Nashville TN Wedding Photography | Daniel & Stacia are Married!

We recently shot the most amazing wedding for Daniel & Stacia and these two have to be one of most fun couple’s we have ever met! Their wedding was a blast and we are sooooo glad that we have had the chance to not only meet them and become good friends, but capture their awesome wedding and provide them with a memory of their beautiful day. We love you guys and are super exited for you! Enjoy the images! To view their full wedding once the images become available online, CLICK HERE to sign their virtual guest book.   Daniel showing off a little leg for this one!   We are so glad to have been a part of your amazing day, you two!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Read More

The 10 Things you Need to Know about the New Facebook

By now we’re sure that you have been hearing that there are going to be new changes to Facebook – some that have already begun to take place (*sighs* here we go again…).     I (Jody) personally hate getting comfortable with a program or system and then they switch it up on me. Regardless of how we feel about the changes, we need to embrace them or everyone will move on without us. We have come across a few articles in the news and via our email subscriptions so we wanted to share with you some of the articles we came across to share the knowledge! ______________________________ USA TODAY | 10 Things you Need To Know About the New Facebook, by Mark W. Smith, Detroit Free Press The social network has made its most aggressive set of changes ever in the last few weeks. New features like the Ticker — a real-time feed of activity from your friends — have raised eyebrows among Facebook users. And then last week Facebook unveiled Timeline, which brings long-forgotten archived posts to the surface and makes them easier to see. As with any major change, there has been a significant amount of misinformation out there about what the new Facebook means for its users. Here is a look at the 10 things you should know about Facebook’s changes. 1. The Ticker isn’t actually revealing any new information. It is, though, showing users a lot of information they probably wouldn’t have otherwise bothered to look for. In it, you’ll see any activity from your friends that you’re allowed by them to see (and... Read More

San Diego Photography Workshop Registration is LIVE!

San Diego photography workshop registration is LIVE! **Please note the date: Sunday, November 6th** The west coast has asked for it and we are coming back!!! Registration is officially open for San Diego’s IN-CAMERA: Light workshop! Register HERE before the class is full (31% sold out to newsletter subscribers already)! FURTHER DETAILS Date: Sunday, Nov 6th (weekend before PartnerCon) Price: $599 IN-CAMERA: Light Description: If you: …Are ready to take your in-camera images to the next level …Want to learn how to shoot in any lighting situation …Want to be able to create your own light in no-light situations …Want to rock your light out fast and efficiently not slowing down your wedding or portrait shoot …Enhance your images in a way that few do… THEN this is the workshop for you! Simplifying the process, attendees will learn how we do the above without slowing down or being a hindrance to the wedding day. This class will focus on advanced off-camera lighting using ONE high-powered studio strobe to create a unique look for your on-location portrait work. This workshop will cover: Controlling a manual studio strobe on location, how and when to use off-camera lighting, lighting ratios, lighting styles, lighting tips and tricks, composition, on location shooting with studio strobes and models, followed up with class time taking attendees through our minimal editing process and steps for retouching and finalizing images for print. IN-CAMERA: Light includes: Class time, group shooting time, workshop booklet, afternoon snack and beverages, an evening meal, usage of lighting equipment, and a killer “Hello My Name Is:” name tag.   Looking forward to seeing you... Read More

Workshop Winner Announced!

Happy Friday! Today we announce the winner who wins a seat to Nashville’s IN-CAMERA: Business & Marketing class on Tuesday October 4th and the SanDisk 8 gig flash drive! The winner had to follow all of the steps (follow us on Twitter, sign up for our Photographer newsletter and tweet the given message) and the person whose name that was selected is……….   … … … Gabrielle von Heyking, @gvhphotographie! Congratulations! Make sure to redeem your prize by emailing us at with your mailing address for the flash drive and the full name and email of the person attending Nashville’s Oct. 4th workshop if you are unable to attend yourself.   Thanks to everyone who... Read More

Red Letter Promo Shoot

I (Zach) really enjoy doing artist promo shoots. We had the privileged of rockin’ out a shoot for the awesome Red Letter this last week and had an absolute blast with them! This young band is full of energy and we walked away with some seriously cool images from the day for their promo! Check them out! HUGE thanks to Matt of Matt & Meg Photography & Will for assisting... Read More

Hello Big Apple!

We made it! We woke up at 4:00am this morning to catch our 6:00 am flight to the Big Apple and we have arrived!! Our trip is a short one (we will be here less than 24 hours) but never-the-less, we are excited to be here! This evening we will be doing an Adorama 2-hour business workshop, sponsored by SanDisk to a sold out audience! Can’t wait to meet you all and we’re really looking forward to it!... Read More

New Workshop Locations Announced + A workshop Giveaway!!

We have reserved this Tuesday to share a big announcement with you all!! We are excited to announce that we are holding only two more of our IN-CAMERA: workshops for 2011!!! The locations are: (drumroll please) … … … San Diego & the United Kingdom!! We cannot wait to come out to these areas and are pumped!! In honor of announcing the newest workshops, we have decided to give away ONE workshop seat to a lucky winner to our Nashville IN-CAMERA: Business & Marketing workshop on Tuesday October 4th as well as a Cruzer Edge 8 Gig USB flash drive!* Here is what you need to do to win: 1. Follow Zach & Jody on Twitter ( 2. Sign up for our Photographer newsletter for free monthly exclusive photo tips & tricks ( 3. Tweet the following message Text to copy and paste: The IN-CAMERA photography workshops by @ZachandJody are coming to San Diego & the UK!!! Win a seat!!! More info: 4. Check back on the blog on Friday (the 24th) when the winner will be announced!! It will be the responsibility of the winner to contact us ( within 24 hours with their mailing address for the SanDisk flash drive or new winner will be chosen. Further workshop Information: SAN DIEGO: Class held: IN-CAMERA: Light Date: Sunday, November 6th (PartnerCon weekend) Registration Opens: THIS Friday, 11am Central UNITED KINGDOM: Classes Held: IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post IN-CAMERA: Light IN-CAMERA: Business & Marketing Dates: November (specific dates will be announced shortly) Registration Opens: VERY soon! Stay Tuned :) ABOUT THE GIVEAWAYS: Cruzer Edge: Valued at 49.95 IN-CAMERA: Business... Read More

Westcott Winner Announced + A Friday Laugh…

It’s the morning you all have been waiting for! It is time to announce the winner of one, 7 foot (yes, you read that right – SEVEN FEET) Parabolic shoot-through Umbrella with mounting bracket, stand, and travel case from Westcott Lighting! Check out what it can do in this past post HERE or click on the image below!! We were using this bad boy during an artist shoot yesterday evening… here is the silhouette of it… ah, what a beauty :) Stay tuned to the blog to see another shot of what the light looks coming out of this bad boy. Because the light source is so big, it paints the light on the subject(s) and looks AWESOME! The winner who followed the four steps (followed Zach & Jody and then Westcott Lighting on Twitter, signed up for our newsletter, and tweeted the given message) and will now add to their lighting modifier collection iiiiiiis…. @_meganbennett all the way from Sydney, Australia!! Congrats to Megan!!!! Contact us at with your mailing address and which umbrella you would like (listed below) and we will get your prize sent out to you!! Congrats!! Three Umbrella Options: White Diffusion Umbrella White Black Umbrella Silver Umbrella Thanks again to Westcott for the giveaway! We are honored to be a part of their Top Endorsed Pros. Make sure to come back Monday where we will be having one more giveaway for this month!!!!!!!! :) :) Now, for those of you who didn’t win, we do have a little pick-me-up if you are a little down about not winning… My (Jody) sister sent me... Read More

IN-CAMERA: Light Photography Workshop Recap| Denver, CO!

Our second day of Denver workshops was our IN-CAMERA: Light workshop which is one of my (Zach’s) personal favorite workshops! This workshop is so much fun because no matter what lighting conditions we are handed for the day, we can handle it since we are bringing the light with us! Using strobes in your work allows you to create light instead of looking for it and is a great way to get some really dynamic looking images right in the camera. None of these images have seen the inside of Photoshop and all have only minor adjustments done in Adobe Lightroom that took less than a few seconds. Check out the images from the day below and thanks to some of our attendees Double Knot Photography and Stacey Kyler for some of these behind-the-scenes shots! And thanks to our models, Chad, Jade, and Sarah!!!! The above shot was an interesting one where we wanted to get some more texture in the background, so we had all of the attendees grab some dirt in their hands and all throw it in the air at the same time to give us this dust storm look in the shot and add that extra layer of composition that makes the shot much more interesting! This next set-up that you’re about to see was done closer to the end of the day. All of the attendees had done their own lighting set-ups, so we decided to get a little more creative and add a second off-camera light. The awesome thing about our 2 light Elinchrom Quadra rig, is that you don’t have to meter... Read More

IN-CAMERA: Shooting and Post Photography Workshop Recap | Denver, CO

  We had an amazing time in Denver last week and are super stoked to share some of the images and stories from the day with you! We had a fab group of people come out and hear us speak at the Mile High Photographers group, and then we headed up to the foothills for 3 days of back-to-back workshops! Here was an iPhone shot of our Mile High Photographers speaking gig. We had a blast talking about all things business! Day One was IN-CAMERA: Shooting and Post where we teach exactly how we get our entire image workflow down to 5 hours or less. This kind of a workflow is essential in your business because it allows you to deliver your images to your clients when you want to deliver them, and it also gives you more time in your business to work on networking and relationship building. It also allows you to do really cool things like spend time with your family, hang with your friends and or actually go on a vacation! Vacation sounds good right about now. :) We start off with 3 hours of class time and then we go out and put into practice what we went over that morning! Here are some of the images from the day during the shooting portion! A big thanks for the behind-the-scenes images who were shot by a few of our attendees, Double Knot Photography, Mark Hayes, Mark Mangan and Stacey Kyler!   Zach demonstrating how to use the Expo Disc by Expo Imaging. Love it! Zach showing Jade how he wants her to sit for... Read More

Monday Giveaway! | Westcott Lighting Parabolic Umbrella!

For this month, every Monday we will be doing a giveaway with either something of ours, or a giveaway from one of the companies we love and use!!! We are going to kick things off with Westcott Lighting. Are you ready to win one of the coolest lighting modifiers on the planet?! Since we began shooting with off-camera lighting, Westcott lighting modifiers have always been a part of what we have used! Here is your chance to win the 7-foot Parabolic Umbrella from Westcott Lighting! Check out what it can do in this past post HERE or click on the image below!!         Here is an image from the umbrella from this past springs IN-CAMERA: Light workshop in Sacramento.   Here’s how you can enter to win: 1. Follow us (Zach & Jody) on Twitter ( 2. Follow Westcott Lighting on Twitter ( 3. Sign up for our Photographer newsletter for free monthly exclusive photo tips & tricks ( 4. Tweet the following message: Text for you to copy: “WIN a @WestcottCo 7-foot Parabolic Umbrella kit w/ @ZachandJody!! More Info –” ABOUT THE PRIZE: Three Umbrella Options: White Diffusion Umbrella White Black Umbrella Silver Umbrella [iframe: width=”560″ height=”345″ src=”” frameborder=”0″] Info about the current parabolic umbrella special: Westcott has paired each of the 7′ Parabolic Umbrellas with a mounting bracket and stand this fall for $149.90!! The promotion only lasts until October 31 or while supplies lasts! Winner will receive: One, 7 foot (yes, you read that right – SEVEN FEET) Parabolic shoot-through Umbrella with mounting bracket, stand, and travel case from Westcott! Value: $149.90... Read More

Daniel & Stacia Wedding Sneak Peek!

Yesterday we had the privilege of shooting the wedding of Daniel & Stacia! We first met these two back in March for their engagement session and we knew right off the bat that we were going to have a blast with them at their wedding! We had such a great time yesterday and we can’t wait to show you their wedding day! In the meantime, enjoy their sneak peek! To view their wedding once the images become available, CLICK HERE to sign their online gallery. Click on the image below to visit their engagement blog post :) Have a blast in the Dominican Daniel & Stacia!!!!! Can’t wait to see you when you get... Read More

Winner announced for the SanDisk USB Flash Drive!

Now it is time to announce the winner of the SanDisk Cruzer Edge 8 Gig USB Flash drive!!! The winner who followed the four steps (followed Zach & Jody and then SanDisk on Twitter, Sign up for our newsletter, and tweeted the given message) and will now add to their SanDisk collection with this 8 gig flash drive is…. @yusufgunawan!! Congrats to Yusef! Contact us at with your mailing address and we will get your prize sent out to you!! Congrats!! Thanks again to SanDisk for the giveaway! We are honored to be a part of their SanDisk Extreme Team. Make sure to check out the other photographers on SanDisk’s Extreme Team Website! Thanks for playing, stay tuned tomorrow because we have another giveaway going up by the one and only Westcott... Read More

Friday Fly | Getting that Caffeine High!

Welcome to the very first installment of a new Friday segment we call, Caffè de Amare. Or, Coffee is Love! Today we are going to delve into the world of the French Press coffee. In Italy, where some of the worlds best coffee can be found and consumed, the French Press is known as a “caffettiera a stantuffo.” Making coffee the right way always takes a little more time, and a little more love than just grabbing your keurig pods (pre-made ground coffee, that is flavorless and bland, pumped through an auto machine and not worth serving to your worst enemy), throwing it together in 2 minutes and drinking your burnt bean water. :) Great coffee is a true art and a true science to create. So, all you photogs out there should at the least be able to appreciate the art, and at the most fall in love with something truly delicious when done just right! So, check out the video, check in to some awesome coffee and step away from the auto coffee madness! Let the coffee snobbery begin!! [iframe: src=”″ width=”750″ height=”422″... Read More

Giveaway with Sandisk Extreme Team | Zach & Jody!

Hey all! We just wanted to share with you some really exciting news that has been in the making but is officially official!! :) We are a part of the new and emerging team of pro shooters from Sandisk, called the Extreme Team!   We are incredibly honored to be among some of the most elite photographers from every genera of photography and working with the best CF card manufacturer in the world! With this new relationship with SanDisk, we will now be heading out to do co-sponsored workshops, speaking engagements and other events that will be all about you, the photographer who wants the best information about their business! Our first official gig with them is our September 21st workshop at Adorama in New York City! Check it out HERE! We have been using SanDisk cards since we started, and little did we know why our cards have performed soooo well for years. SanDisk actually invented CF cards and builds the technology. Cool! Since they invented the hardware and work closely with camera manufacturers, you know that there is no safer place to store your important images. The reason Apple works so well, is because they build the hardware and write the software used in their products. SanDisk is similar and that is why we think they have the best product on the market. Check out our brand new link on the SanDisk site and because of this awesome news, we are doing a giveaway right here on the blog, courtesy of our new friends over at Sandisk! We are giving away a brand new Cruzer Edge 8... Read More

Denver, Colorado Portrait Photography | Stacey & Will = Hot!

We just got back from our Denver speaking and shooting workshops, and while we were there, we had the awesome privilege of shooting an “US” session of Stacey and Will, our amazing hosts! Stacey is a photographer herself and does amazing senior portraits and weddings in the Denver area through her photography business Stacey Kyler Photography. It was high time we put this cutie in FRONT of the camera! We had a blast running around the streets of Denver and got some shots that really showed off these two’s cute personalities. Enjoy the images!... Read More

Friday Fun | Super-sizing Your Weddings

(*For humor purposes only. Please do not attempt). And once again, due to our most recent travels to Denver, we bring to you the latest addition of How Sky Mall Can Make Your Business Better! So you are one of the smart photographers who does slideshows at your weddings… welllllll… It’s like what McDonald’s used to say when you would order a #5, “Would you like to super-size it?” Answer? “Yes please!” We have found the solution to “super-sizing” your wedding-day slideshows, thanks again to the awesomeness of Skymall! Well, wonder no further what you should do! We introduce to you… The Inflatable Movie Screen!!! A small laptop not cutting it for your same day edits? Well, you can demand your audience’s attention for SURE with this jumbo 12 foot by 9 foot screen!! No longer will there be crowds piling around your tiny laptop screen but everyone in the whole reception will get to see your couple’s wedding photos (whether they like or not), and you will be the belle of the wedding day ball! Folks, it doesn’t get any better than this, and you can have it all for the low price of $249.95! Double bonus: Order now you you can also use the exact same screen for your Keynote presentations at the local PUG or SMUG or Showit group, Preview Sessions for your clients (bring it to their home to really impress!) and poolside parties! It only takes a 9,000 psi air pump and about 1 hour to blow this baby up! It might bother your clients during the inflating process, but it will be well... Read More