!
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