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from the June 2011 category

Yee-haw! We stopped in three major cities last week in the good ‘ol state of Texas! Big hair, free steaks, it doesn’t get much better than that!!

(… yes, our Houston mug is missing… we’re working on that :)

We had a day to relax when we were in Dallas and guess what we did? Yup, we went to the one and only, touristy BIG TEXAN! Their gimmick is you get your steak for free if you eat their SEVENTY TWO ounce (yup, that’s 72) PLUS the side dishes, your meal is free. It’s an experience (no one tried when we were eating there). They have a gift shop, and crazy stuff, and even some great gentleman came and serenaded us. Singing “Burning Ring of Fire” together was definitely a highlight of the evening… and their creepy gift shop.
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Welcome to today’s Tuesday Tips and Tricks post! We are out on the Pass Premier Tour bringing this to you LIVE from the good ‘ol state of Mississippi en route to Atlanta! We are having a blast getting to meet so many cool photographers and sharing stories of how we are all navigating this business together!
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A highlight of our Dallas Tour Stop!

by Jody on June 13, 2011, posted in Speaking,Traveling,Uncategorized

Happy Monday!

Today marks the 3rd week and 2nd day that we have been on tour!! We have been to Seattle, San Francisco, Orange County, San Diego, Phoenix, Denver, Dallas, and this evening we are HOUSTON!!

The Dallas stop was amazing and we had a blast with the photographers there, so we’ll see if Houston can bring it tonight :)
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Our 4-Year Shooting Anniversary

by Jody on June 10, 2011, posted in Uncategorized

It was four years ago, this month, that we shot our very first wedding. Boy, were we nervous (guess that really never fully goes away, though… :) , and we were hoping that we wouldn’t screw anything up and worked out little booties off to rock out Rachel and Joel’s wedding! In honor of their anniversary, as well as full-disclosure, and growing and learning with each wedding that we shoot (yes, even today!), we have decided to share with you images from that wedding, thanks to the slideshow awesomeness of Animoto!
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We were honored to have been interviewed by Liesl Cheney for the United Kingdom’s Photography Parlour!! The Photography Parlour is a great resource for not only UK photographers to learn and share, but also for U.S. photographers.

You can watch (or read!) the interview by clicking the image below!

Liesl asked us questions in regards to our business – how we began, how our business grew the way it did, the best and worst things about working with each other, out style and approach to photography, how we incorporate lighting into our shoots and how to slowly build your gear AND more :) Hope you enjoy!
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