And the winner goes to…

Now it is time to announce the winner of the Expo Disc!!! (For those of you who checked back here yesterday, we thank-you for your patience – we had a family emergency come up). The winner who followed the four steps (follow GrayPhotography and then ExpoImaging on Twitter, Sign up for our newsletter, and tweet the given message) will now receive the tool that will dramatically change how the color of her images look IN-CAMERA, and will result in WAY less editing time on the back-end is… @RhemaFaith Congrats to Rhema! Rhema – contact us at with your mailing address and your Expo Disc will get sent out to you!! For the rest of you – Expo Imaging was gracious to give us a 20% discount for those of you who you would like to purchase your own Expo Disc – it’s AMAZING!! (Good rule of thumb – buy the Neutral disc and in regards to size – get the Expo Disc for your biggest lens) Instructions on claiming your 20% off: When checking out at, use promo code: graytweet (all lowercase). Promo code expires Monday, August 1st! Thanks for all of you who tweeted and stay tuned for more... Read More

Composition Part 1

What up everyone?! We are super excited to be talking about an awesome topic today that we just love! Composition! What you choose to include (and sometimes more importantly, not include) in your images will result in you not only being able to tell the story of what is happening in a much better way, but it also makes your images much more interesting to look at! We are going to go over multiple composition techniques in this series, and today we are going to start with some portrait composition ideas that you can use right away to help give your images a unique edge.   Today’s tip, Layered Composition:   Layering is a great way to add depth and dimension to an otherwise average looking portrait of your subject. Using more than one layer can take an image from looking very flat and boring, to looking like it has tons of depth and can even give it a “Photoshop” effect, since many times this is done in post-production by blending different images together. Let’s take a look at two different images and show you what we mean.   In this first images which Jody and I shot back in July of 2008 (we had been shooting for about 1 year pro at this point) and although the image has some cool elements to it with the lighting and the blue sky, it can be taken to the next level by layering the image.   Once we had shot this image, we decided to try and layer the image more by adding some foreground elements to give the image... Read More

Win to Have Your Editing Time forever Changed!

Do you want your shooting forever changed? Do you want your editing time reduced dramatically?? Well, we are giving away one free Expo Disc from Expo Imaging which will do just that for you!!!! See the difference that the Expo Disc can make! Here’s how you can enter to win: 1. Follow Zach & Jody on Twitter ( 2. Follow Follow Expo Imaging on Twitter ( 3. Sign up for Zach & Jody’s Photographer newsletter for free monthly exclusive photo tips & tricks ( 4. Tweet the following message (multiple tweets do not help the cause :) Text for you to copy: WIN to have your editing time forever changed w/ @GrayPhotography & @ExpoImaging w/ the ExpoDisc! Pls RT Info- About the Prize: Winner will receive: 77mm Expo Disc Neutral Value: $99.95 + lots of your editing time! :) Don’t you hate it how sometimes you spend FOREVER in Lightroom or Photoshop trying to get the stinkin’ correct white balance for your images? Waste time no more! The ExpoDisc will change all of that!! Read our past blog post for more information on the Expo Disc and what it does: Prize Redemption: Winner will be announced on our blog, Friday July 29th, and it will be the responsibility of the winners to contact GrayPhotography ( within 24 hours with mailing address or new winner will be chosen. Restrictions: Prize cannot be redeemed for... Read More

Happy One-Year Anniversary Craig & Nicholle!

A year ago today we were in Miami Beach, FL getting ready to shoot the wedding of this fab couple PRAYING that the morning rain would go away. Low and behold, it did and the day turned out absolutely beautiful. A year later, Craig and Nicholle have just had their first child and today they celebrate one year of being married!! Congratulations, you two!!! To view the full wedding day blog of their beach side wedding at the Palms Hotel & Spa, click HERE.... Read More

Friday Fun | A New ‘Do

For those of you have had an attachment/infatuation/whatever you may call it, for Zach’s hair in the past, this blog is for you. It is time to share with you that Zach’s fohawk is no more… Yup, it’s true, folks. Gone is the hair and gone is the dark brown. For those of you who heard us speak at the PASS tour… well, we guess we will just have to rebrand!!!... Read More

Canada, Indianapolis, Michigan & New York – Here we come!

We are going to be speaking at some groups and events coming up within the next few months and wanted to share those with you in hopes that we will see you out!! Mark your calendars! MTPPA (Michigan Triangle Professional Photographers Association) Details – Time: 7pm Location: Perspective 2 | 319 E. Grand River | Ave, Lansing, MI 48906 Addtnl Info: Cost is FREE for members and $49 for non-members. You can register on-line at or pay at the door. MTPPA Facebook | MTPPA Blog Check out the interview we just did for them HERE! IN-CAMERA: Light workshop Details – Visit IN-CAMERA Workshop Website Indianapolis, PUG Details – Time: 7-9:00pm Addtnl Info: Open event. No charge to attend Facebook event page IN-CAMERA: Light workshop Details – Visit IN-CAMERA Workshop Website Workshops @Adorama, Sponsored by SanDisk – Time: 5:30-8:00pm Addtnl Info: Seats limited to 60ppl. Registration is not live yet. Workshops @Adorama Website Capture it Like Me – Dates: Oct 5th and/or 6th Addtnl Info: We will be the guest speakers for this workshop put on by Hailey from Cute Like Me. Pick which days you would like to attend! Addtnl Resources: Website/Registration | Pick Your Workshop Day... Read More

Our Sanity

Ever feel like your head is going to explode? Or ever feel like you’re running so fast on a treadmill that all you want to do is stop, but you know if you do you’ll crash and burn? We kind of have been feeling like that and it’s hit us this past week. There was no particular mouse that “sunk the boat” but all of a sudden we both were feeling really overwhelmed. Felt like we couldn’t get a break from work…. Work had quickly turned into a burden instead of something that made our lives free and enjoyable. After taking a step back and looking at ourselves (yup, it always starts with yourself) we realized we had slowly let some things overtake our lives. Our mental and physical health is SO important, so we created some fresh guidelines and actually WROTE THEM DOWN and then posted them up to be reminded of them. We thought we would share them with you all in hopes that maybe this will benefit some of you all as well :) Sometimes it’s SO hard, but it’s SO worth it. We need to get out of bad habits and step into good ones!!! Do you feel like your work has overtaken you? Do you feel like you need a break but aren’t sure how to get one? Let’s do this together – Write down below a goal that you have for this week (baby steps!) to try and get your life back in... Read More

Featured Interview in The UK | What is Your Most Important Asset?

We had the privilege of being interviewed today for Photo Night LIVE, the “UK’s first web TV show on photography for aspiring and professional photographers!” We were interviewed by founder Ross Dean and the oh-so-sweet and talented photographer, Heline Bekker. Some great topics came up and we hope you enjoy watching the interview! Head on over to Photo Night Live! Make sure to leave a comment while you’re over... Read More

A Marathon Extravaganza!

Ok, we admit it. We are fans of Harry Potter. Think what you will, but I (Jody) have read the books and we have seen all of the movies. TONIGHT, at MIDNIGHT, with friends so dear, we will be watching the final installment of Harry Potter on the big screen. We are PUMPED! In preparation, today and yesterday we have been movie marathoning all seven films… not sure if we will quite watch them all in time to stand in line at the theater, but we are trying. Cheers to taking some time out to relax and have fun with friends! Any other HP lovers out there? :) Anyone else crazier than us? Come on, we know some of you even have a costume or two and are going to wear it to the... Read More

Photographer Promo Shoot | Scarlett Loves Stephen

We had the super cool privilege of not only shooting Stephen Knuth and Scarlett Lillian’s wedding in Jacksonville, Florida back in April, but we also shot their promo material for their brand-spankin’ new blog-site that just launched! We LOVE the new look and feel (designed by Allison May and blog development Nick Redmond) and we really wanted to capture their vision and what they were looking for. (Click the image below to check our their new blog-site!). Stephen & Scarlett have a very colorful and slick look both personally and professionally, so they wanted a real fashion-infusion with their promo images that also communicated the love between them. We were able to capture just those type of images which are now on their new site and we are stoked to finally be able to show them to you! A big thanks to the sweet Chloe Austin who assisted us on this shoot! Make sure to check out all the awesomeness they have going on their new blogsite – and leave them some love!! Are you wanting to know some of the behind the scenes of how we shot this? Stay tuned to tomorrow’s Tuesday Photo Tips and Tricks and we will show you how we did... Read More

Friday Fun | Tour Wrap-up with Many Starbucks Mugs

It’s hard to believe that one week ago today we pulled into our house after being on the road for six weeks!! It has been SOOO good to be home, though we have hit the ground running (IN-CAMERA: Workshop Registration has officially opened to all today!). We have added to our Starbucks mug collection (though we did miss a few mugs at some of the cities – sad!!), and now our cubbard is most definitely overflowing :) So many good memories and fun times at each city we visited … Had a blast with the fellow peeps on the bus… Got to see some of the sites in the cities we visited… but when it all came down to it… there was no place like home… and having our neighbors give us weird looks when the tour bus pulled up in front of our home :) We had such an amazing time and words can’t do justice to what we experienced. Thanks to PASS for having us out and thanks to all of you for making this such a memorable... Read More

Photography Workshops Registration is now LIVE!

As you read this, everyone who is subscribed to our newsletter email list is getting first dibs registering for our fall IN-CAMERA workshops! Last spring, some classes sold-out before they released to the public! All of our workshops will go live for all you blog readers and anyone else that is interested in attending tomorrow morning at 10am Central Standard Time. We are officially coming to Indiana, Denver, Michigan and Nashville with more cities to come! For more information on the workshops, visit our Workshops Website. Visit the Speaking area on our photographer’s website to see the places that we will be speaking at in your area!   Check out our desert workshop video that we shot in Vegas this past February to see more of what these workshops are all about and visit the IN-CAMERA Workshops page tomorrow at 10am to sign up for whatever seats are left (shot on-location by 2Duce2 Films)! [iframe: src=”″ width=”700″ height=”394″... Read More

The Franklin, TN Wedding of Josh & Mckenzie!

We had the absolute honor to fly back to Nashville during our speaking tour to shoot the wedding of Josh & McKenzie. Due to where they live, we weren’t able to meet them until a few weeks before their wedding when they were in town, and we immediately knew they were as cool as we thought they were :) We love their hearts, their excitement for being married and their love for their family and others. Their wedding day was a warm day at The Factory in Franklin (of course it didn’t phase our oh-so-calm Bride, McKenzie at all) and their wedding was absolutely beautiful and a blast to be a part of. And now, we share with you images from their wedding day! To view their full wedding gallery once their images are released, CLICK HERE, to sign their virtual guestbook. Josh is a baseball player, so there was plenty of baseball swag around for all to enjoy!         When McKenzie saw her dad for the first time it was a very emotional moment. So cool that we were there to capture this!         The vendors who helped make this day awesome: Ceremony & Reception Venue: The Factory Wedding Coordinator: Julie Fletcher Florist: Claudia Keith Cake Artist: Signature Cakes by Vicki Hair Artist: Beth at Juel Salon Tuxes: Jos. A Banks... Read More

Happy Firework Day!!!

In honor of the forth of July and our country’s independence, we celebrate with fireworks. Sooooooo, we thought we would bust out a video lib dub we did earlier this year with Eugene and Heather of 2Duce2Films to ignite the firework in you… [iframe: width=”560″ height=”349″ src=”” frameborder=”0″] Hope you all are enjoying your... Read More