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Christmas Tree Fun Recap | Part II

by Jody on December 21, 2011, posted in Personal Fun

For those of you who were with us Monday, you started the journey reminiscing with us our crazy Christmas tree adventures we had last year with our 13 foot tall Cmas tree. Today, we pick up and share with you how we got the ginormous thing in our home…
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Hey all! This weeks Tuesday Tips and Tricks we are stoked to announce our new resources section of our Photographers site!

For those of you who may not know, we have a whole website dedicated to sharing information with fellow photographers.

Click on the image below to visit the website.


We wanted to share that we have put some brand new info in there just for you, the photographer, so that you can grow, learn and expand your business the best way possible!

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Christmas Tree Fun Recap | Part I

by Jody on December 19, 2011, posted in Personal Fun

It was a year ago around this time that our friends Eugene and Heather got the hair-brained idea for us to get a GINORMOUS Christmas tree to fill in the open area of our new home. Seeing we have a lot of new followers since last year, we thought we would reminisce with you the stages we went through of getting our huge tree at Christmas Tree Adventures, fitting it into our home, and of course decorating it.
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We are pumped to finally disclose to you that we are a part of another FREE learning event and what’s even more exciting is that it is THIS month!

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We are honored to share that our friends at The Joy of Marketing and WHCC have invited us to join with TEN other successful wedding photographers to share our most important strategies that have helped us achieve success, and we’d love for you to join us right from your computer!
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Last week Jody shared her favorite Christmas Music Video and now it’s my turn!

Someone has the fiever and the fiever is the Beiber! Check out my favorite Christmas video of the year that has soooo many things going for it.


1. Shot on-location here in Franklin, TN!

2. Has snow!

3. Has the Biebs (what else is there?)

Enjoy and don’t be jealous that you are not the girl in the video!

Have a favorite Christmas video of all time? Let us know what it is!