Our Indy PUG Adventures

Last week we were in the great state of Indiana! We were speaking at the local PUG there run by Tim & Megan King and what a great group that turned out! A shout out to those who made the 3 hour drive from South Bend!! So great to meet you all!! Here are a few... Read More

All you need is love?

(Think Princess Bride as you read the below… :) Mawwiage… Mawwiage is whut bwings us togethuh today…. Ah, that has to be one of my (Jody) favorite quotes from Princess Bride short of “My name is Inigo Montonya… You killed my father.... Read More

Composition Part 2

Welcome to part 2 composition posts! Composition, we believe, is one of the hardest things to master in photography in general, especially in wedding photography because everything is moving so fast and sometimes you literally have seconds to nail a shot. Plus, you... Read More

Michigan Bound

This morning we are catching a flight and flying out to the good ‘ol state of Michigan. It will be a fairly fast but fun trip where tomorrow we will be speaking at Lansing’s PPA group (open to all – more specific info here) and then leading our... Read More

Our Family Camp Fun

This last week we flew off to Wisconsin to attend family camp at Camp Forest Springs with Zach’s dad, his wife, and two of Zach’s younger brothers. We have done this for the last two years but THIS year my (Jody) mom, sister and her husband and their... Read More