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from the July 2011 category


Friday Fun | A New ‘Do

by Zach on July 22, 2011, posted in Friday Fun

For those of you have had an attachment/infatuation/whatever you may call it, for Zach’s hair in the past, this blog is for you.

It is time to share with you that Zach’s fohawk is no more…

Yup, it’s true, folks. Gone is the hair and gone is the dark brown. For those of you who heard us speak at the PASS tour… well, we guess we will just have to rebrand!!! ;o)

We are going to be speaking at some groups and events coming up within the next few months and wanted to share those with you in hopes that we will see you out!! Mark your calendars!

MTPPA (Michigan Triangle Professional Photographers Association)

Details -
Time: 7pm
Location: Perspective 2 | 319 E. Grand River | Ave, Lansing, MI 48906
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Our Sanity

by Jody on July 18, 2011, posted in Personal Fun

Ever feel like your head is going to explode? Or ever feel like you’re running so fast on a treadmill that all you want to do is stop, but you know if you do you’ll crash and burn?

We kind of have been feeling like that and it’s hit us this past week. There was no particular mouse that “sunk the boat” but all of a sudden we both were feeling really overwhelmed. Felt like we couldn’t get a break from work…. Work had quickly turned into a burden instead of something that made our lives free and enjoyable. After taking a step back and looking at ourselves (yup, it always starts with yourself) we realized we had slowly let some things overtake our lives.
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We had the privileged of being interviewed today for Photo Night LIVE, the “UK’s first web TV show on photography for aspiring and professional photographers!”

We were interviewed by founder Ross Dean and the oh-so-sweet and talented photographer, Heline Bekker. Some great topics came up and we hope you enjoy watching the interview!
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A Marathon Extravaganza!

by Zach on July 14, 2011, posted in Personal Fun

Ok, we admit it. We are fans of Harry Potter. Think what you will, but I (Jody) have read the books and we have seen all of the movies. TONIGHT, at MIDNIGHT, with friends so dear, we will be watching the final installment of Harry Potter on the big screen.
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