Keywording so Potential Clients can find YOU!

Hey guys! Today’s post is all about something that is super important to do when getting your images online. Anytime that you upload images to the internet, you want to make sure that Google can see them, so the way we do that is with key wording! Google can’t see images, so we need to add some keywords so that people that are out there searching can find your photos! So, check out the screen cast video below to see how to do that in Lightroom in one fast and easy step!   [iframe: src=”″ width=”750″ height=”450″ frameborder=”0″] We are still on the road on the tour and are having a blast! We are headed out to San Diego today and can’t wait to see some of you... Read More

Promo Video of the PASS tour!!

Aw snap! Fresh from the editing room we have a killer video to give you a glimpse into the actual PASS tour!! [iframe: src=”″ width=”750″ height=”422″ frameborder=”0″] To snag your seat before the rest of the cities fill up – click here! We are so pumped to be a part of this and cannot wait to meet the rest of you at the other stops!! Major props to the man Than Heschle of Heschle Video Productions. He hopped on the bus with us for the first two stops and rocked this out fast. Than, you’re the bomb! Here are a few pics taken from San Fran (thank-you Jihan Cerda!)     Can’t wait to hang with the rest of you all on the other... Read More

Friday Fun | Our San Francisco Tour Adventures!

Happy Friday! This week has been a whirlwind! As of tomorrow morning we will have officially been on the bus for one week! Only five more to go! We had the first two PASS premier stops – Seattle & San Francisco, and man, we had such a great time! We have been sending out tweets and pictures on Twitter and Facebook so make sure you’re following us there, but on here – we wanted to share a little video Zach put together on his phone to give you a little peek into our time so far :) Check it out! [iframe: src=”″ width=”750″ height=”422″... Read More

Creating Lightroom Catalogs

Hey all! Today’s tips and tricks is a video screen cast that we did just for you! We are demonstrating how we make Lightroom catalogs!   Have you ever opened Lightroom and waited, and waited and waited for it to just open? Then, over time, it seems to run slower and slower? Well, this video has come to your rescue! There are a number of different ways to speed up Lightroom and keep it running fast, but this one is what we do and is very low maintenance and also helps keep your images very organized.   Check it out! [iframe: src=”″ width=”750″ height=”450″ frameborder=”0″] Thanks a ton for checking out the video! We will have more videos to come while we are out on the Pass Premier tour, so stay... Read More

The Wheels on the Bus Go…

We are officially on the road for the next 6 weeks! Yes, it’s totally crazy to think that for the next month and a half we will be living on a bus! For those of you who are new to us and/or the blog, we are officially on the PASS Premier tour hitting 18 cities from the West Coast to the East Coast! We are super pumped to meet so many of you and share a bit about our process of how we run our business. It’s going to be a great time! This is is our home for the next six weeks! :) We will be updating you here on the blog with all of our adventures (Can’t wait to add to our Starbucks mug collection – yay!). Though speaking of mugs, The Freedom House got a special package before we all left Santa Barbara from the Stotts… for any of you who have seen the office, you will fully appreciate it. The back of our mugs have the PASS logo, but the back of DJ’s mug is the mug shown on the right!! Aren’t they awesome? Our first official tour stop is tomorrow in Seattle and we are pumped! We pulled in this morning and are bowling tonight with some local Showitteers who have arranged a little get-together!! So exciting! Which of you will we be seeing on the tour?... Read More

Welcome to the new and improved Blog 2.0! :)

Hey guys! Jody and I have been busy little beavers this past few weeks gearing up for the PASS Premier Tour (which we leave for today!) and we are stoked to announce that the blog has been updated for you, our awesome readers!! A HUGE thanks to AlliMay Designs and Nick Redmond for their combined geniuses to make this blog happen! We cannot recommend these guys enough! The biggest change to our blog is the new sub-header that we have! You will notice some amazing new features like: Promotions – The promotions are our latest news and updates of things that we know you will be interested in! From current workshops to featured weddings and speaking gigs, this is the place to find them! The promotions are the ones that are scrolling at the top left of the blog just under our header! Info Tabs – The info tabs are just underneath the scrolling promotions and give you access to exactly the things that you may be interested in seeing! Brides can click on the “brides” tab, photographers can click on the “photographers” tab and these will take you to resources that we have created just for you! Quick Links – The quick links are just to the right of the info tabs and will give you a blog roll on anything that is listed, from past workshops to featured weddings, they are all there! Just scroll down after clicking to see the content! Collapsible Blog Posts – Now, with the exception of the first blog post, all the other posts can be opened when you want to see... Read More

Sunny & Neeva are Engaged!!

We are shooting the wedding of the oh-so-cute couple Sunny & Neeva in Virgina later this year! Sunny & Neeva are also photographers (see their site here –Photographick) and it’s always really fun to shoot for fellow colleagues! You saw their sneek peek and now it’s time to share with you the highlights of their engagement session! Sunny & Neeva flew into Nashville and with plane delays, threats of thunderstorms and closed boat rentals, we all prevailed and had a great session with them! Click below to see their images on their custom site created for them! (To view their images once they become available online, CLICK HERE to sign their virtual guestbook). We can’t wait for your wedding, you... Read More

Interview with Fast Track Photographer

Last week we were invited live on Dane Sander’s Fast Track Photographer. Those who were in live attendance asked some great questions about running our business and so today we wanted to share the interview with you! Some of the questions asked: – How did you go about booking your first gigs? – Kevin Simcock – What’s your best advice for someone starting out and having trouble finding clients? – Algernon Parker – How is it working with your spouse? – Cherrie Coutts – Would love to hear more concrete info about what brought your images to to the next level? – Marcie Richstone – How do you approach raising prices down the road fr the clients who helped you build your business? – Robb Shirey – How did you come up with the price point for your weddings? – Antionio Fambro – How do you justify those new higher prices? -@Showmyphotos – Have you ever lowered your prices to get the gig? – Ali Williamson Happy viewing!! Thank-you, Dane for having us! To view past interviews with some amazing business people & photographers (Guy Kawasaki, Mike Larson and Seth Godin) make sure to visit the Fast Track Photographer... Read More

Wedding Day Questions To Ask Your Bride | Video on the [b]school

So, you’re shooting weddings now. Congrats! Weddings are a blast, but boy, there SURE are a LOT of logistics to keep track of. Ever find yourself going back and forth with your Bride and Groom via emails and phone calls getting additional information from them about details of their wedding day, because you forgot to ask about it earlier? There’s locations, the timeline, the family shot list, vendors – and so much more information that’s hard to remember all at once and then going back and FINDING that information when you need it is a pain in the booty! The [b]school is a great community of photographers where we have been talking about just that. Today, we have created a video for the [b]schoolers talking about our process for handling this, and then walking the viewer through our actual questionnaire that we created and send to our clients. This video is only available to [b]schoolers, but for those of you who aren’t members yet, Becker has given us a 25% off promo code a promo to share with you all! We love being a part of the community on the [b]school and you won’t regret the friends you meet and the information you learn and exchange with others. To learn more about it, check out the [b]school HERE. When registering don’t forget to use promo code GRAY25 to save... Read More

Friday Fun | A Wedding Video To Remember

Have you seen this video that went viral?? We watched this and it cracked us up! A wedding is jam packed as it is and to find the extra time to pull something like this off, is well, pretty amazing. 90% of this video was shot during the wedding day. Crazy! Have a super happy Friday and ENJOY! Adorama actually interviewed the team who pulled this off (David Robin | Films)! To read the interview and how they did it check it out here. So amazing! Here is a picture of the crew below (compliments of the Adorama article). Happy... Read More

A Sneak Peek into PASS!

Hey all! Has all the hype on PASS got your interest piqued but you’re wondering what in the world PASS exactly is?? Not sure what the PASS Premier tour is all about? Well, wonder no further. We introduce to you something that will dramatically change how you run your business and make it simpler and easy to manage. Check out the sneak peek into PASS… To learn more about PASS, book your seat to the PASS Premier tour (only 60 seats per stop!) and if you’re wondering what other goodness will be involved, you can watch this little video we filmed here with David Jay from Showit (the sexiest man in the photography industry) and Kevin Swan from Kiss Books and SWAT (probably the smartest guy we have ever met) to tell you all a bit about the upcoming PASS tour! We wish that Promise Tangeman could have been there with us too!! Check it... Read More

Guest Blogger Evan Baines!

We are starting a new thing today where every now and then we will be bringing in guest bloggers to share their expertise who we respect and admire! Our first guest blogger is none other than the oh, so talented, Evan Baines. Evan is a great friend of ours and in our opinion, one of the best photojournalistic wedding photographers alive today. Evan is a rare talent that we have both learned from personally and professionally. We are beyond excited to bring you his post, Noun/Adjective, that he wrote exclusively for our blog! Check it out and leave some love! Noun/Adjective by Evan Baines There are lots of techniques out there for portrait photography, where photographers can light or manipulate the scene to create their artistic vision. However, there is a common misperception that documentary photography (AKA “photojournalism”) is simply a matter of snapping away at whatever happens to show up in front of the lens. Nothing could be further from the truth, but the challenge is that the tools and techniques of the documentary photographer are intellectual rather than physical. One example of a technique that I focus on in my own work and discuss with my associates is something I call noun/adjective. Arguably the most important tool of the photojournalist (and perhaps photographers in general) is the basic decision of what to include and what to exclude from the frame. Few pieces of great photojournalism function with only a single piece of content, and the best photojournalists typically achieve remarkable effects through symbolism, parallelism, contrasting subject matter, and various other techniques that might sound more at home in... Read More

Starbucks Trip Adventures | Maui

When we were in Maui last month holding our IN-CAMERA photography workshops we made sure to set aside some time to see and enjoy some of the beauty of Maui (and of course, grab a Starbucks mug to add to our collection)! We wanted to share a few images with you of our time there and show you just how beautiful this island really is! :) Thanks to our amazing host, Anna Kim, we got to go whale watching! We were instructed to go to the beach below and wait for our boat! Zach, making all of the other men jealous of his hair being able to withstand the high winds. ;) And look-ee there! See the spray of water coming up? Yup, that’s a humpback whale! aw snap! I think Zach should be a sailor… One of our other free days on the island, we decided to rent a Harley and spend the day cruising up the North side of Maui! It was amazing! We saw some beautiful parts of Maui (what parts aren’t beautiful?). One of the highlights of our trip was coming across this surfer spot where about 40 surfers were hitting the waves! I (Jody) had never seen people surfing before (in person) and this was totally cool to watch. We weren’t the only ones out there watching the surfers. There were lots of other onlookers too. And of course, right before we headed out to the airport to catch our flight back home, we had to say aloha to the beach one more time. That’s just a tiny glimpse into our time in Maui…... Read More

Join in the Conversation! Live Interview with us next Tuesday, May 10th

We are excited to share that next Tuesday at 3pm CST we will be live with Dane Sanders on his Fast Track Coaching broadcast! Author of Fast Track Photographer and Fast Track Photographer Business Plan, Dane has a passion for seeing other photographers succeed which is exactly why we wanted to do this. Dane has created a huge resource for photographer to learn (Fast Track Photographer), and we are excited to play a role in this! Some of Dane’s past interviews have been with people like Guy Kawasaki, Mike Larson and Seth Godin (view past interviews here)! We invite you to come along and join in as we have virtual coffee together (maybe even Starbucks?? ha ha ;o) and chat about a topic that is important to all of us. To join in on the fun, make sure to Join the Event at the given link and if you want to participate then make sure to register or sign in! Look forward to seeing you... Read More

Scarlett & Stephen are Married! | A Jacksonville Florida Wedding

What an amazing wedding that we just shot the weekend before last out in Jacksonville, Florida! We flew out a day early to shoot Stephen & Scarlett‘s new promo images for their re-brand as their studios are now coming together (more on that to come!) and were stoked that we got to spend a little extra time with our amazing friends. These two have been close to our hearts ever since we met them back at Partner Con 2009. We met them at dinner and heard their amazing story of how they met, pursued each other and fell in love. After hearing the story, we asked them how long they had been together (assuming they had known each other for forever the way they talked) and they said, “two weeks!” We were just blown away at the connection that they had with each other and have been in awe of their relationship ever since. These guys are soo special to us and we were absolutely honored to be able to capture their unique and beautiful wedding day. The colors, the life and the love of this wedding was unlike any other and we are soooo excited to welcome these two into the married club! We can’t wait to hang with them soon and hope that you all enjoy the onslaught of images you are about to receive! Enjoy! Stephen got this amazing watch from Scarlett as a wedding gift. I want one! -Z Stephen looked like a super stud for the wedding! Hottie! Scarlett’s shoes were AMAZING! Love the detail! Scarlett got this cute little tux for her dog,... Read More

Going on Tour to a City Near YOU!

Awwwwwwwwww snap! We are PUMPED to share with you that we are going on an 18-city tour in less than a month and we will be coming to a city near you!! Come hear us, the amazingly talented and beautiful Promise Tangeman, and studly David Jay speak as we come to you along with KISS wedding books! We each will be sharing on our own area of expertise and this tour will also be launching an AMAZING new product called PASS that is going to be the-bomb-dot-com for all photographers alike! Also can’t neglect to tell you that you will get to see first-hand the beauty and simplicity of the free and awesome S.W.A.T album designer built by KISS books! This is going to be a fantastic evening of information, hanging and learning some great stuff to amp up your photography business! This is going to be a blast and we area already seeing tweets of you all who have already signed up to come! We can’t wait! To read more information on the tour as well as register (only 60 seats per tour stop!) visit the PASS Tour Website. The cities we will be visiting: Seattle, WA San Francisco, CA Los Angeles, CA San Diego, CA Phoenix, AZ Denver, CO Dallas, TX Austin, TX Houston, TX Atlanta, GA Orlando, FL Charlotte, NC Arlington, VA New York, NY Boston, MA Chicago, IL Indianapolis, IN Nashville, TN Who is coming?? Can’t wait to see you all... Read More