Join Us In Seattle! | Video Submission for Creative Live

  Our creativeLIVE Wedding Photography Weekend is coming January 27-29, 2012! Mark your calendars NOW and register for the FREE online workshop. As always on creativeLIVE, during the live event you can participate from your living room by watching the live feed online. You’ll be part of a global classroom with photographers watching and asking us questions from every continent. If you want to own the 3-day workshop to replay over and over, the HD videos are available for purchase and download. It gets better! We are inviting YOU to submit a video for the opportunity to join us in Seattle for this jam-packed weekend. Grab your iPhone, webcam or DSLR and tell us why you’d love to join us in person during our creativeLIVE event. What do you need to do?: 1. Record a video (60’ish seconds) saying why you want to join Zach and Jody in Seattle. 2. Post that video to your Blog, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Etc. 3. Tweet the video’s URL to @creativeLIVE and include #ZachJodyLIVE The deadline for videos is coming up fast, so be sure to get your video in by Monday, January 2, 2012 Need inspiration to put yourself out there with a video? There are in-person alumni who share stories about how participating in a creativeLIVE workshop in Seattle has changed their businesses and their lives on the creativeLIVE blog! Just do it!... Read More

Tune in Wednesday for this Week’s “Tuesday” Photography Tips & Tricks!

Today’s Photography Tuesday Tips & Tricks will be brought to you tomorrow via the Joy of Marketing for their first ever wedding marketing event, and of course, it’s for FREE, so make sure that you sign up! Our one-hour session starts Wednesday 12 noon CST! We are sharing how we have built our business without spending a DIME on traditional advertising. If you’re sick of spending your hard-earned money on bridal shows and advertisements with little to no return, you just might want to tune in… Here is the schedule of the other amazing photographers who are also sharing their wisdom and knowledge over the next 4 weeks! If you can’t make all of the sessions, you can buy ALL of the recordings for an early bird rate of only $79 and start listening to them now AND you receive over $250 in sponsor bonus (discounts, promo codes… it’s amazing :)! If you wait until after Dec 28th, then you will not receive the sponsor bonuses. So sad. So go get another tax write off and get some goodness while you’re at it :)... Read More

Christmas Tree Fun 2011!!

You have followed us this week as we shared our Christmas tree from last year, and now we will share this year’s Christmas tree! LAST YEAR 2010:   THIS YEAR 2011:   LAST YEAR 2010: THIS YEAR 2011:   Ah… as much as we loved our big Christmas tree last year… it’s nice having a normal-sized tree this year! Merry Christmas... Read More

Christmas Tree Fun Recap | Part II

For those of you who were with us Monday, you started the journey reminiscing with us our crazy Christmas tree adventures we had last year with our 13 foot tall Cmas tree. Today, we pick up and share with you how we got the ginormous thing in our home… The end of the week we will share with you our Christmas tree this year... Read More

Photography Resources for You!

Hey all! This weeks Tuesday Tips and Tricks we are stoked to announce our new resources section of our Photographers site! For those of you who may not know, we have a whole website dedicated to sharing information with fellow photographers. Click on the image below to visit the website.   We wanted to share that we have put some brand new info in there just for you, the photographer, so that you can grow, learn and expand your business the best way possible! Some of the new add-ons are:   Gear Bag: Not only can you see past posts about what is in our gear bag, now you can download a doc with every piece of current gear we use with links right to Adorama to get it! Reading Recommendations: Reading business books is one of the main reasons we got our business where it is, and this is our top ten list with links to buy the books and a short overview of why that book rocks! They are listed in order of importance, so we challenge you to read and succeed! Workshop Hosting: Want to bring us to your area live and in-person and want to be heavily involved in the process? This is your chance to do it! If you are seriously interested in bringing our workshops to your city, no matter WHERE your city might be, then this is the link for you! Warning, lots of work with lots of payoff involved! :) There are even more cool links for you to check out so head on over to our Photographers Site and check... Read More

Christmas Tree Fun Recap | Part I

It was a year ago around this time that our friends Eugene and Heather got the hair-brained idea for us to get a GINORMOUS Christmas tree to fill in the open area of our new home. Seeing we have a lot of new followers since last year, we thought we would reminisce with you the stages we went through of getting our huge tree at Christmas Tree Adventures, fitting it into our home, and of course decorating it. Enjoy part I of us finding our... Read More

Learn from 11 Successful Wedding Photographers for FREE | Joy of Marketing

* * * We are pumped to finally disclose to you that we are a part of another FREE learning event and what’s even more exciting is that it is THIS month! * * * We are honored to share that our friends at The Joy of Marketing and WHCC have invited us to join with TEN other successful wedding photographers to share our most important strategies that have helped us achieve success, and we’d love for you to join us right from your computer! Register HERE for free. We will be sharing how we have kept our business thriving without spending one dollar on traditional advertising (advertisements, bridal shows, etc.). On December 28, January 4, and January 11, from 11 am – 3 pm CST each day, you can tune in to the I Do Wedding event for F-R-E-E to learn the must-have info you need to be successful (11 hours total!)- all thank to The Joy of Marketing and WHCC. For those of you who are not familiar with The Joy of Marketing, it is an online resource started by marketing guru & photographer Sarah Petty to not only share her small business marketing ideas – but to gather other successful photographers and give them another platform to share their success tools as well! This Joy of Marketing I Do event, is the first wedding event ever and we’re thrilled to be a part of it!!! Some of the things you’ll learn include: How to attract the right clients (who won’t banter you on price). Creating the perfect wedding album your clients will HAVE to have. Pricing... Read More

Friday Fun | Zach’s Favorite Christmas Music Video – You Got The Fiever?

Last week Jody shared her favorite Christmas Music Video and now it’s my turn! Someone has the fiever and the fiever is the Beiber! Check out my favorite Christmas video of the year that has soooo many things going for it.   1. Shot on-location here in Franklin, TN! 2. Has snow! 3. Has the Biebs (what else is there?) Enjoy and don’t be jealous that you are not the girl in the video! Have a favorite Christmas video of all time? Let us know what it... Read More

IN-CAMERA: Light Photography Workshop | London, UK Re-Cap!

Today is the re-cap on the London, UK Light workshop! The sold-out class started off at Sim2000 Imaging where we talked through theory and how to get the look that you want with a strobe with zero guess work and how to do it fast. Afterwards we headed straight out for 3 hours of shooting to learn the process together.   We always tell our attendees that these shoots are not intended for portfolio use and we are not here to just take cool shots and not really learn anything, but instead to learn the system that we use to get the lighting the way you want it and go through the motions over and over again until you have it nailed! Then, when you head out to do your own shoot you know the technical side of things really well, and can then be creative with your posing and compositions.   Thanks to Gisela for the behind the scenes images! You rock!! Here we did a two light set-up and showed the attendees just how easy it is to add another light to your shots for extra drama! You can really see the before and after difference here with the set up on the left and the lit shot on the right. Love it! As the sun finally went down we headed out to this nearby field for a few more shots of the warm sunset. We got some really dramatic skies and are glad we stuck it out even though it was starting to get really chilly! The shot on the right above was shot through some... Read More

Protected: 3 Simple Steps to better lit shots for Newsletter Subscribers Only

Hey all! Today we are going to give you 3 simple steps to taking better off-camera lit portraits of your clients! Here we go! 1. Soft light = easy light! The softer the light on our subject, the easier it is to make them look good, and our number 2 job is to make our clients look good (number 1 is to make them feel good)! So using soft light sources is the easiest way to do that. Soft light hides imperfections, softens wrinkles and makes our subjects look like light was literally painted on them. Soft light is simply created by large light sources, which is why we use a 24×32 inch soft box for most of our off-camera portraits. Let’s look at a few example images from our recent London workshop as we have great behind the scenes images so you can really see what’s going into the shots. As you can see from the above shots, the light on our subject look really smooth and silky and helps to keep skin retouching to a minimum since the light is so soft.   2. Make that soft light even softer! Many times we get a nice size soft-box to get that soft light, then we move it too far away from our client and end up having harsh light once again! Bummer! The further away that big soft light gets from our subject the harsher it gets, so our rule of thumb for soft box to client distance is to keep it as close as humanly possible without it being in the shot. Sometimes we are literally... Read More

Our Big Announcement!! | We will be on creativeLIVE

It is time to finally share with you all our exciting news!! Watch the below video to find out what it is!! [iframe: src=”″ width=”700″ height=”394″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen>]   Video by the fab Eugene + Heather (formerly known as 2Duce2 Films!). ** **Enroll for free here!!!** ** ___________   Yes, you have it right – we are super excited and super honored to announce that we have been asked to be a part of the creativeLIVE line-up for 2012!! This means you get to spend 3 days with us, right from your living room as we share all our information on how we tackle a wedding day! You’ll be part of a global classroom with other photographers watching and asking us questions from every continent! For those of you who are unfamiliar with creativeLIVE, it’s the biggest online FREE resource for photographers to learn from some amazing photographers. Past photogs who have graced the web through creativeLIVE have been Jeremy Cowart, Jasmine Star, Tamara Lackey, Vincent Laforet and many more. THE DETAILS:   What: We will be in Seattle broadcasting LIVE, sharing with you for three days the ins and outs of how we run our weddings! We will… … Show you the gear we bring out to weddings talking through the hows and whats we use it for … Not only talk through the different parts of the wedding day sharing the ins-and-outs of what we’re thinking and our approach and how we handle the different and crazy lighting situations we are given on wedding days, but we will actually be shooting different wedding styled scenes... Read More

Friday Fun | Decking the Halls with Fun Christmas Videos!

Happy December!! Christmas is our favorite time of the year…. and I (Jody) especially love Christmas songs!! I could listen to Christmas songs all year long, but that would drive Zach crazy :) What’s even better than Christmas songs is Christmas music videos!!!! For the next Friday fun blog posts leading up to Christmas, we are going to share our favorite Christmas music videos or fun Christmas videos :) :) This Friday I am sharing with you the awesomest video by band, Tenth Avenue North. They did this whole thing in ONE take and it’s just simply awesome. We have known these guys for a few years now, and they are not only great guys but they have amazing hearts and their music has really blessed us. Make sure to check ’em out!! Click on the image below to visit their site.... Read More

IN-CAMERA: Shooting & Post Workshop Recap | London, UK

We just got back from the UK in London and had an amazing time hanging out with all the amazing photographers that we have come to know and love! We did an awesome speaking gig sponsored by ShutterRock Stomp and then had 3 days of workshops that weekend. We had shooters come in from all over including London, Austria, Sweden and even two awesome photogs from North Carolina! Today we are checking out some of the images and behind the scenes from the Shooting & Post workshop that we did at this really cool industrial park outside of London in Hatfield. We also had one of the attendees do a legit review on London’s Photo Night Live and if you want to check that out, you can HERE. All images were shot in-camera with minor post-processing in Adobe Lightroom. No color or action enhancements of any kind. Check out the images below!!   85L 1.2 lens at ISO 50 – 1.2 – 1/500th second This first image was done in front of a metal building that had some really harsh and direct sunlight on it. The sun was coming onto the scene in a descent direction, but was way to harsh as it was still early in the afternoon. So we diffused the light and added a small reflector under our awesome models chin, and once the exposure on her face came down from the diffusion, the background got totally blown out and it looked like we were shooting in the studio. Pretty cool! You can see in the behind the scenes images below how we did it. 50... Read More