Money Money Money | How we Handle Income

Today we want to talk about something we all often may ignore – MONEY! Yes, we receive it and we love that part, but what we do with it can either really hurt us or help us. So, today, we are going to talk about that dirty old word we all hate, TAXES! **Disclaimer: This is simply Zach & Jody advice that is not a source to quote if you’re ever taken to court. Make sure you refer to your local state and county guidelines for taxes and other laws :) ** The biggest hassle at the end of the year for your business can be paying taxes!! How much do you owe and where the money is coming from can be the biggest STRESSERS! There are quite a few ways (and some more elaborate than others) to help relieve the craziness taxes, but we’re going to keep it simple, for those who like simplicity :) When you have money coming in from your photography business, and maybe money coming in from a day job as well, it can get confusing what money you owe taxes on, ESPECIALLY when the money is combined in the same banking account. And then what about paying yourself? What about business expenses, quarterly payments, what to write off and what to not? There is a lot to think about, so here a few simple tips to help keep your money organized, especially as you’re starting your business and don’t have your $$ in any fancy business management software :) 1. In addition to your personal checking account (we’ll call that account CheckingP. “P” for... Read More

Starbucks Trip Adventures | The Big Apple

What up New York!!!!!!!! We had the pleasure of being in New York on Thursday, and boy, the day flew by, but we had fun! We honestly don’t know how you New Yorkers do it! After one afternoon in the bustling city, we are ready for a full week of napping or SOMEthing relaxing :) We We have now added another Starbucks mug to our collection! It took two tries, but we have it now!   When we pulled in early Thursday morning it was raining. We think this is the first stop that we actually got rained on! At 2pm we hailed a cab and made our way over to Adorama. You know, the ginormous online retailer? They only have one actual storefront and we got the tour! Here is Zach in the pro-department that Anne Cahill had a big part in putting together. We will be coming back to Adorama in September so stay tuned for some goodness on that which we will be sharing!! This has been added on our To Buy list. A human being comes with this lens to help hold it up :) Us and the one-and-only Joel Meisels from Adorama! After grabbing some food, we zipped back to the venue and it was showtime! Goofing off at the PASS photo wall. (Photo compliments to Tim Hussey). And we have to end with this shot… this is our bus… to the right is the door that we get on and off the bus. Ah! Talk about watching out for traffic! :) We had SUCH an amazing time meeting you all and we can’t... Read More

Starbucks Trip Adventures! | Washington DC

Yesterday we had the awesomeness of being in Washington DC for the PASS Premier tour! I (Jody) had never been before, and we had about 4 hours to see the city before the show began that evening, so it was our goal to make the best of it! We pulled in around 11:00am, Zach and I threw clothes on and hit the city! Enjoy the images from our iphones and point and shoot! Our first stop was, you guessed it, Starbucks!! There was no way we were missing out on getting our Starbucks mug like we had in other cities!! We got to see the Lincoln Memorial… Us with Lincoln below! In all seriousness. This was really moving. To read Lincoln’s inaugural address and the other writings on the wall, was…. I don’t know… I can’t put it in to words.   Then we headed off to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. There was a group of World War II veterans that had been flown out to visit the memorials. You could spot them all easily in their yellow/orange shirts. To know they had served and given up so much for our country … a simple “thank-you” seemed so inadequate.   The World War II Memorial…   One of the Veterans… Next, it was the Washington Monument! This is me with the monument taken from the Lincoln Memorial (yeah, the reflective pool was being worked on :(. Then we were off to take a peek at the White House! So cool!!   Then we headed off to the National Archives…. or so we thought. Our taxi driver took us to... Read More

Rockin The Ceremony!

We often get asked what our game plan is for ceremonies and how we shoot them together, so today we will dive into our mentality when shooting the ceremony and where we position ourselves to capture the important images from this all important portion of the day!   When it comes to shooting the ceremony, our overall goal is to stay out of the way, not distract from the events, and of course, get great images. The Game Plan: When the processional begins, I (Jody) am staked out in the aisle way, about halfway down, depending on how long the isle is. Usually I have the 24-70mm on, (or a longer lens depending on how far away the bride is going to be) which allows me to shoot the story and the faces of those in the audience as well as zoom in a bit, if I want a tighter shot.I am always looking to get a great expression on the brides face, because we know that our clients are looking for content in their images first and foremost. Zach is usually out in the atrium (wherever the bride is coming into the ceremony from) area capturing the final moments before the bride walks in and will also stand at the back of the church once the processional begins. Usually he has the 70-200L 2.8 or the 85L 1.2 on his camera. Zach’s focus is to shoot the shot of the groom’s face as the bride walks in. He will also capture images of the bride from behind as she and her dad walk down the aisle and will... Read More

A Look Inside the Showit Tour Bus!

For those of you who may have been away from the internet for the past month or so, we are on a speaking tour! Many of you have asked about the tour bus we have been traveling on, so we thought that we would go ahead and reveal to you the secret insides of the Showit tour bus!!   [iframe: src=”″ width=”750″ height=”422″ frameborder=”0″] We still have two weeks left on the tour, with many adventures ahead of us! We hope to see you out in the following cities that are coming up!! Charlotte, NC DC (Arlington, VA) New York Boston Chicago Indianapolis Nashville Visit the PASS website for more... Read More

Starbucks Trip Adventures | The Awesomness of Texas!!

Yee-haw! We stopped in three major cities last week in the good ‘ol state of Texas! Big hair, free steaks, it doesn’t get much better than that!! (… yes, our Houston mug is missing… we’re working on that :) We had a day to relax when we were in Dallas and guess what we did? Yup, we went to the one and only, touristy BIG TEXAN! Their gimmick is you get your steak for free if you eat their SEVENTY TWO ounce (yup, that’s 72) PLUS the side dishes, your meal is free. It’s an experience (no one tried when we were eating there). They have a gift shop, and crazy stuff, and even some great gentleman came and serenaded us. Singing “Burning Ring of Fire” together was definitely a highlight of the evening… and their creepy gift shop. This is me out side of The Big Texan! Got to get my photo on with the BOOT! Zach even put together a video of our adventures with his phone – enjoy! [iframe: src=”″ width=”750″ height=”422″ frameborder=”0″] And check this out – the oh-so-sweet Leslie Savage brought us our Dallas mug! It was SO great meeting y’all (as we say in the south :) and we look forward to coming... Read More

Getting Awesome Preparation Shots!

We are out on the Pass Premier Tour bringing this to you LIVE from the good ‘ol state of Mississippi en route to Atlanta! We are having a blast getting to meet so many cool photographers and sharing stories of how we are all navigating this business together! For this week’s tips and tricks blog, we wanted to focus on a key area of shooting the wedding day – nailing great candid getting-ready images. So, on to the post! First things first: When we show up to shoot the final preparations, the first thing we do is start looking for where the good light is in the space we have to work with. If we can get our clients into the good light, then we are guaranteed to get great images of them doing their thing. We usually look for indirect window light and try and place our clients around 4 to 6 feet away from that light facing toward the window. We also try and make sure that the center of the window is around the height of their heads so that we get more light on the face and less light on the body and legs. This helps the dress of the bride to not get blown out and also helps the focus be on their cute little mugs as that becomes the brightest part of our shots. Second: We try and turn off all the lights in the room. This helps avoid mixed lighting where there is one color of light coming through the window, and another color light coming from a lamp or overhead light.... Read More

A highlight of our Dallas Tour Stop!

Happy Monday! Today marks the 3rd week and 2nd day that we have been on tour!! We have been to Seattle, San Francisco, Orange County, San Diego, Phoenix, Denver, Dallas, and this evening we are HOUSTON!! The Dallas stop was amazing and we had a blast with the photographers there, so we’ll see if Houston can bring it tonight :) The oh-so-sweet, Showiteer, Catie Ronquillo, put this little video together of stills from set up all the way through the whole night! Enjoy, and thanks... Read More

Our 4-Year Shooting Anniversary

It was four years ago, this month, that we shot our very first wedding. Boy, were we nervous (guess that really never fully goes away, though… :), and we were hoping that we wouldn’t screw anything up and worked out little booties off to rock out Rachel and Joel’s wedding! In honor of their anniversary, as well as full-disclosure, and growing and learning with each wedding that we shoot (yes, even today!), we have decided to share with you images from that wedding, thanks to the slideshow awesomeness of Animoto!   Thanks again to our couple Rachel and Joel for helping us get our start!! You guys rock!     For those of you interested in using Animoto, you can get a discount by using promo code... Read More

Interview with the UK’s Photography Parlour!

We were honored to have been interviewed by Liesl Cheney for the United Kingdom’s Photography Parlour!! The Photography Parlour is a great resource for not only UK photographers to learn and share, but also for U.S. photographers. You can watch (or read!) the interview by clicking the image below! Liesl asked us questions in regards to our business – how we began, how our business grew the way it did, the best and worst things about working with each other, out style and approach to photography, how we incorporate lighting into our shoots and how to slowly build your gear AND more :) Hope you enjoy! Make sure to follow the @photoparlour on Twitter to hear about the other amazing interviews they have (including Mike Colon, Jessica Clair, Jaz Ampaw-Farr, Jesh De Rox and more... Read More

Teaser! The awesome wedding of Josh & Mckenzie!

Jody and I shot a HOT wedding (literally and figuratively) here in Nashville, TN at the Factory in Franklin this past Saturday and it was a blast! Our couple was amazing and we had sooo much fun with them that we could not help but share an image from the day! Jody grabbed this shot from their first look. It was an emotional day and we were so blessed to be able to share in it! Enjoy and leave them some... Read More

Friday Fun (on Sunday!)!

Hey dudes! We wanted to share a little video that Zach filmed and edited on his iPhone from one of our days off during the tour! We had the awesome privilege to be able to go sailing while in Coronado, CA with some friends and compete in the weekly Beer Bottle Races! It was sooo much fun and this was the first time that either of us had sailed on a legit sail boat! It was amazing! We headed out with photog/software designer friends Josh Newton, Shaun Austin, David Jay, Andrew Barlow and more! Check it out! [iframe: src=”″ width=”750″ height=”422″ frameborder=”0″] PS This video was not actually paid for by Kiss and if you don’t buy Pass you are not dumb. :) Those are just... Read More