Is your life/business balanced?

Balance. What does that mean? What does that look like? Why is balance so important? Balance in one’s life is super important because without it, you’ll go crazy :) We were all created for a purpose and oftentimes without focus and balance in our lives, things get off-kilter and we find ourselves worn out, stressed, and not enjoying life. That does not sound like fun to us!   Take the below Zach & Jody Quiz to see where you are on the balance scale. – Do you wake up in the morning and the very first thing you do is check your email/Twitter/Facebook/Instagram? – Do you find yourself wearing your PJs all day and the only reason you get dressed is because you have a client meeting? – Do you look at the clock reading 4pm and realize you haven’t eaten lunch yet? – Do you find your spouse and/or kids coming up to you asking you, “When are you going to be done?” – Do you find that while you’re eating dinner (when you had to be forced away from the computer) the last thing you can think about is being with your family and you’re more focused on your To Dos for your business? – Do you more often than not have to say “no” to friends when they ask you to come and hang out? – Does it take you longer than 10 seconds to answer the question, “So what do you do outside of photography?”   If you answer yes to any or all of the questions above, then your life could be a bit... Read More

Matthew & Taylor are Hitched!! | Nashville Wedding Photography

We are so excited to show you the winter wedding of the sweet couple, Matthew and Taylor. This fab couple lives in Birmingham, but the wedding took place in Taylor’s hometown – Nashville! They had a beautiful ceremony at West End United Methodist and then their reception was held at Richland Country Club. Even though it was chilly outside, their wedding was beautiful and this couple was a joy to shoot :) Matthew & Taylor – we were so glad that we were able to be a part of your special day! A big congratulations to you both and we wish you the best!!!!!! To view images from Matthew & Taylor’s wedding once they are released online, CLICK HERE to sign their virtual guestbook. Wedding Vendors Who Helped Make this Day Awesome: Nashville Videographers – Full Frame Cinema Nashville Wedding Band – Burning Las Vegas Reception – Richland Country Club Cake – Desert Designs by Leland Dress – B. Hughes, Vera Wang... Read More

Starbucks Trip Adventures | WPPI 2012 at Vegas

For the last five days we have been in Vegas at one of the biggest photography conventions – WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International). It was such a whirlwind but SO amazing! We met SO many of you and how fun was that?? A huge thanks to George, Arlene and Neeta with WPPI who helped make our speaking experience amazing here!!   Here is a little highlight of our time there, thanks to our lovely iphone photos :) Sunday morning at 9AM was our platform class to a packed out room! Thanks to David Molnar for this below photo! This was our view from the stage :) Then that afternoon we had our Sold-Out Get Engaged in Vegas workshop with some teaching and shoot. We started out in our in our hotel Suite. Then headed out to for some shooting time! Then that evening we had dinner with the amazing group from Showit including Jasmin Star and her hubby JD, David Jay, Promise and Brian Tangeman Kevin Sturm and hottie Toddy co-owner of Showit. :) Zach and I had five speaking and teaching slots with the Showit group and two of those things was Zach and Cory Phillips sharing their coffee knowledge :) This is Z in the lobby with his espresso maching getting ready to go in and set up. Yes, we transported our espresso machine in a pelican case.. ha ha Cory showing & demonstrating the science to the pour-over method. Us at the SanDisk booth hanging with the team, and behind is our image that was used for some promo! Us at the Expo Imaging booth... Read More

Preparing for WPPI and Where to Find Zach & Jody!

We are sooo stoked to be heading to Vegas for WPPI and Showit United this weekend and are stoked to see soooo many of you! WPPI and Showit UNITED are going to be amazing and whether this is your very first time coming, or your 20th, we know that this event can literally be crazy with all the things to do, see and experience. So, below is our full-schedule of where you can come and see and connect with us and we have also linked to Karen Stott’s awesome post on the WPPI Survival Guide! So below is where you can connect with us and hear different talks and things that we are going to be a part of! Sunday Morning the 19th at 9am – WPPI Platform Class! “Engaging with the Engaged”   This is a 2 hour talk on how we have built our business grassroots style with clients being our biggest source of referral! You can PRE-BOARD HERE to be sure that you can get in by clicking “ADD TO PLANNER!”. We have heard, but are not sure, that the pre-board for this this class may be full, so get in now if it isn’t! If you can’t pre-board, make sure that you show up for the class, then once all the pre-boarded peeps get in, if there is room left, you can then get in too! :) Be sure to check your schedule to know exactly where the class will be held. ________________________   Sunday from 2 to 6pm – Get Engaged in Vegas with Zach & Jody – Workshop (sold-out) For those of you... Read More

Taylor Moon | Bridal Session

We are soooo excited to finally be able to share a few images from Taylor Moon’s bridal session now that we shot her beautiful winter wedding! We can’t wait to share some of the wedding images with you all and more of those to come soon!   Check out the hotness of our bride with these images shot at her private home in TN! Taylor’s mother was dying to get some shots of her in the snow, and sure enough, we got some just as we started to shoot!! This last one was printed on a stand-out and shown at the wedding which was really fun! In TN, having images like this before the wedding to show at the wedding is a big deal. We were so pleased with how amazing Taylor looked and can’t wait to share the wedding!... Read More

Behind the Image

Welcome to this Tuesday’s Photography Tips and Tricks! Your place to get the inside scoop on running your photog biz, shooting stellar in-camera images and more! Today, we are breaking down an image from our January wedding we shot of the amazing Taylor and Matthew. These two were a JOY to work with and we got to shoot so many awesome portraits of the two of them! We are going to break down one of the more difficult scenarios that we had to deal with, and show you exactly what we did to make sure the final result was something our couple would want to hang on their wall. After we had shot their portraits and after the wedding ceremony was over, Matthew and Taylor wanted a few shots in one of their favorite spots in town, the Nashville walking bridge. This location was tough to shoot at because it was freezing cold (24 degrees out!), has cool light on the bridge, but no lights on our couple, AND had the potential to look less than dramatic if not shot right. So we made sure to bring our Elinchrom Quadra lighting rig (our gear list can be downloaded HERE) with our new Elinchrom Deep Octa 39 to rock this out! This is the before.. Here, in this natural lit photo above, you can see just how awful the existing light was. The lighting is flat, has no (good) contrast on it, and their eyes are dark from the direction of the light. This image was also shot at ISO 6400 at 1/60th of second, and the noise is getting... Read More

Come See us Speak at WPPI + Win Some Cool Stuff!!

Want to guarantee your seat to hear us speak? Classes are filling up so make sure to add our class to your planner! It’s crazy to think that THIS Saturday we fly out for WPPI 2012! For those not familiar with WPPI, it’s only the biggest wedding and portrait photographer convention in the US (if not the world…)! We love going every year! Seeing friends, meeting new people, having fun, gaining knowledge – it’s just awesome :) Last year we were invited to lead a Masterclass, and this year we are doing a Platform class! Platform classes are open to all and it will be the same format like in the image below from our talk at New Orleans at the PPA convention. MARK YOUR CALENDARS: Sunday morning, 9AM is our platform class (Yes, this is in the morning. Sunday morning classes are new this year). Title: Engaging with the Engaged: Growing your business cost-free It’s going to be a blast and we cannot wait to meet you all! Classes are filling up so make sure to add our class to your planner! It gets even better because we use some AMAZING companies that we use and not only will we be giving away some goodies in our Platform class, but we are giving away some awesomeness THIS WEEK! YOU CAN WIN: #1: An Expo Disc by Expo Imaging (This will change your shooting & editing life forever! Read our blog post HERE about it) #2: An 8 gig memory Vault (A cool way to deliver your clients their images – tested to support data retention for up to... Read More

Friday Fun | Silent Monks

Happy Friday!!! For today’s Friday Fun blog, we wanted to share with you a video that was passed to us by friend Evin from Evin Photography. This is a group of high school kids who are monks and have taken an oath of silence… lol. This cracked us up – enjoy!   [iframe: width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″... Read More

Workshop Registration Opens Tomorrow! | Save a Life

TOMORROW (Tuesday, Feb 7th) at noon Central time, registration opens for our 2012 IN-CAMERA Spring Workshop Tour! [iframe: src=”″ width=”600″ height=”338″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen]   Only those who are subscribed to our photography newsletter get to register FIRST. They have 24 hours before registration opens on Wednesday to the public. Make sure you’re signed up!   We are coming to: PHOENIX, AZ NASHVILLE, TN SEATTLE, WA CHARLOTTE, NC ATLANTA, GA DESTIN, FL VANCOUVER, CANADA NEW YORK, NY It’s great to learn and better your photography, hang out and meet new photographers, but what if we told you that by attending our workshops YOU could actually make a difference in someone else’s life?     For those of you who may not be aware, since 2011 we have partnered our workshops with Thirst Relief International.   Thirst Relief was started by a photographer, Jim Davis Hicks, who simply has a passion to help those that need help the most. Those who don’t have something as simple as clean water. One of the biggest causes of disease and death in third world countries, especially among children, is water-born illness. Children in these countries drink unclean water, get sick, and their fragile bodies can’t fight it off. Jim Davis realized that he could do something about this problem by bringing in sand filters that are easy to maintain by the locals and easy to use, and thus was born Thirst Relief. Every filter can last for up to 25 years and can help a community live longer lives by having clean water to drink, and they have now helped thousands around... Read More

Friday Fun | Starbucks Trip Adventures | A visit to the very 1st Starbucks

Our time in Seattle has been absolutely AMAZING! After creativeLIVE concluding on Sunday, we, our in-studio audience, and a few of the amazing creativeLIVE crew (Kenna, Kate, & Stephen) took us to the very first Starbucks!! (Thanks to one of our in-studio students, Valentina for some of the images!) Watch a little video we recorded inside :) [iframe: src=”″ width=”600″ height=”450″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen] Behind-the-scenes to the video making :) ha ha We got our mug! Having fun in the store :) Here is the fabulous Kenna from creativeLIVE. Us with our fab creativeLIVE in-studio audience. Thanks to Kenna for capturing the below images! (Samantha, Z, J, Valentina, Janelle, and Kris) Yay for happy times in... Read More

Reflections on our time with creativeLIVE

(Us pictured with Samantha, Valentina, Janelle, Kris & Kenna) It has been a little over 48 hours since we said goodbye live and on air to all of you. It’s been hard for us to put into words what we experienced on creativeLIVE and we have to say that all of you tuning in made this one of the best and most fulfilling things we have ever done. The students…Kris, Samantha, Janelle, Valentina. We were so motivated and encouraged by all of you who had a HUGE hunger to learn and were forsaking sleep, meals to your family and even carrying us around with you on your mobile devices throughout your day as you took to the tasks that you couldn’t avoid. You are committed, and if you keep up that intensity and hunger to learn, you will do great things. As an internet viewer, you don’t get to see a lot of what happens behind-the-scenes, but let us tell l you – the people running show behind the curtain are amazing people. We cannot thank enough Craig Swanson (@CraigMSwanson) for taking the chance on bringing us out and having this course on-location (so much more work than we think!), Celeste (@CelesteLIVE) the production manager who worked out ALL of the crazy logistics of putting this together and responding to our emails late in the night to make sure that all of our details were taken care of, the sweet Kenna (@KennaKphoto ), one of the fabulous chat hosts who fed us the questions coming from all of you, who is so giving and has such a great spirit... Read More