Our Halloween Pumpkin-Carving Adventures!!

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!! In honor of this American holiday we wanted to share with you our pumpkin-carving adventures with dear friends (and best wedding videographers ever), Eugene & Heather (of 2Duce2 Films). Look at the beauty… Our awesome pumpkin-carving kit! Us crazies… Heather is in love and she doesn’t care who knows it! Of course, the guys have to make the pumpkin-carving a contest… Heather and I scooping out the pumpkins doing the dirty work… the boys didn’t want to get their fingernails messy… ;o) Go team! Aw…. Of course there’s nothing like pumpkin-carving with a fire and hot chocolate – yes, with steamed milk (thanks to Zach the barista), and whip cream and cinnamon! And the final product!!!!!! To view Eugene & Heather’s version of our pumpkin adventures click HERE or below to visit their... Read More

Nashville TN Wedding Photography | Kyle & Kelly are hitched!

Kyle and Kelly had the most amazing wedding at the Country Music Hall of Fame and there were many tears, smiles and fun throughout the entire day that made us realize just how cool it is when a new marriage is born. These guys were so adorable and it reminded us of how important it is to be “in love” and act on our romantic feelings for one another. Check out the day as it unfolds for you in this post and we hope you enjoy the images as much as we have! To view the wedding images once they become available online, CLICK HERE to sign Kyle & Kelly’s virtual gallery :) Kelly looked amazing for the wedding day and was a real treat to shoot! Wow! The guys brought the rock-star and were super fun and cool! Not sure what happened here, but it was fun! Kyle and Kelly were full of joy when they first saw each-other! We love Kyle’s expression! Kelly’s brother walked her down the isle and it was an emotional moment for everyone. We love having the privilege of capturing these moments. Congrats you two! You guys are the best and we can’t wait to hang out again soon!! Vendors Who Helped Make this Day Possible: Venue: The Country Music Hall of Fame Lighting: Nashville Event Lighting Florist: The Enchanted Florist Cake Artist: Signature Cakes by Vicki DJ: Spangler Entertainment... Read More

Friday Fun | Our Favorite Time of the Year

Fall is my (Jody) FAVORITE time of the year. The crispness in the air, the vibrant colors of the leaves and the crunch of them under your feet, the smell of bonfires, hot chocolate & Smores, pumpkin patches, caramel apple spice from Starbucks, etc. and it all leads to the fact that Christmas is right around the corner – it just doesn’t get any better!! As Zach and I took Sunday and Monday off this last week (due to the wedding we shot on Saturday – make sure you’re still getting 2 days of rest!!!), we were chilling around Franklin, TN and came a cross pumpkins for sale on the corner. We stopped by because we could and had no agenda for the day :) I LOVE days of just chilling and enjoying the fall weather… As I was going through an old hard drive I came across some photos that Zach and I had taken of each other during fall in 2009. Thought I would share… we look like dorks and they are pretty funny images (can’t believe we even watermarked them ha ha). Lol… being able to laugh at yourself is a very good thing :) Anyway, hope you all are enjoying my favorite time of year! If you’re looking for a place to get pumpkins, check out the pumpkin patch in Cool Springs on the corner of Cool Springs & Mallory. The sale of pumpkins goes to a charity called the Cooper Trooper Foundation (purpose is to attack childhood cancer by helping parents love and take of the siblings of the child that has cancer), which... Read More

Winner Announced + Weekend Special! | Reception Lighting at a Whole New Level

It is time to announce the winner of the Rouge FlashBender 3-piece kit (Large FlashBender, Small FlashBender, and Bounce Card) by Expo Imaging! The winner who followed the four steps (followed Zach & Jody and then ExpoImaging Twitter, signed up for our newsletter, and tweeted the given message) and will now add to their gear collection the Rouge FlashBender 3-piece kit is…. @augieshoots! Congrats to Augie! Contact us at winner@grayphotograph.com with your mailing address and we will get your prize sent out to you!! Congrats!! Thanks again to Expo Imaging for the giveaway! For those of you who didn’t win, we have a weekend special that Expo Imaging has created just for you all for this weekend only!! The Special: For this weekend only, if you purchase the Rogue 3 Piece FlashBender Kit or the Rogue 3 Piece FlashBender Kit + Grid from the ExpoImaging website, they will throw in the Bounce Card for free! The pricing breakout & savings: 3 Piece FlashBender Kit for $74.90 (regularly $104.85) 3 Piece FlashBender Kit + Grid for $124.85 (regularly $154.80) Discount Code to enter at checkout on ExpoImaging.com: graytweet. This sale ends Sunday night so don’t miss out on having your reception lighting look as awesome as the below :)... Read More

What you Need to know about Pricing & Packaging

We are PUMPED to have guest blogger, Jared Bauman share his wisdom business savvy with you all! Jared not only has run his studio for over 10 years (he is a part of the 4% of small businesses who actually last and thrive over 10 years – amazing!), but his studio shoots over 200 events annually around the world, AND he founded ShootDotEdit (anyone want to outsource your editing??), AND he also makes time in his schedule to share his knowledge freely with other photographers. Jared is the perfect example of how to not only run a successful business, but a successful life. We met Jared two years ago listening to him speak at our first ever photographer’s conference and have since grown to become good friends with this awesome guy! We have heard Jared speak multiple times at other conferences including the coveted WPPI conference in Vegas, and one of the best talks we heard from Jared was when he spoke on the science behind pricing and packaging your services. Let’s face it, pricing is a challenge! I (Jody) remember during the first two years of our business it seemed like we modified our pricing every week! Anyone else our there feeling us on that? So today, Jared has graciously agreed to share with us all some of his smarts on Pricing. Enjoy!   Pricing & Packaging Bootcamp By Jared Baumann Pricing. It’s often the last thing we think about as photographers. We focus on our website, our branding. We pour over reviews of the latest gear, and try to learn how to light for every situation. Email... Read More

Win to Have Your Reception Lighting Taken to the Next Level!

Have you ever been stuck in a really cruddy lighting situation either outdoors with nothing to bounce your flash off of, or indoors, but the walls and ceilings are miles away or made entirely of dark wood or some material nearly impossible to us bounce flash? So what can you do to bring in some lighting awesomeness to your shots? We would like to share with you the Rouge FlashBender by Expo Imaging. We found ourselves in the above lighting dilemma when we were shooting a wedding here at a venue right outside of Nashville – all the walls were brick and the ceiling was wood. There wasn’t too much ambient light in the room either except for a LITTLE bit of uplighting and Italian hanging lights. So we put on the biggest flashbender that came in our 3-piece kit (10″ x 11″) because remember, the bigger the light-source, the softer the light, and for extra effect, we took our flash off-camera. Then for fun, we set up a kicker light in the background shooting toward back at our awesome couple. (At the time we had our flashes controlled by the Pocket Wizard Pluss II Transmitter & Transceiver but have since switched to the CyberSync Transmitter and CyberSync Receiver).   (To view more reception shots from Aaron & Mallory’s wedding, follow this link to view their wedding blog post). Pretty cool, eh? AND, it gets even cooler… The reason it’s called the Rouge FlashBENDER is because you can actually bend the rouge to help direct the light where you want it to go. Want in on this excitement? Here’s... Read More

Happy One-Year Anniversary, Will & Brandi!!!!!!

It was this time last year that Will & Brandi (who happens to be a photographer as well! Check out here work here :) got hitched up in Lake Arrowhead in the beautiful mountains of California! Not only were they adorable but we loved, loved, loved the whole styling and feel of their wedding!! Click here to check out the blog on their wedding! Congrats to you both!!!!!! It was awesome to be a part of your foggy, mountain wedding!    ... Read More

Nashville, TN Photography Workshops: IN-CAMERA: Light Re-Cap!

Jody and I have had a busy last few days with friends being in town, and are finally posting some images from our IN-CAMERA: Light photography workshop that we held here in Nashville 2 weeks back! We had an awesome time at this sold-out workshop and made some awesome new friends, shot some awesome photos and had a really great time hanging with everyone! We started the day off teaching our system that we use on weddings to shoot off-camera lighting that is not only practical and fast, but allows you to shoot in any lighting conditions and take some really dramatic images any time of the day. We headed out at 3pm to start shooting and decided to set up a shot in the worst conditions possible, the sun high up in the sky blazing onto our models face. Sometimes at weddings we are in these type of conditions and we have to be able to create an awesome shot for our client portrait session. So, what do we do? Many times on sunny days when we are shooting at high-noon, we try and find some open shade (our clients are in the shade that is caused by some sort of object like a tree or building, but the sky above them is open and not covered), because once in open shade, the sun will bounce off the atmosphere and shoot some directional light into that open shade. Then, we can take some shots with the sun bouncing off the sky acting as a big huge reflector. Because the light source bouncing off the sky is so much... Read More

5 Reasons Why Grouponing Yourself Could be the Worst thing for You and Your Business

As us photographers are trying to get our name out there, and bring in new business, there is the temptation to try any new means of getting new clients. Groupon-type services have been the latest craze and some photographers are falling into it left and right… and that may not be the best move for your business. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Groupon (or Groupon type services), they are essentially services that provide their subscribers with hugely discounted deals for local services and businesses when a group of people buy into the special offer. Cool, right? Well, yes, and no… As I was perusing our local deals on my phone, I came across a “Groupon” for a photographer. They were giving away for a low rate, their shoot time, a print, AND the disc of images. After Zach and I did some math, a great dialogue followed and thus, our Tuesday Tips & Tricks has been birthed. We want to share with you our opinion on why we think “Grouponing” (offering your services for discounted rates) could be the worst thing that you do for yourself and your business. As we share our talking points we’re going to use this hypothetical example of Sarah Bob Photography. Here is an example of Groupons that we have seen for photographers. Sarah Bob Photography Includes: One hour portrait session, 11×14 print, Disc of Images Groupon Purchase Price: $75 Actual Retail Value: $300 Purchaser Savings: 75% So here are 5 reason why we think this style of discounting can hurt your business… 1. It devalues you | Groupon services are... Read More

Come see us at Imaging USA 2012!

In case you haven’t heard yet, we are super honored to have been asked to speak at Imaging USA 2012! We are speaking among an amazing lineup of photographers and are thrilled to be a part of Imaging this year!   We are excited to come out and see you all! Our session is Sunday morning (7:00am, January 15th) and we are sharing the tools that we used to build our business to make a near 6-figure income in only our 2nd year of business! Looking forward to seeing you all! Make sure to Register and also become a Fan of Imaging USA on Facebook!    ... Read More

Katie & Jordan Teaser | Schermerhorn Wedding Highlight!

We just shot the awesome wedding of Katie and Jordon Last night and it was amazing! We had such a blast with this super cool couple and their wedding was amazing with their reception at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center in downtown Nashville! More images to come, but here are a few to hold you over! To view their wedding once their images become available online, CLICK HERE to sign their online gallery!... Read More

IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post | Nashville Re-Cap

We had an amazing time a week and a half ago hosting our IN-CAMERA photography workshops at our home here in Franklin! All of the shooting classes were sold-out and we had a packed house! We got to meet so many awesome photographers from all over including Seattle, WA, CT, Texas, North Carolina and many other places. The shooting days started off with class time where we talk about the system that we use to shoot images exactly how we want them in the camera and we got our heads full of the “why” of how this works. After that we all headed to lunch and then we were ready and fueled up for some hands-on shooting!   We headed out behind our home in the worst lighting conditions you can image, with the sun beating down right on top of us. We love to start off shooting back here because there is not a lot of places to hid from the sun, so just like when you are shooting a wedding, you have to be able to rock out the portraits of your couple no matter what situation you are handed. We looked for a decent composition and a place where we could use the sun to light our subject, set our camera to AV (an auto mode) and took a shot with the sun coming in at the best position possible. As you can see, the shot is super contrasty, specular, and the color (which was set to auto white balance) is pretty much awful! So the first thing we did was add some diffusion using the... Read More

Your Camera Bag Can Save Your Life

Today we want do a review of some new gear that we recently purchased and give you guys the skinny on how and why we chose the new camera bag we did. Jody and I have been using the awesome Lowepro Pro Roller 2 for the last 4 years straight (you can see a video of “what’s in our camera bag” on the blog HERE to see more of this bag that is now discontinued). The Lowepro Pro Roller 2 was replaced by the Pro Roller X300 which is also a stellar bag, but just came short of the one we decided to purchase for 2012. We ended up getting the Think Tank Airport Security V2.0 and are extremely excited and happy with the buy! So, why did we get this bag and what makes it so great? Let’s dive in!   So there are a number of features that made this bag go over the top for us and help us make the decision to purchase it. After using our Pro Roller for 4 years, we really know exactly what works, and what does not work with a bag and lots of thought went into this decision. First up, one of the best ideas we have yet to see in a roller bag, are Think Tank’s “Emergency Shoulder Straps.” These straps are hidden on the back of the bag for normal rolling use, but in the rare occasion that us wedding photographers are shooting at a venue that is all gravel or not condusive to rolling a bag, we can bust out these straps, lock them to the... Read More

Brian & Amy are Hitched! | A Carnton Plantation Wedding

We shot the fall wedding of Brian & Amy at Carnton Plantation in Franklin, TN and what a perfect day it was! Brian & Amy are the sweetest couple and their day was so intimate and really special. We are super excited to share with you their wedding images!! Enjoy! To view their full wedding once their images are released online CLICK HERE to sign their virtual online gallery.     Vendors Who Helped Make Their Day Awesome: Day of Wedding Coordinator – Sarah Willard with Music City Events Florist – Bonnie @ Belles Fleurs Cake Artist – Gigi’s Venue – Carnton Plantation Wedding Dress – The White Room Lebanon Rentals – Music City Tents & Events Light – Nashville Event Lighting Catering – Loveless... Read More

UK Workshop Dates & Location Announced!!

We have been talking about it, but it is now official! We are bringing our workshops to the the London area!!! We will be speaking at the ShutterRock UK event on Tuesday and then leading our workshops that weekend!!! We are pumped to go back and we can’t wait! Dates to Remember: – Friday, 7 October 6:00 GMT: Registration Opens! – Tuesday, 15 November: ShutterRock UK (at Theodore Bullfrog) – Saturday, 19 November: IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post (at Sim2000 Imaging) – Sunday, 20 November: IN-CAMERA: Light (at Sim2000 Imaging) – Monday, 21 November: IN-CAMERA: Business & Marketing (at Sim2000 Imaging) For more information on the workshops (location, pricing, etc.) and to register once registration is open, visit the IN-CAMERA: Workshops... Read More

Happy One-Year Anniversary to Brian & Soo!

It was this time last year that we ventured up to the fabulous area of Boston to shoot the wedding of one of our sweetest couples – Brian & Soo. We had such a great time at their wedding – many laughs and great moments. Thank-you Brian & Soo once again, for letting us be a part of your day!! You two are such a special couple and we wish you many more years of happiness. To view the full wedding blog of Brian & Soo, click... Read More