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And the winner goes to…

Now it is time to announce the winner of the Expo Disc!!! (For those of you who checked back here yesterday, we thank-you for your patience – we had a family emergency come up). The winner who followed the four steps (follow GrayPhotography and then ExpoImaging... Read More

Composition Part 1

What up everyone?! We are super excited to be talking about an awesome topic today that we just love! Composition! What you choose to include (and sometimes more importantly, not include) in your images will result in you not only being able to tell the story of what... Read More

Friday Fun | A New ‘Do

For those of you have had an attachment/infatuation/whatever you may call it, for Zach’s hair in the past, this blog is for you. It is time to share with you that Zach’s fohawk is no more… Yup, it’s true, folks. Gone is the hair and gone is the... Read More

Our Sanity

Ever feel like your head is going to explode? Or ever feel like you’re running so fast on a treadmill that all you want to do is stop, but you know if you do you’ll crash and burn? We kind of have been feeling like that and it’s hit us this past... Read More

A Marathon Extravaganza!

Ok, we admit it. We are fans of Harry Potter. Think what you will, but I (Jody) have read the books and we have seen all of the movies. TONIGHT, at MIDNIGHT, with friends so dear, we will be watching the final installment of Harry Potter on the big screen. We are... Read More

Happy Firework Day!!!

In honor of the forth of July and our country’s independence, we celebrate with fireworks. Sooooooo, we thought we would bust out a video lib dub we did earlier this year with Eugene and Heather of 2Duce2Films to ignite the firework in you… [iframe:... Read More